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Uncle Tobys Oats Quick

Uncle Tobys Oats Quick

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Uncle Tobys Oates brought me back to good health NO DOUBTS!

After nearly 8 years of dialysis I finally received a Kidney transplant from Princess Alexandra Hospital which went very wrong ( no fault of the hospital). I lost a lot of weight and was losing more and barely ate anything. I told my doctor that I can't even eat 1 small meal each day and was worried about losing the kidney from inadequate nutrition. I always loved Uncle Tobys so started with a very small serv each morning. After a short time my appetite improved and I feel very well and eating 3 meals daily. I'm now looking for a job. I'm in tears writing this, I honestly don't what would have happened if I didn't eat Uncle Tobys Oates, Thank you!. TRUE STORY. G.D.

Add to smoothies

Makes an excellent addition to A.M./P.M. smoothies. Has a range of flavours and with the addition of fresh fruit/veg becomes another healthy option.

Pretty good and looks healthy

This is easy to make in 90 seconds and fills you up as well. This is also a healthy option and has been rated so.

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