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Valvoline Engine Armour

Valvoline Engine Armour

5W-40 Diesel, 10W-30, 10W-40, 15W-40 and 15W-50 Deisel
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This is perfect

I just used this oil for my Honda civic 2008. I used various types of oil, usually very good brands but this one was different. Very smooth and clean without noise. Recommended!

Purchased in March 2019 at Supercheap Auto for $26.00.

Great for older engines with slack tolerances

Whilst I use full synthetic oil in my turbocharged car, this product is surprisingly good in my "****box" with a very high mileage where minimising oil consumption is more of a concern. Surprisingly this product has reduced consumption considerably through no reason I can gather. Valvetrain noise is quite low. Very affordably priced. I've even used it running my brushcutter when I ran out of two stroke oil, and it didn't foul the plug.

Car1984 Mazda 626

Simply The Best Oil By Valvoline

Have and still use Valvoline on everything from 4cyl to V8's even Merc & BMW, extreamly low on impurities, extreamly high on protection. Changed every 10,000klm and you can eat of your engine internals. So if you want to protect your engine, do yourself a favour and get Valvoline. Simply the best oil ever.

CarAll Australian, Jap & Euro.

Good quality oil

Used engine armour in my ford falcons for years and its protected my engines very well. Change my oil every 6 months or about 7500 km's and Im happy with how engine armour keeps my engines clean and running quiet and smooth. I like the 10w40 and the 15w40 grades and the 4.0 litre falcon loves them both.
good value for money and good engine protection

great oil

I use Valvoline Engine Armor in my AU XR8, have done for over 4 years oil always is as clean when its time to change as when ask first put it in, no engine noises or wear and tear in my motor parts are well lubricated never had a trouble with this oil
its just great oil
nothing at all

high performance motor oil

Quality and good price product that enables good engine performance and lowers fuel consumption. Easy starting in hot and cold. Will be using it in other vehicles as well.
good value for money
the engine tends to use a bit of it, could not be fault of product rather age of vehicle

Questions & Answers

can i use this oil in my hyundia i30 2013 1.8lt
1 answer
Yes. 10W30 is a most suitable viscosity for the i30, and the engine armour is a good oil. Used it over many years and provides good protection and never had a problem.

My toyota hilux single cab ln106 diesel 2.8. i changed to engine armour diesel 15w50 back when it had about 200,ooo kml..it now has just over 300,000..i live in nth queensland..i love 4x4 action..and graham kahill said in one of the dvds that it was the best engine oil for old engines..never had a problem..dont have a turbo but have extractors..been reading alot of forums on oils for older engines..was thinking about changing..thay say full synthetic is useless for older engines....please help..
1 answer
Answering this question is a bit complicated. For old cars (1990s) these synthetic oils can damage the seals because of chemical additives which are used in the oil. Nowadays, synthetic oil has an enhanced formula which usually does not have bad impact on car seals. So if your car has no mechanical issue, there is no problem to use it, however, each brand of car is different from other one. Please first talk to your mechanic.

Can i use in toyota corolla 2008 model petrol for engine oil?
1 answer
According to the Shell Australia, your 2008 corolla can use 5W30, 10W30 and 15w40 https://www.shell.com.au/motorists/oils-lubricants/lubematch.html#iframe=L0x1YmUvU2hlbGxBVS8/aWY9MQ==

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