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travelsim.com: could not use this sim at all for phone calls in Lebanon

I am reviewing travelsim.com..there is another travel sim with a name like this one but with a different web address. Sim meant to work in Lebanon and neither myself or friend were able to use it to call home in Australia or to make local calls to relatives. Read data package info very carefully..no data for middle east only Europe as far as I could tell. Data did not work in Jordan but calls OK. Calls & data worked In Scotland. This sim routes calls through an Estonian number. The number you get with the sim has the Estonian prefix of +372.

Purchased in March 2019 for $70.00.

Could not use data overseas!!

I wish I had read the reviews before purchasing travelsim. I could not use the data at all, while overseas. I still have the full balance. How can I get a refund on this?

Purchased in April 2019.

TravelSIM multi country usage

I had trouble using this product for data. I set up per instructions but had to seek help from Singapore. I used a significant portion of credit trying to connect to networks in Norway, which was disappointing.Next time I would choose another product.

Purchased in November 2018.

Very good sim for using abroad

Used Travelsim when I was in Japan on a business trip and had no issues whatsoever. Had to keep in touch with my dad who was sick at the time and despite his bad hearing he could hear me without issues (something I've got a lot of problems with with other providers). Rates are reasonable for international calls and the calls go through every time. Cheers!

Purchased in January 2018.

Complicated and expensive

We had some surplus funds left on the cards after traveling in Europe and wanted to use this for email contacts when travelling in Australia.
First of all, 25 c per MB is very expensive.
Second, when trying to use a phone to connect the computer to internet it failed to activate hotspot, responding that if you need a hotspot contact vf.nl. The site vf.nl is actually listed for sale, obviously not vodafone. In the end, we could not send email messages.
The cards worked in Europe, but again to use them is complicated and expensive.
Buying a local SIM is way cheaper and simpler.

Purchased in May 2018.

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Thank you for taking the time to leave us with a review. We would like you to know that Travelsim does not support hotspotting. https://www.travelsim.net.au/Knowledgebase/View/en-AU/Can-I-Hotspot-my-SIM/ As for the hotspot settings in the phone, it is just a default setting, vf.nl. is not a website related to us. If you wish to discuss further with an agent, you can call us on 1300851676. Thank you.

Clarify all Before you go

We investigated several Travel Sim Cards before settling on Travel Sim. I checked, confirmed by phone and email that we could port our existing number across, so to allow continuity of contact. We supplied all of our contacts, both local/emergency and accommodation with our existing number. When we got the airport on the evening of our departure we proceeded with contacting Travel Sim support department, as advised by email and phone call, to port the number, only to be promptly advised that "you must contact your service provider to do this". We were now left with a new number, which none of our emergency, local, overseas and accommodation had, and our flight was nearing departure. We managed to contact all of the peoples whom had our existing number with our new number. When we were overseas, Europe, in Netherlands, Germany, Italy, we required to restart the App several times, as it would not update our balances of calls/data. At one stage, and this was a good/prompt support effort, the card had to be reset by Travel Sim direct, for the phone to work. We had several data connection issues in Germany and Italy. Also the phone did not work at all in Switzerland, however this was our issue, as we did not read the supported countries page correctly. When it did work, albeit inconsistently, it worked fine, however the initial advise, and the sole reason why we chose Travel Sim in the first place, of not being able port the number, left a sour taste.

Purchased in December 2018.

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Hi Peter, we appreciate you taking the time to leave us with a review. We are sorry to hear that TravelSim did not work as expected for you. Our customer support line is available 24/7 if you wish to discuss further with an agent. You can call us on 1300851676.

Great sim to have in your phone when going overseas

The sim actually worked on a cruise ship on my way from Sydney to Noumea. This saved me money having to buy internet from the ship and kept me in touch with my loved ones back in Australia.

Purchased in May 2013 at Australia Post Offices for $45.00.

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Hi Lawrence, We really appreciate your review and hope to travel again with you very soon!

Simple great coverage and excellent customer service

Easy to set up , always someone on hand to help via the app or email for those just in cases! Great coverage. Highly recommend when travelling overseas. We used in Fiji and USA. I sometimes had trouble seeing my balance on the app. Apparently this has been updated. We had the double pack sim, which was a free way to communicate within our travel group.

Purchased in November 2018 for $30.00.

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We love to hear from our happy customers, Linda. Thanks for choosing TravelSim!

Unused credit will NOT be refunded.

Bought a twin pack of TravelSims to use on a cruise around NZ. Data and text worked fine. Used my card and recharged several times but didn’t use my wife’s card and now find that the unused credit is totally withheld by TravelSIM. I am not planning on using it again for overseas travel. This withholding of surplus credit is not reasonable behaviour. Also watch out If you use the TravelSIM app on the iPhone. It has a suggested recharge amount of $200 rather than a more reasonable lower level which you need to toggle to achieve. On what basis does TravelSIM need to withhold all surplus credit on these cards. The relevant clauses in the Terms Of Service are 11.4 and 12 (d) which are not reasonable. How many other folk are not happy about surplus credit being withheld by this company? I will be challenging this through the ACCC unless I get a reasonable refund.

