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Valco Evo2

Valco Evo2

2.7 from 17 reviews

Long lasting, comfortable

Overall decent pram does the job, I feel its alot of effort to maneuver. Not too bad to fold and unfold. Light to carry. Has lasted longer than all of my previous prams so built quality is good. One of the front week comes off sometimes but once its snapped back in, works fine for weeks without coming back off.

Waste of money

Brought the Evo 2 as the shop assistant she had one & said it was great. Within 2 weeks one of the rear brakes snapped, it constantly locked up & the front wheels wobble so much it's like they will fall off. I should have saved my money & got a $15 stroller from Target! The good points are the expander hood, looks & lay down seat.
Big hood, lay down seat, looks
Brakes break, wheels wobble.

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HI Btmk253, we are sorry to hear about your experience with the Evo 2 stroller. Our customer service can most certainly assist you with the wheel replacement. You can reach the team on 1300-0-VALCO or cust.service@valco.com.au .

Awesome Stroller

I bought the Valco Evo 2 stroller over 18mths ago and it is still like new! I was really shocked to read about all the trouble a lot of people had had with them but I can honestly say I love mine....It is light and easy to manouver around love the hood comes right around and that it lays flat so bubs can have a sleep....The only thing I would say is when it is laying flat you can get into the basket at the bottom which can be a bit annoying sometimes.....I don't have to buy another pram even if I do have another child because you can buy skate boards to fit aswell as basinets ect which is handy for the new born and I don't need to worry about carting another big bulky pram around or about having enough boot space....Great stroller highly reccomended
Extendable hood,Lays Flat,Light
When seat is laying flat you cant access the basket underneath


Ace stroller. i am shocked by some of the difficulties people are reporting on this site. Purchased 9 mths ago and still love it. My friends have bugaboo's etc and they just look like a waste of money to me. I am in and out of car much quicker and lifting far less weight. I have had the wheel fall off once but it was after 6mths and a lot of walking - it easily slotted back in.
Light, cheap, comfy for newborn, great sun protection, airy, decent storage for a stroller, easy to use, quiet and can take a bit of bump without it not disturbing bub, cheap and looks good.

So many things wrong

First of all, I was delighted with how easy it was to manoeuvre and how light it was...but that only lasted a few minutes. The front wheels kept locking, which got extremely annoying! Not only that, but within the first week of purchasing, the back brake snapped right off, and so did the back wheel! Luckily, (lol) our car was stolen and the pram was in the boot. We've since upgraded not just the pram, but our car too, lol.
Lightweight, easy to manouvre IF it wasn't for the front wheels locking.
OVERPRICED and too flimsy. Unreliable. Front wheels lock. Brakes fall off without force. Back wheels fall off without effort. Too many things wrong with this stroller. I would never trust this stroller to keep my baby safe.

Lasted 2 days! Terrible!

I decided to but a stroller whilst my beloved iCandy Peach was being repaired, and thought it would be handy to have as a spare.
I purchased the Valco Evo 2 on advice from the shop assistant. I liked the extendable hood, reclining back and the pram seemed sturdy enough for a $200 stroller.
On my first outing I thought the front wheels were a little wobbly, but thought this may be normal for a stroller. On my second outing with the Valco Evo2, on the second day, the back right break snapped right off! Unbelievable.
I angrily bought the stroller back to the shop, who were wonderful and gave me a store credit which allowed me to purchase a different stroller. I spent the extra $140 and got a Maclaren Quest. I should of done this in the first place. What a difference.
Do not buy this stroller!! I would never buy Valco again!
Extendedable hood gives great coverage
Poorly made, wobbly front wheels, breaks snap!!

Also my first and last Valco!

Purchased this stroller on advice from the stores employee as my everyday pram is too big and bulky for public transport etc.

On first use (3 days after it was brought), for no more than 20 mins one of the back wheels brakes decided to stop working/jam.

I informed the store I brought it from who told me to bring the stroller in with my receipt. On arrival, I was told the stroller would need to be sent away to valco on warrenty and it would be up to them whether the stroller would be fixed or replaced with a brand new one. After asking what on earth I was suposed to do without a stroller they offered me a loan stroller. I explained that it was brand new and used once! They said it did not matter. I asked for a refund or an exchange for the same stroller. I was told No. After a short disagreement/discussion, the store said they could ring valco, I agreed. after apprently ringing valco the store said I could have a brand new stroller.

I left the store with the new stroller.

I have since rung the stores head office and also Valco. Wither neither one getting back to me.

Not impressed at all. Would not buy another Valco pram/stroller, or buy from the store.
No pinch hinges, Expanda hood, storage pocket on back of hood, recline suitable for a newborn.
Brake broken after first use, front wheels quite wobbly, when front wheels are locked, stroller becomes very hard to steer, Fussy/fiddly 5 point harness, no peek a boo window in hood, storage basket no exhistant when back rest reclined fullly.

I would not purchase a velco again!!!

