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Dometic Waeco CFX Series

Dometic Waeco CFX Series

CFX-50, CFX28 (28.2L), CFX35W (34.5L), CFX40W (41L), CFX65DZ (61L) and 4 more
3.7 from 53 reviews

Great size, looks good, low power.

I’ve mounted mine on a custom built slide in the back of my Amarok. No dual batteries and just have it powered off the crank battery with the highest level of battery protection on. When I get home overnight I just plug in the 240v and walk away.
The dual zone is perfect, I run the little one all the time as a fridge for work lunch etc, and turn the second larger one on only when going away or picking up the groceries while at work.
My only downsides is wifi connected means my phone can’t access data while connected to the fridge as it thinks it’s on wifi with no internet access... so perhaps this would have been better as a Bluetooth connection?
And the second is the 4 security HO,d down bolts underneath are not documented for set out anywhere, had to turn the fridge upside down and measure them so I could drill out my fridge slide to suit.
Finally the cages in the small section are annoying for me as one blocks access to the lower one, BUT, some people probably find this useful...
It’s a great product so far, love it!

Purchased in January 2019 at BCF Physical Store for $1,319.00.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Ease of Use
Cleaning & Maintenance

High power consumption

I purchased the CFX-65W about 14 months ago with a view to doing the Canning Stock Route later this year. As part of the planning and preparing dual battery config I set about working out what it would take to run as a freezer for the duration. I set it up with a 13.8V 20A supply with good inline meter, with 9 2L milk bottles frozen full of water. The fridge ran for 24 hours on -16C before I started the test and I did not open the lid at all during the test. Max ambient temp was 29C but averaged about 25C throughout (in an insulated room. It consumed an average of 4.3Ah / hour for the next 24 hours (after it had stabilised for 24hrs first). This is a huge power consumption but when I rang Dometic, they would not give me any indication of normal consumption in freezer configuration. They seemed put out that I would even ask.

This compared to Evakool who quote their fridge eco, fridge normal and freezer estimated consumption stats online for the world to see, and at a conservative ambient temperature of 32C.

I also had temperature my own gauges inside the fridge (top and bottom section) and next to the fridge to monitor ambient temp.

I think this 'hardly used fridge' will go on ebay and replace with a product where the manufacturer openly quotes their consumption and stands by it.

This is my third Dometic / Waeco (I had a CFX-110 and CFX-40) both of which failed early in their service life - the 110 at only two weeks old. You can see who the fool is here but I am learning...

Purchased in December 2017 at Anaconda Physical store for $1,100.00.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Ease of Use
Cleaning & Maintenance

Be careful they do not last

We purchased a new CFX40 a few years ago was working great when new but ironically shortly after the warranty period we have had nothing but trouble trying to keep it running either on 240v or 12v. Tried different batteries, leads etc but it is just one electrical problem after another. After speaking to the repairer I'm not alone with this. Now it's going back for another repair as something has shorted out inside and is tripping power off whether connected to 12v or 240v.

This fridge was lucky to be used a couple of times a month and was always kept in an insulated cover safely inside the back of a 4wd wagon.

As it was to spend most of its time inside the back of a 4wd out of the elements I thought I would go for the cheaper plastic Waeco over the more expensive Engel. That is where I went wrong.
We have friends with 2 Engels that get thrashed around and have never had an issue with them, one is over 30yr old. This Waeco wont make 4yrs.

Hopefully my new 40l Engel will be more reliable.

Purchased in February 2015 at Anaconda for $949.00.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Ease of Use
Cleaning & Maintenance

Save and get an Engel

Have had this for 2 years and it lives in the back of my Ranger 4x4. I am building a house on weekends and also use it for shopping.
Doesn’t handle heat above 40c. Turns off.
This is Australia and it gets hot, so manufacturer should tell us about that limitation.
I paid over $800 and also bought the cover that is perishing quickly.
Will sell it on Gumtree and get a 40 litre dual zone Engel.

