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Virgin Money No Annual Fee Visa

Virgin Money No Annual Fee Visa

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Painful. Don't Bother!

I have an "excellent" credit score, been on a salary of $100K - $150K for more than 15 years and have only one other credit card with a perfect payment history.
I applied for a Virgin Money credit card to help build up my Velocity points.
After applying and submitting all the required supporting documents I heard nothing for a week. I rang the call centre and was told by someone who could barely speak English that my application was rejected and that they could not provide any further explanation.
I then applied for a Qantas affiliated rewards card which was conditionally approved instantaneously and received within one week of my payslips being submitted.
Work that out.

Customer Service
Rates and Fees
Online Experience
Application Process

Virgin No Money

Applied for Virgin Money credit card twice over the years, most recent last week and was rejected both times. Apparently impeccable reddit rating and working full time for the government for ten years is not enough job security. Tell me what is enough then please. No don’t, I want nothing to do with you.

Customer Service
Rates and Fees
Online Experience
Application Process
Main Point of ContactOnline

Don't Bother

Please get people who can speak english especially if they are the people that decides who gets application approved or not.... Not looking forward to contact their customer service for existing customers.

Customer Service
Rates and Fees
Online Experience
Application Process
Main Point of ContactPhone

Appalling Service

I had a Virgin money Visa as an emergency back up card (for if my main card is lost or stolen). When it expired they didn't send a replacement or notify me. So when I NEEDED it when my other card was lost it had expired. I rang them and they said I didn't use it so they won't be issuing me a new one. Wow! For the cost of a piece of plastic, they don't want my future business, never ever using Virgin Money for anything again.

Shocking service, disgraceful!!!

Stay away from Virgin Money credit card. They are disgraceful, no customer services at all. We have lodged a dispute for a number of transactions which someone has used the card without having the card physically. Virgin Money said they will reverse them, but we have received 2 statements later on which show Virgin Money actually debited back some fraud transactions and charging us!!! We rang the call centre many times and they promised they will reverse and call us - NEVER happened at all. People at the call centre lie and never do what they promised. They just don't care at all. Don't bother having this card - too risky and it will waste your time and money for sure!!!!

Virgin bad service

Don't bother disgraceful service and no one contacted under the complaints both online and being escalated to a supervisor which obviously does not exist.
Shop elsewhere I don't know why I bothered go to Qantas.


You are better off getting it elsewhere. The application process is awful and you won't know the progress of your application until you contact them. Affiliated to citi bank and an absolute waste of time

Absolute Bandits!

I paid our Virgin Credit Card out completely on the 11th of June and then started using it again a few days later, assuming that like other credit cards, I would then be on an interest free period. WRONG! They charged me $24.26 interest for June, which was for the billing days prior the 11th of June and that was OK but then the next month they back charged me another $64.22 for June interest! I called them to see what was going on and they told me that I have to pay out my credit card completely for TWO CONSECUTIVE MONTHS to go back to an interest free period! I told them I have never heard of such nonsense, that every other bank puts you back to interest free once the card has been paid out in full. Virgin are absolute bandits! They are stealing from those who can least afford it, knowing full well that most people can't afford to pay their credit card out two months in a row. No wonder they are doing a Royal Commission in these blood suckers!

Woeful service / application procedure.

Virgin's approach to new applicants is enough to put anyone seeking a professional service off from doing business with them. I made an application for a credit card, and was sent an email confirming receipt. That was it. From that point, I heard nothing. The site said my application was 'under review', and this didn't change for over a week.

At that point, I called them and was told the application was declined, for unspecified reasons. The person I talked to attempted to convince me that no decisions on credit could be revealed online in any circumstances, which is nonsense (he was able to tell me only by asking the same questions the website asks to access the application status!)

A vague reference was made to a "letter" being sent out (which hasn't been received, in common with others here). Ultimately, very poor indeed. It will certainly lead to me looking elsewhere in the future.

I wish there was a zero stars

I closed my account in April, and had money owed to me which they were supposed to repay. As of July I am still getting letters from them saying I owe them money. They are charging me $10 per week late fees, plus interest, plus ruining my credit rating - for money they owe me! I wish I could charge them my hourly salary for the 3-4 hours I have spent on the phone to them trying to fix their mess.

Their customer service team is inept and doesn't communicate with their billing and payments team - who are also inept.

The refund they were supposed to send me was actually debited back onto my CLOSED credit card and was accruing interest and late payment fees.

This is the worst service I have ever encountered by a bank. Do not ever use VIRGIN MONEY.

Richard Branson would be ashamed

Nice marketing and initial ease of applying online. No App, or Iphone friendly login screen makes this feel so Shonky. Was continually called over some initial approval forms despite giving a timeframe where I’d respond by, it felt a bit desperate.

