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Victa Super Catcher VCS469

Victa Super Catcher VCS469

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Good value for money.

I bought this my Super Catcher 5 years ago and it has never let me down. I agree with the air filter placement being in a bad spot. I sealed off all the air spaces and drilled 2 holes in the air filter cover and inserted two plastic tubes into the filter cavity and ran the other ends up the handles out of the dust and debris. It runs well and very little dust if any on the filter itself.

Purchased in September 2014 for $389.00.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Ease of Use
Cleaning & Maintenance
Noise Level
Wet / Damp Grass Performance
Fuel Efficiency

Abominable design

Victa Super Catcher with 550EX Briggs and Stratton OHV Engine, purchased 2016

I have over 40 years of mowing lawns, and have always bought Victa lawnmowers from new, after my first experience of repairing Victas as a kid. Co-incidentally or not, I am also a qualified engineer.

This latest Super Catcher still on sale is an abomination of design thinking, and is considerably worse than 40 years ago:

The engine is over-complicated, and while it initially started easily, it has always surged annoyingly. The mower repair man couldn’t help despite investigating the governor, auto choke, carburetor, and valves.

The auto choke is very dodgy and makes it difficult to re-start the mower from warm. The old manual choke was simple, clear, and effective.

The starter cord and handle are mounted in a spiral metal loop bolted to the handle. As purchased, the cord is loose-ish, and fell out of the mount on its second use. And without noticing I reversed over it and chopped it with the mower. Now looks like a chewed dog’s bone that is painful to use and a re-tied chopped cord. The old model was neatly and cleanly protected as it retracted fully into the recoil start housing.

The current model requires loosening the handle and awkwardly tilting backwards to remove all the oil. This can spill oil on the handle and rot the starter cord. The old oil change was achieved merely by tilting the mower conveniently on its side.

The oil filler tube and cap are placed out to the side where they can be dislodged by shrubs and brush. Older models screwed snugly into the side of the crank case, out of harm’s way.

The new model with 4 blades generates hurricane force winds, covering the user in dust, and with a gap around the motor, piling the grass clippings high on the mower deck. Older models of mower and operator stayed much cleaner.

The rear plastic hatch has a difficult to find and use handle hatch, requiring fingers at the base right near the blades. The old version was a simple raised D handle.

The air intake and air filter are placed low down right in the maelstrom of dust and grass clippings. The air intake hole is at the bottom of all this where it sucks in muck to blind the air filter and stop the engine. Or the engine occasionally floods and destroys the filter element function by soaking it in oily fuel mist. Older versions had the air intake at least as high as the top of the engine, and often on a rubber snorkel up above most of the dust, clippings, oil, and petrol.

The grass catcher is designed with re-entrant corners in the base of the moulding, that means when you tip the catcher to empty, some always remains caught in the catcher to fall out later in the boot or shed. Unless you remember to twist the catcher completely upside down. Easy to re-design properly. Older versions of the catchers emptied with a simple swing motion.

The track of the rear wheels is wider than the track of the font wheels and wider than the cut diameter of the mower. This means that it is impossible to cut right up to kerbs and trees and raised borders. The older Victas quite logically had both wheel tracks less than the diameter of the cut and allowed a clean-cut edge up to an obstruction.

In conclusion, the point of this rant is to point out Victa’s abysmal design decisions. Surprisingly, none of these design decisions seem to save Victa any money. Have the designers never mowed a lawn, or tested the product?

Victas were a proud Australian invention and design. Sadly, your website says this Super Catcher is a “mower designed and assembled in Australia”. Hopefully this feedback will help your designers next time.

Sorry, but I have lost my faith in Victa, and unless the quality of design improves, I will not be buying another one.

Purchased in June 2016 at Bunnings Warehouse for $450.00.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Ease of Use
Cleaning & Maintenance
Noise Level
Wet / Damp Grass Performance
Fuel Efficiency
Product is used: Weekly

Tiger woods of mowers- started off great and then went to !

Thought that I bought a respected name in mowers when I got the Victa super catcher. Initially went well and then I started having problems with it after 6-8 months. It has turned out to be very expensive due to servicing.
It has been regularly serviced but now seems to choke every month or two. The problem I believe is the dual air intake and filter which needs more maintenance than my GSXR motorbike. The bad design means that you get the filter clogging up easily and oil spilling back through on to the filter. I have replaced the filter 6 times in 2 years!!
This problem results in the loss of power and in my case the engine coughs and splutters out completely on a regular basis. The other problems listed in the previous reviews are relevant but have not bothered me in the same way. My problem with the mower is that it doesn’t mow, at the very least when buying a Victa, you do expect the engine to run efficiently. I will fix it up, service it AGAIN and then get rid of it. The first and last Victa that I will ever buy.

