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Honest, Helpful and Moral in a world of Sharks

After doing the rounds and investing thousands with various FX companies in terms of education and training I have found Brad and his staff at Traders4Traders nothing but helpful, down to earth and honest. The education Brad provides is second to none and I now understand the way I was trading FX I was never going to make any money.
Brad stands behind his product and gives you the opportunity to trade live with his cash once you have completed all the applicable courses and an assessment trading a demo account. Once you successfully complete the trading assessment he will set you up with a live account trading his money, that’s how confident he is of the education.
The system also includes a live 24/7 trade zone which is invaluable and includes daily updates of the market conditions and live trading ideas. With a great group of traders to run trade ideas by this is truly a one stop shop for FX trading.
After 6 months of learning and trading, I can say that the system is profitable and if you stick to the rules there is no chance of blowing up your account. I am fortunate that I found Traders4Traders whilst surfing the net and I won’t be leaving anytime soon. So, if you have been racking up the losses and not sure where to go next, give Traders4Traders a go, after a month or two you won’t look back.

Nothing revolutionary

the information Traders4Traders provides is found freely available in other places on the web. they provide nothing of value that cant be sourced at zero cost either through a registered broker or investopedia. unfortunately I found this out after forking out many dollars.

Poor Returns Managed Fund


Yes I also have a managed account with traders4traders and yes the past months returns have been very disappointing.My capital is being depleted, let's hope the trades are positive and my loss can be restored, time will tell. I also haven't done a trading course with this company but hopefully they can put in play what they teach.

Dismal returns

I have a managed account with traders4traders and their returns have been very disappointing, for "professional traders " you would think they could have positive returns. You can see the results for yourself on their twitter site. I have not done a trading course with them but would be very careful before departing with your money as they struggle to execute positive trades. It may turn around however over the last couple of months the traders 4traders team has really struggled.

starting to think this is unethical

I did the T4T course and in that the trading material seemed like it was legit. however then I moved into a managed account and Brad directed me to the broker FXAsia. At this stage all the trading on my account seemed to change. alot of quick trades. losing 5 pips and held for no longer than a few minutes. thi didnt match the trading strategy that Brad taught. the only winner seemed to be FXAsia. does anyone else have a similar experience?

A Well rounded and supportive approach to Forex which makes sense

I have done a couple of courses with Brad & Co at Traders4traders. I have always found them honest and helpful

I have spent a fair bit of time and money looking for the “answer” or silver bullet when it comes to forex trading. My current opinion is there are no shortcuts and I don’t think T4T promise these anyway ( like others do! ) , but what they do is provide a sound footing and support while you build your trading persona. I can see the value and understand the rationale behind their methodology and tools they use which I think it goes a long way in supporting someone to become a successful trader.
The straight forward approach , They are accessible and do not dogde your questions ( you may not like the answers ) . Their Rational behind the markets made sense
The Website/app seems to have very flakey periods , but its not a signal service anyway!

Honest, reliable, experienced, and helpful

I had tinkered around with other companies and done the demos etc, even tried do dabble with live accounts.

It seemed that all these other FX companies chased you like salesmen trying to feed you with everything you want to hear... Only to result in poor trading results, including entering you in dodgy orders (wrong price) as you placed them. Very dodgy!

A friend from Japan told me about traders4traders. A team led by [name removed], who has had the world of experience in this game for a good 20 years! And there he is right in front of you telling you how it is, and how all the others play the 'game'

His team is honest and give you a whole new perspective on how it works and what the others tell you, and why other strategies fail.

From capital management to good trading strategy, to their live webinars, being tutored and advised along the way, these guys give you the best chance of trading success I have found. Discipline, patience, and learning the market is at the forefront with these guys. If you're not disciplined, you're doomed like others it would seem. There is risk in this game and these guys drill you on how to manage it.

Having these guys so accessible with their wealth of knowledge and experience, as opposed to talking to 'new grads' in the game on the phone and who really don't care about your money, is so invaluable.

Thanks guys. Wish I'd known sooner... Couldn't recommend enough.
Honesty, accessibility, helpful
Wish I'd known sooner


I joined Traders4Traders and did the workshop in August 2013. There are few things I would like to comment.

1-) I found Traders4Traders in the seminar presented by [Name Removed] at City index. The presentation was good and at the end [Name Removed] gave is price, AUD 4975.00 for the expert program and he said that if you start trading with $10.000 dollars using his methodology in 4 months you will get the price you paid for the course back.

Really ?? Anyone serious and honest in this market know that it is not true. It takes years to gain experience and be profitable. I know it now because I have been reading a lot of books and joined another serious forex educator.

2 -) I did the workshop day 1 at City Index and Day 2 at another broker that Traders4Traders introduced called Invast. The argument that [Name Removed] gave us was that Trades4Traders was moving office, that is why he was using the brokers office. The funny thing is that I re-attended the workshop again after 4 months and they are still using Invast Broker office . Do they really have a real office/location ? I don’t know.

3-) The course – [Name Removed] has a good understanding of the fundamentals and that is the only good thing for me. However, when trading they trade live economic data releases putting OCO orders, for me it is like gambling I lost money doing it. But [Name Removed] was always using demo account. Most of the things they teach you can get for free online in sites such as Fxstreet and daily Fx.

4-) The other thing I notice is that they make their website look very fancy with a lot of screens using that Reuters Xenith, live new services. I paid for these services but it was a waste of money as well. You can get all you need for free, new releases and chart packages.

I always avoid to make negative comments but AUD 4.975 I s a lot of money to be wasted and feel like in obligation to share my experience.

Unfortunately I wasted this money.
Trade execution , Money Management

Too expensive - it doesn't worth the price AU$ 4700.00

I would give 3 stars, however for the price i paid(5K) i can only give it one star.
I'm very disappointed, the course the course just an overview of forex market. It doesn't worth the money.
Too expensive - it doesn't worth the price AU$ 4700.00. I expected more details
Too simplistic

Traders with great knowledge and real experience

After limited success with my Forex trading I was referred to Traders4Traders by a friend who had enjoyed success with their managed account services.
I attended the Traders4Traders Prop Trader Workshop in 2009 in Sydney, Australia where I was given insight into how traders at the banks/hedge funds trade currencies, which was vastly different to what the retail market is taught. When you align yourself with the bulk of the market you increase your odds dramatically in becoming a profitable trader and that's what Traders4Traders does.
My trading has been very profitable since completing the workshop and I am aspiring to further my education with Traders4Traders in the coming months.
Highly recommended
Down to earth approach, easy to understand, all aspects of trading covered
Annoyed that I didn't find Traders4Traders sooner! They need to do more marketing. Would've saved me 20k on other courses and lost money in trading account

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I have a Trading account offshore. I was convinced to invest much in the forex acct. My account is now down to USD82.00. I would like to transfer my account to Melbourne if possible. My personal broker has supposedly placed me in a recovery program. I have no experience in Trading. I find myself in deep trouble waters, right now. Gen D.
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