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Toyota Tarago XR 30 (2000-2006)

Toyota Tarago XR 30 (2000-2006)

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I absolutely love it

last year I bought estima Aera g Edition. Very smooth Light interiror. ITs very elegant car. you feel like you are driving 2010 car. The engine is very storng and this model has a lot of features. Automatic doors. Moveble seats. Both windows at the back roll down. Its much better than tarago.

BadgeG edition
Engine Size2.4
Date PurchasedJun 2016

2005 Toyota Estima MCR30 V6 Premium

Excellent vehicle spacious comfortable can't stop driving it.
Fuel consumption approximately 9.5ltrs / 100klm.
Powered by Toyota's excellent MZ1FE VVTI engine.
Estima has plenty of get up and go.
A majority of parts are shared with the Australian Toyota Tarago with the exception of the motor which shares its heritage with the Lexus ES300.
To date I have been able to source all parts for servicing without any real problems.
The external mirrors are large and give plenty of vision as does the reversing camera.
Highly recommended as a vehicle you can drive and relax in.
I am going to upgrade shortly to a later Estima model.
Have the vehicle insured with NRMA..so that isn't a problem.
There are now thousands of them in Australia and I find they are a great buy.

Date PurchasedMay 2017
BadgeAeras Premium
Engine Size3.0ltr

Great van for camping or families

Very smooth car. Also, very efficient with the gas. lots of interior space. the engine is definitely big enough for its size. You can take the seats out and have lots of room for moving furniture or even for camping. taking the middle seats off is not that easy though. overly, happy with the car.

Engine Size2.4
Date PurchasedDec 2016

This is a good car. stable, quiet and easy to drive.

I have 3 pp mover. 1st is tarago, 2nd odyssey, 3rd elgrand. Tarago is a good choice.
I did drive tarago 10 yrs. seldom got problems. No main problem.
Stable, Elgrand>tarago> odyssey.
quiet, tarago>elgrand>odyssey.
cheapest running cost. tarago > elgrand 2.5 > odyssey.
Price cheapest. Odyssey> tarago> elgrand 2.5.
cabin space tarago 7 seat > elgrand 2.5> odyssey.

Engine Size2.4
Date PurchasedJan 2005

I need infomation on this vehicle

This car has only done 75k which is very low for a car of this age and I would like to hear any problems if anyone has got one or owned one it has been very well looked after and in very good condition I am thinking of buying it but don't know about parts for an imported model


Amazing hearty car

I have had my Tarago for 11 years. It has only given me trouble when l left on the interior light. When you have 3 kids at all different schools, you need a reliable car. I am ready to update my car, but it is just such a great car to give away. The only gripe I have is that it is not the most comfortable car which was a 2002 Gli. Otherwise the car has been through thick and thin


Excellent people mover

We owned our 2000 Toyota Tarago GLi for 13 years - only tradiing it in yesterday. Nothing was wrong with it and we have never had any problems with it. We traded it in because two of our four boys are older now - in the higher teens - and don't wish to travel in one car any more.

It provided room for 8 adults - comfortably. The Tarago was extremely reliable - for 13 years. The Tarago was very easy to drive and great to park. I hope it is purchased by a family with a number of children who enjoy it as much as we did. Even though it is a big vehicle, it was economical with petrol. What helped make us decide purchasing the Tarago over other people movers, and we had viewed many different people movers, was that it provided air conditioning to the very back of the vehicle, whereas other manufacturers had their air vents only in the first and second rows of the car - leaving the third row without air conditioning.


My favourite car so far

I love the ergonomic design of the car, like a bullethead. My dad has been driving it for 7 to 8 years, and there have been any major problems, other than those caused by human error. It still looks brand new after that many years. The model I have is the GLI one. There are many seats, which is so comfy for a three person household like mine, where you can stretch your legs, or turn the seats into a bed. It is a good travel car, as my dad has used it to drive to other capital cities across Australia, like Adelaide. I would recommend anyone buy this car.
Spacious, efficient, durable and long lasting, good travel car.
I dislike the manual window openers? I prefer the automatic ones, but that is included in the GLX, which is more expensive. Only the front of the car has automatic windows, the others are manual.


