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Wahl Cutek Ceramic

Wahl Cutek Ceramic

3.4 from 18 reviews

10 years

I bought mine in 2004/2005 at a 10 USD price. It is incredible and still working. Never burnt my hair or made any damage to it. I really recommend it.

Love it!

best hair straightner ive ever used! its the only one that can leave my hair straight for multiple days, ive had my straightner for six or so years and its still going strong! i love this straightner so much


I left my GHD in the hotel on a trip to aussie :/ so I bought a wahl cutek. It works just as good as the GHD..maybe even better because it doesn't make my hair all static. PERFECT. my one looks a tad different to the one in the pic though...maybe its an updated version? dunno. anyway, definately recommend.
Inexpensive, works really well.

My Favourite

I have had mine for well over 2 years and it still works beautifully (and I am quite rough with it).
I have very thick course hair and straighten it every couple of days. Of all the straightners i 've used my Wahl Cutek has definately been the best for me. I love it.
Light weight, heats up quickly

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Same for me :-) Only that i've had mine for 7 years!!

Doesn't stay sleek and straight

I always thought my little pink Wahl was a good straightener, until I used a Diva and realised what a good straightener was.

I have straight hair but it has a slight wave and fly away, so I straightenen it to clean it up a bit. I have noticed that after a good 30 minutes to an hour my hair isn't silky smooth and straight anymore. The wahl will straighten, however your hair won't stay silky and straight for more than an hour. If it can't keep healthy, naturally hair sleek straight then I don't really see it keeping anyone else's sleek and straight
Inexpensive, reliable
Hair doesn't stay straight

Broke after 6 months

I bought the Wahl Cutek to replace a cheap Remington straightener I'd had for four years. A hairdresser recommended the Wahl to me, claiming that what's sold in retail stores and pharmacies are not real straighteners. She sold me one for $100 (which I think is way overpriced - I now know you can get one for $59.95 online). She told me it would last at least a couple of years.

I was pleased with it at first. The Wahl Cutek is great for straightening. You can get very good results with it. It helps if you section your hair and run a comb through your hair as you straighten it. It's not that good for curling, because it has a rectangular body and fixed plates (which didn't bother me that much, because I have a curling iron).

However, the other day when I switched it on, it didn't heat up at all. The red light was on, but the plates were cold. I switched it on again a few days later to check if it really was broken and the plates were still not heating up. I bought it at the beginning of November last year, so it has lasted me almost six months. (Unfortunately, I recently moved interstate and have misplaced my proof of purchase, so will not be able to send it back for repairs under the one year warranty).

I'm disappointed that the hairdresser told me it would last about two years and it didn't even last for the period of the warranty. Will be buying a Remington Pearl Straightener today. Going back to the retail straighteners as they have been reliable to me in the past. I'm sure, despite what hairdressers may say, they perform just as good but at a better price.
Thin, swivel cord, very good straightening results.
Overpriced (probably marked up by hairdresser), broke within a year of having it, no floating plates and rigid rectangular body makes it difficult to curl with.


Cheap product thats great as a first straightener for someone not with overly thick hair. It does not that a long life most people I know have said there's broke in the first 2 years of having them. I didn't find this straightener as effective as others I have used. Although I did like the cool colours that they come in. I love the baby pink.
Heats up fairly quick, simple to use, comes in funky colours, cheap and does the job.
I had mine less then a year and it broke. The straightening did not last as long as my GHD.


I really love my straightener. My hair is fine, fairly straight but I have alot of it and it works brilliantly. Fast to heat up and easy to use. On/off switch started playing up shortly after buying it, and I've come across two others that both have the same problem. I've had mine for hour years and it still works great.
Works great on my hair!! Had for 4 years and still going strong.
The on/off switch is pretty dodgy. I have two friends with this straightener, and both have the same switch problem.

