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Vital Progenix

Vital Progenix

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Do not fall for this is a total scam, do not buy it

Do not fall for this is a total scam, do not buy it, they will charge and take your money from your account without you knowing. Fake all company, authority's should do something about it, someone needs to stop it, as I have been misled and they have charged me £130.00 pounds and cancelled my credit card, as there is no way to get it refunded. Terrible

Purchased in January 2019.

I think this is a scam

I saw this product being advertised on the web and it offered a sample, all I had to pay was the postage costs. I never received the sample but the postal charges €5.99 were taken out of my bank account. Very shortly afterwards €99.99 was taken out of my account. A bottle of 60 capsules arrived weeks afterwards. I emailed the company to complain, as I hadn't been able to sample the goods. They gave me a discount and returned €49.99. Still haven't tried the product, have to check with my doc, but I think it is a scam

Purchased in January 2019.

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Hi Guys, In one of your emails, which I can't locate at the moment, I am sure you asked me how to cancel an order. Anyway, here is the history of my experience with these scammers. On or about Feb 12th, I committed to purchasing a sample and they duly charged my account €5.99. On march 1st €99.99 was taken from my account. I rang the Dublin 00353 number mentioned below and got talking to a guy named Bill, he was speaking from the Philippines. He said that the advertisement said that after 14 days the €99.99 would be taken, it didn't it said 18 days, the company would automatically send me a bottle of 60 tablets and take €99.99 from my account, which they did. The sample never came but the bottle of 60 did, on Feb 27th. Bill spoke to his supervisors and told me they were giving me a discount of €49.99, which they duly did, and they sent me an email to confirm this, which I cannot find. The name of the company on my bank account who took €99.99 and returned €49.99 is AVGLOCUSTOM. I hope you find this useful Shipping Confirmation - Vital Progenix Order Number: 11854565 Ordered on: 08/02/2019 Dear John Fair, Your order has successfully shipped!If you have any questions about your order, please contact Customer Service at 00353 15461022 (Monday-Friday: 9AM-6PM, GMT). This email is intended for informational purposes only. Do not reply to this email. Wishing you a long and healthy life! Sincerely, Vital Progenix Ship to

This is an online scam

I requested free item online with eutraform or 3cuthelp, and then 2 payments of $137 were taken from credit card. This is a scam and there is no clear way other than cancelling credit card to get this sorted.

Purchased in December 2018.


I ordered a free sample but I was charged$146 then this month another package arrived and I've been charged again so I had to ring up and cancel any future shipments seem to be a scam

No good

My husband has never ordered anything from the net, yet he fell for this. Sam of Sydney, where did you get their number? I have tried to stop future deliveries of their product. The bank is helping to get some money back.

Purchased in October 2018 for $132.50.

Additional Physical Activities None

Total scam

It's a total scam. They have taken money from my account twice. The product doesn't even work. Called the company but they refused any refund. This company should be banned from false advertising.

Purchased in January 2019.

Absolute crap product

Doesn't work doesn't do anything don't waste your money It is a rip off DO NO BUY!!! Does not meet any of the claims it purports to. Do not waste your money!!!


I have been taking this product for a week (night and day) with no side effects, so far. I have had my credit card cancelled and a new one issued after the bank contacted me re a charge of $133...they said it was a scam. I can't judge the quality of this product (it is early days), only the way in which they conduct their business which is highly suspicious.

Be aware

I tried one capsule a day for two weeks. Only result was terrible redness on end of private part and shocking rash in surrounding areas

Fraud and money suckers

Full of fraud n took $265 from my account. Product is full of crap too.. End of the day i cancelled my bank credit card otherwise they would keep sucking my money without any reason..
Its full of scam be aware.
My experience with product was very bad.. Product is just waste no good at all.

Very Shady deal

I applied for a bottle through the David Kosch FREE BOTTLE promo and got charged for it then have been charged for another bottle which i still haven't received a month after being charged for it. The whole deal is very suspicious to me. the product i had no improvements anywhere.

