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Vicks First Defence

Vicks First Defence

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cold defence

Mundicare cold defence can be brought in Australia at any Amcal Pharmacy's
A great product , have used it for years but had to buy online. Nearest pharmacy is Haynes Amcal in Armadale WA
and they stock it.

Equivalent Product now available

Try Mundicare cold defence same active ingredient available in most pharmacies if in Australia.
It’s also known as betadine cold defence overseas wouldn’t be without it.
Safe and natural one for kids as well

No cold this season with my new Mundicare cold defence not even a sniffle❄️❄️Not one cold this season with my Mundicare cold defence nasal spray. Safe and natural even when pregnant and breastfeeding.


Been using for many years, even when I was able to buy in Australia. I heard that it is quite hard to make and hence they dropped supply to Australia. I was able to buy everywhere in Europe and online, Pharmacy Direct UK, it is actually cheaper than when it was on sale in AU!
First sign of a cold (not the flu) sneezing, funny nose, I grab it straight away use if for a few days and no cold in 10 years, thank you Vicks.

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Update, cannot buy from https://www.chemistdirect.co.uk/ will not deliver to AU, used to be able to do this? (GST). Luckly still able to buy on Ebay at a very good price.

Amazing Miracle Product!

Amazing Results from Ist Defence! Use at the first sign of Cold/Flu and it arrests the symptoms of the Cold/Flu very quickly and efficiently. Indispensible when we were travelling overseas..Unfortunately, it can no longer be bought over the Counter in Australia.
Very upsetting! Managed to procure 2 bottles (limit) online at Pharmacy Direct UK
Thank goodness!I I now feel confident we'll get through the Winter Season without a Cold or Flu.


Used consistently over 10 years for International Air Travel

I have used this as a prophylactic for international air travel for about 10 years, without contracting a cold / flu.
Start taking it one day prior to travel, during flights, and upon arrival. Zero colds. However ran out of spray gel.
I haven't flown in a year and managed to acquire three colds over the last nine months.
Not available in Australia but easy via eBay or to a UK distributor
Over time the lowest price that I have found is from: https://www.chemistdirect.co.uk/vicks-first-defence-micro-gel-nasal-spray/prd-htf
Just ordered 4 bottles.

First Defence = no colds

Hubby and I have been using this for 3 years.
This Winter I have not had a cold. As soon as I feel a tickle in the throat I grab it and
use it 3 times a day. Sure I also grab some Vit C and Echinacea (but this often didnt work on its own)
Am about to order myself some more First Defence. I work casual and each cold costs me $$$. First Defence has saved me alot of time and money not having to call in sick.
Highly recommend it.

Swear by this stuff

I cant speak highly enough about Vicks first defense, a product that does what it says "stops colds dead" use when first symptoms start. Its also very handy when travelling. Cant be bought in Australia probably because it works, chemists don't make money selling something that works, they make money selling items that help with symptoms. You can purchase online easy enough from Europe.

It Works.

I am 100% positive that this product is the real deal. As someone who is normally sceptical of these preventative spays, I have tested this product for five years with great results.

Sadly, the item has been removed from the Australian market. However you can still obtain it through Chemist Direct in the UK .

I would recommend this product for effective cold prevention at the early stage of onset symptoms.

It really works!

Have been using this product since introduction to Aus, even though I had to search chemists to buy it. Then a few years later it was taken off the market because 'it wasn't popular'. I then purchased a few bottles from chemistdirectuk and paid a lot less even with postage included. Pity we can no longer buy it in Australia, it really works! The only time I get a cold is when I run out of it. Use it before you fly and you won't get a cold!

Good Stuff!

It's a shame a product that worked so well has been dropped off the Australian market. My pharmacy at Bowraville stocked it 'til they couldn't get it. They would by it in today if it came back. Good Stuff!

So far so good!