Date PurchasedNov 2017

Overall good but basic manufacturing a bit ordinary

We have used the fridge as our main fridge in our small 4wd for about 6 months of actual use, half of it being summer. It copes very well in high heat. Power consumption is good but it is only a small fridge. The remote temperature gauge barely works at 30 cm so bought a second one, but no improvement. So I just use a AA battery operated thermometer from the opposition, which with hindsight is a better way to go, but you do have a wire running around the car. I pulled the fridge apart & replaced the fan with a more efficient one. Put a baffle around the new larger 120 mm fan as there was no baffle originally to stop hot air recirculating. I have stuffed two thicknesses of foam sleeping mat between the fridge and cover to increase insulation. You can get grey foam mats from Macp_c which match the fridge quite well. I removed the 8 corner cover caps as they are simply decoration and this also allowed more room for insulation. Also sewed Velcro around the vents of the cover and stuck onto the fridge to stop hot exhaust air going up inside the cover. Cut the 12 volt power lead very short as the copper wire is too lighter gauge. Have also folded a 0.5 mm sheet of aluminium over ridge to transfer some cold from the evaporative element to the area above the motor. The manufacturer makes a good product, but it could be a lot more efficient if they just didn't try to save a few cents here and there during manufacture. I have limited accessory battery capacity, just don't have the space, so reducing power consumption by about 30% with a few changes which should have been there in the first place. What is it with dark coloured fridge covers? I put a white towel over the fridge if it happens to work it way into the sun. I would buy another one if this fridge died and make all the changes if the manufacturer has not done these things.

Date PurchasedJun 2017

Nothing but trouble

Had for 6 years, every third time its used something goes wrong, it has now cost me more in repairs than what the fridge is worth, when it runs its good but always breaks down, once again on holidays and it’s faulty,can’t use, stay well clear, there crap don’t waste your money

Date PurchasedOct 2013

Don't waste your money

Having spent a lot on money on this you would expect it to work for more than 4 weeks before complete failure. Has only been used several times and not will not function at all. Brought it for my wife whilst she was in hospital as we needed a fridge & freezer to keep medication and also food yeh it has failed and cost us lots more on wasted medication and food.

Was great when working but is now useless and we are expected to take it somewhere to get fixed which inst where we brought it from. Have been waiting a week for Dometic to reply to my email yet no response. I am expected to take a day off work to take it somewhere over 30 minutes away from where I live. I don't find this an acceptable solution.

Date PurchasedSep 2018


Ive owned a CFX 50 for a number of years now ,I use it on solar fitted to my 4x4 then to a battery for camping and extended trips it uses very little power I could even cut the size of my solar in half Ive used it for up to a month at a time in my car and could leave it permantly their with out a problem I bought it on price (in a sale) I couldn't afford an Engle and am glad I stuck with the waeco I will buy another one if this ever fails me ( I doubt it will)

Date PurchasedNov 2014

Lasted 1 day on the track.

This is one of the worst fridges I have had the misfortune to own.
At home in December while prepping for a trip in August it cut out on 12v because the weather was too hot for it to handle.
On our recent outback trip it couldnt handle the rattling/shaking or dust of the first track and failed after just one day, luckily we were heading for Broken hill.

At Broken Hill we jettisoned the Waeco and bought an Engel to replace it, the Engel never missed a beat on a 2 week trip on below average gravel roads.

Save your money and buy Engel.

Date PurchasedNov 2017

Can't expect it to not leak....?

After second use noticed it was leaking on a join next to the compressor. So when I got home, I put it on the bench (not plugged in) put about 30mm of water in the bottom, checked it the next day and water had leaked out. So I took it in to the Dometic factory Varsity Lakes. They said its not meant to have water in it and to expect it to leak?? So you buy a $100 esky and expect it not to leak but buy one for $1400 an expect a leak? So if you accidentally have water just above the join which is about 20 mm from the bottom it will leak. Great product..!!

Date PurchasedMar 2018

Great fridge, power hungry, but good.

I’ve has my Waeco CFX 50 for nearly 4 years now and I love it! It does exactly as asked and is more than ample to do the job. Fits plenty for a family of 3 for even long trips!

It is, however, very power hungry. My old ARB 78L fridge used less power to do the same job.

