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Natures Goodness Grain Free Nutrition Dry Dog Food

Natures Goodness Grain Free Nutrition Dry Dog Food

4.2 from 86 reviews

My dog woke up covered in rashes!!

Gave the bbq beef treats a try and my poor baby woke up with her stomach and nose covered in a rash. This has never happened with any treats and wouldn't even risk trying this brand again as her scabs still haven't cleared up. Could almost be an allergic reaction.

Vomiting and diarrhoea

Have been using this brand on and off for a year for my dog. The new batch of cans we got has been giving him vomiting and diarrhoea. Will be thinking twice about purchasing in the future..

Purchased in May 2019 for $1.50.

Value for Money
Pet's Life StageAdult
Side Effects Yes

Natures Goodness Dry Duck and Vegetables

My dogs refuse to eat this, which is a shame as it a better quality option dry dog food from the supermarkets. The ingredients would work for my Cavalier with sensitive digestion but I will never truly know as she won't eat it. I would probably point this dog food out to someone who was insisting on feeding supermarket dog food as it is one of the better brands in the supermarket pet aisle.

Purchased in November 2018 at Woolworths.

Value for Money
Pet's Life StageAdult
Side Effects No

Seizures from lamb and rosemary treats

Unfortunately my moodle had a seizure from the lamb and rosemary treats. I have seen the other reviews about this also. Vet checked and blood work fine. Please review your ingredients so this doesn't happen to other dogs. Not buying again, product in the bin.

Purchased in February 2019 at Woolworths Physical store for $4.00.

Pet's Life StageAdult
Side Effects Yes


Have a ne w Cavalier and in it i ally had him Greenies Dental Treats mini.
Wanted to give a treat thru the day and decided to try VIP as on a good special.
After my dog taking a treat off me, immediately dropped it and wouldn't touch again! ?
Next time shopping at Aldi, tried the new grain free Natural Elements in chicken flavour and wasn't fussed but when I gave him the real kangaroo one, Loved it!!!
To each their own taste!

Rosemary Issues

My cattle dog has been having seizures regularly. Just checked reviews and voila. She gets the Natures Goodness Grain Free dog good and a few of the lamb and rosemary. Since we stopped feeding and she vomited no more seizures. Be careful feeding this.

Lamb and Rosemary Treats

Would just like to point out that I'm not the only person who's dog has had seizures as a result of the rosemary extract that is put into the Natures Goodness products. I have a standard poodle which had seizure with no direct cause from the vet, they were adamant that it was epilepsy. After further research on rosemary we decided to stop feeding him these treats and touch wood he has not had a seizure after the change.

lamb and rosemary treats

My poodle had seizures quite often while I was feeding him the lamb and rosemary treats.. Once I switched to the bbq beef and tomato he has not had one. Rosemary is a trigger so should not be included in dog food.

One happy fur baby

My golden retriever suffered from itchy skin for his first 6 or so months because we were trialing all sorts of foods, including premium dog food before we could find one which he wasn’t sensitive too. This is a great product, he loves it with the canned food range or occasionally with raw eggs, mince or veggies, but most importantly he has no skin reactions!

My dogs love it

I have started feeding my staffy and foxterrier VIP grainfree for the past 5 weeks. It is a cheaper healthier option than most store brands.Both dogs are full of energy they have a shiny coat. I believe it is the quality dry food they are eating (I will never go back to dog food containing grains)

Excellent for puppies

Reared several litters on this food. Love the way it holds its shape when soaked.Pups learn to chew not
swallow whole.

Great value for money!

Our greyhound needs high protein and fat kibble with low grain. This dry food is perfect and she loves it. Can purchase from supermarkets but similar quality to expensive pet shop kibble. She's very healthy and shiny, I would highly recommend.

My Poodle xMaltease love this product....and being grain free it much better for your dogs digestive

I try different brands that are on special and have been recommended to use grain free, as this was on special in Coles I decided to try my Poodle xMaltese on these biscuits and he loved them, great value for money and being grainfree is much better for your dog as grain free closely mimics their natural diet as a carnivore eater! Wheat, and barley is added to dog food to create bulk which is difficult for dogs to digest and for their body to break down which can lead to stomach problems and obesity, as dogs have little natural digestive support to break down & metabolize complex carbs.

Great product for price

As I usually feed my dogs super premium brands, I decided to give this product a go while it was on special at Coles. Was not disappointed with the outcome. Being much lower in price, the product had a pleasant smell and look. Did not noticed anything major in the change of the dogs' wellbeing and coat besides a bit more smellier stools. Think will be feeding the dogs this food every now and then while taking a break on the more expensive brands.

Highly recommended dog food.

I changed my itchy dog onto this food and her itch and dry skin cleared up in a matter of weeks. It is a high quality food that rivals the best (including black hawk) It is a very reasonably priced dog food for what you get. I highly recommend this as a complete dog food.

need bigger bags

thankful i have finally found a decent supermarket dog food. however its not as affordable as i would like. has changed my dog back to how she should be..happy..firm stools..energetic and putting her weight back on and
she goes crazy for it! i purchased wild game with sweet potato

20kg bags at Budget Pet products online

We have been getting the 20kg bags of the VIP Natures goodness Grain Free for $69.95 at Budget Pet products online they also have very competitive prices on everything you could ever imagine getting for your Dog and offer FREE delivery for every order over $49. So get online to Budget Pet Products and save heaps

Where are the 20kg Bags of Natures Goodness?

You launched 20 kg Bags back in 2015 and here it is 2017 and I still can't buy any. Surely you have had time to distribute. I've only just recently swapped to VIP and my dogs love it, but as a breader the 7 kg Bags are just not good enough as we go through about 40kg per month. Shopping Lane is too expensive considering I can buy 3 x 7kg bags from Wollies for $90 so at least be competitive.

September 3rd 2017 Update: Food OK distribution ?

I am please with VIP Natural Goodness, I have older dogs who wouldn't eat dry food are now happy to do so. With regards to proof enclosed is a copy of my receipt for the same. It would appear that at the moment that Woolies are the cheapest, unfortunately don't carry the 20kg bags.

Excellent value for small wheat intolerant dogs

This product hasn't disappointed with our poooch she never leaves any behind after dinner and it is keeping her at a normal ideal weight too she is nice and healthy this has contributed heaps in her dietary needs

Love this dog food, only down size is the cost, relative to the amount of product you get.

My two dogs love this product (especially the rabbit and sweet potato flavour) and go nuts as soon as the bag is opened. I have noticed that it is especially good at preventing the smaller of my two dogs (a miniature terrier x) from getting constipated, which seemed to be a problem with other dry dog foods, I fed her. The only downsize is the cost relative to the amount of product you get? A 850gram (.7 of a kilogram) bag will set you back around $11.50, which I think is quite expensive and probably somewhat cost prohibitive for people on tight budgets. Not so bad if you have smallish dog/s but if you have larger breed dogs, it doesn't last all that long. I have a small dog (6kg) and a much larger dog (28kg) and one bag lasts less than a week, which forces me to buy this product more as a one off treat rather than regular dog kibble, I can feed on a daily basis.

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Hi can I freeze the dog roll
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Hi.. Do you ship the product to India, or is there a website which will deliver the grainfree nutrition Tender Lamb treats to India?
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Has there ever been a recall on any of this companies products
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Not to my knowledge

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