Date PurchasedApr 2016

Love this mower

Love this mower.... Very reliable.... starts first time every time... Height easily adjustable... No goughing of lawn...
I service my mowers every 2 yrs so never have any problems..... Very light & easy to move... Cuts our lawn well (we don't leave the mowing till it looks like a forest though).. We always use regular unleaded petrol with no problems..... We empty it twice for our yard size...
Our last mower was a Rover & lasted 25 very reliable years... So we are hoping for the same longevity from this one also.... Had it for 2 yrs now... :)

Date PurchasedNov 2017

Get what you pay for

Cant say I am impressed with this lawn mower, apart from the instant start (Good) the machine is very flimsy built, cheapish. It might be me, user error, that while one tries to adjust the height lever, the front two smaller wheels, allows the mower to gouch into the lawn, no matter, even with maximum height. It appears the cutting blades are not level to, because of the different size wheels. I dont like this machine, would not recommend, paid $469.00 from Bunnings.

Date PurchasedDec 2018

Stunning mower

Tried a few posh battery mowers that were truely over hyped
Went back to this dirty petrol boy am so glad
It might be a but overkill for it’s class...staying below fancy self propelled mowers, but because of it this is lighter and easier to move

Best mower i ever had...starts smooth every time, cuts tidy & predictable...i love it

Date PurchasedOct 2017

Rough running?

You need to clean the spark plug and change the air filter if the mower is running rough. The fuel mixture is too rich and fouls the spark plug. Mine was running rough and losing power - new air filter and cleaned the spark plug and away it went.
If your area is dusty - almost guarantee it is the air filter.
Sadly mine died today - no spark - I need to sort this problem.

Date PurchasedSep 2012

Great machine

It’s an amazing machine I can’t fault it so easy not too heavy
easy to maneuver
Not hard to maintain I recommend this machine to everyone nothing beat Victa.
So happy I didn’t go n spend so much money
It works really well.
Many thanks to victa
Bought it from Bunnings warehouse

Date PurchasedFeb 2018

Starts Every time

This lawn mower is honestly the best decision I have made! It starts every time without the need for priming or a choke. Make sure you don't feed it E10 as that would ruin the engine. The Briggs and Stratton is a great engine, sometimes lacking in power when cutting thick lawn. My only wish is their was a mulching attachment because I have quite a big lawn

Date PurchasedApr 2016

Do not purchase

Bought it at Bunnings 15 months ago and am not I’m pressed . First three months ran well but then developed a popping cracking tone and blew smoke clouds so I took it back to Bunnings . They said it was user error as it had been tipped over to Chang the oil . I will state here that this is not the case at all I always use victor oil suction pump to change the oil as I told the “ small engine specialist “They said they would send it to a so called mower specialist as it’s always the purchasers fault we’ll its not it’s faulty . Is this Victors policy or Bunnings . It’s slowly dying and haze no power now and is even worse when it gets hot after about 20 minutes . It wasn’t cheep as my wife reminds me if I mention it. I don’t think its worth repairing or trying to fix I will run it till it dies and buy a different brand . Very very upset at Bunnings and Victor you have both lost a customer for good

Date PurchasedNov 2016

It is ok for the price

Been using it for close to 3 years. Bought for roughly $400. Never had any major issue with it. Quite a few annoying small problems though. Firstly, it wouldn't start unless you raise it up higher. Otherwise, the grass just stops the blades from kick-starting into action. Secondly, the catcher doesn't contain a lot of clippings, so I'd have to clear it out once every 5 metres or so, which is very annoying. Either that or push the clippings into the back of the catcher more. Thirdly, it doesn't get very close the wall as the rear wheels are just a bit too wide.

Apart from that, it works great and requires hardly any maintenance or service at all.

Date PurchasedSep 2016

Very reliable and easy to use

I have used this Victa VCS469 lawn mower for the last 5 years. Never had any issues. Minimal maintenance required, I have used it to mow about 200 Square metres of home lawn. I used unleaded fuel and never replaced spark plug. I would recommend it to anyone because it's money well spent.

Date PurchasedSep 2012

I am happy with the Victa super Mulcher mower

The Victa Super Mulcher 18" Mulch or Catch Lawn Mower with the easy starting, powerful and efficient Briggs and Stratton 625EXi Series engine features Ultimate Mulching Performance - unique mulching blade-disc design generates air-circulation beneath the mower continually cutting the grass - creating a fine mulch.In addition,the Quad–Blade Cutting System delivers a cleaner cut and improved catching in thick grasses.

Date PurchasedMay 2017

Waste of money

>>> Positives
- The only positive about this mower is the easy start
>>> Negatives
- Poor design of the body means grass somehow ends up on top (of the mower's body) so after every cut you need to wipe the clippings off
- The latch to lift it is terrible, a flawed design having the back wheel kinked further out to cater for the latch, so cant get close to edges. Seriously look at the old mowers, its not rocket science!
- Unlike old mowers its limited to how low you can cut the grass, (thanks for this limited option, NOT!)