Points of note:
They like good power connections, so upgrade to Anderson plugs for your power lead.
They cycle a lot more than other fridges.
The lid is light, so sometimes you need to press it down to close it properly.
The USB charge point is extremely good to charge devices.

I’d buy another. I use mine heaps, it’s a great fridge, just need a big battery if you use it.

Date PurchasedJun 2014

Unreliable fridge - terrible customer service

Fridge gets down to temp then turns off ( like it should ). Then once it comes to restart, if the input voltage is about 12.1v, it will not restart - despite the battery monitor being set to low, with a cut out voltage of 10.1v and a restart voltage of 11.1. Service agent couldn’t find a fault, Waeco don’t return emails and BCF are washing their hands of it ( not that they have ever been any help because I had to deliver it to the service agent ). Cannot find any schematics for the power circuits so I can try and repair it myself. I’ve had this problem for at least 2 years and it’s been to the repairer twice since I bought it.
I don’t know what my next fridge will be, but it won’t be a Waeco and it won’t be from BCF.

Date PurchasedJan 2014

Very disappointed with both product and support

Purchased in August 2017 for our camper.

Initially seemed to work ok however over time started to struggle to keep both compartments cooler than 5 degrees. Spoke to Dometic and they suggested that the cig lighter plug was to blame (why supply this sort of plug if it is not sufficient has me beat) so I changed the plug over to an Anderson plug. Seemed to improve slightly.

Keeping in mind is for camping was not used for several months so was stored with lids removed in order to keep the inside clean and dry, plugged into 240v to pre cool for next trip and could not get it below 8 degrees inside our house.

Called Dometic again, they referred me to a local "agent" who took several days to get hold of only to be told to leave it on his veranda and he would get to it when he could. Explained to him it was worth nearly $2k and if it went missing it would be his responsibility, he laughed and told me he has a camera to "protect" it

Called Dometic back, they sent me to an agent in Clayton where it has now been sitting for the last 6 weeks un fixed, un diagnosed. Meanwhile we have had to go out and buy a new unit for our trip as clearly this one will not be working.

Date PurchasedAug 2017
As an update, fridge has been with repairer for 8 weeks now and we "may" get it back next week IF they can work out what is wrong with it. Thought personally being a major defect we should have under consumer rights the option for replacement or refund but seems notUpdate Called the "repairer" again on Monday (as they do not seem to have the ability to call me for updates) and they have advised they can not find what is causing the issue. Asked about the pressures, "not yet been tested" Finally had enough, stern email to Dometic and what do you know, all of a sudden problem found, NO REFRIGERANT Dometic now claim they will repair unit, have advised that under consumer law is a major defect and requested a refund or NEW replacement with FULL warranty, is with "Management" now apparently

1st world magic

I've camped with this for a week now and I love it! It kept everything cold, even on the hot days (~35C). I filled it with meat, drinks, salad ingredients, yoghurt, butter, cheese, eggs...enough for 1 person for 7 days, it was jam packed!. The temperature stayed constant at my set temperature of 3C, swinging 1-2C above and below the set temperature. It exceeded by expectations! It is as light as a normal esky filled with ice, so I will be taking the Waeco on Sunday drives as well as camping trips!

Empty, the Waeco can drop the temperature from 25C to 4C in about 15-20 min, so very powerful.

An improvement I made was to apply velcro around the ventilation grills between the cover and the fridge, a 10min job, which works well and stops any heat generated by the Waeco getting trapped under the insulating cover reducing the efficiency. It worked well.

For those interested in the power side of things....I powered it via a Roman portable battery pack which was recharged via a Primus/Roman 120W solar mat. The solar mat would fully recharge the battery in around 5-6 hours.

Date PurchasedJan 2018

Perfect fridge/freezer

This is our fourth Waeco unit over 10 years, and the best yet. I seriously cannot fault this one at all. We previously ran a dual zone 80 fridge/freezer Waeco which was great, but with only one lid the freezer section was continuously exposed and prone to icing up. This new unit solves that with a separate lid for each section. The unit is divided into two, each with its own cooling capabilities. This means you can run either end as the fridge or freezer depending on your needs. The unit is also wi-fi capable, which means you can run the app and monitor and change the temp for each compartment from the driver’s seat-brilliant! This unit is the best!

