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Weber Kettle Rotisserie Attachment

Weber Kettle Rotisserie Attachment

4.6 from 10 reviews

Perfect for roasting!

Bought this over Christmas to cook turkey. Perfect!! Really easy to use. Have also cooked two large chicken using this and it works a treat. Self basting gives you moist and succulent results. Yet to try cooking lamb on this. Should work really well for Souvla. Note that you have to get this from a premium reseller.

Date PurchasedDec 2016

Awesome accessory to any charcoal bbq setup!

Bought this as part of a Weber setup and have to say this is a great accessory! Yes, you need a power extension cord to plug in the rotisserie, but once I picked up a full lamb & chicken kebab on my skewer from the butchers and got it going, I never looked back! Easy to set up, fits in the Weber charcoal standard size and as long as you get the charcoal / heat bead temperature right, you can't go wrong. Yes, it's pricey, but the build quality is high, which is expected from Weber. Highly recommended.

Date PurchasedOct 2012

Way over priced

Nice item but as I said way way over priced. I would of thought with a lower price, within reason that is they would sell more?
But then again if there is no competition they can charge whatever as long as someone will but them.
Sorry but not at that price for me...

Date PurchasedDec 1997
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Hi Chris, thanks for your review. We're saddened to hear that you aren't happy with the pricing of our Rotisserie attachment. We are happy to provide you with some context. Some of the cost that goes into this includes shipping/distribution, taxes, development of recipes and handbooks for the Australian market and warranty and after sales service here in Australia/New Zealand. As a premium product, we are proud to provide exceptional customer service in Australian and New Zealand to Weber owners, there are many great examples of this that can be found on our social pages.    If you’d like to discuss this further please don’t hesitate in giving us a call on the following number, 1300 301 290 (toll-free) and we can talk about this with you further in detail

room improver

We have now been using our rotisserie attachment for about 24 months and would say without any contradiction it the greatest add on to a BBQ appliances made.We use to put a chicken on the Weber kettle and place what vegies we could around the chicken without them putting directly over the coals , now with the chicken on the rotisserie we have all that extra space on the grill, but best of all the chicken tastes so much better than before. We would highly recommend this attachment if you like cooking on your Weber kettle.

Date PurchasedJul 2014
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Hi, thanks for your review and support. Happy barbecuing!

works well

just got this week ,did a large chicken....perfect.the meat was fantastic.This is the latest rotisserie without a counter ballance.The attachment seems very well made and easy to clean,BUT is ridiculously overpriced at $249 with no pensioner discount from Mitre 10.I cooked using the indirect method for 2.5 hours possibly could have had a bit longer.Very very happy though.

Date PurchasedNov 2016
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Hi, thanks for your review and support. Happy barbecuing!

Hell Good

Bought this about 4 weeks ago. Have used it 4 times and it truly makes a difference in the taste of the roast using a spit. The ring fits perfectly on top of my weber and the lid fits snug as well. The rotisserie motor is quiet and the counterweight works well when I do unbalanced legs of lamb.The instructions that were shipped with it were useless, didnt even show how to use the counterweight, I found instructions online though so all good. The counterweight goes onto the handle, you unscrew the knob on the handle, place the counterweight, and screw knob back on, and slide counterweight to desired weight setting. I use a Maverick Rotisserie Thermometer so I just set it and forget it. All too easy with better results than ever before.
It works and works well
nothing really, probably could be cheaper but thats all, was $219

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Hi, thanks for your review and support. Happy barbecuing!

Great accessory to use with weber kettles

As usual from weber this item is well made and made to last. Cooking chicken isnt the same without the rottisserie, also excellent for pork or lamb roasts. Also a must have if you like doing brazilian style bbq'ing. Its easy to set up and clean afterwards.
The motor is fairy strong and uses electricity, it would of been good if there was a battery version aswell for camping situations.
The only thing i can think to make this kit better is if it came with different prongs. (only comes with 2, 2 pronged meat holders) a 4 pronged holder or even a basket holder for chicken wings etc would be a good option
Well made, adds versatility to weber kettle
could be cheaper, could come with more meat holders.

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Hi, thanks for your review and support. Happy barbecuing!


This is a fantastic addition to your Weber kettle which make the most succulent roasts you will ever eat.

The kit comprises of an extension ring that simply sits on top of you kettle, and the rotisserie spit slips into a hole and a groove in the ring.

The electric motor is 12v mains powered, which mean no batteries to mess about with, it has a very nice slow motion plus it's made in Germany.
The motor has plenty of torque, and turned a whole chicken plus boned shoulder roast at the same time with ease.

The actual spit has a nice wooden handle that doesn't get hot, and the meat holders make a very positive grip on the spit to ensure the heat is well held.

The other great feature is the spit frees up your grill surface to allow you to add other items to roast such as veggies or another joint of meat underneath.

The cooking grill is not required for operation though, it can be removed so you can use the rotisserie to cook larger joints or even a Turkey.

The spit also comes with a counter weight so you can balance the spit to avoid stress on the motor.

Over all this is a great product, well made, and provides another dimension to you Weber.
Very high quality
Fit and finish is excellent
Easy to Use
Taste is amazing.
Uses mains power. (great for use at home)
Would have liked to see an extra meat holder.
Somewhat expensive
Uses mains power (not good for camping)

Thanks for the reviews - I've been tossing up whether to get one or not and judging by these reviews I will!Hi, thanks for your review and support. Happy barbecuing!


This add on for our Weber Performer has been excellent - very quiet electric motor (not battery operated yay!) - good design with the counter weight so the motor doesn't struggle - and makes for wonderful food! So far we've done charcoal chicken and a rolled pork loin - both turned out brilliantly. I can't recommend this enough if you have the 57cm kettle.

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Hi, thanks for your review and support. Happy barbecuing!


you can't beat a roast cooked with the dry heat you get from heatbeads. the addition of the rotisserie now means you can get even cooking and results that can't be beat.
can add onto to your webber, don't need to buy a whole new bbq.
not overly noisy but make a bit of noise

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Hi, thanks for your review and support. Happy barbecuing!

Questions & Answers

What weight will the rotisserie hold please ?
4 answers
Hi, im not sure but you could easily do a turkey - we have done 2 size 20 chooks before without issue and often use it for gyros meats... I think you'd struggle with 1/2 a lamb or something...Thanks, seems way big enough for our family, cant wait to get one and try it out.According to the Weber site the weight limit is 20lb or 9kg maximum. more info here: http://www.weber.com/weber-nation/blog/rotisserie-grilling-gas-and-charcoal

Do you cook with lid on or off ?
3 answers
A of both depending on what your cooking, lid on slows and regulates the heat so good for a roadted charcoal chook etc, we do souvalaki with lid off and cut it as the meat cooks.Lid on. Cooking with the lid off will make the charcoal burn too hot and most of your heat will escape the BBQ. Lid on will shorten your cooking time, and create a better flavour too.Cooking over live fire means that both the answers are correct - I've done both like the first answer, but as the second mentions, you really do need to be careful with the lid off..... It really does depend on what you're cooking. Dave@WeberAustralia


Kettle Rotisserie Attachment
Price (RRP)$249

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