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Uniden SSE35

Uniden SSE35

SSE35, SSE35+1 and SSE35+P
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Nothing but trouble

Since buying this for my business a month or so ago it's been playing up more than working. 'Out of range' and actually not allowing incoming phone calls because of it means a loss of business to me. Googling the issue to see it it is a quick fix made me realise it's a very common problem and probably a defect of the phone!? Not impressed. I'll be steering clear of this brand when I purchase another to replace this!!!

Date PurchasedMay 2018

Does what it says on the box

Needed an easy to use handset for an elderly grandparent suffering from dementia and almost deaf so had to be very easy to use. Very happy with the purchase as the device is sturdy, easy to hear and notice when it rings and sound is very good. Yes it is chunky but for someone with dementia and visual impairments it is just what is needed. Happy to recommend

Date PurchasedOct 2017

Its good enough to us. We are pensionaer and understand and use this phon succesful.

That phon working succesful for us. We are happy with them. Working good. Easy to handle ecspecily for older People. Phonbook easy to use to.
Das Telefon wirkt gut. Wir sind damit zufrieden. Ist gut zu bedienen speziell für aeltere menschen mit seh-und hoerproblemen. Also können wir es bestens weiter empfehlen.

Date PurchasedMar 2016

Poor range

Purchased sse35 after many years of happy service from a SSE27. The difference is astounding. The SSE35 declares itself "out of range" at about 15m from the base station (same location as previous base station) Basically the phone transmission range is about 1/4 of the previous model and cant be used outside the house. Really not suitable given we live on acreage. Unfortunately it has taken a couple of months to determine that it was not "user error", but the nature of the product. Unbelievable!

Date PurchasedOct 2017

Not userfriendly

The phone works perfectly on outwards calls but it is impossible to receive a call or a message.
The manual is incomprehensible and it is impossible to get it to work properly, despite many attempts.
On that basis, it has to be classified as not fit for purpose and therefore junk.

Date PurchasedDec 2016

How to put the ringer on

Good big letters for oder generation. Nice and loud with the booster function. Very happy with the phone.
Its good for the older generation, but they cannot unfortunately ring the phonebook selections because theres too
many steps to do that. The price was in relation to the functions of the phone ok.

Date PurchasedApr 2010

Lousy Product

Have trouble with volume, hardly hear caller. Phone rings pick up to answer goes straight to leave message. When going back to point of purchase they do not want to help, they tell you only 1 month warranty with them,Won't refund your money. Don't buy, do not buy this Product.

Date PurchasedMar 2017

Terrible interface

The positive is that the sound quality is generally good.

The main negative is that phonebook access — the most used function by me — is very poorly designed. It takes 6 key presses to bring up the stored list of numbers in the phonebook. This is unacceptable and I find it hard to believe that a company could design something so badly. The previous model, the SSE25, was much better in this respect in that it had a dedicated phonebook button. I also notice a lag during this 6 key press sequence, suggesting that Uniden have skimped on processing power in order to save money.

Another problem is that the phone ringer on the main base is very loud compared to the ringer on the handset. Thus if the handset is off the base, it is very hard to locate the handset by sound since all you can hear is the base.

Date PurchasedMay 2016

No Speed dial

Bought the phone for elderly parent who is hearing impaired. No problems so far... is able to hear clearly without wearing hearing aids. However... to make ph calls easier to make...discovered there is NO SPEED DIAL!! The process to locate the stored ph number to make a call is so labour intensive for the elderly...you would be quicker to put the number in yourself. This process needs to be easier for the elderly...such a great ph in other aspects... but seriously needs SPEED DIALING!!

Date PurchasedJan 2017

We have 4 phones and only one will ring

Darn useless phones. Brand new and we are having heaps of trouble with them.'Can only get one phone to ring. Manual useless. We purchased 2 x handset and one extension. Tried everything and cannot get them to work. On the phone that does ring we cannot change the ring tone or the volume - we are missing calls all the time.

