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Virgin Australia Velocity Flyer

Virgin Australia Velocity Flyer

1.6 from 54 reviews

Have used as my main credit card for 8 years

The good: Velocity points rewarded, $129 Virgin Australia gift voucher each year (used to be 2 free domestic flight each year)
The not so good: Only 0.66 points per dollar spent on most goods and services. No complementary travel insurance and lounge access. $129 annual fee

I have had this card for more than 7 years but upgraded to the more rewarding High Flyer card. Was good while I had it.

Customer Service
Rates and Fees
Online Experience
Application Process
Card Start DateMay 2011
Main Point of ContactOnline
Card / Account Used ForEveryday Expenses, Online Shopping, Overseas/Travel and Special Purchases

One of the Highest VISA earn rates

I have been a customer of Virgin Money now for around 8 years. I find them easy to deal with whenever I need to call through to the call centres and the earn rate is much higher than any of the banks. They just launched a new app for Android and iPhone and it still has a way to go but at least you can access on the go now. $129 flight voucher included yearly too so it's a good value card! Works for me!

Customer Service
Rates and Fees
Online Experience
Application Process
Card Start DateOctober 2011
Main Point of ContactPhone
Card / Account Used ForEveryday Expenses

Works for me, but as with any credit card: pay it off at the end of the month!

it's a credit card, it works, interest rates are a shocker, points for your velocity account are great.
It's really only worth it if you a) spend a bit on it to justify the annual fee and b) if you pay it off at the end of the month, as otherwise you're hammered with high interest charges. Same old.
One thing to note: if you use the card for business and want to link it to Xero or the like, it's a nightmare. Which is why I only give it 4 stars. the bank feeds don't work half the time, which I have never had before. And the internet banking app is very basic. Plus it took them into 2019 to come up with an iphone app... go figure.

Customer Service
Rates and Fees
Online Experience
Application Process
Card Start DateMarch 2017
Main Point of ContactPhone
Card / Account Used ForEveryday Expenses

Honestly pretty shocking

No updates with where your application is at, link to view progress of where your application is at yourself is never updated.

No one seems to have a clue what day it is yet alone what product they're even meant to be selling to you.

Should have stuck to telecommunications.


Not sure how they stay in business. Application took 3 weeks and I was declined. They didn't call to check my employment and didn't understand tax deduction on payslips?!? Called me 3 times to ask the same unrelated questions. BTW i have no credit cards, own my home and earn 80k per year. [name removed] would be furious his brand name is turning to mud

Balance transfer is a scam

You get interest free on the balance transfer, but they charge you interest on your purchases from day 1. Of course it's all legal because it's hidden in the Ts&Cs.

If they're willing to screw you on tiny things like that I can't imagine what they'll do to squeeze money from you on big things. Account closed.

Card OK, Virgin Customer service, abysmal.

Read Not Happy's review.my experience is exactly the same, possibly losing a home loan for not disclosing I had a Virgin credit even though I had told Virgin that I had cut up the card and to cancel it over 3 months ago, but they never did. devious, rude people at their call centres,

Application and customer service fine

I have had this card for over 3 years the initial application process was normal with around a 10 day turn around time. In the entire time have had to call maybe 3 or 4 times and each time was fine issue was resolved quickly.

Promise the world, deliver nothing

Tired of the false promises of upgrades and economic seating as a top 1% traveler. I can’t even get an aisle seat! Pathetic

Worst customer service

I applied for their interest free credit card to take overseas with me in 2 months time. Missed a phone call from a random number, I assumed it was them but they never left a voice message or tried to call me back. A week passed and I hadn't heard back about anything in regards to my application. I called them back only to be told my application was declined and had to supply 3 months worth of bank statements for a re-application to be done. I done so and was told to give them a call back myself (they wouldn't even go through the effort to call me back when they made progress on my application). I had to call them back 4 times before I had a answer, only to be told I have been declined again! No explanations were ever given as to why I was declined, no effort was given by them to verify my employment even tho they had all that information. I now cannot apply with them for another 6 months time. They truly wasted my time.

Platinum benefits not worth it

Finally made Virgin Platinum level only to find the benefits are not what is detailed in their Welcome brochure. When checking with Virgin call centre, they advised that I should consult the full Terms & Conditions that are on their web site.

1. The brochure advised that you will get a guaranteed economy reward seat for you and your family each year for being a platinum member. However, in the T&C’s you must purchase certain fares to be eligible. The fares required are much more expensive so in most cases will make it too expensive to take up this option.
2. The brochure advises that once you reach 1300 Status Credits or 1800 Status Credits, you will qualify to get a Gold or Platinum membership respectively for a family member. Apparently,
The Status Credits must be earned once you become a Platinum member and during your anniversary year. So you will have to get 1000 Status Credits to get Platinum and then another 1,300 Status Credits to get a Free Gold Membership.

3. They also offer 4 free upgrades over the year, however, you then find out that you must purchase more expensive fares to get these upgrades. So once again not worth the cost to use.

So before you plan to spend thousands of dollars to get to Platinum level you may be wasting your money. Better to go to Qantas and get Gold there than continue to spend money on Virgin Platinum Status.

I wish I could leave ZERO stars.

The actual card is pointless to use to pay bills.
The supposed bonus points are near impossible to attain unless you're a big spender in shops. I paid heaps of bills and was told because it's Bpay it does not count for points!!! My annual fee should be refunded.

