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Trimester Cushion Cradletight

Trimester Cushion Cradletight

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My husband got this for me late in the second trimester because he was sick of my tossing and turning and I wish I had it earlier! I am 37 weeks now and still going strong. I have used it every night since. I was propping myself up with ordinary pillows and a pillow between my legs and getting terrible sleep, especially as it became harder and harder to turn over and I had to rearrange multiple pillows.

This pillow supports the bump very well and fits in between your legs to support your pelvis. You still need an ordinary pillow for your head so it doesn't do the same as a full body pillow but I like my own pillow anyway. It's still hard to turn over but at least it's just one pillow.
Comfortable and has helped me sleep, so worth the $60!
Doesn't come with a pillowcase, I just made a large square one but it doesn't fit properly.


i purchased the trimester cushion because i have chronic back problems and thought it would help me sleep better during my pregnancy; unfortunately i found it too big and bulky (and i am a big girl). i ended up using a normal cushion in the end; it is very expensive (approx $90) if you're not going to use it much; i use it now for a backrest when breastfeeding; i would not purchase it again
use it as a backrest / cushion for breast feeding
found it too bulky during my pregnancy particularly towards the end when i needed to turn from side to side in bed

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Trimester Cushion Cradletight
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Release dateNov 2007

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