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Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb

Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb

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Lovely fragrance

I love the smell of this perfume! I would buy more of it if the fragrance lasted lchemistwarehouseonger and the cost was not so high.
A perfume for when I want to spoil myself.

The Memory Lingers On.

A spicy, sweet, flowery fragrance with a touch of musk, vanilla and violets. Powerful and Sensual.Very long lasting with amazing sillage.An evening perfume wonderful for a party where many fragrances are fighting for recognition. Flowerbomb would be up there when others are forgotten, casting its spell over everyone.

All time favorite scent..

This perfume is my most favorite! The packaging is nice, looks very classy and the scent is just absolutely amazing. I have been using this for years now and I love it. It is expensive but totally worth it. If you can get this on duty free or somewhere discounted even better. The smell is light floral with a musky vanilla scent. It lasts a very long time, all day on me! I get compliments all the time wearing this. It is not overpowering perfect for work, a special occasion or even date night. I can't go on enough about this. Definitely all time favorite!

My favorite signature perfume ever!

I absolutely love this perfume! It smells so amazing and feminine. It is strong but not in an overpowering way. It lasts forever (the scent) My boyfriend loves it! It is highly expensive but definitely worth it. My boyfriend had purchased it for me twice now so it really is not coming out of my pocket! It is perfect for any setting and will leave you feeling ultra feminine and elegant. :)

Beautiful Scent but very Pricey

This is a beautiful perfume but seriously expensive. Its a strong smell but not overpowering, you could wear it all day long but personally I would recommend night time wear as it is a more 'elegant, expensive' smell. I would recommend it to anyone, if you can bring yourself to spend the money lol :)

In love!

I could rave about this fragrance all day, I am in love with it. It lasts, it smells fantastic and always draws in compliments. I could not fault one thing except the price! If only it was cheaper so I could afford a million bottles to stock up on! Def worth the money though guys, won't regret your purchase!!!!!

My favourite!

I absolutely love this perfume! I get compliments on it all the time! It has such a distinct elegant smell - just gorgeous on.


I learnt about this fragrance from a colleague who raved about his wife wearing it and how amazing it was. Based on that I had to try it and I love it! You don't need much at all, it lasts forever. A soft, light floral fragrance with a hint of vanilla as it settles on the skin, definitely my new favourite.

This is the best.

I got this one from my ex but i love it that much, i wear it all the time and it lasts forever not like other cheaper brands that you have to keep putting on. worth its weight in gold. Its a great smell for the office too. happy buying

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it smells like strawberries.I love it.


This fine fragrance is simply a MUST for the discriminating female who dares to be divinely different. The heavenly scent is oooober-delicious and leaves everyone asking- who's that lady? I am a parfum conosseiuir of sorts and this, my friends, is THE ONE you have been searching for. Trust me- It's that GOOD! Oh-BTW: the menzzz are suckers for it ;)
Flowerbomb is the BOMB, no pun intended. The parfum is sexy, ultra-feminen and intoxicating as hell. I can't get enough!
Are you kidding? It absolutely RockS!


This perfume is gorgeous. Its feminine, sweet & heady, but not sickly, comes in a nice bottle and every time I wear it I get compliments off complete strangers. This may seem like an odd thing to say but seeing as it is a little more expensive than alot of perfumes out at the moment, it seems to have not been destroyed by the too many people wearing it thing that tends to happen (think the when Angel first came out and all you could smell everywhere were angel-wearing ladies..)
The scent, the bottle, the compliment I get whenever I'm wearing it


I won a bottle of Flowerbomb EDP and tried it at Myer first to see if I liked it before opening the packaging. Whilst very pleasant, it didn't say WOW! to me, and as I already have enough perfume, I decided that I don't really need Flowerbomb.
A light summery floral, very inoffensive, suitable for anyone. Beautiful bottle.
A bit pricey.


I really loved this perfume, the floral ultra feminine scent is utterly amazing! and the scent actually stays with you all day or night! the bottle is really nice and classy too!
smells amazing very sweet sugary floral scent
flowerbomb is on the expensive side but it lasts a long time especially if you get the EDP...


Although I like the fragrance, The price is off putting. I would pay it for Chanel but not Viktor & Rolf. I have never heard of the brand until I was in a department store and smelt this perfume.
It's sickly sweet, very similar to my Paco Rabanne Black XS for her but now when I smell it, Flowerbomb is more fruity floral as oppose to floral oriental is my signature fragrance group.
Overall it would be nice not as overpowering and a little weaker, but it did last so I give it credit. I don't think I could handle wearing it to work and maybe if I go out I could wear it, but it reminds me of day time So it would be a weekend perfume and clearly not worth the $$$ if I spend that much on a perfume I would hardly wear.
It lasts, its unique
The price. $170 for 100mls is a little over the budget


this scent is unike any other and just amazing. it is not overly flowery as the name might suggest. it has great staying power and your clothes will smell of it the next day. my best friend wears this all the time and the scent actually does turn males heards. she has literally been stopped by guys to ask what she is wearing. so if you are woman that wants to turn heads you should definately give this one a try. only downside is that it is so expensive. no woman would be dissapointed to get this one as a present.
definately the price

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I agree with these comments - i get comments about it all the time! Even the guys at the shooting range comment of it and say how I always wear the nicest purfume!! lol... It is worth every cent I spend!


I first smelt this beautiful fragrance last Christmas (2008) when it had just arrived at Brisbane CBD Myer (which as far as I know is the only place I myself can find it) and I LOVED IT!

Ever since then whenever I wear it I get lovely comments about the scent. The most recent was my hairdresser who wanted to know what perfume I was wearing because it smelt so good! ..Which is always nice to hear :D

It also has a lovely fresh, sexy, feminine vibe to it and if you're somebody who loves their sweet scents - this is definitely for you!
Beautiful sweet fragrance for spring/summer
Too many squirts can have a few noses turn - be careful!


This perfume is mainly floral, obviously, but it's not overly strong. It's very feminine but still strong and different. Everybody will love this perfume on your, I always receive heaps of compliments! The bottle is pretty cool, it looks like a grenade/ bomb thing, so maybe that's why it's called flower-bomb? It's very smart!
I love it! The bottle is unique and interesting, and so is the scent. It'sd floral but not too girly or grandma, and it does remind you of haute couture.
It can be a bit strong if you spray too much.


This fragrance will make men want to kiss you. It's a scent that's not too overpowering yet makes a statement that will have both men and women asking you what you have on. Just smelling it gives you the wearer a sense of empowerment, it's utterly feminine. Enjoy!
Light, breathy & exotic

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