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VIP Auction

VIP Auction

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Crooked company

This company tried to steal £118 from me. I opened a case with PayPal insinuating unlawful activity but PayPal denied my case. I appealed and won my case. Sophora Media ( trading as VIP AUCTIONS ) then tried to steal £20 from me, saying that the money was for their trouble. They call it an administration fee. In the end PayPal refunded all my money but I had to persevere. I certainly would advise against having anything to do with this greedy company.

December 19th 2018 Update: Greedy company

VIP AUCTIONS will take £20 of your money when you want to cancel your subscription. They call this THEFT an administrative fee. My advice is to stay clear of VIP AUCTIONS.


Wish I had read reviews before getting involved with this scam company.I deposited two payments of £19,went through this very quickly,did not win any bids.I then stupidly decided to try again,selected £19 but they took £59.I have disputed this with PayPal who were useless.I have had to accept the refund of £39,they get to keep £21 of my money for doing nothing.STAY AWAY.


I was checking the site out trying to understand it and see how much bid credits were.. I couldn't find any actual prices so I went through PayPal as it often will show there with a prompt to pay. It did not but took 59 pound. I immediately emailed Vipauction and PayPal asking what happened stating I didn't agree to anything. Vipauction refuses to refund the full amount even though they can quite clearly see how quick I emailed in. I'm disgusted that a company feels happy in taking 20 pound from a disabled person...

Stay Away From Penny Auctions

It's simple what they do to scam everyone.
1. Bidding on an 'iPhone 6' is say 300 max entries.
2. Entry price is $39 meaning you have a 1 in 100 chance of winning that iPhone.
3. And if you lose your money is gone too.
That means they make $11,700 out of ONE iPhone 6! Scam scam scam don't do it!


After purchasing credits there is no contact with vip auctions, they just wipe you off their members list. This is just a money making racket. You can not get back in touch with them to even ask any questions, bad site stay clear.

There is always somebody wanting something for practically nothing.

There would be very few people who would not be ecstatic to buy an item worth a thousand dollars for twelve dollars. So here comes VIP Auction. Few people seem to realize that they are not the only person wanting the $1000 item for $12. There is no actual time limit (refer eBay) for the bidding to end so that an item can go on for ages and ages until everybody gives up or runs out of money except the final bidder. In practice you could spend a small fortune buying auction dollars and spend hours and hours constantly being outbid. Since the auction is done on line you have no idea if the people bidding against you are genuine.

An examination for example with say an item worth $1000 could well attract actual dollars by unsuccessful bidders in excess of $1000.

Wise up. If a company sells an item worth $1000 for $12 in real dollars not auction dollars then you would have to wonder how it will stay in business. What's the catch?

Do a bit of arithmetic on the real value of an item up for auction. See how much it went for in auction dollars and convert the auction dollars to real dollars.

Penny auctions rely on ignorance, greed and stupidity to be successful.

Don't Join, You'll Regret

Bcos of an article in the newspaper that promoted this site as reliable, I joined it as a member. But to be a member you need to pay at least AUD$50 of credits. Then I bought a Macbook thru direct auction. However, after 3 weeks I still haven't receive it. Then I contacted them (which they promised to respond within 24 hrs, but they didn't). After 2 days, they replied that I didn't provide a proof of address. Then I asked whether I could have it refunded since I needed the Macbook urgently. Then they didn't reply. The only way for me to get out of this is to complain thru paypal and had the money refunded (which paypal decided on my favour within 2 days). Then unknowingly this site cancelled my membership (though I still have at least more than AUD$25 of credits) without letting me know. This is a scam and don't join it. You'll regret.

Don't be fooled, winning on VIP Auction is incredibly difficult

I heard about VIP Auctions from an advertorial listed on MSN Australia. It detailed a 'review' based on an actual experience by the author. Thinking there's no harm in having a try I signed up and invested in $50 worth of bid 'credits'. Now - these aren't actual dollars you can purchase things with, these are credits to allow you x number of bids within any given auction. The name of the game is to have the lowest unique bid and things do go off relatively cheaply comparative to the actual cost, however, to win an actual bid you need to be bidding at the close of auction - which is generally during middle of the night or 5am in the morning - and you need to have a value spread approach to be successful. In reality this is incredibly difficult to do. I definitely I wasted my $50, got nothing for it, and I'm glad I didn't opt to purchase more credits. I've heard absolutely nothing from VIP Auctions during or after my experience with them (credits are only valid for one month). I've won more from Ebay then with VIP Auctions, do yourself a favour and avoid wasting your money with VIP Auctions.

Questions & Answers

I can't login. Any ideas?
1 answer
If you have raised a dispute with them then they have blocked your account.

By mistake i made a bid iPhone value of £59 for 3 times, but i got no thing receive, so it has been total £177. But i don’t know how shall i get refund back. Any ideas?
4 answers
If you paid through PayPal you can ask them to review this. If PayPal does not refund you appeal by phoning them. If you did not pay by PayPal you must email Sophora Media and explain what happened. Good luck.They advised me they keep a certain percentage, in my case £59 was taken but they are only refunding £39.I also paid 59 but only will refund 19. I did contact PayPal but no help. I was literally on the site for less then 5 minutes, thing is I am still waiting for the refund!

If one signed up and paid money to bit for an item if they do not win. Can that money be refunded?
No answers

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