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UNIP SMSF Administration

UNIP SMSF Administration

5.0 from 19 reviews

Excellent Value

I switched over to UNIP because I was not happy with the service and expense of my previous accountant. I actually was shocked when I received their last invoice and thought there must be a better and fairer way to have my super fund administered and looked after. Initially I needed support with the process but was helped during this time. I can certainly recommend UNIP and their platform to anybody who is looking for a cost effective way to run their smsf.

The Best SMSF Platform

I had been looking for a low cost platform to manage my SMSF portfolio and luckily found UNIP. The platform is so easy to use and offers fare more automation of my transactions than any other platform I looked at.
I needed a little help to get started but the support staff made it so easy, end of year is going to be a breeze now.
All this and about half the price of the others, couldn't ask for more.

Good Value for money and excellent service

I have recently joined UNIP and had a good experience dealing with the Support team during the set-up process. They are very attentive and provided prompt resolution to all my queries. The software is straight forward and the server is fast. Pricewise is very competitive, one of the best value for rmoney on the market. I look forward to keep doing business with UNIP for the years to come.

Save money is the name of the SMSF game

Recently transferred over to UNIP from Multiport.
Breath of fresh air with the huge fees reduction.
We are in pension mode and needed to cut our fees substantially, the way interest and dividend receipts are down these days.
Service is good even though it took a little time for our bank to accept our instructions to change to UNIP.
Thanks Ashok and keep up the good work.

User Friendly

Easy to use and good support is there if you need it. Lots of features and hopefully it will make the EOY task painless

A pleasant experience, and good value for money.

After a long search for suitable software and guaranteed price, I am happily settled with UNIP. The software is straight-forward, and the service is excellent. Had numerous communications with the Support Team, which made for fast and efficient set-up. Good value for money too! Hope to stay with UNIP over the coming years.

Excellent Product And Superb Service

I'm new to UNIP and not overly savvy with using software. So I have requested lots of support in order to get established and the UNIP response has been superb. Regardless of what time of the day I have requested assistance it's always forthcoming within 24 hours. When I consider the value offered by UNIP I wish I had transitioned across many years earlier.

Real value for money

It's been under a year since we registered our SMSF and were conscious of keeping costs down while remaining complaint. UNIP SMSF Administration has certainly been up to the task. Our onboarding wasn't without glitch - there was an issue with unit pricing - but the speed in which this issue and our other questions were resolved by Ashok and the UNIP team provided us with even greater confidence in the service. Keep up the good work!

Exceptional Service

Having had a few issues of understanding (which happens when you get a non-accountant like me dealing with accounting and SMSF professionals) UNIP provided very quick responses and excellent feedback.
I have found UNIP to provide exactly what I want for a reasonable fee and have found no issues where they have not been able to set me on the correct path.
I would highly recommend them!

January 16th 2018 Update: The standard continues

I reviewed UNIP 2 years ago. Since then my very high opinion continues to be validated - they are excellent to deal with, highly responsive and provide excellent service.

Simple and Easy to Use

I currently have 4 portfolios - two SMSFs, one Company and one Trust.
Have used other systems in the past and compared to them this is value for money and simple to use

Great product

I have been using UNIP for nearly 3 years and have found the product has become an essential tool in monitoring my SMSF investments and providing data for annual tax returns. Over this time, UNIP staff has been very supportive and prompt in their response to resolve any queries or requests I have had. Data entry is generally intuitive and the product appears to be bug free. I happily recommend this product for SMSF management.

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Hi Tony, Thank you for your comments, our team is here to take care of your super.

Easy and intuitive Portfolio Management

We have found using UNIP for our SMSF has been excellent making it well worth taking on our SMSF. The End of year Audit and Tax return service are completed with a minimal of fuss or effort on our end. It is extremely well priced and supported.

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Hello Jen, We are here to help you anytime, you are a valued client.

Simplifies management of portfolios

A very intuitive and logical package for managing share portfolios. Simplifies end of year reporting and excellent for accessing position information on a day to day basis. Automated uploads from banks/brokers works well and cuts down on admin time. UNIP responsive to queries. Overall a very happy user. Going forward would like to see more performance measurement capability.

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Hello Jon, Thank you, our automated process is here to give you 100% accurate reporting 24 X 7.

Simplified SMSF Administration

I have used the UNIP platform for a number of years now. The service is reliable and the developer is always very responsive to suggestions for enhancements. I can happily recommend this product.

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Hello Peter, Your suggestions have helped us make data entry easy for DIY users.

Excellent product and support

I transfered across to UNIP last year and my SMSF records are now maintained with far less work (on my part) with the Audit and Tax return completed with very little additional information required. Overall this software product is saving me thousands in accountant/audit fees as well as cutting out a huge degree of record keeping duplication. I used to dread EOY and drag it out until the last minute, now its an easy straight forward process and my EOY tasks are completed in record time. I would highly recommend this product - I only wish that it was available and I had been using it a decade or so ago.

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Hello Carl, Thank you, we are here to assist with your queries at any time. Regards, Support Team.

SMSF Administration Made Easy

Have been using this software for the tax and audit requirements of my SMSF for the past 18 months after my accountant's recommendation. This software has made the end of year process so easy and quick with the built-in reporting. The software is bug free and well supported.

I highly recommend this product.

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Hello Neil, Thank you for your review, We value your business, glad that you are please with our product.

Fabulous product

We swapped out of a wrap account with a major bank to the UNIP platform and have saved thousands in fees in the process. UNIP is bug free, easy to use, but gives you as much or as little reporting detail as you need through the year. The automatic updates (eg. calculating dividends) are particularly good, as is the ability to manually enter special transactions if you need to. The reports make tax time a breeze and have kept our accounting fees very low. The support is also excellent - proactive advice before you know you need it. I can't recommend this product highly enough.

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Hello Tom, Thank you for your review, We value your business, glad to hear that you are happy with our product.

SMSF administration, tax and audit

I have found unip.com.au platform simplified my SMSF administration, end of year tax and audit reporting requirements. Also I have found proactive support it has served me well. It cost me half than I paid previous years. I highly recommend this service for those looking to manage their SMSF.

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Hello Ka, Thank you for your review, We value your business, glad to hear that you are happy with our product.

SMSF Software

I have spent over 50 hours researching products to help us manage our "Self Managed Superannuation Fund". I chose UNIP because. The software is very easy to use and I have not experienced one bug (unlike many products on the market). The information is timely with a lot of "behind the scenes" automation. They are very helpful in you with the setup and usually respond within minutes. Unlike other providers we did not need to change banks or stock brokers. The prices are very reasonable. We saved $1000's when we changed from our old style accountan ting service. People with a basic knowledge of book-keeping software will be able to master this service within 3 hours and a little support from their staff who are very generous with their time. PS The support staff product knowledge is excellent.

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Hello James, Thank you for your review, We value your business, glad to hear that you are happy with our product.

Questions & Answers

Hi, I am bit confused. Me and my wife both have super in a same fund but looking to change to smsf, but we don't have much knowledge about share market as it fluctuate alot. E.g. in our super we have diversified but it just give peanuts, yes fees is less but not much profit and if we go SMSF and having not much in depth knowledge of share market we are afraid we may loose it all. Please advice.
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I am serious share market investor but my advice to family and friends is. If you are not prepared to do a lot of research regularly (min 10 hours per week) then invest in LICs like WHF and MLT which are both selling at a discount to NTA now. And EFT's, particularly those from Vanguard (low fees). Over a 3, 5 and 10 year period you will do better than most casual investors. You get diversity, expert management, minimal paperwork for a modest fee. It is the sort of investment rich stock brokers leave for their spouse.