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4.0 from 128 reviews


Kalkine 10/10 , Ryan the best person to give advise for future stock market, guiding to the right stock, advise for future stock + what the customer preference, looking forward working with Ryan well done.


Can’t contact company

Not providing the service they are contracted for took the $1000.00 and have received 4 calls re account that send emails can’t access data on recommenbations tried rest password they send a phone number that is not in service help help


Emma has just persuaded me to step up to Platinum support which sounds like what I have needed. She spent a lot of time explaining it all to me and reviewing my current portfolio. The proof of the pudding will be in the eating but Emma sounded a lot more convincing than any previous support.


ASX Stocks

George has been helping me pick some stocks on the ASX
I have been happy with the service so for the last two weeks, and have been a Kalkine Member since Oct 18


Sam from Kalkine, in the relatively short time that i have been dealing with him has created some really profitable completed trades, with many more trades still in play are in positive territory. He always answers emails straight away ands is happy and great to deal with


Great Information and Tips on Shares

I like the Kalkine daily news and the weekly stock recommendation released on Friday evening. The news are easy to digest and informative.
In addition, Kalkine staff are very helpful especially Eden whom I found that he was knowledgeable, friendly and ever ready to provide information.
I recommend Kalkine to any one looking to invest in shares.


Great Recommendations

I like the daily email with links to the website. The articles on companies provide a good window into each company's share value and whether they are a buy, hold or sell. The personal calls from Alan have proved valuable in trades in small companies. He is very good at understanding the market.


Great customer service

Kalkine provides great customer service. They provide daily recommendations by text which are very helpful. They provide a number of reports weekly which provide in depth analysis of the companies with buy/ sell recommendations which have helped me make a number of profitable trades and also exit stocks before they fall. I can highly recommend them.


Valuable Information to assist decision making

The site is easy to access and you can undertake further research within the site. There is also support as required by Ray who is willing assists in understanding the securities and work toward finalising any buys and sells.

KALKINE Service review

Goyal has helped me building up my portfolio and has contacted me once a year to know how I am going, Most my portfolio is in blue chips but now I am keen to buy some speculative shares to make a profit and see what happens.
I also appreciate Kalkine daily analysis emails and SMSs.


My Kalkine experience so far

I am a new member, Mike has tried to get me to sign up for six months now, I am very cautious usually but Mike has been patient and kept trying to convince me to let him show me what he can do, I signed up and paid yesterday and I am confidently looking forward to seeing just what he can do for my underperforming portfolio.

Lets get stuck in and see what happens!!!!!!!

I have supplied the funds for him to do his thing, my end is done, looking forward to seeing how this all pans out.

OMG. Be careful with this company

I have run my own SMSF since 2003. I have been investing in shares and property since then. I have used stockbrokers (they always sold me shares that went south) and invested in Fat Profits and Motely Fool since I gave up stockbrokers for advice. In the last 3 years I have become quite serious about research. I have done my own and I dont trust anyone, I just seek research from them. Motely Fool lost me money, Fat Profits are mostly medium term investments. I was contacted by Kalkine earlier this year. I came on board in a similar package to F.P and M.F. I read everything and my current medium term investment strategy is working and I have had a good 12 months making 15% for the year. I have been speaking to Glenn on and off for 3 months. I dared him to give me a stock to invest in as a trial to upgrade. He gave me 2, then another 1 and then another 1 in shares that I didnt know, but I researched them before buying. My profits lifted to above 15% on his say so and I was getting phone call after phone call, upgrade to Platinum, thats all they were interested in spend more with us, spend more with us...I was instructed not to sell you will make more $, guess what the profit left my bottom line and now its in deficit. What no calls, where are all the backslappers. Seriously questions about their ethics, its certainly buyer beware. I have told them they have until months end to get me into good profit again or its more bad reviews. One common thread with KALKINE, its all about how much you spend with them, not how much profit I the customer makes. BE CAREFUL WITH THIS MOB - Im still waiting for some profit and a phone call.Maybe this review will get some response.


Very informative service

I have been a member for nearly 3 years now and am very happy with the service. I have just renewed and upgraded my membership. I look forward to doing very well financially from the information l receive from my upgraded membership


Time will tell

I subscribed in Jan 2019 and I have had some winners and losers but, as with all shares, it's too early to quantify any benefit. The service and follow up has been very good.

Early days for us but very good so far.

We have been using Kalkine for three months now and so far all positive results.
Peter has been a great help and look forward to him supporting us with our decisions in the future.


Good Service

My earlier recommendations were not doing well, now I’m being upgraded to a better and hopefully a more personalised services, and will see more improvements in my portfolio in the near future.

New Member

I have recently joined Kalkine and had few stock recommendations from [name removed]. I have gains from some stocks and some stocks not doing well. I am still waiting to see a decent improvement in my portfolio. I receive regularly advise from [name removed]. He does his best to improve my portfolio.


Excellent Advice To Expand My Share Portfolio

I have just recently joined Kalkine and can highly recommend the help of Jack and the team.
I am finding their information instrumental in moving my share portfolio in a positive direction.


I am a new member of Kalkine team

I am a new member. I have just started working closely with Kalkine team. I guess, my comments would not have much weightage but I am doing well so far. Things are moving in right direction.

Excellent Profession Company

Allan and his team are awesome and very professional - definitely recommend this company - in my first week they helped me increase my portfolio by 11% - Long may it last
Thank you Scott

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Questions & Answers

When am I going to get a refund?
2 answers
Please people, have you noticed that all the positive 'reviews' have stock images with no facebook connection? No photos of a person? Yet the negative ones do! Can there be more evidence of faked positive reviews? Be sensible and beware! I wish I had been.Only 2 of 16 negatives have person photos. “OOO”, where is your real person photo? Is your review a fake?

Do you have any news letter on your recommendations, to which I can subscribe. If so please forward me an old cope to get an idea of the same
2 answers
[‎30-‎05-‎2018 06:30] Vaibhav Goyal: Hi Gian, Thank you for showing interest with us. Please share your contact details with us so we could reach you, or you can reach Goyal on 02 8541 0852 or email on customer.support@kalkine.com.au Kind regards, Team KalkinePlease don't, Gian.

Can we complain to asic about them. I agree with all the negative reviews
4 answers
of course you canTheir claims cannot be substantiated. I caught them out but they run around my commentary through nifty, slippery sales lingo. 5 star for amusement but you would be nuts to trust these guys. I’m much more concerned that Product Review has failed to filter out all the 5 star reviews which are obviously fabricated.I'm going to do just that. Yes, those fabricated reviews are obvious from the 'stock' images used, and the grammatical errors. I don't think many Kalkine staff have English as their first language.