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Vaseline Intensive Care Aloe Vera

Vaseline Intensive Care Aloe Vera

4.2 from 21 reviews

Have eczema? Don't use it

I'm a big fan of Vaseline products and skin lotion in general. But this time of year going into autumn on the East Coast of Australia, my skin breaks out into a major itch after I apply this Vaseline aloe vera product and I have no choice but to hot shower it off before I tear my skin off scratching.

Purchased in May 2019 at Kmart Retail Stores for $8.00.

Value for Money
Ease of Application
Causes Irritation Yes
Skin TypeDry Skin

Super hydrating and smells great too

Very good value for money. A light lotion, that really hydrated my skin. I loved it and it smelt great too.

Overall it is a good product.

This is a very good product overall. It has helped when I have minor dry skin. But when my hands get really dry and chapped it stings and hurts. I don't recommend it when your dry skin gets severe.

the moisture is just superb

i love this body lotion because it doesn't feel greasy at all, some lotions irritates my "chicken skin" further but this lotion does not. I guess it's the aloe vera content. the smell also is just lovely.

Amazing moisture

Coming from a humid country and living in Perth during winter. Due to the excessive use of the heater, my skin became dry and start flaking. My friends recommended me to use Vaseline and this product worked wonders for me. Especially on the elbows and knees. They really help a lot. The itchyness have disappeared and the skin stopped flaking too.

Dry skin due to chlorine

I live in a city where the water is heavily chlorinated. I had severe problems and itching on my face neck and body. I started using aloe vera Vaseline moisturiser on my skin ( body and face ) twice and also on my 9 year old daughters face and body. it's amazing. I was in the process of investing in an expensive cream but not anymore. It has made my skin loook like a baby's skin. I have no words to describe this moisturiser. Thank you Vaseline, I have you in every room of mine.

Don't really recommend to sensitive skin

I have like a bit of exzima and used it on my hands and it burned and went all red, I think I got and allergic reaction.. Not for me.

This is perfect!! Best product I have ever used

The first time I bought this product was just to use as a body moisturiser, however when I applied it to my back (where I suffer from bad back acne) the next morning as I woke up I found that the spots had shrunk a lot and gone less red. After a week of using this product the spots had disappeared.

about average

I have bought this Vaseline care from freedom fuels petrol station in towradgi then used it and found it to only good for people who haven't got sensitive skin who have a normal skin type as it has so many ingredients though I would totally recommend the Vaseline intensive care moisturiser cream for people who have no allergic reactions and have normal skin type


Overall, this is decent product for the treatment of dry skin. I bought the large bottle and quite a few members of my family have used it without any problems. While it isn't particularly strong, it doesn't harm the skin in any way, so that's a plus. I'd at least try it out, but I'd pick a smaller bottle just to test it first.
Feels nice on the skin. Has a wonderful aroma, most likely from the aloe vera.
While it's useful for hands and elbows, I wouldn't use it anywhere else as it's simply not strong enough and can feel quite greasy on the skin if too much is applied.

Excellent cream

This range of creams would have to be one of the most economical ranges available. I love this product! It is a great cream that in my opinion is simply second to none. I like this variety as it has Aloe Vera in it as it feels soothing on my skin. There are a range of different varities available, but I think this one is the best. Vaseline is a trusted brand as it has been around for a long time. Definately worth buying and I will continue to recommend this product to all my family and close friends alike.
Nothing at all.


My overall opinion on this range is that it would have to be the most economical range out, it is a great product and the packaging is nice on each bottle so its easy to tell the different ones they have, and the product stands second to none. I like this one mainly as it has Aloe Vera in it and that is a healing plant, so this one would be my pick of the bunch, although i dont buy one i tend to buy them all so I have choice, i am lucky that way. For those who just wwant a bottle of it well you have a variety to choose from and you cant go past Vaseline, it has been around for a long time. Second to none.
This is another one from the Vaseline range that I have been talking about, they have a great variet in this line.


Its a great great skin care product, does the job for me, makes your hands look new again. Not to mention for me as i have a skin disease called Psoriasis, it flares up anywhere on the skin looks like exmar but its not, its worse then that. I just use Vaseline Aloe Vera hand cream and it works like a miracle. In a few days its gone.... If it wasnt for this product I would still be beating it off my hands. When it appears back on my skin, I just slap some good old aloe on it and bam its gone practically that night.... I give it a 2 thumbs and 2 big toes up for this product....
Its the best working hand cream ive ever had. Stopped my Psoriasis I had on my hand/
Absolutely nothing.


This is one of the 'old faithful' moisturisers that you always know you can rely on. I have tried many others over the years. But this is the one I always end up with when I want to know I'm getting good value for money and an effective moisturiser. My mother swears by it and I've never known her to use anything other than the Vaseline brand of moisturisers.
Good repuation. Been around for years and still as popular now as it always has been. Effective moisturiser without any fancy promises.
Nothing that I can think of right now.


Overall, it is an ok product and not as good as their other regular moisturiser that doesn't contain aloe vera. Those that love aloe vera scented moisturisers will love this. I think this is great for those who have mild dry skin and is not suitable for those who have skin related issues (acne, eczema, etc) or those who have very dry skin
Affordable and ok moisturiser. The smell is nice especially during summer type.
I found that this product doesn't moisturise as well as their other regular products which doesnt contain aloe vera.


This is a great product, I bought Vaseline Aloe Vera because I suffer from dry skin. It is really moisturising and feels ‘light’ on my skin, it is not a heavy moisturiser. It absorbs really quickly and is great when you just get out of the shower, if you apply it then it absorbs really well into the skin. The product is inexpensive and great value for money. I would recommend it to anyone that has dry skin and it is available in most places so it is easy to buy. Supermarket, chemist etc.
The Aloe Vera is so nice and especially good for sunburn!


Love this moisturiser. You can use it on every part of your body. I used it during pregnancy because the smell of the cocoa butter formulas made me sick! This one has a neutral pleasant refreshing scent that doesnt hang around. I have one in each bathroom and apply it reguallalry thru the day.
Great texture, hydration, scent, non-greasy. Bulk buy pump packs
Sometimes need to apply a bit more to moisturise properly


I recommend this, and I would definitely buy it again. I love most Vaseline products, and this is just another one. It's such a great price too so I don't have to worry about spending too much money.
Great price, it's not heavy for summer, nice smell, moisturises well, non-greasy, I love it.
Even though it's very moisturising, sometimes it's just not enough for the dryer parts.


I was looking for a cheap whole body moisturiser to use everyday. I was using plain sorbolene, but i started using this and wouldnt go back. I love the light scent it has, not at all overpowering but a lot nicer than sorbolene. It has never made me break out. Its good for all skin types. It really soaks in great after a shower.Even on the face. Excellent Price, Excellent Product. Try it!!
Pump Bottle, Smell, Non- Greasy, I even use it on my face. It absorbs soo well. Good Price
I seriously cant think of anything.


This is the moisturizer that i have been using all summer and it is one of the best. It's very thin and easy to apply. It absorbs fast into the skin and like the previous reviewer said it doesn't become an oily slick when you sweat. It smells fabulous and fresh. The pump bottle is very handy and never leaves a mess. I have noticed my skin has become so much more hydrated, soft and supple since using this product. Highly recommended.
Isn't too thick so perfect for summer, isn't greasy, smells really nice and clean and fresh, moisturizes well, relatively inexpensive

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Intensive Care Aloe Vera
Release dateDec 2007

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