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We Feed You

We Feed You

4.2 from 6 reviews

Couldn't have managed without them this week!

How did I know I would need, not just want, this service?
I was tired of trying to cook gluten- and lactose-free for one, so searched online for an alternative. Delighted with the range offered. My first delivery came just before I tripped hurting my knee so badly that I couldn't shop. But I've been able to have delicious meals every day, thanks to We Feed You.

Timely DeliveryYes

Never again

Very bad delivery stuff up for me, did not receive meals was told delivery problem then told it would be delivered next week between midnight to 7am, after many emails I requested a phone call as the email messages were confusing, I received another email it would be delivered on Thursday but they were delivered Monday 4 days early sitting in the sun on very hot day the top 2 dinners were half thawed, lucky I went to check mail or I would have not seen them. After all that trouble I found the meals tasteless, tried adding salt and sauces but I threw them away, never again for me.

Value for Money
Timely DeliveryNo

Great Meals, great service

These guys are really on-it. Great FODMAP friendly foods, and excellent customer service. Lots of variety, and they were really accommodating with a request I had. Have recommended them to several people in the office.

Absolutely delicious...

Recently started with We Feed You meals and absolutely loved them! It makes a busy life nice and easy to manage as meals were starting to become time consuming. Highly recommend if you're looking for a nutritious, quick option that still has a great taste.

No contract and Sunday delivery!

I love that I'm not locked into anything and don't have to remember to cancel if I don't want to order one week. I placed my first order a couple of weeks ago and got the 10 meal vegan package. I am slightly disappointed with how few vegan options there are, but for price and convenience I won't complain too much. I pretty much use these meals as my backup for days when I can't be bothered to think about what to have for dinner. They are also handy to take to work sometimes.
I also love that they offer Sunday deliveries in my area!
Overall I am happy with We Feed You and have just placed my second order and look forward to trying the newly added meal.

Great alternative for healthy meal deliveries

I have ordered several times now from We Feed You. The menu offers a range of gluten-free, no onion/no garlic and low-carb options to meet many dietary options and restrictions. As a vegetarian, it's great to have options that aren't a boring pasta. The prices are about $11 a meal.

The lentils with pickled cabbage, seeds and beetroot is a favourite and can be eaten as a side dish or on its own.

Some of the meals can be bland, but that's a good thing because they're low-salt, and I add chilli or other spices to change up the flavours.

My only criticism is there's coriander in a lot of dishes but that's a personal taste preference and not an issue with We Feed You.

Highly recommend.

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