I would recommend for reliability and space but I can't recomendd for seat configuration. It is dissapointing that it comes with 2 lap belts and only 3 anchor points which makes it difficult for people with more than 3 kids in child seats/boosters.
Very room, nice driver seat adjustability. Nice to drive and very reliable. We have had a secondhand 2005 tarago for 3 years and have had no problems as all.
Having 2 seat with lap belts makes those seat virtually usless unless you use have a baby seat in the middle seat of the middle row. Having no anchor points makes the back middle seat usless in all circumstances untless you are comfortable with compromising safety.

I love this car but Toyota need to re-think seatbelts and anchor points

We bought this model Tarago hoping it would be a safe, comfortable car for our family of 7.
It's been very reliable, comfortable and good on fuel.
The airconditioning is great, it goes right into the back so everyone is cool when needed.
I like the look of the car. I love that it has 2 sliding doors, it was what gained my initial interest. The air con that goes into the back is great when you have an entire car full of people in the middle of summer. The middle and back row of seats are on tracks that you can slide around to where is good for you. Easily adjustable. The back windows (over the sliding doors) wind down. My kids love that! Would be great if they were powered windows though.
The seatbelts are annoying. Why they put lap belts in the middle for both the back seats is beyond me. There are only anchor pointsin the middle row. They are on the back of the seat but apparently you can't put them in the back row without a big ugly CRAB bar. Not sure why they won't put them on the back of the back seat but it is really annoying. I'd have loved to have 3 anchored carseats in the back row but I don't have that option. If they sorted out those 2 issues, it'd be my perfect people mover!


Best car for a med/large family who also carry stuff and need flexibility of space. Reliable, comfortable, versatile and would highly recommend it ------ by why, oh why, did Toyota stop making it!?!?!?
The space is brilliant, nothing quite like it in the market, so it's a real pity they stopped making it! This is my fourth Tarago in a row, since 1993! I was thinking of replacing the current one (new in 2004) so have test driven everything else and none have the space and comfort, so I'll keep mine for now.
Wish the handbrake was somewhere else - it's nice to have space between the seats (the old Tarago had the brake by the driver's seat).


We bought this car due to it's good reputation and are still very happy with our decision.
I would recommend to families with 3 or more kids however the seatbelt issue may be a negative for some depending on childrens ages and the new seatbelt laws.
I love having the extra space, with 4 little ones it's practical and comfortable.
It's great to drive, nice and quiet and easy to park. Also having a sliding door on both sides is handy for accessing children and shopping.
I do dislike the fact that as a people mover a car perhaps for the larger than average family it only has 3 anchor points and has 2 lap only seat belts in the middle seats.


With 5 children, we had no choice but to buy a Tarago, and the cost nearly crippled us. 10 years on, we ran the first model to the absolute ground (and still got a reasonable trade in value for it), and have bought another second hand model. Always reliable, spacious, fun to drive and suitable for the crowd scene.
A big van that handles like a car, easy to move and manoevre. Plenty of room for all, with walk through access to front, and generous storage space in the back. Reliable, powerful and fun to drive.
Newer model (2005) has rear fan controls on the driver's side above the middle passenger seat, whereas older model had it as a central roof mounted console - which was easier for the driver to access. Newer model has less variable rear seating configuration (in 1995 model could fold seats to side, leaving more room for storage and transport of large objects).


The Tarago is fantastic! Ours is a 2001 up to almost 170,000km and never missed a beat. I love having 8 seats, it is so handy for taking friends and family. I think the boot space is great, because of the shape of the back and the way you can move the seats, you can easily pack lots in - I can fit all the luggage for a family of 6 and camping gear in mine - if you can't you are packing too much!!!
(and I never pack higher than the top of the back seat). The best car I've ever had!
Very reliable, Lots of Space, Good looking a very comfortable. Don't know how we could live without 8 seats now!


