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Great way to Trim down with Positive Results and Support

Hi I have just finished a 7 week program loosing 6.3 kg and 33 cm. (Which keeps me at my ideal weight).
I found the recipes very tasty, and had great support with our Ultralite consultant Katie.
Every thing that you needed e.g. Recipes, Keto Sticks Vinegar and Flaxseed Oil was all provided in the cost.
I would recommend this diet to any one who wishes to lose weight and get there Healthy Life Style back on track.

Wouldn't recommend it

I wouldn't recommend this program to anyone. Not only is it expensive but the food is very limited. I mean you will be constantly hungry, dizzy, moody, low in energy and you will get dizzy spells.
My practitioner told me the satchels were safe to take but I had an allergic reaction to them (god only knows what is in them and if you ask you won't be told the truth), but instead of my practitioner telling me to stop something that my body was rejection and maybe have a blood test to see what I am allergic to, his response was "Don't worry keep on taking them they rash will go away".
This isn't healthy weight loss!!
You are better off going to Weight Watchers - yes you will loose weight at a slower rate but at least it is healthy.
I suppose you have to ask yourself...what is more important...putting your body through Ultralite where it will shock your body in an unhealthy way -or- your health...

It works if you are motivated enough.

It worked for me. I lost 32kg & have been able to maintain weight loss. I think that if you are not ready in your mind then it won't work.

Very Very expensive .... I would not recommend.

I presumed the cost would be about $100.00 a session and I was not advised of the cost during or before my visit. I only realised 850:00 was taken out of my account when I saw my statement. At the next visit I asked for a receipt and was given one. When I went to the final and third visit I had not achieved anything. I now have some shakes which I don't like. My preference would have been vanilla and or banana but the practitioner did not have these flavours. I received one small bottle of oil, one small bottle of vinegar and about 12 sachets for three visits for 850:00. I would not recommend this program to anyone,

It works!

This is my second time round on the program and it is the best program of all the diets around. I have tried most of them and wasted my money and got nowhere. Not to mention buying process food that is very bad for you and a large grocery bill. This program requires the everyday fresh food you already have and use everyday, only in the wrong way. The program teaches you what are the right foods and how much also how to use them to make them work and work it does!! I'm 62 years old this month but a young 62, so my appearance means everything to me. I stopped the program first time round and very sorry i did , now i have to start again. Got excellent results first time round and 4 weeks into the program once again , getting excellent results again. Coming into week 4 and down 8 kilos already with no effort what so ever plus 17 centimeters all over gone! Weight on means a lot of health problems and those i certainly had , now even though i have a long ways to go and can tell you how much better and healthier i feel without struggling to walk anywhere as i was having. The weight on my knees and back not to mention very high blood pressure were playing havoc making me struggle . Doctors kept telling me lose the weight as i didn't really realize just how much i did gain back by having rubbish foods till i seen a picture of myself and went OMG are you serious! Yes of course i knew by my clothes as i just kept buying larger and larger as i went along. If you are looking for something that honestly works , this is the program for you and i say that with every ounce of honestly i have inside me. because it does work! looking forward to the new me and so will you! The photo you see above is 4 weeks before and 4 weeks after!

Zero follow up once fees paid

I signed up with ultralite as online client as I am a regional client. I paid the required fees and had promise of ongoing phone contact with a consultant. I had one such call and never had another call. Consultations were a part of program. I received a few general emails only. Very very poor .

It works!

I am only in my first week the 5 week ultra lite program and whilst my ketosis sticks till say 0 every morning i.e. not in ketosis, I have lost 3.5kg already! I have to admit though, if it wasn't for the instant results, I think I would have packed it. There is a lot of forethought and preparation involved, and as a vegetarian, I am eating up to 6 eggs a day and frankly, I'm over them, particularly for breakfast (not a fan). The program is expensive at $550 for 5 weeks, but that includes your sachets, oil, vinegar and manual and your weekly weigh in. The consultant told me what to do and what I can't eat and the manual is very clear, what wasnt clear was why I was taking 30ml of flax oil and cider vinegar every morning. they are both pretty foul and I cringe every morning before I take them.

Nor was it explained to me what these sachets are about, just that I must have 4 a day. Turns out the sachets are just skim milk, and they have 5g of carbs in them which I could have otherwise got from a piece of fruit. As fruit is very lacking on this program, there is no way you could do it long term. But as a quick way to lose weight for a wedding.....I rate it! I discovered that 10g of protein powder has more protein and less carbs than the ultra lite sachets. So unfortunately they won't be getting my repeat business.
Worked so quickly and dramatically
To much time spent preparing when I could have been exercising. Its expensive. They let you believe the sachets are magical.

Excellent diet programme

I lost about 20 kilos before my willpower failed and I stopped the programme. I would like to do it again.
It does take commitment and willpower to stick to the diet. You need to weigh your food and record your intake and be seen by a naturopath weekly. I liked the sachets and used only the vanilla and strawberry ones. I was seen weekly by a naturopath and had to write down my intake and be weighed.
My parents could see a difference after 3 weeks and my work shirt went from button popping tight to loose and baggy by the time I stopped. I wish I had not stopped.
A friend lost 36 kilos and was delighted.
My only issue would be the use of the aspartame laced diet jelly and similar - research aspartame.

Expensive / takes commitment / could not handle the apple cider vinegar

A Simple Solution to Weight Loss you can Maintain

Ultra Lite is an excellent program that educates clients on how to eat for life. I was attracted to it as it was just normal food, nothing processed and food that you can choose yourself. It is fantastic that you get one on one support from your consultant and it is also wonderful that you are not hungry and have no cravings. I easily lost 10kg in just 5 weeks. Great Program !
Easy to Follow and you are not hungry!
The hardest things is taking the oil and vinegar.

