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United Global Sim

United Global Sim

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Policy designed to eat the stored balance on the sims

No warning, No email for sim balance expiry I had balance of $42.00. silently global eat all the balance. Very Bad Service. I will not recommend anyone to buy United Global Sim.they never sent me any email about sim expiry in 2019.

Purchased in 2016.

Purchased in March 2016 for $42.00.

These guys are THE WORST!

When my SIM arrived in the post I inserted it and activated it as instructed. The test call I made did not work. Took 30 minutes on the phone to customer service and several attempts to make a successful test call.
Once overseas, I inserted the SIM and once again it did not work. I remained without a communication device for the duration of my trip because I couldn't contact them (had no working phone!) to fix it.
Once back home, I made another (free) test call to check the SIM again and keep the credit from expiring, once again it did not work.
They sent me a message saying that my balance is at $6.99 (down from $9.99) and yet, I have never made any texts or calls from this number (because it has never worked!!!).
I'm going overseas again next month and I will purchase a SIM from a different company to use, even if United offers to sort out these issues - I can't afford to be in a foreign country without any means to contact anybody.
Shame on you United Networks

Purchased in January 2019.

Policy designed to eat the stored balance on the sims

No warning, No email for sim balance expiry I had balance of $12.75 Oce/2018. It is $ zero on 25/6/19. I did not make no calls/messages. Very Bad Service. Even from Germany I could get connection (to Australia); I will not recommend anyone to buy United Global Sim

Purchased in November 2015.

PJ Our service automatically sends an email 5 Days before expiry. Sim is expired 90 days from last use if the SIM used continually every 90 days the balance does not expire. In your case, the service had not been used for 8 months. If you would like a SIm and your balance restores please contact us directly on 0290039555. We are happy to provide a SIM card and balance.I did not receive any e mail and I do not hope to use your service again.

Poor expiry date policy designed to eat the stored balance on the sims

There is usually an email warning for sim expiry but united global have not sent me an email lately and just walked away with my stored balance about $42.00 on the sim.

July 16th 2019 Update: Policy designed to eat the stored balance on the sims

No warning, No email for sim balance expiry I had balance of $42.00. silently global eat all the balance. Very Bad Service. I will not recommend anyone to buy United Global Sim.they never sent me any email about sim expiry in 2019.

Purchased in 2016.

Purchased in March 2016 for $42.00.

United Global eSim - doesn’t deliver in Europe - so far

I have not had much success with the eSim from United Global Networks. In Croatia it was very hard to connect to any of their networks so when I landed in Zagreb I could not use google to navigate to my destination. Also the data network kept defaulting to vodaphone apn which took time to correct. The major issue though is that i am unable to send txts to some numbers, make voice calls to other numbers, do neither of these things with yet other numbers, and with a very lucky 1 or 2 I have been able to do both. I followed all the suggestions I was given by support staff including deleting contact details and message history, Turing off dial assist and iMessage and changing carriers but the problems persist and they are random. I’ve been messaging and chatting with tech support since Sunday last - 3 days - and still no resolution. Someone was supposed to get back to me today but didn’t. This has been an expensive and frustrating experience and frankly I wish I had just gone for a local sim and not bothered with this. Very disappointed.

Purchased in May 2019 at United Networks - United Global Sim for $60.00.

Great Online Chat Service

Had prompt and helpful service on online chat from Emma at United when enquiring about whether United Global SIM works in far Eastern European countries ( including the "...stans on the Silk Road), and China. Also helpful advice about which data packs work in the different countries, and where data is very expensive, and to use wi-fi only. Thanks Emma!

Purchased in April 2019.

I’ve had no success adding credit while travelling. Keeps telling me my name is wrong.

As above I have not been able to recharge credit to this account. I don’t want to wast precious travel time struggling with a poor app. Shame. Even says my name is wrong. Very disappointed

Purchased in April 2019 for $30.00.

Just started

Unlike other "overseas SIM", it looks like the Global SIM isn't that easy to get working. Fortunately they have an excellent customer service team. Emma stayed on online chat and steered me through various steps as well as trying with another phone, until I finally got the SIM registered on the Optus network and was able to make a test call. Now just have to hope that there's no more drama when I go overseas.

Purchased in May 2019.

Great customer service

I'm a techno bozo but purchased the United Networks physical global sim card and data bundle for my teen's school trips to the US last December and to Europe this month. It has been an extremely affordable option. I've found the sim has been reliable on both trips & customer support excellent, especially when my daughter hit a couple of hurdles with her data while OS (and was not turning her data roaming off as she'd promised). They were patient & professional. Highly recommended.

Purchased in December 2018 for $95.00.

A must have when traveling!

Have used this on and off over a couple of years. Comes in handy when out and about as local sims are not always available or sometimes run out when you least expect it. Perfect for messaging home base and data packs are available if needed for an extra cost and peace of mind. Support is great too. I would recommend the Global Sim to anyone who just wants that extra peace of mind when traveling.

