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Vaalia Low Fat Yoghurts

Vaalia Low Fat Yoghurts

2.9 from 55 reviews

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Excellent yogurt, terrible packaging


Purchased in August 2019.


CrickletSouth East Queensland, QLD

Vaalia yogurt


I am not happy with new taste either tastes slightly sour have already thrown one full container out thinking it may have just gone off a little but I've just opened new container and will be throwing it out to and changing brands.

Purchased in August 2019 at Woolworths for $5.00.

Sudden taste - less sweet


I don’t enjoy the new taste. Have no idea why you changed it. It seems to be the recent batch with an August use by date. This has been my favourite yoghurt for several years. Will now be tasting other brands.

Purchased in July 2019 at Woolworths.


bengyGreater Melbourne (Outer), VIC

  • 2 reviews

Very Good Product


I am very happy with the product. However very disappointed with the new container.
The lid is very difficult to snap into place, causing the top often to come loose while putting away.
This happens when the container is grabbed to put away the lid pops off. Also I have small hands and find it difficult to grab hold of to move around.

Purchased in May 2019 at Woolworths for $3.50.



  • 2 reviews

This product is dreadful


I have been buying this yoghurt for a long time and enjoyed it. Then you changed to a larger size and the yoghurt is just so runny that I would NOT BUY IT AGAIN, very disappointing.
Buy Dairy Farmers it is sooo much better

Purchased in April 2019 at Coles Supermarkets for $5.50.

So GROSS! What happened?


I used to love Vaalia and bought it all the time, it is now horrible. It is awful, quiet awful. I can't eat it, I buy it occasionally to see if the taste has gone back to the old version which was delicious but I am always let down. It is a vile, chalky, and acidic. I gag trying to eat it. Extremely disappointed as I loved the old one.

Just to recap: This product is disgusting.



  • 2 reviews

Fudging the size of the packaging for yogurt


To my memory vaalia used to be in 1 litre cartons at $5.50 each. Now Coles/Woolies have them on special at $5.50 instead of $6.00 but they only hold 900mls. A bit of false advertising here I think. Must agree with others that the packaging is pretty poor, not as good with the round shape. Yogurt taste to me is pretty good but from other comments sounds like many people don't like the taste or texture as it is now. I don't mind when it is on special for $3.50 a carton.


RayHunter Region, NSW

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Vaalia- My First Yogurt - Runny and tasteless


I have eaten my way through 2000+ of these yougurts over exactly 12 months in conjunction with a diet I was one (Dont’t laugh it has worked) Since December I have been very unhappy with the runny texture and tastelessness. The first batch I thought was just a bad batch but it has continued for the past two months. It is so runny you can now drink it from the container like milk. My cat also like to lick the container afterwards and even she has started refusing it. Can we please go back to the original recipe as this new recipe sucks big time.



Valiant Passionfruit Yoghurt - why so runny and tasteless?





Always loved your Passionfruit yogurt now it is so runny you could drink it use by date 25/1/19
No taste just awful



Not only is the round container difficult to grab (another mess to clean) but we also found it to be alot runnier then normal, my daughter will not touch it anymore. Please change it back.

Vaalia 900g tub


I love Vaalia yoghurt, however, since they have changed their container I am not happy, I knew from the first time we purchased this new tub that we would have problems. The lid will not stay on and the container is too flimsey, I have very small hands so I dropped it on the kitchen floor!! WHAT A MESS. I will not be buying Vaalia again until they change back to the original rectangular tub. NOT HAPPY JAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Change of tub...ridiculous


Love the yoghurt, for years. But now ..whoever decided to change the design of the best tub on the market ...I'm speechless!! Why??
It was perfect....took up less space in fridge, easy to handle, and now we have this. Curious. May we know the rationale for such a change?
If you don't go back to straight sided one, you've lost me.



Round tub TERRIBLE - needs two hands otherwise danger of dropping, lid won't stay on, foil too hard to remove. Square tubs PLEASE or won't buy

Great yoghurt, terrible new container


Recently purchased Vaalia yoghurt in the new round tub, firstly foil seal needs to be removed with a knife as impossible otherwise, lids do not seal air tight. Love Vaalia low fat yoghurt but won't be purchasing again until shape of container & lid changes!!!



  • 2 reviews

Same as other reviews, new tub is terrible


The lid doesn't stay on on the new tubs & they are harder to hold than the old tubs. My husband loves the yoghurt but why make a 900g tub that might last you a week with a far-less-than-airtight lid?



  • 2 reviews

New packaging is less than 1 star :-(


Ditto to everyone who's said the new bulky round packaging, never-let-go foil seal and never-likely-to-stay-on lid are all woeful changes.

Did anyone at Vaalia actually trial these innovations? Is it a ploy to sell more yoghurt once it's all landed on the floor?

Come on Vaalia, do the right thing and take a step back to what worked before. Or risk losing customers...

New round container


This week I purchased one of the new round Vaalia tubs. It does look impressive ! But picking it up is difficult, it's quite large and slippery. Anyone with small hands will have problems. I accidently dropped it at home, the lid flew off, luckily it was on the bench and not yet opened or the yoghurt would have been all over the floor. The metal cover inside is also hard to open, I had to use a knife to pierce it. I don't think I will be buying it again. Please go back to the old containers !!

Stupid new round containers


The new round yogurt tubs are terrible. Please go back to the old shape. My wife picked up the container from in the fridge and the lid came off and the container fell to the floor spilling yogurt everywhere. They are too big and very difficult to handle. If you don't change the container we will be forced to buy other yogurt. Peter.



  • 2 reviews



I am an elderly lady and find the new 900 ml. round container much more difficult to handle.
Please think again about this.

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I live in Victoria, so my supermarket choices are Coles or woolies, do Coles stock a better variety than woolies please?

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I live in NSW .. more recently I am unable to obtain Luscious Berries Flavour in either Woolies or Coles ... which happens to be the only one I like.
The others are over sweet.

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