Very ignorant and misleading

If your type 2 diabetic do not use, very misleading and charged me anyways even though I never opened the bottle. Called them to refund and they just hung up on me instead of doing the right thing.

Vital Progenix scam

Likewise I didn't think this might be a scam as it was underwritten by legitimate public figures whom I am now sure were unawares of their supposed endorsement. Before the product had even arrived there had been a substantial`ntgial amount taken from my account. When I contacted the bank they said they kn e of this but that it was not fraud as they had already taken out the 2 lots of postage which I had not queried.. Therefore I could not have the money reimbursed. The product did eventually arrive but I binned it as couldn't trust the contents after the scam.

This product is total garbage

Found this product to be a total scam.,!!!! No way to get in touch with Vital Progenix to cancel order, Money out of my account every month for a product that does not work

Total scam-So True-Just try to Phone them, and you will get cut off.

Yes Really, Just gives a way to your debit card, Month on Month they will debit 49-59 Pounds via 2 different accounts, and sent more rubbish.
I am out of pocket over £250.00 and the fraud team are investigating.

P.S. Dont Go there..............

Stay well away from Vital Progenix

Do not get caught
.Be Carefull. Got sample which made me unwell. Now have $272.68 taken from my Acc by this company

Total scam

Not usually buy stuff randomly online but naively ordered this product without reading reviews. Rang my bank to cancel debit card. I spoke to the fraud department who were aware or this scam. The £4.99 p and p had been taken but also another £4.99 had been taken. The bank advisor said they would advise visa to block any further payments being taken from my account. Can't believe I fell for this scam. Bank said no more payments would go from my account.

Absolute Sham

Misleading and dishonest advertising which con the unsuspecting consumer. Examples include "free trial" and other traps. I have cancelled my Mastercard to prevent further theft, and will lodge a report with ACCC.

This scam is not just in Australia, it is also in the UK

I ordered a free no obligation trial for £4.93 online. The trial bottle arrived informing me I had signed up for £64.92 every 30 days. There was no such contract in place between us. The order confirmation email said "if you have any questions on any Vital Progenix charge contact us first, not your bank, and we will resolve any and all transaction issues and protect you from unknowingly committing Friendly Fraud"...and having my credit card number put on a blacklist. The delivery note did say I could cancel by phone or email and be given a return number to use to send the unused product back - at my cost, but the email bounced and the phone number went unanswered. So I contacted my bank, cancelled my card and ordered a new card with a new number. So in summary, there is no way of returning them, and as the "free trial" is clearly a scam, the pills will also be a scam - so I will be incinerating them.

Don’t trust these crooks

Likewise from all these other reviews,wish I had read them also before ordering a trial which was delivered 3 weeks after I ordered and was told I could not return either bottles as it had passed the 14 days,was charged for two bottles when I only ordered one, spoke to them by phone and was told I would be refunded,so I sent one back and haven’t heard or received any money back $133.00 still waiting til today, and unable to contact these idiots,so be warned do not send them a cent

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Where is this available in QLD?
3 answers
it comes by mail from switzerland I have been caught only asked for free sample then they deduct $136.47 a month had to block my card was charged for 3 amounts be care ful with these peopleI have only been using it for a few days and felt no improvement. The cause of the problem in the first instance is the medicine I am taking for enlarged prostate called Combodart, and ED is a known side effect. However on the Larry King show the other night he said that after 2 months he found a great improvement. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OYXcFsgJYtQ Best of luck. Johnhttps://www.google.com/search?q=is+progenix+available+inqueensland&oq=is+progenix+available+inqueensland&aqs=chrome..69i57.13967j0j7&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8

This is not a question but a directive. I am hereby asking you to please stop sending me any further Progenix or any other products now. I do not believe they work for me. A. Kowal, Bunbury, W.A. 6230.
2 answers
on ly asked for trial they did not work. stop sending products i have returned them I expect a refundhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OYXcFsgJYtQ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LLF2qUUFndc https://www.amazon.com/ProstaGenix-Multiphase-Prostate-Support-caps/dp/B07DH1D7ZM

How do I cancel orders?
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