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Unique Timber Floors

Unique Timber Floors

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Noisy floors soon as installed

Floors were installed 1 month ago. Soon as installed they made a noise throughout the whole house. Rang Hynes group and they advised to change underlay. Spent additional funds and the problem remain
Head of warranty [name removed] refuses to claim fault in floors and quotes vague responses. Disgusting company. Looking for people to take a class action against them
Please email me poonam.pannu@gmail.com

Disappointed customer

I was prompted to write this review because of my disappointment with the services of this company. We bought a floating timber 8 years ago and for the first year, it had already created gaps in between floor.
After that period, we noticed that the floors were creating gaps in between and we had to ring them every now and then, to fix this problem. They had sent many workers but the problem was still there. I contacted them again, and the head of the warranty department said that because of the moisture, the gaps would not be fixed. Our flooring still looks good, but they are probably, does not like to spend extra dollars to fix this problem.
Quite disappointed.

No second chance

When we purchased our 18 month old home one of the first things we noticed was lifting boards and noising sqeaky flooring. No problem its still under warranty. Wrong! Uneke timber flooring says the warranty does not extend to subsequent owners regardless of the age of the floor. They "helpfully" suggested we make a claim through our insurance. A short term attempt to alleviate the squeaks was spraying the joins with wd silicon spray. It just made different noises and the floor became shiny and slippery. Totally unimpressed.

Floor looks great

can't fault UTF, install went well and on time, there was an issue with a butt join around the island bench that you could almost not see but UTF came to the party and fixed the join even though in my mind they could have said it was fine. BIG shout out to Chris Hoare one of their installers, great young bloke that values quality work, UTF he is a keeper!!! Boards are great too, exactly what we wanted. The mat textured finish will wear well and wont show scratches etc, the locking system works great and all the boards meet as they should, from what we were told by PD this changed in 2016 so the new laminate boards are much better than previous. Cheers Robbie

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3 months on and still think they're great, we have sold our house so can't provide an update in time but no issues at all and still look great. We have been very careful though and only use a spray bottle with 25% cleaning vinegar / 75% water and a flat microfibre mop, they clean up really well and no danger of swelling.

I would choose death over buying Unique Timber Floors

Damaged the floor themselves when they installed, refused to repair their own damaged floor boards. Caused further damage to doorways, horrendous to deal with. Deserve their own Today Tonight and A Current Affair segment.

if you're thinking about UTF, walk away!!!!

unable to fix the problem

dennis family builder contracted unique timber floors at our new home. strarted having floor squeeking problem in first 3month. since then we have been chasing them. its been almost 2 years now still no solid solution.

Don't bother.

Unfortunately our builder used this company. Paid up front for them to replace some scratched floorboards and install some boards under the stairs. Their installer decided to stain the scratches instead of replace the boards instead of what we paid for. Now UTF refusing to return calls after offering a full refund. Save your time and money. Don't bother with this pathetic company.

Worst company with dodgy products!!

We built a brand new house 2yrs ago and we have had nothing but trouble with our UTF flooring. We did everything by the book- never used a wet mop on the floor (which if we were told we couldn't mop our floor with having a young family we never would have got this dodgy flooring in the first place), never left any water sitting on the surface of the floor and still our flooring has risen in so many areas. We have had large gaps throughout the floor and still this company claims it's our fault. They must not care about keeping their customers happy as not one of these reviews are positive for them. Disgusting business who sell dodgy products:(

Terrible service, useless warranty and unprofessional installation

Apparently, this company doesn't have their own men trained to give professional service.

The timber floor planks at my home were installed without ground leveling. In order to fix the problem, it took these people 4 times to attempt and still could not fix the issue. Instead, they made the problem became bigger and bigger (the planks were damaged during the re-installation), and refused to fix the problem eventually.

They claimed they have attempted to fix the issue 4 times and I should not ask the floor to be installed perfectly.

It seems I should think "Yes! It is OK to have floating timber floor". It was wasting of my time to wait for 4 inspections and rectifications. (I took 2 days off because of this issue)

I don't know why Burbank Homes (another builder who doesn't care their clients) would recommend this company. Probably for more room of profit. I would strongly suggest everyone checks if their builder uses UTF.

This is the company should be avoid at all.

I would give -5 stars if there is such choice.

floor boards badly laid

The builder had UTF do our flooring the worst job.Defects in the boards , gaps in joins not clicked in together, very rough and bad job done.

The staff here are so rude

Our floor boards were poorly layed. They would slide all over the place in small areas and we would trip on them. Took over 6 months, 5 people coming out and many arguments on the phone. After all that ray didn't replace them like said but rather glued them and thought we wouldn't notice. The guy nick I dealt with is an arrogant person with no people skills.

Warranty Issue

We spent over $5000 on Tassie oak timber floating floors from this company. 25 year guarantee they said. Looked great for a short while. Once wear started to occur in walkways I rang the company and was given the cold shoulder. Avoided the wear issue and requests to have access to replacement pieces where necessary. Would not cost the company a lot, but these reviews will certainly do that. Do not use this product if you have frequently used walkways, and also DOGS. Dogs will ruin the surface in no time at all.
short lived appearance.
damaged and worn in a very short space of time. What now? Company is not interested.

Still no assistance from the Unique Timber Floors. What does one do? they no longer even make the width of our floating floor boards, so I wonder how they planned to replace anything that needed attention, well they obviously didn't. Now I am living with an unsightly floor, paid a fortune, am fastidious with cleanliness and care but still this floor is a disaster. Cheryll CThe floor continues to deteriorate. No replacement is possible. This flooring is nothing more than a cosmetic cover, which lasts no time on steps and in high volume areas of the kitchen. DON'T BOTHER!!!So the company has not contacted me with a view to repair and replacement. Complain at your peril it would seem. "I will get back to you' says Colin, but did he? NO. Needless to say they don't even have the product, never intended a replacement, and my name is now mud, as I have made my complaint public. There is much better service and product in Melbourne, keep looking. Cheryll C


Clearly I'm not the only one who has had issues. High gloss floating floorboards seemed like a great idea at the time but after dealing with UTF and their product I have grown to hate my floors. Initially they water damaged the floors before we even moved in, I complained, they blamed us and refused to fix it. Intimidating and rude staff both over the phone and in person. Floors were clearly buffered and look scratched in the light. They said it's an "illusion". I overheard a staff member calling me a "[censored word removed] moron" to his colleaugue after I questioned there "illusion". Would not recommend them to my worst enemy. Hard to believe they have lasted in business for this long.

High gloss floors - beware

We recently purchased a Porter Davis home with high gloss UTF Spotted Gum flooring. Don't but this product. Looks great in the showroom, but get low angle light on it and it appears covered in scratches and swirls. When I've contacted both Porter Davis and UTF they tell me it's not a fault, so not covered by warranty. It's just a poor quality product that the charge a premium for.

Also, the bevel in the product seems to leave it prone to water damage.

My new floor will need to be replaced.
Looks great under artificial low light conditions
Looks terrible under low angle natural light. Prone to water damage.

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