Still a great people mover and probably overall still the best MPV on the market. YA bit pricey given the small engine capacity and lack of options so may be better off buying a 2 or 3 year old vehicle from one of the hire car companies (nearly 15K cheaper and nicely run-in..hopefully).
If Toyota puts in a bigger capacity engine this vehicle will beat all other movers without a doubt even without any extra options thrown in.
Great buy for families.
Fabulous space, plenty of room inside (far better than Chrysler Voyager). Good height for driver above traffic. Rear seats move back a long way. Smooth motor that drives like a sedan. stylish looks. Excellent sound system. Maintenance is cheap (classic Toyota reliability). We have hauled heavy trailers around without the motor missing a beat (in fact braking with the added weight is the main issue not engine power).
Cheap finish for such a high price (Voyager has better trim and luxury). Very basic radio/cd player with base model. Bit of body movement and flex (irritating as not fixed despite repeated visits to workshop). Engine power OK but could be a lot better for a vehicle this size. Still pretty zippy though. Brakes tend to burn if going steep downhill (I guess it is the weight of a fully loaded vehicle. Brakes could definitely be a lot better for thsi vehicle.


we have been recommending the tarago to our friends who have large families. two of these families have actually gone out and bought their own on our recommendation and are very happy with their vehicles. we think it is the best people mover around
Tarago GLX: this car is just the best people mover I think I have ever driven. it drives like a car, handles well, and most of all fits the whole family in comfort. We had a DVD player installed, which keeps the kids quiet. fuel economy is pretty good, and most importently the wife loves it.
Only two things i can think of at the moment, you cant see the front when parking. we had a nudge bar fitted but still couldnt see the front. so we fitted an aerial, which helps a lot. And the other thing is mud flaps.We were told that you cant get any for the tarago. I`m going to try to fit some after market ones.


Excellent, for this vehicle has large enough power to push itself to hold all the people inside the vehicle. Wonderful for touring the family around.
If you have a large family this car would be the untimate choice, giving a large amount of space for the legs and the large number of people who can sit in the car (who are the lucky ones). So many features found in the large vehicle which is good, especially for something so big. Space and comfort and performance is the most ultimate part of a car.
The boot cannot fit alot, for if each person had a luggage each it won't fit.

Best car we have ever owned.

We purchased a 2001 model second hand in 2002. It was perfect for our four teenage boys for the long trips we had to undertake.Originally we looked at four wheel drives and after riding in the back of a toyota landcruiser(in the very back) we decided to take another option.We didnt want a people mover (maybe the stigma that goes with them).But after test driving our car we bought it immediately. It's like riding in a space ship.And even when you have most of the seats occupied you still have room for cargo.The fuel consumption is excellent.We get approx >550klms per tank.The only money we have had to spend is for the regular services and last week I had to replace the battery in the key. Since purchasing most of the boys have grown up and left home and we have had one extra in the mean time. This is where the Tarago has really come in handy.At the footy the little one has room to play in the back and the passenger can easily jump in the back with him if we are travelling along and he's upset.I have also carted home trees from the nursery easily.I often wonder what I will do without it when I eventually sell it and scale down.I would & do reccommend Tarago to everyone.
Great family car, especially at the footy (roomy!!!).love the walk through console area.
Sometimes the seats are a bit hard too slide back and forth.No cruise control.


I love my car! It's fantastic to drive and has all the space we need and there is always room for extras.
So much space. I love the way you can move the back 2 rows of seats to just about anywhere in the back of the car.
Anchorage for baby seats is only in the middle row so the only way to access the back seats when baby seats are installed is to climb over them.


Car is enough strong and powerful to be relied on for both short and long journeys. I am a team manager and has been using this car to carry my team of 6 on daily basis for more than 1 year now. It is my personal favorite among the list of Multi Purpose Vehicles as the maintenance cost is comparatively low while the overall mileage and performance is very satisfactory.
Its a peoples car which is suitable for accommodating a family having mischievous children who needs more space and freedom than anything else.
Boot space is certainly an issue although can be extended by folding in some chairs which means I have to negotiate the seating capacity. Not very good when it comes to climbing up hill

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Questions & Answers

Dose the 1998 Toyota tarago have a _2 Lt oil reserve bottle under bonet like the 1995 tarago ?
No answers

Where is the dipstick located for the transmission oil level for Toyota Tarago late 2000 2.4 Auto?
1 answer
Sorry, I'm not familiar with that model Tarago - I don't know the answer to your question: but in Australia I think most cars now have a yellow coloured grip at the engine oil dipstick: Cheers

Anyone know where the fuel filter is located in Toyota Estima 2002 (ACR30)?
2 answers
Should b big metal filter under floor just behind passenger front door silver metal cilender on the outside edge of floor behind the sil good luckthanks

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