Weight Loss Education

The Ultra-lite program, manuals and consultants educated me on how to eat for life. I learned how and why I should be eating this way, what foods were good for my long term weight loss and maintenance. I learned not only what foods I should avoid but WHY??? Once I understood what negative impact these foods had not only on my weight but my mental physical wellbeing, I was happy to let them go.I also learned how to prepare delicious meals for the whole family.
It works and its cost effective
I found it tough to let my coffee go

The program that WORKS

After trying every diet (and I mean every diet) under the sun, the Ultra Lite program is the only program that started working from day 1 and was easy to follow and manage. No long intricate book to wade through, precise information, fabulous support and healthy food. It was a recipe destined for success and that is what I got.
I would recommend this program to everyone!
Practical, healthy, easy to follow

The best solution!

I have been in the health and fitness industry for most of my life. I have found Ultra Lite to be the easiest and most effective weight management progam I have ever seen. As a personal trainer my main aim is to encourage clients to exercise and improve their nutrition. The exercise regime is easy, nutrition on the other hand most clients find difficult, until they are introduced to Ultra Lite. Ultra Lite is easy to follow, it takes away all the confusion and educates you for life. My clients have had amazing results and have maintained their weight loss all thanks to the Ultra Lite Health and Weight Management programs.
It educates clients.
I can honestly say there are no cons.

Ultra Lite changed my life!

11 years ago I was unhappy, very overweight and had health problems exasperated by bad eating habits,depression and lifestyle choices. Like many of you I put myself last as an excuse.
With the help of Ultra Lite and a wonderful Naturopath my determination kicked in and I lost most of my weight within 5 months!
The program is easy to follow and gives you your 'power' back and respect for food.This, with the combination of exercise is the key to weight loss and I will forever be grateful.
I take this opportunity as the face of Ultra Lite to say 'the proof is in the pudding'! (pardon the pun);)
The use of 'real' food!

Ultra Lite Rocks!

I have recently been involved with Ultra Lite through a recommendation and have witnessed so many people getting great results. I think the education of not only what to eat and what not to eat but quantity size as well is fantastic, keep up the great work!
Effectiveness and education

Easy peasy !

I used the ultralite system years ago, lost 9kg in 5 weeks, then a further 18 kilos on maintenance. I found the choice restrictions helpful as I really enjoyed the "legal" foods. The shakes area absolutely essential to ward off hanger pangs, as is drinking a little more water. I have just enquired about the cost again as after some emotional & health issues (menopause) I have gained all of the weight back over a 6 month period....yes, 6 months. It appears that the system costs no more now than it did back then, & I must say that it was some of the best money spent in my life. It seemed hard at the time, but it was only 5 weeks & then onto maintenance. Once the old habits are broken, it is easy peasy. In fact, it was so effective that people I had known for years ignored me in the street because they didn't recognise me.
Cost effective in comparison to other systems, one on one consultation.

Strict, time consuming & expensive

The program costs about $120 a fortnight. In that you get 4 vitamin shakes a day (only 77 calories a shake), a recipe/rule book. You also have to purchase flaxseed oil, apple cider vinegar and ketosis sticks (approx $10 from the chemist for 100). You have to weigh everything that you eat. You get 4 protein serves a day, 4 shakes, 30ml of apple cider vinegar, two teaspoons of flaxseed oil a day & 20 grams of carbs a day. Every morning you have to pee on a ketosis stick and see if you have eaten the right thing.
Very fast weight loss
not maintainable, time consuming & expensive

Great for fast weight loss if you are very disciplined and less than 10kgs to lose

Weeks 1 - 8 I lost 10 kilos and had heaps of energy. Week 9 I tried to enjoy an evening with girlfriends and went out of ketosis, next weigh day (5 days after) my weight had increased by .7kgs. Continued on the strict programme but boredom with very limited food choices kicked in. Considering now how much better life would be if the 20g of carbs in the shakes was used for normal food instead?

I still have 20kgs to lose!!!
Packing food for work was easier with the shakes for morning and afternoon tea.
Very strict and restrictive

Questions & Answers

The sticks were supplied when I first used this program with the sachets and receipe book. The oil and vinegar I had to purchase and mixed them up as a dressing for a daily small salad. Taking it on an empty stomach can cause issues for many people, so I suggest using it this way. I cannot have dairy soy any type of lentil or bean, or corn. Finding a protein to add to water is impossible. I did find the sachets when I could use them improved my overall health incredibly as well as feeling energised and no brain fog. Do you have any sachets that have everything in them except dairy maybe with a protein equivalent? There are a lot of us out there who would love to do and indeed re-do the program if this could be done. Thank you Joy
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Do you eat on the shakes?? N if so what would you recommend and how many a day?
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Hi Nataliee, I have a shake for breakfast and if hungry will have one around 8pm. I eat low carg nigh protein meals for lunch and dinner. Dinner and lunch is normally 120 G proteins, 25g pumpkin, 60g beans and 50g carrots. Snacks are almonds and low carb muffins with almond meal and I always have a few pieces of dark chocolate. Not easy but works. I had to learn to eat to survive not eat because I want to. Took 6 months to loose 42kgs and have maintained weight since September.

How long does it take to work? I have been using the product now for two weeks and still nothing is happening.
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Hi! I lost 2kg in the first week, but was exercising rather extremely so started gaining muscle and not losing so much weight. I lost 38cm in 5 weeks!!!! My ketosis strips never turned the right colour tho. So technically I was never in ketosis.


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