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SAS Hair Straightener

Latest review: It is the best straightener I have ever used. Didn't damage my hair. heats up quickly, doesn't burn. the straighteners I have used before usually burns my hair. this doesn't worth spending for this

Karmin G3 Salon Pro Hair Styling Iron

Latest review: I purchased my Karmin straightener several years ago and it is still going strong. It heats up very quickly, stays hot and allows me to straighten my hair quickly without having to go over each piece


Latest review: I purchased 1 of these as a friend recommended it. I've used it a number of times now and am not impressed at all so will be going back to my GHD as this is much


Latest review: I absolutely LOVE this hair straightener. I originally bought it to do curls because my hairdresser was doing this in my hair and I loved it. Ordered my own and it arrived in a beautiful box with a

Cloud Nine Wide Iron

Latest review: Best on the market. Can not explain my love for these irons. They are so good and the hair definitely stays straighter for longer when I use these. My go

Muk 230-IR

Latest review: This straightener makes doing my hair so quick and easy. I had used other brands but because of the thickness, I find I can do large sections at a time and so spend less time doing my hair. Really

Silver Bullet Keratin 230

Latest review: I bought 2 of these, one for myself and one for my daughter in Oct 2018. They worked for about 2 months then started faulting. they BOTH had times were they did not heat up at all, or heat up a

L'Oreal Steampod

Latest review: Look to be completely honest with you i did not expect much from this product but boy it blew me away of how nice and crispy it looks on the hair looks like i got my hair

Remington Silk Ceramic S9600AU

Latest review: The straightner doesn't take too long to heat up, about a minute or so. It straightens very well, but i have noticed it doesn't stay as long as a ghd straightner would

Remington Smooth Finish Ceramic S3505AU

Latest review: I like how quickly it heats up and how easy it is to use! I am somewhat concerned about the "burning" smell when I leave it for a minute or so, and I feel it might be a bit too hot- it says 300

Cloud Nine Original Iron

Latest review: Love this device! Use it for any hairstyle and I know I can get my hair looking amazing within minutes. I love the feature of choosing the heat so you won’t heat damage hair u

Remington Smart Styler

Latest review: One of my clients used these at home she can in after a month only using it and her hair had all been burnt. She only uses professional reductions at home and a heat protectant straightener plates

VS Sassoon Goddess VSP95CA

Latest review: It is a good quality hair straightener and much cheaper that ghd, it delivers great results and thanks to steam, keeps my hair in great condition, sleek and polished, love this and would recommend

The Farrah by Halo

Latest review: I love how this hair straightener works on my hair. by far one of the best straighteners I have used. I have very thick curly hair and this hair straightener does make my hair dead straight. it can

The Kate by Halo

Latest review: My partner purchased this as a xmas pressie 2 years ago as a combo with a hair curler. I have used this once a week for the past 2 years and I'm so upset that I've wasted 2 years using this and also

VS Sassoon Diamond Luxe Straightening Brush VSP2440A

Latest review: I absolutely love this straightening brush. VS Sassoon is always my go to. It leaves my hair shining and straight, it doesn’t take very long to heat up. It has cut my straightening time in h

Remington Keratin and Argan Oil S7500AU

Latest review: This is an amazing hair straightener, I have very curly and frizzy hair and this hair straightener has managed to straighten my hair in no time without causing any damage to my hair, my hair will

Instyler Max Rotating Iron

Latest review: Very good for having curls but not the easiest to use. The rotating metal doesn't have any cover so it can easily caise burn. I have this item for over 5 years now and still works perfectly well but

ghd Hair Straighteners

Latest review: Love my new GHD. The biggest difference between this and my last ghd is how it maintains heat. I have very long hair and my old model cooled down as it reached the mid lengths, slowing down the whole

Remington Pro Ceramix Max S5525AU

Latest review: I paid $47.20 for this straightener at Target it was on special from $59. I was sold based on the reviews on targets website. Ever since using this straightener people gave complimented my hair so

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