Purchased in January 2014.

Just got started with Global Sim

Always a challenge to get started again with a global sim card!
Customer Service was excellent (and patient) and nothing seemed to be too much trouble in sorting out my activation and queries I posed.

Purchased in April 2019.

Great Service

Brilliant for my travels. Customer Service is of a very high level. Great rates & promos. By far exceeds any service or price of my local carrier. Have had my Sim for a few years originally as Covermore.

Purchased in July 2014.

Good usage in EU& US

The sim works well in Eu and US. Will try it at Asia next. Data pack is worth it if you are a heavy data user. Saw the eSIM will try it next.

Purchased in December 2018 for $49.00.

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Thankyou Emma, If you would like to try the eSIM we currently have a free upgrade offer. The eSIM can be used compatible eSIM phones for more information please visit https://www.esim.travel/ and chat with our team.

You need to be an IT expert to get this stupid SIM working

We put the sim in the phone for our 12 year old daughter, it worked before she left, and now that she is overseas, its not working,and they don't seem to care. They are giving us steps to follow but when we do, we don't see the same things as we are supposed to.
If I knew how complex it was to get this sim to work, I would have never bought it.
Stay away, I would not recommend to my worst enemy.

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Hi Simon, thank you for your honest feedback! It is due to feedback like yours we can keep improving our products and processes. I am so sorry to hear that your daughter experienced issues using the service on her trip. Using our connectivity solutions should not be that complex and I would like to investigate this situation further. Can you please send me an email on mthompson@unitednetworks.com with your contact details and I will get in contact with you. Many thanks! / Mea @United Networks

Really bad

Never received my sim & still waiting for $100 refund 4 months later. Call centre in Malaysia cannot advise me how to contact finance department in Sydney. Regret ordering this sim and the time I have wasted trying to get a refund.


Terrible company to deal with - will not get any charge or credit right. I have been dealing for nearly a year and cannot wait to get out of contract. Use anyone but these.

Great SIM for SEA, Europe & the Middle East!

I've used this SIM in several places around South East Asia, Europe & the Middle East. Worked as expected and helped me save heaps of money. Just for comparison: I was lazy to insert a new SIM card into my phone so I accidentally racked up an AUD $800+ roaming bill with Optus (AUS) after ONE day while in Qatar (I was oblivious to the fact that Optus roaming data costs $1 per MB, so my bad)... after that, I switched to the United Global SIM and spent around $200 over the course of SIX weeks with around the same amount of data usage each day. For most of the countries I've travelled to, data on this SIM costs approx. $0.20 per MB, which is one FIFTH of the normal roaming price...And to be honest the quality of connection was the same. The best thing about it is I know I can keep the SIM after my trip and use it again the next time I travel. It saves me from having to get a local SIM every time I land in a new country.

Outstanding Qualtiy, Coverage and Price!!

United Global SIM was easy to use and allowed me to call just as promised! What a great product !!. Also tried out the SOS alerts which gave me a lot of peace of mind while I was travelling. Its a sad reality unfortunately that bad things can happen while travel but I was glad to have the SOS alerts. Overall great products available on their website. Would certainly buy again, I think everybody with a mobile phone should !


United Global sim and WI-FI app kept me completely connected while travelling around Europe. I was able to move from country to country keeping the same number. The service automatically connected me to the preferred network and worked flawlessly.

I spent $30 on credit and purchased a $55 data pack for zone 1. I also took up the free promo offer for WI-FI which gives you access to unlimited data when near hotspots!

Best value for money option I could find and fantastic service.

Best sim for New Caledonia

I got this sim through Coles (branded as coles global mobile travel sim which I have also reviewed on this site) for a cruise to New Caledonia in July 2018. The sim activated easily and I had no trouble connecting to the network at all our ports (Noumea, Mare, Lifou and Isle of Pines). The sound quality was great, however, there was a slight delay(same with the Woolworths card I had used the previous year).
Every time a call is made, you receive an sms with call details and remaining balance which made it very easy to keep track of charges. Their website is easy to navigate and you can top up online or by phone.

I highly recommend this sim for travellers to New Caledonia who want the cheapest rates for voice calls (New Caledonia mobile internet is horrendously expensive) with a reliable carrier.

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Has anyone used THE SIM in Guatemala, Colombia, Costa Rica
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Currently in hawaii what do I dial to contact a phone number in Western Australia
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Not sure my daughter had lots of issues. When she travelled in the USA. Sorry618 followed by phone number, I think.Good morning, To call Australia from the U.S just follow these simple dialling directions. 1. First dial 011, the U.S. exit code 2. Next dial 61, the country code for Australia 3. Then dial the area code (1 digit) 4. Finally the phone number (8 digits) For example 011618 followed by the 8 digit phone number for Western Australia. If you are having any issues you can contact us via chat here -https://www.unitedglobalsim.com/ Kind regards, Jack

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