We appreciate you taking the time to provide us with a review. We are sorry to hear that you are not happy with some of TravelSIM's terms and conditions.. Please know that we are available 24/7 on 1300851676 if you would like to discuss with one of our customer support representatives on the phone. Thank you.Please make an offer of a reasonable refund rather than a 100% retention of unused funds. This was not evident when we purchased the cards. We have no further use for the cards and find it unreasonable to withhold all of the unused funds. My email address for the account is rharmer2@tpg.com.au

Great value. Great way to stay in touch.

My wife and I and our 4 teenage sons travelled to Japan and Singapore. We all purchased Travel Sims. The free texts between family members was an invaluable way to keep in touch. And the voice rate was low enough for my wife to call her father back in Aus regularly to say hello. Great product. Easiest way to use voice and text while overseas.

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It's great to see your needs are being met, Dean. Thanks for the kind words on our customer service, and thanks for choosing TravelSim!

Never again!

Second time we have used Travelsim and second time we have had problems. Travelling in South America we were unable to make calls. Contacted Travelsim and operator was unable to assist so said she would elevate the issue and an "engineer" would ring us back. Heard nothing (but did receive a survey form) until the day before we were due to return to Australia. Would not recommend Travelsim based on our experience.

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We appreciate you taking the time to provide us with a review. We are sorry to hear that TravelSim did not work as expected for you. Please know that we are available 24/7 on 1300851676 if you would like to discuss further with an agent over the phone.

Great when overseas

Had to go to England for a funeral just before Christmas was fantastic to keep in contact with family at home

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We really appreciate your review and hope to travel again with you soon. Thanks so much.

Great business tool

I use my travel Sim when travelling and at home as a back-up. A great easy to use service with fast balance check and recharge.
Many thanks, Bill

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We do strive to offer a fast and simple service for all our customers. We are happy to hear you enjoy TravelSim as much as we do. Thank you for your review.

A boon overseas

A real saver overseas. Helps in keeping in touch with home at a very nominal rate. Prefer this phone than taking your Optus or telegraph on roa

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Thank you for your wonderful review, we can't wait to travel with you again soon!

An easy alternative

Travel Sim allowed for easy and convenient phone and message access to home while traveling without the worry of international roaming fees from my provider in Australia.

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We love to hear about happy customers. Thanks for choosing TravelSim!

TravelSim - so simple and easy!

So easy to set up, check your balance and recharge - have used it in New Zealand and the USA mainly to send text messages.

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Great to hear that TravelSim was so simple and easy for you. We hope to travel again with you very soon!

Very Good.

Will definitely consider using it again overseas. Easy to use, great service, low credit prompt alerts that maintain connections. Good data packages.

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Thanks for leaving us with a great review and thanks for choosing TravelSim!

Don’t believe the Travelsim hype !

We are two weeks into a 5 week European tour and put our faith in TravelSim. Total fail. Despite putting our devices on Aeroplane Mode at every opportunity and switching Mobile Data on only when needed, we have spent several hundreds AUD $ already and now opting to put our original Vodafone sims back in and pay the $5.00 a day charge. Travelsim is a disappointment, expensive, many Central European countries we have had trouble with slow or no service whilst be continue to receive Recharge reminder sms’s from Travelsim - cost us a fortune already despite (I repeat) despite doing everything right - using wifi at hotels and switching off mobile data and switching to aeroplane mode for most of the time. Avoid this company and make a better choice.

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We are sorry for the experience you have had with TravelSim. Could you please PM us your TravelSim number and name so we can investigate this for you. Also feel free to contact us at any time on 1300851676 to discuss with an agent over the phone. Thank you.

Amazing customer service so easy to use!

This was our first trip overseas and the customer service team were incredibly friendly and helpful setting everything up. Would definitely recommend TravelSim to friends and family as super easy to use!!!

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We definitely strive to offer the best customer service possible.Thanks for recommending us and we hope to travel again with you very soon!

Perfect for me. Simply to use.

It's easy for me to use. Adding value back onto the TravelSim is so easy and checking the Balance is fantastic and doesn't cost anything to check. Will continue to use it when I travel. I have rang from overseas and the person on the phone was very helpful and solved my issue straight away as I'm not that text savvy. Thank you.

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We appreciate the review. Thanks for the kind words on our customer service, and thanks for choosing TravelSim!

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I am planning a trip in Europe (first). I will be visiting Venice, (Italia) Kotar, Croatia, Malta and Greece. Willa Travel SIM could cover all those locations ? I have reed comments from users of Travel Sim and I'am hesiting using it.
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My experience was not great. If I were you I would look at other optionsSame here, it didn't work for data. Just use wifi in the hotel

Will my apps still be accessible with the travelsim?
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Has anyone traveled to Scandinavia with this SIM card? What was the reception/connection like?
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