I purchased this stroller as my other was very bulky.. My main problem was the seat tearing and the harness buckle are loose and have come off and lost!!!! To much weight at the rear of the stroller !! Can easily tip back with toldler sleeping with the seat reclined!!!not very safe at all
Large hood
Not safe when it tips back and harness buckles come off

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We are shocked to read about your comments! Our customer service team are available to serve you. For prompt assistance contact our customer service team via phone or email and they will be able to offer assistance with your stroller. 1300-0-VALCO support@valco.com.au

Wheels jammed and fabric torn

After owning the Valco Evo2 (Chainz design)for 4 months I had the wheels replaced after they decided to lock permanently on me. I have had little use of the stroller since owning new In December 2011 and already the fabric is torn due to a design fault where the adjustable seat bar rubs against it
My first Valco and definitely my last!
Nice looking, Extendable hood

Wobbly Wheels

I purchased this pram as it looked the part for a stroller... Only to get it home and shake like nothing else so i returned it and got given one that does the exact same thing!!.. As it was a drama returning it as i purchased it online im keeping it and dealing with the shaking wheels. :(
Sunshade, tall handles
The wheels are a mess i replaced the pram twice and no different. Don't waste your time

Front wheel jam

I bought this stroller upon recommendation from sales person and together with the price I was feeling good about my purchase....then things went wrong! The front wheels jammed every time i pushed stroller forward so that I had to lift the front wheels every few minutes to get them aligned. I told the store about it and they recommended greasing wheels but this didn't work. Also, the hood falls off every time I put it in the car.
Price and lightweight
Front wheels and canopy/hood falls off easily. Am waiting to hear about warranty

Very happy with my purchase indeed

Finally a newborn stroller that carries up into their toddler years- 18kg

Pros: excellent large sun canopy , mega large seat belt, comfy tall handles, fully reclines, nice large mesh window at the back of the stroller to allow great airflow. It's well balanced so my 15mth toddler who stands and rattles the stroller has never come close to tipping it. (wild child) lol. Wheels don't make a lot of noise on pavers/concrete. Easy fold

Cons: I'd like the seat to be a little wider as my little man sleeps on his side and he is very solid, however in saying this I would not say he is cramped.
The wheel width I'd like also to be a bit wider as I occasionally kick a wheel as its a little narrow/ I could adjust my stride/walk.
When it's folded due to having tall handles it's quiet long. However it will fit into a family sized boot. No parent peek a-boo window in sun canopy, but the mess window at the back is a great alternative.

Overall I'd recommend it to any mum.
Inexpensive . See above narrative

Not what I expected purchased Sept 2012

I had purchased this as a lightweight stroller to travel with because I was happy with my rebel q from valco. But this pram disappointed me. First one brake wheel got stuck then the handle grips started to split. When I went away I had a wheel fall off in the middle of the street and the pram wasn't even 6months old. A big hassle when your not at home! I also had a piece on the harness clip break and the harness covers are also easy to fall off and loose. I think the only thing that was good about it is that it was a cheapish lightweight pram but there are a few other choices in the marketplace.
Inexpensive, lightweight, warranty does cover some broken pieces
Bits are easy to loose and break, not sterdy.

Great stroller

It is a great stroller, easy to push and manoeuvre. I bought it for my one year old. I walk a lot with him and this stroller does the job I need. Extended hood is an amazing feature especially in our sunny Sydney, not every stroller has it. Reasonably lightweight. Very happy with it!
I got this stroller because I really liked the extended hood feature and it is indeed amazing! It is also reasonably light. I like that it is not too light because some strollers can fall backwards if you hang a heavy bag but this one feels pretty steady and safe. Wheels are great and maneuverable, makes it easy to push even on uneven roads. The basket underneath is quite big for this size stroller. And the seat reclines to a lying down position. It is also not an expensive stroller.

Wobbly wheel

We bought the Evo2 as we were travelling overseas and wanted something lightweight that we could use when on holiday and but could also sleep in it as it reclined. Unfortunately we had to return it as I could not handle the wheel wobbling that much. The whole pram vibrated and it drove me nuts!
Large extendable hood, which was the deciding factor compared to other strollers that were similar. Reclines back.
We tested the stroller in the shop with my baby boy (5 months) sitting in it and there was no problem with it. Took new one home and put it together and the front left wheel would not stop wobbling! To the extent that the whole stroller shook. I returned the stroller today, thinking that it was just a fault un that particular stroller and I would just get a replacement, however, they opened up a new one for me and it had exactly the same problem!

Watch front wheels

Purchased this on recommendations from pram retailers - looked to have a great sunshade and relatively easy to fold/unfold. Assembled it from the box and the left front wheel wobbled and rattled like a worn out shopping trolley. Returned after demonstrating to store manager for another brand new Evo 2, assembled it and encountered exactly the same problem. Will be returning for a full refund.

LOVE this stroller!!!!

great easy to use light weight stroller. Has all the features you need in a stroller, very well thought out design.
easy to steer, light weight, inexpensive (for the quality you get), extendahoood (FANTASTIC!!) nice size basket underneath, lays almost completely flat and has multiple reclining levels, love the single front wheel. My baby prefers this stroller to his beautiful emmaljunga. Easy to clean, fold, carry...
not really anything, only thing i found was that the shoulder cushions (over the straps) were a bit long. but hardley a problem as you can easily remove them if you want to.

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did you find the footrest a problem? I notice the plastic part sits further back than so it appears toddlers feet hang instead of resting on it.

Questions & Answers

Hi was Thinking of getting at evo for two.. But have saw a few reviews on having problems with wheels and fabric tearing has these problems been fixed or what is the rating on these prams please?
2 answers
Hi kylie not sure why this question has come to me. I'm just a mum who reviewed the stroller I bought. Mine was a single evo and it had bad reviews but it's still going after 2 1/2 years. Yes there is wear and tear but every pram u have ever seen after a year looks rough. I think mine was good value. I just had a second bub and we have bought a tandem as side by side can play havoc on ur back if you have weight differences in the children you are pushing. Hope this helps.Don't get a twin one. I had it two hours and one of the seats collapsed. The metal buckled and when I took it back for a refund they told me no they could repair it under warranty but that was it


Valco Evo2
Price (RRP) $199.95
Seating Type Single
Suitable Age0+ months
Max User Weight 18 kg
Weight8.2 kg
Folded Dimensions28 x 27 x 106 cm

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