Date PurchasedOct 2016

not able to have handset 2 with incoming call volume

handset 2 unable to make ring in volume and delete t coil. am I able to return to good guys retail store for more
ease of tuning in phone. have no further comments to make. have no further comments need your reply and assistance. hoping for help or do I return product. lillian field

Excellent Phone

We needed to replace our Panafax UF-S2 landline phone that had served us well for many years, but was now prone to "dropping in and out " during conversations. The XDECT SSE35 was identified by the Harvey Norman salesman, as being a top seller. Not only was the phone competitively priced, it has the added benefit of being user friendly for those experiencing visual and hearing difficulties
Our first Cordless Phone we are still learning its capabilities, and have had no recharging issues to date. The Uniden takes up far less space than the landline. Extremely easy to set up (I had read of problems, but experienced none). The Out-Going Message is simple to record and Incoming Message alerts are clearly displayed. The Redial feature stores the last 50 incoming numbers as well as the last 10 dialed numbers, a real saving in the need to fully dial numbers.

Crap phone

Agree that the phone makes an echo - it seems to be trying to minimize background noise aggressively and ends up cutting the volume to the headset to compensate for the noise and feedback being generated by the mouth piece.

Basically if you try and talk at same time as other caller - the head piece decreases in volume significantly - which defeats the purpose of this phone being for hearing impaired. Basically - you and the other caller stop talking and then start saying "what did you say?"

Menu system is also a bit iffy with too many key presses to get to a set dial memories and some features are weird like the clear phone dial memory is in a different menu to the add entries menu.

Big numbers and bright display are brilliant, pity the actual phone audio sucks.

Great phone

I have a hearing impairment this is the only brand phone I can hear on. I have had this model for a while now, I have had no problems with it, I find it easy to use, its great having the announce caller feature, I no longer answer annoying overseas telemarketing calls. I find it easy to use and I would buy again if I needed to. I am in process of purchasing one for my mother as she also has hearing problems.

A little disappointed with a brand I have trusted for many years

I have always purchased Uniden cordless phones as they have always had a good range (we live on acreage), were reliable and also had a headset connection. I am however a little disappointed with the SSE35. I purchased this model as my hubby is starting to need to use glasses for close up reading and also needed something with a loud ringer as we want to hear it down at our shed. So from that perspective, the phone is great however the downside is that the speaker on the handset is always a little distorted and the phone has poor battery life. I am hoping that Uniden can fix these issues as my daughter has the same handset and has also given me identical feedback.

Trickle Charge

Purchased what we thought was a good looking phone, however not aware it takes 15 to 20 hours to charge, they call in Trickle Charging. Unfortunately after 24 hours of Trickle charging our handset was dead as a dodo only raising enough energy to advise 'battery low charge handset'. It makes you wonder if you had a long conversation on this handset, how many hours would you have to wait for it to recover for another phone call. Uniden should try to improve it's battery charge arrangement as it's one of few phones which has a decent size handset.

Good vs Bad

Phone book to difficult for my 91 year old father to access.
Also, I cannot find a speed dial function to get around this problem.
Large numbers are wonderful for elderly and the end button a clear reminder that you need to do this!

Attractive phone, let down by sub-par performance

*DECT SSE35 (Handpiece + Pendant)
My Aunty had purchased this model, and complained that its battery was not charging the unit. We returned the unit as faulty to supplier.

The replacement unit I installed and noticed the Pendant also had a charger which had identical charge pin (except for colour) with different voltage. I suspect that my Aunties 'faulty' unit had been using the Pendant charger. This decision to supply 2 different chargers is thoughtless. Same charge base and one higher voltage charger for both handpiece and pendant would avoid user confusion.

The replacement unit suffered from terrible sound compression, and no matter what sound setting was used and location of base unit, and various ADSL line filters the sound remained unacceptable.
We therefore had to return the second unit which was replaced by Unit 3 which worked as required.

1..For older folks the Pendant is a great idea; saves subscribing to a rescue service.
2..Menus and functions are generally acceptable, although the *UI is not.
3..Large and clear keys on base unit
4..Phone keys are clear, and both base and handpiece are an attractive piece of kit.
5..Answerphone works well.
6..Ringer on base can be set exceptionally loud.

