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Victa Corvette VGMS464 (300, 4 Stroke)

Victa Corvette VGMS464 (300, 4 Stroke)

3.2 from 10 reviews

Solid machine

Very happy with this mower, cuts cleanly with the catcher and quite well with mulching plug. Motor appears sufficient for suburban block, no issues with power cutting longer grass. Starts easily (2nd pull), and very good on the fuel efficiency. Slightly heavier than expected, but did use a battery powered unit prior.

Date PurchasedAug 2017

Powerful good engine, very poor build quality

The mower works well. You need to maintain this. However bits just keep falling off, firstly issues with the throttle cable, then the air filter case broke, one of the wheels is at a really weird angle and now the primer button has popped off. Sourcing spare parts is near impossible.

Date PurchasedMar 2010

I am tradesman

I have gardening business. Victa make very good quality tools.
I got lawn mower from them use every day since 2 years.
Powerful motor. Easy reach to blades. Very easy to remove and sharp.
Just need sharpen every week because of hi use.
Company provides very good customer service.

Date PurchasedMay 2015

Powerful and compact with mulch option

Newly purchased after waiting 3 weeks for delivery. Back order for this model. Price of $549 - more powerful engine than 100 and 200 series. Started first pull each time - and quieter than 500EX powered Mosport mower.
For Australian lawns the added power is handy -- tougher grass means the engine doesn't bog down or slow the blades. 18" chassis is relatively lightweight - 1" difference is negligible (remember you usually cut based on wheel tracks - which aren't different from 19"). Will have to wait and see how reliable this lawnmower is over the coming years, but dealer did advise routine maintenance is all they have had to do so far on the model. Warranty of 3 years is solid, 1 year better than competitors. Mulching option is very handy - doesn't leave large clippings and means my green bin can be used for other material.
EXi engine supposedly means no oil change -- expected life of mower from Victa is 7 -8 years and with no oil changes engine expected to match. I certainly hope for 10 - 15 years duration so oil changes it is. Especially after first 12 or so hours as some shavings from piston/cylinder are expected and better to clear out as no oil filter.
Better value, bigger engine, better warranty than direct competitors. Similar price to online Chinese mowers - better service via local dealer. Happy for my residential lawn needs.

Date PurchasedFeb 2017
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Additional information to prior review - starts now on 2nd pull - reliably still -- seems to prime on 1st pull. Pros - still the same. Cons - mower does smoke if tilted - generally tilt backward to clean deck and blades and the next start smokes for 10s. Not burning up oil so probably overspill from tilting. Power is sufficient for mulching some of the tougher grasses but do need to keep on top of it -- if left to grow for several weeks bagging is a better option. No other faults, and time for oil change. Handles have held up better than others have suggested - but does require checking the tightness every 3rd or 4th mowing.

Not good

Brought the mower in January 2011. Average mowing time. Mower plastic pulley disintegrated and now needs replacing. Apparently still under warrantee but retailer wants the whole mower. Pulled the machine apart myself and for the sake of $28 will repair myself. Not as good as my old Victa two stroke. Will not buy this Victa again.
Plastic starter pulley

Disappointed customer

Mower only just 2 years old, I have normal sized yard, also no dirt, no dust. Where the handle is attached to the mower body keeps working loose, and has to be constantly retightened, and the steel handle has now snapped in two at the attachment point - obviously inferior, poor quality steel used.

I am almost 60 years old, and mowing for many years with Rover mowers and have never had this happen before. This is my first Victa mower purchase and I agree with previous reviewer's assessment that this is certainly not a top quality product from Victa.
Starts easily, fairly light and easy to push, cuts well
Inferior quality steel in the handle, handle keeps working loose, steel handle broken where attached to body of mower, design fault with position of petrol cap

Very disappointed

Getting on a bit so I decided to get a reliable, self mulching mower. Had good experiences with Victa in the past so I thought the 500 series would be a good buy, Wrong. Have had problems from the start. Had to replace the throttle in the first month. The petrol cap is in a ridiculous position jammed between the cable and the tank. Now the height raising lever has come loose. It was only when I took off the wheel to try and fix it that I realised how badly made the new mowers are. Everything is put together with rivets. Will be buying a new mower but not a Victa.
Nice colour
Badly designed in many ways.