I've only had the chance to use this product once so far when I felt a sore throat coming on with the typical clogged up symptoms. Tried Vicks first defence and I felt better straight away and was better by day's end. Will certainly be using this product again as necessary.
Decent Price. It works.
Not always available

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As a working Musician you get to talk to all kinds of infected people ..... If I suspected the flu I would use first defence and never get what they were passing around. This product did exactly what it claims stop it dead in its tracks ........... I will now have to buy it from the UK .... Bad decision to discontinue it.

Fabulous Stuff

Was recommended this by my mother 15 months ago and now wouldnt be without it. I seriously have stopped all colds dead by using this early on when I suspect something is coming on. It really works and I have been cold-free for 15 months. Only problem is that it isnt the easiest to find in Australian pharmacies

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Where can you but it ? cannot find a chemist that stocks it, I have used it and it works great

Brilliant, can catch a cold early!

This product actually works. Can stop a cold in its tracks if you catch it early enough. I don't know why it is not advertised and promoted more. We went to the USA last year and it was unknown at pharmacies there. I'm at a loss to explain why as it is quite revolutionary as it actually works compared to many of the over the counter products sold in chemists are almost useless in a clinical sense. It stings when you squirt it up your nose and it stings the areas of your throat that are most inflamed but not long after you find your cold symptoms disappearing. You can still feel a bit off col our but the awful runny nose and sore throat do not appear.....Fantastic!

Hard to find in shops

Can't live without it

Vicks First Defence is absolutely excellent and it definitely works. I have been using it for about 3 years whenever I am in contact with someone who has a cold or flu, I will start using it at least twice a day especially in the winter months. It has protected me from catching colds and flus in all that time. My whole family uses it.
It works, inexpensive.

Use it on every plane trip - it helps prevent cough or colds after a flight

I have used this just before and after 2 overseas flights and I have not got a cold or cough although my husband who didn't believe it would work and didn't use it got a cold each time. There was an article written by a GP in a UK paper while we were there in June 2011 and he said he also believed it was worthwhile using it.
easy to use and cheap for the prevention of a cold
Only thing wrong is I can't find where to buy it in Perth at the moment

why has first defence been discontinued ?It's been discontinued! I'm in Brisbane, I've been all over the North Side looking for it as I'm getting a cold, I was told that it's been discontinued. :(no longer manufacturing something that works to prevent colds and flu so we have to buy their products to relieve symptoms

Works a charm!

I bought Vicks First Defence over in the UK when I got a cold. I was desperate to get rid of my cold asap and not let it ruin my holiday. I used it as soon as my throat got ticklish and reduced the severity of my cold from about the average 5 days to 2 days! I recommend this product highly, I just need to find a place in Australia to buy it now!
Works quickly
Can't find a place to buy it in Australia

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This product works great for me too. I bought it in London. Now I am back in the USA and couldn't find it. But I found it on Amazon. [link removed]

Questions & Answers

Thanks for all your advice. Does it work when you already have a cold? Or only when you first get symptoms? Thanks!
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Hi. I would use it as soon as you can, I have had only 1 cold develop in the past 10 years. In that case it still did help with the nasal symptoms and the cold was not full blown.Use it at the first sign of a cold or even if you don’t have a cold as it will prevent the virus from taking hold. Safe and natural as made from seaweed.

Where can I obtain Vicks Furst Defence Nasal Spray?Gold Coast Qld
3 answers
It is no longer available through Australian retail outlets. It is available on line at Chemest Direct in the United Kingdom. They ship to Australia and are reliable.Thank you kindly for taking time to respond.I have also ordered and received through ebay with no issues from the UK

I need to get Vicks First Defence. When it first started to get hard to find I stockpiled, but my stockpile is running low and I need it. How do I get it? Is there a black market for this stuff?
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I order it via eBay from the UK. I normally buy 6 at a time which makes it a bit cheaper. Hope this helpsI always get my 'supply' from Chemist Direct in UK and have found them very efficient. I used to order 4 at a time but in early 2017 was told max of 2. From memory was something to do with customs regulations.


First Defence
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