1..*UI is non-intuitive and has been mentioned by others; also see my other review for Uniden DECT 8155. Uniden could easily make improvements in this respect.
2..Sound has tone and level functions but quality never approached the Uniden 8155, although its acceptable there is always a compression/breathing noise in the receiver which is annoying.
3..Range: in this area the phone lets down badly. Despite moving base unit, I was only getting about 15m away from brick clad house before phone started losing signal. Inside house it was OK.
4..Charging handpiece takes hours. Ideally charging should complete within an hour, 2 at most, but they use trickle charger which reduces the battery life.
5..Charger and charger base should have been shared by handpiece and pendant to save costs, and user confusion.

Summary: I would not find this phone acceptable. My Auntie is quite happy with her 3rd replacement however. Perhaps I have been spoiled by better sound and range from an older Uniden SSE15, and my recommended Uniden 8155.

*UI=User Interface. *DECT=Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications

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Elsewhere, my neighbors previous to using 3G as connect mode the unit worked well. Since the change the base unit does not seem to allow previous ring volume, but is weak, despite trying to change base volume. Handsets remain the same ring volume. There seems an incompatibility between POTS and 3g/4g networking.

Great but 1 draw back for visually impaired

We bought this for a visually impaired person and based our buying on the 'look/feel' of the phone and apparent ease of use. Also, on the marketing that it was for visually and hearing impaired users. Overall quite happy with the performance of the phone and ease of use. See 'cons' for a significant drawback for us.
- large black numbers on white background make it easy for user to see without glasses, simple to use answering machine.
- it takes 6 (SIX!) key presses to access the numbers in the phonebook. For visually impaired users, this is not really ideal. Many other phones have a button on the keypad that takes you straight to the phonebook. At the very least, make it the first option in the menu.

Sound buy

Reasonable price at $110 for 2 handsets and answer machine with good features. Good sound and clearly numbered keypad. Currently 'playing' with the handset 3 tone settings to achieve best result for the hearing aid. Handset menu display adequate and simple to understand after a glance at the manual included which is in decent size print. Easy to connect to phone line (or modem) and power socket with just the batteries to insert (but uses a small plug to connect batteries inside the handset). Overall very satisfied.
provides better hearing on the phone using a hearing aid T switch and has plenty of volume and visual signals.
Phones only come in White. The handset is fairly long so it is necessary to hold the ear end of the handset to feel when it is positioned over the hearing aid so the hearing aid activates the T switch automatically should you have this facility.

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Questions & Answers

My handset light is flashing. Someone said the battery needs replacing....
1 answer
Thank you for your review. Usually, the red light on the phone will be flashing for two reasons. There is a new message on the answering machine There is a new voicemail message on a Voicemail box that has been activated on the line by the service provider. (There are two Voicemails that they provide; Message Bank and Voicemail on Call Waiting.) If there are no messages on your answering machine base, you will need to contact your service provider to retrieve the messages on the line. Once this is done, the flashing light will stop, message icon will disappear and the dial tone will revert back to normal.

how do i hide my phone number on Uniden SSE35?
3 answers
Hi Dalriada, The feature you are inquiring about is provided by your service provider. Please contact your service provider to accommodate your request with setting your number as private.They want to be paid $5 for an answer, what's going on with Uniden ?Hi Dalriada, Please note that we don't charge any money for answers or advise. You might've come across the Just Answer site, which charges $5 for an answer. This is not a Uniden site. You can contact Uniden Support at the correct site on the following link; https://uniden.com.au/contact-au/

Has the phonebook a connection to speed dail Thanks Debbie
2 answers
Hi Debbie, Unfortunately, the SSE35 model does not have a Speed Dial feature. We have included this feature in the upgraded model, SSE45.Thank you for the information


Visual and Hearing Impaired SSE35Visual and Hearing Impaired SSE35+PVisual and Hearing Impaired SSE35+1
Handset TypeCordlessCordlessCordless
Handsets Included112
Emergency Alert PendantNoYesNo
Price (RRP)$79.95$159.95$129.95
Release dateFeb 2013Feb 2013Feb 2013

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