Date PurchasedJan 2017

Most frustrating mower ever owned

Bought a Victa Super Catcher in late 2015 to replace my old Victa half-crank 160cc mower I bought (second hand) in 1990.
The chassis is fine - the design has stood the test of time, but the BS-550EX motor is the weak link.
The mower has rarely started within three pulls (as advertised), and consistently surges with revs. Used fuel stabiliser and carby cleaner and the motor never was as good as new. I can't believe the amount of fuel the machine goes through either.
Air-cleaner catches as much grass as catcher does and constantly needs shaking and blowing out.
First mow of the lawn outside of the warranty period and the mower died. Full stop. All manner of weird knocking sounds coming from inside the engine.... I don't believe it.

Date PurchasedOct 2015
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Update Mar18 - I spoke to Briggs-Stratton about my frustration with the motor dying early. They seemed really genuinely shocked and offered me an unbelievably great price on a replacement engine. But an agent would have to fit it for warranty purposes. We have but one approved agent who can fit the engine here in town and wanted to charge me a small fortune to do so (four bolts). He told me to arrange delivery of the engine with Briggs-Stratton. Briggs-Stratton then asked me to get the agent to talk to them. The agent isn't sure why he has to talk to them..... After 6 weeks we're going around in circles with no-one talking to each other. I am now arranging a replacement engine myself - the same make/model with the same warranty and landed in town cheaper - through another engine supplier and I will tighten the four bolts to install the engine. I nearly had a great story to share with you...

Great for a standard mower

This mower is quite good. I couldnt believe how expensive lawn mowers are so i settled for this one. I personally dont think any mower is worth the ridiculous price tags they have. This one cuts fine, has lasted me 3 years and never a problem to pull start it.

Date PurchasedJan 2015

Has made easy work for my lawns

Bought from bunnings due to decent price at the time. This mower overall has been great for me. I picked a good size for my lawns. It is more suited to smaller lawn areas. Been impressed with it starting first time everytime. Haven't experienced the bad filter issue yet. Would have liked it more if it came with the mulcher attachment too.

Date PurchasedSep 2016

its perfect for small property

Bought from Bunnings' warehouse from staff's recommendation. I am happy that i can start the engine myself. its women-friendly mower. light weight to lift or carry around. its does a great job in mowing the lawn but it is a heavy-duty type. the wheel cover fall off after a few times operation. it is suitable for a small area due to small capacity for the Container of lawn mower filled up with cut grass.

Date PurchasedMar 2017


Mower cuts well, but the air filter is in a really bad place, fills with dirt easy and will only go about half power once that happens, makes it real hard to start also.

i had to change filter after 1 use as we filled too much oil at the start, after that it starts easy but the filter will get dirty again quickly.

Date PurchasedFeb 2017

My First and Last Victa push mower.

This Victa VCS469 Super Catcher cut grass, satisfactorily, for 16 months, then a rear wheel just "detached". This was due to a well below standard weld of the axle to wheel assembly. After 18 months, a front wheel bearing housing collapsed, allowing the wheel to "float". Light-weight structure?
B&S 550 series OHV engines, in mowers, are not as good as the older side valve L-Head engines, they replaced.
Reason 1. The paper element air cleaner acts a secondary grass catcher; especially, after oil mist from the breather contaminates it. Reason 2. Mowing around shrubs will cause fuel AND oil caps to come adrift.
The previous, 25 year old B&S powered Rover mower, had none of these faults. Wish I'd kept it.

Date PurchasedAug 2015

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Victavcs469 broke the carby throttle arm. How can i fix it?
No answers

What is the carburetta model number
2 answers
Sorry Kathy, I have no idea, suggest you look up specs on the model number, cheersSorry Kathy, I don't know either... Maybe check their website for support & advise... Sorry I couldn't help.. https://www.victa.com/au/en_au/support.html

Victor Super Catcher Bought from Bunnings approx. six months ago, only used four times due to grass not growing at this time of year and extremely dry conditions for the last 18 months...... my only problems are with the front hub caps (wheel covers) they wont stay clipped on, continually falling off, cant find a method of securing them......??????
2 answers
A little silicone around the wheel and press hubcap on when you put it away should do it just make sure all surfaces are cleanI guess you mean a bead of silicone around the center of the hub where it suppose to clip on,.... I will clean that section with metho and wipe it dry before applying the bead of silicon when i guess you mean it to set (dry) before pressing the hubcap into place.... will let you know how i get on .... thanks for the info Crash.


Victa Super Catcher VCS469
CategoryPetrol Lawn Mowers
Price (RRP) $449
Manufacturer Warranty2 year(s)

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