We had a ZERO balance at the time of the due payment and we were still charged interest.
1 painful phone call resolved it. Pity you can't teach common sense and logic to people.
AVOID this card as there are plenty of better cards out there.

Great experience, thanks

Have had my Virgin American Express credit card which is linked to Velocity Rewards Flyer card only a couple of years & do not spend extra money with it trying to gather points (in fact it is difficult for me to do this due to living in a country town where few businesses accept this credit card which costs 0 $ annual fee & if I pay on time 0 $ interest charges).

Decided to claim a return flight from Melb-Newcastle with this card/points program recently & was very pleasantly surprised that the points (approx 30,000 I think) covered whole journey & was not that difficult to navigate website-unlike an opposition rewads program I'm trying to use today!

So a big THANKYOU to Virgin Velocity & American Express for making dreams come true. I will continue to use this program & credit card in good faith & would definitely recommend both.

Worst customer service ever.

They have the worst customer service ever. Even one star is too good. Try to ring their customer service when you have a query, you will end up dealing with people overseas who you can barely understand and their distant call made it no very audible either. Everyone you talk to is clueless, you get passed like a ball from one idiot to another and back to main menu again on and on. How can Virgin use that kind of backward service? I will have to cancel that card, no way I am going to spend over 30 mins over the phone to deal with clueless people again.

Call centre is hopeless

Had 2 simple questions: what are my 80,000 points worth? and I'm comparing 2 flights virgin vs etihad -so what points would I earn? Tried web site - it's unclear and referred me to the call centre (!). 1st level was hopeless, then spoke to 2 different teams... after 90 mins, I have partial answers, (which concludes the points are virtually worthless). What a waste of time, my gripe is the program is too complex, the web site is too complex and employees are unable to communicate in a way that makes sense to the average customer. Virgin leaders - try using the service yourself, get your best staff together and map out the customer journey - then fix it.

Call centre useless

Contacted Velocity call center to claim points missing from my account. The person who answered the phone obviously was either new or just didn't care, for something so simple I was put on hold three times accumulating to almost a half an hour. I was then informed by the person that points were put on an account for Delta airways which I don't have and I would need to tell them to transfer them back to my Velocity account. I tried to explain to him that I don't have a delta account and as I flew with Virgin they should have been put on my Velocity account. He continued to tell me to contact Delta as I don't have an account with them how can I contact them he then hung up on me.
The worst call center I have come across in a long time.

An OK Visa card for Velocity earn

Have had this card for about 3 years now and haven't had any major problems with this card, although the Virgin Money website is a little bit clunky it does everything I need it to do. After several attempts they gave up trying to upsell me other products (especially life insurance). Replacement cards have been ordered and are delivered in the promised timeframes. The auto point sweep to the Virgin Velocity account is monthly and is reliable. The sign-up Velocity points bonus was honoured (unlike some other credit cards whom you have to chase to get the sign-on bonus honoured!). Haven't had to use the call centre a lot but has. I have found them generally quick to answer and although obviously an overseas based call centre have always been polite and are able to address issues raised in the phone call. Always pay the balance every month so do not pay interest - I expect that the interest rates charged are extremely uncompetitive.

For places that don't accept Amex I have found this to be a reasonable Visa card product.

Recently they have rolled out the ubiquitous 'get whacked with foreign transaction fees if the merchant uses an overseas bank' with the usual disclaimer that customers have no way of detecting if a merchant uses an overseas bank until the transaction is processed, so its essentially a secret undisclosed 'surprise fee', but most of the major banks have already implemented the same changes so look at a 29 degrees card or similar if you want to use this online or where foreign merchant banks are becoming more common i.e. Google Play, Amazon, Goupon Australia and many hotel and airline booking sites


Poor customer service, incorrect charges and interest applied, do not cancel card when requested, extremely pushy sales staff, avoid at all costs

The worst credit card I ever had

The worst card i ever had. I am so happy that I could pass the "customer relationship officer" finally to cancel. The fee and charge system is weird, greedy and tricky that keep making the balances snail back to get charged additional fee...very tricky. Never come back and would not recommend. Customer service staff can be rude...especially when you call to cancel, the customer relationship officer tries to catch you back like fishing and when they cannot change our mind, they are rude and cut you off.

2 4 1 waste of time

I tried to book a return flight Hobart to Melbourne, as I couldn't use the cheapest flight and needed to pay taxes of $51 for complimentary flights + credit card fees for both initial and complimentary flight.

I saved $66 by booking 2 flights with Jetstar.

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Virgin Australia Velocity Flyer
Card TypeVisa
BenefitsComplimentary Travel Insurance
Minimum Credit Limit$15,000
Maximum Credit Limit$50,000
Minimum Income $75,000
Additional Cardholders 4
Additional Cardholder Fee $89 p.a.
Minimum Repayments2%
Rates & Fees
Purchase Rate20.74% p.a.
Cash Advance Fee2.7%
Late Payment Fee$30
Annual Fee$289
Foreign Transaction Fee 3.3%
Overseas ATM Withdrawal Fee$5
Interest Free Period 44 days
Cash Advance Rate20.99% p.a.
Balance Transfer Rates
Balance Transfer Period 15 months
Balance Transfer Rate 0% p.a.
Balance Transfer Fee 0%
Release dateJul 2010

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