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The Cutek Titanium has never worked properly. The switch was temperamental at the start. When I returned the straightener to the salon to demonstrate the problem it worked perfectly; then I relocated; it has not been been reliable these past two years; I have written it off as a bad purchase. I can related to many of the negative comments and issues as I have experienced them also with the Wahl Cutek Titanium. I would not recommend a Wahl.


great if just starting to straighten you hair.
I'm getting abit to old now and keep forgeting if I turned it off or not.
I have had mine for 4 years, it has never failed.
no auto switch off


I have had mine replaced twice in 16 months and the current was has just died as well!! First one, one of the plates stopped working, second one kept hearing a sizzling noise when turning it on and then it just stopped working, 3rd one a spark came out of end and now is not working. This product is utter crap and I am not going to bother to take the third one back!!!!
Works well on fine hair, heats quickly
Has electrical faults


This straightener was a gift, and came recommended by a survey. I was happy using it until the switch jammed and I was lucky to get it to turn on again, thus having to switch it off at the powerpoint. I don't think I'd buy the same again
Simple design, Easy to use, fast to heat up, comes in assorted colours
The on/off switch jammed and eventually had to leave it on and switch it on/off at the wall.


Highly recommended, this unit gives overall better performance than one I paid three times more for. It's nice and small and easily fit's into an overnight bag so you can take it with you every where. Heat's up really quickly and heat is constant, the cord is also nice and long. I've had mine for 2.5 years and used it a lot and still no problems.
I love this unit. It heats up quickly, doesn't catch in the hair, leaves the hair smooth, the cord swivels and the unit is light weight and streamlined. Plenty of cord length.


Will never buy one again. It has been the worse purchase. Bought a babyliss that lasted and was better than the wahl.
The plates dont match, they lift, ceramic came off, went to steel plates. Went through 3 in 6 months. Kept taking it back and getting a replacement and they still didnt work properly. There more you use in one go the heat seems to wan as you use it. Doesnt keep the heat spread evenly over the plates.


I bought one of these for my daughter as it was a lot cheaper than a GHD. It's slim in looks which was appealing, and it does have an on-off switch which is great. The plates have discoloured over about 6 months, and as it's only plated, I suppose you can expect that. The one thing that we have dsicovered is that the plates are not very flush with the handles, and as it's raised above, it catches on my daughter's hair which leads to hair being pulled out. Not good!
Small in size, heats up quickly
Catches hair


On/Off switch did stuff up after owning this product for 3 years though still works great, heats up fast and straightens fizzy hair quick. Handle is small which is great for my little hands and I only orignally paid about $60.
It does dry your hair though every hair straightner does so its too be expected.
Cheap, heats up fast and hot, straightner hair quick, small
Broke though have owned it for 3 years.


I have had this hair straightener for just over 12 months and unlike the previous reviewers have not had any problems with it so far and i use it at least 4 times a week (and so does my sister). My hair is pretty thick so i just straighten it in sections. It heats up pretty fast and does a good and quick job of hair straightening (not as good as GHD though). I have not used it for curls yet however. Hopefully this one wont break on me any time soon and i can have it for a few more years to come.
Fast heat up, easy to use, on/off switch, swivel chord, relatively inexpensive (i think i got mine for about $80 at the shaver shop)
The tongs don't lock for easy storage (unlike a previous hair straightener i had)


Wouldn't waste my money I am looking at the expensive and brand name Straighteners hopefully to find a product to love.
There are none
Where do I start...I spend a lot of money keeping my hair healthy and money really wasn't what I was worried about when looking for a good straightener I asked my hairdresser and she told me straight not to go for expensive or brands that this was the best. I have not been back to that hairdresser since. My Wahl cutek ceramic has been nothing but a piece of crap, the plates warped not long after I bought it and only touched each other in one small spot in the centre and it's great swivel cord started to spark and short out not long after the plates warped also my hair has never been so unhealthy it breaks all over I now have to cut 12 inches plus off my hair to one day have healthy hair again. I threw my Wahl Cutek Ceramic in the BIN I wasn't even going to bother with returning it to only get a replacement which would have been thrown in the bin in box and all. My friend also had one at the same time and only used it for a few months before she went to another brand.


Really cheap & pretty good product, but in the end it just doesn't last. Proably better to invest the $80 towards a better one.
Heats up quickly, quite good at straightening.
Lasted 12months and two days before it just stopped working.

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Cutek Ceramic
Max Temperature200°C

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