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Valco T3 Plus

Valco T3 Plus

4.3 from 8 reviews

Great all rounder umbrella stroller

I was looking for umbrella stroller in price range between 100-250$ range and choose Valco T3+ for 190$ fr baby bunting. Price wise is not cheap for an umbrella stroller but it does have features that justify the price for me. The quality is good and i love the portability. My full feature baby jogger city select is now mostly sitting unused. If my pram broke down I wont replace it but if this umbrella stroller broke down, I will def get a replacement.

Things I love:
- Canopy can be extended and has the best sun coverage from all umbrella strollers I've seen. It's comparable to my baby jogger pram.
- Come with mesh cover for additional shade/ bug protection and rain cover. Both are attached with zip to the canopy. Brilliant design - loooooove this so much. No more dangly muslin cover :)
- Storage bag zip into the back side. Big enough to store the mesh and rain cover.
- The stroller handle is slightly higher than the other strolles I've tried at baby bunting
- All four wheels have suspension. The tyres have thread grooves which should provide better grip to the road. Most umbrella strollers have smooth tyres.
- 5 point seatbelt easy to operate. My 2016 model has better seatbelt latching mechanism then the demo model in baby bunting. So Valco must've updated it recently.
- The two step closing and opening are easy. This is comparable to other similar strollers.
- The seat is sufficiently padded and I like the material (mesh type fabric - seems to allow better air circulation)

Things that I dont really like:
- The break has to be activated on both rear wheels. Wish it can be just one step (or better yet, hand activated break)
- The reclaining seat has to be done on two steps as well. Not a deal breaker but it's done better on other strollers.
- Not the lightest umbrella stroller at 8.1 kg.
- This is my biggest issue: only available in black colour. I love black but not on stroller, it absorb so much heat. Why not silver or yellow or green? All bright neutral color that surely is better?

Just what I was looking for!

I love this stroller! I've been looking for an umbrella stroller for a while but haven't been able to find one I'm totally happy with. There was always something I didn't like. Some you could feel the bars through the seat, others had barely any sun protection.
The T3 Plus steers beautifully, even one handed, easy to put up and collapse (and I have boot space again! Yay!) The basket is a reasonable size... not overly spacious but enough for a nappy bag or a few odds and ends while shopping. The seat is easy to lie down, even with a child in it. It doesn't go completely flat but only raised slightly, so would be fine for a newborn. The straps take some getting used to, having to slide the shoulder strap on to the waist strap before clicking it in, but it's not a problem after you do it a few times.
The thing that was the clincher for me was the sun canopy. I could never find anything big enough, always seeing little babies in full sun really irked me. The T3 has a generous hood, which then zips down to double in size. This is awesome if your baby wants a sleep or if the sun is low or particularly strong. It comes with a UV protection screen that zips on the front and a rain cover that also zips on easily. There is a parent pocket on the back of the hood which also zips off completely to become a peekaboo window.
All in all, I wish I'd found this stroller earlier, I wouldn't have bothered buying a proper pram. This one is super comfy with a padded head support and its so compact compared to my other one! Awesome stroller, I looooveeee it!

Steering could be better

This is a great pram for most uses, it is very compact and gives plenty of options for seat adjustment and sun cover positions. I have however since switched to a beema q because I found the steering and wheels too hard to manoeuvre. The breaks are also a bit annoying and I've had to return twice to my place of purchase because screws have loosened themselves ( and been lost) through normal use.
Compact with lots of options
BAD steering, not great details

