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Fat Prophets

Fat Prophets

2.6 from 43 reviews

Their time has past

I have been a member of Fat Prophets for over nine years and have found the accuracy of their recommendations to have deteriorated in the last few years. I would have been better off leaving my money in a bank account. Their two exchange listed managed funds have been deeply underwater since inception. Of the 25 or so recommendations that I have acted on in the last 3 years, I currently have 5 that have gone up. I have also encountered an arrogance occasionally with staff typical of the financial sector. I will not be renewing my subscription in 2019.


I have been a long term subscriber (more than a decade), mainly due to their high pressure sales tactic at renewal time. I have found their recommendations to be "50-50", about half of the tips will make money and about half will lose money. Unfortunately for me, the tips that I followed up lost money.


I have subscribed to Fat Prophets for over 5 years and have bought and sold the shares of over 32 companies following their recommendations. In my opinion their daily big picture blurg is quite good but the quality of their research is terrible. In my experience over 83% of the recommendations I followed were either sold at a loss or are still held at prices below the recommended price. They constantly report the price increases on their small number of successful recommendations bur never acknowledge their many failures. What is really annoying is to read quite regularly in their daily blurg that their managed fund had sold out of shares that their research "team" is still recommending that subscribers hold. If that is not a conflict of interest I don't know what is. I find it difficult to believe that the favorable reviews on this site are genuine. This is a sales organization that ASIC needs to pay closer attention to.

Nightmare to get a refund

Following a high-pressure sales pitch I subscribed. But I decided after a few days it wasn't for me as I am a low-income earner and $900 is a lot. So, in about June I requested a full refund as advertised. First they said the cheque went missing, then it needed to be cancelled and counter-signed etc. I have to agree with Scammed. Its very very concerning. Maybe there should be a Financial Newsletter Royal Commission. Not once have they contacted me, Surely a EFT refund is not that hard to do.

Amazing . My investment is growing super quick

Wonderful technical support. They have all latest trends available to make the investment grow faster and quick . I have purchased a daily note package , it’s really efficient and worth. In the coming time , would love to become platinum member with them and investment will be fat . Their team is super intelligent with bright ideas and skills . Highly recommend fat prophets to everyone . Cheers Rick .

A treasure trove of investment advice

Fatprophets may be the site to rescue you from doing the regretted, impromptu investment after a work Christmas party. Subscribing to fatprophets has felt like a having a friend who really knows what they are talking about (or maybe 10 friends). Whilst all the information presented is easy to understand, I am impressed by the breadth and depth of what is provided. The information from fatprophets is always relevant and thus I have appreciated the opportunity to continually develop my knowledge.

Great for new investors

I’ve been wanting to get into investing and share trading for a long time but have always found the sites either confusing or mislead. However this hasn’t been the case with fat prophets. I love the ability to receive recommendations on potential trades and read their reviews to further your knowledge and confidence. The weekly reports also offer great insights into the intricate nature of trading. Would highly recommend.

Not great

Followed a few recommendations early on with some small wins. Calling up to get relevant current information is a waste of time. Not worth the subscription cost.

Not particularly insightful, won't stop spamming me after I unsubscribe

I subscribed to Fat Prophets some years ago. I unsubscribed after finding the reports were not particularly useful. After I unsubscribed, the company continued to send me offers to resubscribe. Despite my repeated request to unsubscribe from their mailing list, the emails keep coming. Their blatant disregard for my privacy is another reason I will never become a paying member again. So if you are thinking of becoming a paying member, think carefully before providing them your details.


I paid for a subscription on 28th Sept and have heard nothing. I did ask what has happened two days ago and the answer was all the analysts were away. Today the emails bounce, and the website appears dead since the 28th.
Have I been scammed?

Can not be trusted

After requesting several times to UNSUBSCRIBE from there e-mail list, I still get there e-mails...if they refuse to comply with the Australian spam laws then I would not trust them with my investments.

Can't unsubscribe

Never subscribe to their newsletter because they will not take you off their list. Very untrustworthy. I have reported them to ACMA

Unsubscribe does not work

Avoid them as it is impossible to be taken off their distribution list. Unsubsribe does not work so how could you trust them with you money

FP Wealth

They provide a good wealth management service to their clients. Also now have an investment platform so that clients can do their own investing.

Advice worth paying for.

Since I signed up I haven't looked back.
Have been receiving the newsletter and logging in to the website for over 6 months now
And am surprised how in depth the information is I am always looking forward to see what comes out next.
I've tried quite a few financial advisors before and it's been hit and miss and a long journey to making a profit on my investments.
So far I found fat prophets excellent to deal with.

Great advice at a reasonable price!

As a new investor I really wasn't sure where to turn for the right advice. A more financially aware friend introduced me to Fat Prophets just over a year ago. I am pleased to say that thanks to them I am much more knowledgeable when it comes to managing my investments and choosing the right stocks to buy in to. In that time I have turned a tidy profit on my modest investment, largely thanks to the good advice that I have received from them directly Love their helpful customer service! On top of this I feel a little more confident when looking at different share options, thanks to their informative and well written newsletter. If you are looking for some great guidance when it comes to investing Fat Prophets is the place to go!

Definitely will use again and again!

The Fat Prophets company clearly know what they are doing! No matter the question I shoot at them they know the answer and I am 100000000% happy with the service that they provide. I was not financially knowledgeable at all whatsoever. But wtih Fat Prophets it's just so easy!

Excellent business!

Such a great business which gives you the leading edge in your investments. If you want to earn big, then this is the best service out there.

Fat Prophets are great

I have been with Fat Prophets for just over a year and have not had any issues myself. I was not financially savvy myself but the newsletters I receive helped me aswell as when ever I contact the team, I receive a reply everytime. It may not be for everyone one but it works for me so am very happy with Fat Prophets.

Great service!

I am so happy with the service that I received from Fat Prophets! They definitely helped to make my investment ‘FAT’! Wha more could you want? They helped me with every step of the way throughout the process, and ensures my trust.

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