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Should change package design

The wipe itself is good, gentle on bub skin but I found it a bit too wet.
The package design need to be changed, it lose adhesiveness after a short while. It cant be closed properly then It wet inside of my bag n the wipes get dry !!!
If you are a mum to be, my advice to you is don't assume your bub will have senitive skin and spend heaps more to buy these expensive brands wipe.

Pure and simple, but expensive

Found these to be effective in cleaning up baby. Good to know they don't contain any allergens and won't hurt baby's sensitive skin. Price to be paid for convenience though - wipes work out to be quite expensive. When at home, would consider just using cotton balls and water instead.

The best wipes ever

This wipes are amazing, they cleared my daughters teething nappy rash in 1 day. They are quite expensive but I just stock up when on special. These are definitely my go to wipes & totally recommend to everyone, you also only need a few each nappy change as they ate quite thick.

Good for Newborns but costly

Great wet wipes for when my daughter was newborn and were good at cleaning up her explosions. But are quite expensive for piece of mind knowing that they only contain water. I did find them to be cold especially at night. Great buy but too expensive to continuing buying them.

Ok but way too expensive

We used to buy these when our newborn arrived but quickly realised they simply aren’t worth it. They are very expensive and the quality of the wipe is nothing special. We now buy Curash simply water wipes and you can sometimes get them for a third of the price and even have the clip opening variation which is so much better!


These wipes are so thin that they were difficult to seperate as you got to the bottom of the pack it got to wet and my bubs bottom would be drenched. Even when she did a poo it didn’t clean the right and had to use so many wipes which was a waste!!

The best for sensitive skin!

Absolutely love water wipes made the switch from Huggies to water wipes and I will never look back. They are so gentle every single nappy wipe besnd on the market would burnt age and made it blotchy except these. No rashes at all on my sons bum anymore either. So so happy with them. To those below who are annoyed by the packaging which isn’t really bad at all, get a wipes rub and put them in there.

Best, safest baby wipes I've seen.

Just read the ingredients list on the back of this pack, then compare to any other product on the supermarket shelf in front of you. It's just water and some plant extract. That's it. Every other product is not only too dry and rough on the babys bottom to use in comparison, but you need a degree in chemistry to understand all the chemicals in them.
It can be a pain at times trying to take out just one wipe and not 5 stuck together but that's all.
On top of this, they're made in Ireland too so how could you go wrong?

Perfect wipes for baby

Love this product as it doesn't contain any harsh chemicals. Our baby has not had one single instance of nappy rash thanks to these wipes. The only annoying thing is the packaging, when you get down to the last few wipes it becomes really hard to get them out of the pack, especially if you are working one handed (the other hand holding a squirming bub!). It would be great if they could come up with a dispenser for these waterwipes (like some other competitors have with their wipes). That's my only negative about an otherwise great product.

Love the product. Packaging need to be improved

By far the best wipes if used. I love and recommend them to all of my friends. These are also the most expensive wipes i have used, which i don't mind because i love the product however when you are paying more for what is essentially a really cheap ingredient (water) you would expect better packaging. I find the seal doesn't always stick causing water to leak in my nappy bag or the wipes dry out. The packaging also rips easily causing the same issues. The wipes also come out in bunches causing unnecessary waste.

I will continue to use and recommend the product but would love to see improved packaging.

The best wipes for newborns

These are the only wipes I will use on my babies for the first few months while their skin is so sensitive. They are super moist and a great size for even the worst poosplosions, I find the thickness to he perfect too. I have quite sensitive skin and have never had any type of irritation, neither have any of my babies.

Best wipes on the market

No chemicals and very gentle on babys skin.
Tried the baby wipes by naty - eco wipes and my baby broke out in a red rash.
Only down side is getting them out of the packet it is a little harder than the other brands
But the quailty more then makes up for it.

Best baby wipes ever!!

I researched everything whilst pregnant and in regards to baby wipes WaterWipes came up the best. No harsh chemicals and very easy to use I've now had my baby and we've been using them for over 3 months. They are expensive but they usually go on sale from Woolworths every couple of months. I only usually ever use 1 wipe per nappy change it mops up everything. So a pack usually lasts a week or so. Definitely recommend for any baby with sensitive skin. Haven't had any nappy rash either.

Excellent product

I would highly recommend these wipes. Natural and free from chemicals. They do cost more than other wipes, however after doing research on the chemicals in baby wipes, I turned to these for my baby. Wipes are tricky to get out of the packet sometimes, so I just pull a few out before I change my baby.

Absolute life saver!!

I stumbled upon these wipes last year and I'm so glad I did because my daughter had horrible nappy rash and everything we tried just didn't help it. I actually think the baby wipes we were using were causing the rash. Since using water wipes she has never had a rash again. They are a bit more expensive but they are nice and thin, soaked in water and you don't need to use as many per nappy change. They are on sale sometimes for $5.50 so I stock up when they are. An excellent product and I highly recommend using these! The ingredients speaks for itself.

Fantastic baby wipe; very wet, thin and does not cause redness or rash

Found this product to be excellent. The wipes are a better alternative to the more popular wipes out there. They are moist, thin and most importantly do not cause any redness or a rash to my baby. They seem very gentle on the skin. The packaging is fine, however the wipes are not very easy to get out of the packet, and not easy to get just one at a time. Can be found on sale at our local supermarket.
Think and moist wipe
Not easy to get one out of the packet at a time

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