Bizarre application

I had to call ten times to check on the status of my CC application, I was never contacted. Three times I was asked to provide more info during these calls and the application went through before I had supplied the info. During this time I was told my wage had been submitted as $4000 per year. When I called the help line to check what other errors had been made, no apology or explanation was offered just a set script was repeated. After all this I received a letter stating they could not match me with the credit check. So know I'm left wondering if my application was against someone else.

Never to opt for this

I am writing this review based on Virgin money income protection plan that was sold me. I understand this thread is not related to this program but more for the Virgin money card. Could not find a proper group hence mentioning it here. We as customers are just being tricked to fall into this loop and when we go for cancellation they have 101 reasons to provide. I have cancelled my service and Virgin money have nicely taken money from my account. Nice way to run a business.

Horrible communication

I was moving house and starting a new job which is why I needed to use the credit card. Virgin froze my online banking because they wanted me to phone them consequently I could not log into the online banking and lost the 0% interest rate, essentially because they did not E-mail me. Then I move abroad and had more difficulty paying the card off from an overseas bank account. I now have an Amex credit card which is much easier to use.

DO NOT get a Virgin credit card

I cannot warn anybody strongly enough to NOT get a Virgin credit card. The acquisition of the card was easy. The use of the card - also easy. Nil complaints there. It is when attempting to close the account (and I use the word ‘attempting’ because my dilemma is still not over) that some very questionable and highly frustrating business practices come into play. I was a satisfied client of Virgin Money for many years. When I decided to streamline my banking and cancel one of my credit cards, I found it impossible to do. The Virgin call centre staff obviously follow a policy of trying every way possible to not only dissuade you from closing your account, but flat out NOT closing your account. I have made several increasingly frustrating attempts now. They are constantly adding fees and interest to the zero balance I had when closing the account. They attempt to confuse with statements such as “I have to get my supervisor’s approval but they’re at lunch” , “can I call you back sir?, we’re having technical difficulties” ... they don’t call you back. “Yes sir, the account is now at zero balance and closed. We’ll send the confirmation by mail”.... NEVER HAPPENS. Save yourself a lot of frustration and do not apply for one of these cards. You will regret it.

Customer service all time low

If I could give Virgin Money zero stars for customer service I would.
I was completely messed around on endless occassions when originally applying for the credit card. Then when the cards finally did arrive (after 2 wks and multiple calls) I then activated the cards over the phone as directed, speaking to a real person, only to find out an hr later when attempting to use the card that it was declined. I was then told by a Virgin Money that they realised my orig cards had a fault and they actually activated diff replacement cards when I called, and those had been posted to us a few days ago. So now they had to place a hold on the newer cards which were in the post and I need to call again to re-activate them once they arrive, whenever that will be.
As I had no confidence that they will even be correct when they arrive, I decided to apply with a real bank and the cards were approved by text within 24hrs and will arrive in a few days.

Unsecure, reactive and slow in handling fraudulent transactions

After I had to identify $22,000 worth of fraudulent activity on the Virgin Money credit card. After 3+ months Virgin Money is yet to resolve this. This company is not proactive in its communication, does not have adequate systems in place to resolve or identify fraud quickly and does not value its long-term customers.

Lame - go elsewhere

Too much messing around on the application. Other companies are far more streamlined on application. I gave up in the end.


Never sign up with Virgin Credit Card or anything else for that matter.
They suck you in ,it is impossible to negotiate with them.
Wont say to much more for defamation issues, but you have been warned

Read the fine print before signing up, Clunky and confusing,

I have the card for a total of 40 days and have been charged interest 3 times even though I have 0 balanced the card twice within the 40 day period, this is one of their clauses,
If you do not pay your account in full by the due date and you carry a balance on your credit card from month to month the 44 days interest free period does not apply. If you then make a purchase you are charged interest. You will then need to pay your balance off in full for 2 consecutive months for the maximum 44 days interest free period to take effect. No interest free period is available on Cash Advances or Balance Transfers.

Clunky to use as they utilise CitiBank. Confusing, I had a 50K limit, and states Unpaid Balance: AUD 808.43 Available Credit Amount: AUD 49,053.93, add the 2 figures together and it does not add up to $50K. Purchases are not done in real time as with the likes of NAB, will return to NAB as my main card for purchases, a lot easier to manage and understand.
Lesson Learnt, don't let the bonus point rewards sign up deals lure you to another provider if your current provider does the job!!!

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What is the postal address for the Virgin card application?
2 answers
Hi frodo, I never applied via post but instead completed and submitted a form via their website.Good luck with that one


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