Great for standard suburban yard

I have had this unit for a year and it starts first time every time. Its 4 stroke so i dont have to muck around with 2 stroke fuel. I have a normal suburban yard with grass. No dirt no dust just grass and it cuts it great every time either in mulch or catch mode. In summer i mow it once a week so its never really long. Its not noisy as some. I read a comment about the fuel cap and i can see that it could be designed easier to remove as the throttle cable is near the cap but in reality the cap is not a problem to remove.
Reliable, Easy to use, Price is reasonable


I've had 21 years stirling service out of the smokey/noisy old 2-stroke Victa Commando and looked forward to Victa's 21st Century super-mowers. Sadly disappointed Victa, sadly disappointed. Not just for my own sake, or that of my family, but for the whole of Australia as a lawn-mowing nation.
Victa, if you need a lawn mower designer or a lawn mowing operations consultant with over 52 years of edge trimming and pushing and pulling and mower maintenance experience, then please contact me to consult in such closely linked subjects such as Contemporary Yabby-pump Engineering/Ergonomics/Occupational Health & Safety/Personal Hygeine & Safety for Pig Farmers/Rural Wifeswapping on Public Holidays/Environmental & Sea-urchin worship on the Gold Coast/Wombat Population Sustainability in Local Council Libraries/Industrial Psycho-social effects on Farnarkelling in Far North Queensland Banana Plantations /Anti-global Warming/Aerodynamics/Ground-effect Propulsion/Leaf Degredation Effects on Snails and Slugs in a Sub-tropical Environment.
This is not a very good lawnmower.
Usually starts first time. Reasonably easy to push at slow walking pace in catcher mode.
Badly designed fuel cap operating configuration. Extremely difficult to remove cap and almost impossible to replace cap without cross-threading due to the inflexible rev control cable fixed only 3mm from top of cap.
Badly designed air filter fitted at the lowest possible position. In dry/dusty conditions the filter is required to be cleaned and re-installed every 45 minutes to an hour. (These design faults are entirely avoidable).
Victa still continues to use mild/black steel blades. Ever heard of tempered or high tensile steel guys? I only get 10 - 12 hours use out of thrower blades on sandy loam soil base. Many plastics last longer than this.
Much pulling and pushing is required to effectively mulch grass clippings into the lawn when mulch plug is in place.

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it all comes down to the price, I agree with your comments, thats why Honda mowers have done so well by keeping the quality the same


Got this mower on special from believe or not harvey norman and I am very pleased with it. It has both multching and catching functions, and 4 blades making for easy quick cutting. The multching function doesn't always give you the best multch but for the price it is a good mower. Easy to start, first go every time and it looks good. Best of all it doesn't send you deaf every time you use it unlike other mowers I have used.
Mulching or Catching, 4 blades for quicker cutting, reasonably quite, 3 year warranty, starts first go.
Multching could be better

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Questions & Answers

Is the Corvette 300 heavier than the Corvette 100?
1 answer
Yes. 31kg vs 26kg. See also Victa website.

Hi When I pull the mower it starts to go then runs out of puff oil coming out of front Just wondering what I can do? I've checked spark plug air filter oil etc but still no good?
2 answers
Sounds like a real problem,sorry I can't think what it might be , best you put it in for a good service,,,,Bob..You may have over-filled the crankshaft. Empty in until the oil is in the correct margin on the dipstick. Clean the air filter and spark plug. It may need to run for 10 minutes to clear the old oil. If it still blows smoke get it serviced.

How do you drain the oil?
3 answers
U need an oil removal pump I believe. Bunnings has themHi Andy, Your use manual (about page 8 or 9 explains the oil change routine). If you've lost yours, I'm sure it's available online, but failing that go to your nearest dealer/service centre and get a copy. I'm sure that you'll also get some helpful advice from some experienced maintainers at no cost whatsoever. Always read the instructions on the side of the box, and if you can't sort it out - contact the manufacturer. The manufacturer (and supplier) are obliged at law to provide you with the relevant information. Happy mowing!Drain plug under the cutter disc. Or if you place the mower on a work bench, remove the dipstick, tilt on angle for the oil to drain out, refill once empty, refill with 600ml of SAE30 4 stroke oil.


Corvette VGMS464 (300, 4 Stroke)
Power SourcePetrol
Cutting Width480
Minimum Cutting Height11
Maximum Cutting Height75
Mulching CapabilityYes
Chassis MaterialPressed Steel
Price (RRP)549
EngineBriggs and Stratton 500
Starting SystemReadyStart™
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