Date PurchasedMay 2018

Love it!

Keeps our drinks icy cold. We take our Waeco to work with us. We also have taken it on the road when we travel up north for work. It keeps our food and drinks fresh for days. It has never let us down. This is one of our best purchases

Date PurchasedAug 2016

waeco cfx-65dz a load of rubbish

the fridge worked well for 3 years 2 weeks then runs for a few hours and stops cooling turn it off,wait several hours turn it on and it does the same thing contacted dometic and was told "you cant expect it to run forever". their customer service is rubbish like their fridges

Date PurchasedFeb 2015

Waeco 12volt Fridges...not designed to last

Disappointed that this Waeco fridge only lasted 3 years, paid $1,399.
Very little use, now the fridge doesn’t get cold...nobody seems keen to even look at it or repair it. Service people said go & buy a new fridge.
I have left phone messages & emailed Waeco regarding the faulty fridge...still waiting for a reply!

Date PurchasedMar 2015

Great Fridge. Highly recommend.

I purchased the Waeco CFX50 to use when travelling interstate and going away with the family.
I highly recommend this to anyone looking for a great reliable fridge. Works really well. I set it to 0degrees and after putting my infrared temp thermometer on it to read the temperature it’s shows -0.1 meaning it’s spot on.

I use it in the back of the Ute. I have a dual battery setup. My 2nd AUX battery is a 100AH deep cycle and it can run on this battery for over a week without a drama. This depends on how many times you are opening the fridge and if the fridge is in the heat or direct sunlight.

This Waeco has a WiFi feature. You download the app and you can control your fridge from your smartphone app. You can set temperatures, view the vehicle battery voltage/supply voltage to the fridge. You can also switch the power off.

Size of this fridge is perfect. Not too big. Not too small. Inside the fridge has a metal basket with a divider. Also has a non chilled section on the side for butter and delicate items which need to be in the fridge but not get too chilled.
This fridge is also a freezer. Lower the temperature down to -20 and your icecreams and icy poles can stay frozen without any issues.

The lid can be flipped so if it doesn’t open the way you want it to open you can flip the lid around very easily.

After installing this in the back of the Ute I can’t live without it.

Date PurchasedDec 2017

Worked Fine

Had it for my 25 day road trip working off my dual battery system on the car and worked perfectly, kept the beer cool and the food fresh. Fits fine on the back of the Patrol and managed to take the banging of some off road bumps like a champ. Also never managed to fully drain the battery so battery draw is as low as prommissed.

Date PurchasedDec 2017

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Questions & Answers

What is the sensor in a cfx that turns off the internal lights? I have a dual zone 95 and one side light turns off just before lid is shut the other side is always flashing like the lid has been left open so never turns off.
No answers

I have a CFX50 that starts ok in 240 & 12 volt. Turning it on no green light comes on or Red error light. Just a solid orange light. The CFX50 begins cooling and reaches -22 then begins to come down in temp to around +5 then begins cooling again back up to -22. Have tried it on normal & override positions no difference. The Digital readout on Control PCB shows unreadable numbers ie: the numbers are not fully displayed. When pressing the set button, can step thru the sequence and change tof C or Friday and Low Mediterranean High. BUT cannot set the Temperature mode It is set on +10 but cannot set it. It freezes the cabinet as said to -21. I have ordered a new Upper Digital Control PCB to swap out this faulty PCB. I have remove the Main PCB, disconnected the connector and cleaned with Electronic Spray Cleaner -reassembled AND CFX50 fires up and dies as described an the beginning of my questions. Iso the PCB the likely cause of the hiccup?? Thank you in advance for your input & suggestion/s.
No answers

I have a Waco CFX95 with fridge set at 4 degrees and smaller compartment for freezer at -14 degrees. The freezer only stays at the set temp for 10 mins before the compressor kicks in to cool it down which also takes about 10 mins to get it back to the set temp. Is this normal? I have have had this fridge/freezer for a while and never noticed coming on so often. I thought I was getting longer times before it needed to be cooled down again.
No answers


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