Happy with this stroller- does the job

We brought this stroller as we needed something that didn't take up as much space as a regular pram in the boot of the car. This was the answer.
I brought this from the local baby boutique as this was the only one in stock and i had a gift voucher i needed to use. It was around $250 so pretty pricey but if you shop around you could easily get it cheaper.
It sure does take up a lot less space in the boot. It's constantly in the boot ready for quick and easy trips to the shops.
its quite a wide stroller, there is plenty of room for my baby who is 9 months now. It is recommended for newborns as it lays flat but I have never used it on my baby when she was a newborn. I don't think it would be comfortable enough for a baby without a lot of blankets but I guess I am used to the plush inside of my baby jogger pram.
The only negative is I cannot tighten the straps as tightly as I would like on this stroller and bubs tend to go lopsided in the stroller when she sits up but as she grows this will eventually not be an issue but at the moment it is as i have to keep sitting her up straight. Also the straps are clip-in but you have to slide the shoulder straps into the waist straps and then clip into the main clip. A bit confusing as they have to go in a certain way so can be a bit frustrating but not a big deal when you get used to it.
The biggest bonuses are that it comes with a sun shade cover (i am not one of those mums who drapes a cloth over the stroller anymore lol). it zips in so very secure. Baby can still see out of it because it's mesh fabric and also comes with a rain cover which also zips in and keeps baby dry and comfortable. these covers are kept in the back zip compartment of the stroller.
The stroller is also very sturdy and easy to fold out. I can hang shopping bags on here without the fear of it tipping over. Folding the pram up can be a bit of an ordeal as it does not fold up as easily as it folds down but maybe it's just the user!
Overall a great stroller, I love how lightweight and sturdy it is have taken it for trips on the train to the city on a rainy day and it was a godsend with the handy raincover and the portability.
Lightweight and sturdy, the raincover and sunshade are fantastic
bit hard to see baby, straps are a bit fiddly.

The best - don't need another pram with this. Excellent innovative hood

The best all-rounder in any weather. Light yet sturdy, easy to fold/unfold, and expandable hood with zip-in mesh and rain covers must the best innovation in baby products - why no one thought of this before? No more ugly muslin cloths that fly off or mesh covers that either too bulky or don't give any sun protection

Used it from birth for the younger child, having hated a 'proper' large pram with the older and having gone through a lot of other prams/strollers since. Just clipped a baby coccoon inside it for first couple of months (and he was a winter baby!)

And as icing on the cake, although not really supposed to do this (but everyone does) - it can handle lots of bags/weight on the handles without it tipping.
Hood, lightweight, easy to fold/unfold, sturdy for a stroller, can handle rougher terrain, doesn't tip over, handy pocket/breeze/peekaboo window
Would be nice to have another 'peekaboo' window higher up - in current setup have to unzip the pocket and can really only see the back of the baby's head. Also would prefer a carry handle instead of long shoulder strap. Very minor points though

This is a reliable, compact stoller which is easy to use and very affordable.

Valco it a trusted brand. This stroller fully reclines, which is great for when bub wants to have a sleep. It also has a large extendable hood, which provides good sun cover.I also really like the large 'peep hole' through the hood as it allows me to see bub.
It is so easy to get in and out of the car, and takes up a lot let space than bulky prams!! My child is always very comfortable in it. I would highly reccommend this pram to anyone. It is well priced and reliable.
It is lightweight and very easy to manouver. it folds up well so it easy to get in and out of the car.


We bought this stroller recently to downsize from our large pram. It is so easy to take in and out of the car, and takes up next to no room in the boot, which is great! Our 8 month old son loves it, and is very comfortable in it, and it also reclines for when he wants to nap. I would highly reccommend this pram to anyone, and it is such a great price!!
It is lightweight, easy to manouver, fully reclines for when bub wants to sleep, has a large extendable hood, and come with a rain + sun cover
Only thing we have noticed is there is no 'peep hole' through the hood so we can see bub, but that isn't a con really.


We have not yet used it out and about (we've just trialled it at home so far) - however our first impressions are positive, it is easy to manouver and handle. It folds and unfolds very easily - the seat is padded and has an extendable leg support so when the seat reclines - there is more space for our toddler to actually lay down comfortably. The other big plus is the extendable hood - zips up to hide away - or unzip it and it extends - much larger than most comparable strollers.
Valco is a trusted reliable brand. We already have a Valco trimode pram - but wanted a smaller more transportable stroller for an upcoming overseas trip. THe material is easy to clean and being a dark colour hides marks. It reclines and has a rain cover and sun cover with it. Easy to fold up.
WHen we unboxed it - when in recline the seat seems slightly lopsided. Hopefully this will be okay once there is some weight in it! It doesn't seem too bad - it is only very slight.

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Valco T3 Plus
Category4-Wheel Prams & Strollers
Price (RRP) $189.99
Seating Type Single
Suitable Age0+ months
Max User Weight 18 kg
Weight8.1 kg
Folded Dimensions23 x 28.5 x 106 cm

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