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VS Sassoon Big Curls Ceramic Setter VSCHV14A

VS Sassoon Big Curls Ceramic Setter VSCHV14A

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Faulty product

I bought this setter and the light that indicates the curls are ready was damaged. I exchanged the setter for a new one and I had the same problem. This time I got a different model (cheaper) and I found the same fault. No more VS for me, that's for sure.

Heat up quick, give great volume

Exactly what I was looking for. My hair is very heavy and never curls well, but I use a 38mm curling wand to give it volume and flick out my layers, which can be quite time consuming (usually about 30mins), now all I need to do is heat these up (it really take under 2 minutes) and pop them in for five minutes to get the same effect. LOVING them! NOTE: if you're after curls these don't give a very big curl, you'll need smaller rollers for that.
Quick to heat up & fantastic volume!
The clips can be trick, but once you get the hand of them its all good.

A great product!

This is my first time using hair rollers and I found these to be really good and easy once you get the hang of rolling. I have very long (23inchs) dark thick hair and it curled it thoroughly. It took me a few YouTube videos to work out how to curl and position my hair. I found that by starting to curl in the middle of the hair strands (the instructions say the ends) that my hair held better and the rollers wouldn't fall out, although they still did droop but that probably just going to take practise. This gives really nice volume and big wavy curls after its cooled and dropped a bit. I felt like a lion afterwards >.< I think if you want smaller tighter curls you would either need to use a lot of hairspray as soon as you take the rolls out or smaller rolls. This suits my needs perfectly as I really just want volume on the top and curls on the ends of my hair. Make sure you read the instructions on how to use and take care of the machine as the lid can melt if used incorrectly :)
Fast heat up, Fairly easy to use, Won't burn yourself, Good value.
Instructions could've included more

The solution to frizzy, curly hair - get instant smooth waves, a bouncy glamorous look

Large rollers turn frizzy, corkscrew, crimpy unmanageable hair into smooth bouncy waves. You can achieve the same with velcro rollers but that takes too long. Use these rollers in horizontal rows, rolling your hair in the downward (turning under) direction. You will get a great result. The reviewer who didn't like these rollers chose the wrong appliance for her heavier, nearly straight hair and needed small rollers for the curl to stay in. These large rollers are to give body to straight hair, or to give smooth waves and soft curls if you have unruly curly thick hair like mine. This set heat up fast, is easy to use with the clips that hold the rollers in place so you can have a great hairstyle quickly every morning without having to wash your hair every day like I used to. Just be careful to always have the lid open once the rollers have heated up otherwise the plastic lid will melt if one or more rollers is missing when turned on. They should have used a melt-proof lid. You can also buy a set of only 5 rollers for travel. Remember if your hair does not hold a curl well you need to buy the standard set with smaller rollers. These rollers give a better effect than hair straighteners, which are terrible on my very curly hair. This set relaxes your crimpy frizz and gives smoothness. It's a shame they didn't include instructions with diagrams for how to put them in to achieve the right effect. I had to find this on the internet and hairstyle books. The box should explain that it won't give tight curls for straight heavy hair.
Plastic meltable lid, need a booklet with how to use rollers for different hair styles
fast heat up, easy to use, good value for the money, won't burn your fingerrs on the rollers, safe

Great product

I bought these 5 years ago & although I don't use them every day they are a must for days I want to look a bit more glam. The reviewer who rubbished them can't have learned how to use them properly as I have never had any cause for complaint with mine & love them so much that I also bought the travel set of 5 and friends are always borrowing those. I have long straight quite fine hair so perhaps these rollers are more suitable for my type of hair however they provide great body & a really professional look. Have never had a problem with them falling out even with having such fine hair and only ever use the plastic grips but think its good that they also provide the metal pins in case you do need extra support. Haven't had any melting problems but agree that I could have done with a few more instructions however figured out their best use eventually and wouldn't be without them
Creates great body & a professionally finished look

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Thanks for including your hair type, I also have very fine hair that is difficult to keep curls in.

Total waste of money

I recently bought this product to put waves and curls in my slightly wavy, thick, shoulder length hair - and it's a total dud. Despite having both metal clips and plastic gripping clips, the rollers continually fell out after only a few seconds - totally useless design. I've no idea what kind of hair they were designed for but it certainly wasn't mine! I tried using lots of hair and also small sections - didn't make any difference. Whether I tried curling the hair on top of my hair or at the sides, the rollers continually fell out. I tried using each style of clip on their own and then together. Made no difference. Enormously frustrating. If I'd kept the receipt and acted sooner, I would have returned them to the retailer for a refund. As it is, I'll probably donate them to an op shop - that's all they're good for.
Rollers heat up quickly.
Pathetic design, the rollers continually fall out and therefore don't curl hair.

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VS Sassoon Big Curls Ceramic Setter VSCHV14A
CategoryHair Stylers
Price (RRP)$62.95
Roller Size (mm)38

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