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Weis Sorbet 1L

Weis Sorbet 1L

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I have just discovered Weiss Dark Chocolate and am in love!

Dark Chocolate Coconut Sorbet is absolutely delicious. I tried it last night and could not believe it was dairy free.


I purchased this sorbet by Weiss recently - the strawberry flavour...was delicious. I had it for the finale at a dinner party with fresh strawberries. Yummm!


I bought summer berries flavour at woolies a few weeks ago craving a sweet treat. Boy does it deliver! The texture is amazing, first taste is tartness, then the sorbet melts and fills your mouth with a refreshing sweetness.

I've since bought two more tubs of summer berries, followed by the coconut, lime and pineapple. The coconut lime and pineapple flavour is equally tasty however is more creamy and lacks the tart freshness of the summer berries.

Would definitely recommend to other pregnant women (in moderation).

Also buy when it's on special as it's around 8$ for 1l.

Love Weis! Vegan icecream!

I am vegan, so I used to love the classic weis bars but haven't had one in years. I love the fruity sorbets, they are dairy free and nice on their own or even mixed into smoothies or shakes. I have the strawberry at the moment and today I tried the dark choc coconut for the first time. Wow! Truly creamy and delicious, super chocolatey, more like icecream than sorbet... it is awesome value for the price too, if you are vegan or dairy-free this is superior to many more expensive options!
I have a new dessert staple!


I discovered two new flavours of sorbet this week and like them both very much. Okay, they're not ice cream, but for someone who cannot eat dairy foods they are bliss.
BTW I do like the Mango flavour best because it has that creamy texture that is nearest to ice cream.

I wrote this letter to Weis today - hoping for a positive reply:

This week I was thrilled to discover two new flavours of sorbet - Dark Chocolate & Coconut, and Pineapple, Coconut & Lime.
Like so many others who cannot eat dairy foods, I have felt very deprived of choice and variety (and CHOCOLATE!!) in ice cream. IT'S JUST NOT FAIR!!!!!
I love your Lemon and Mango flavours, and the Blood Orange when I can get it. BUT ...
These new flavours are so utterly delicious that I shall have to restrain myself from eating them more than once a day!
PLEASE TELL ME these are not just a holiday special, and that they WILL BE AVAILABLE all the year round!!! If not, I shall have no choice but to throw out all the healthy stuff in my freezer and fill it with these two sorbets while stocks last.

Yours in chocolate

PS I have had an answer - the Blood Orange flavour is out of production but all the other flavours will continue. So that's great news for those of us who can't or don't eat dairy ice cream!

Lemon is flavourless

Doesn't taste overly sweet which is good, but then lacks the tangy sourness of good lemon sorbet. Quite bland actually.

Love love love

I didn't have high expectations when I brought this.. As I like to buy fresh sorbets from cafes etc.. But wow, this is sooooo good.. Tasty.. smooth, just beautiful. Have brought a second tub before my first has even run out lol


Tastes like a combination of mucus and blended ice. Absolutely foul. Doesn't smell great either. The description was so enticing I thought I'd made the right choice in buying. Turns out I was so wrong. Please stay away from this product.

Love this! Could eat a whole tub!

I have tried a number of these flavours, the berry, the lemon (all time favourite) and the lime and pineapple. Sweet, refreshing and all australian made and owned. What a treat! Try a scoop topped with champagne. Great way to start a party

great with plain yogurt!

sorbet is great in the summer, fruity and icy. as a snack, i love it mixed in with plain yogurt, such a treat! might be a good option when you want something creamier but with that flavour. Don't be deceived that it's completely healthy though - although it might have fewer calories than ice cream, the amount of sugar in it is definitely not low!
lots of fruit ingredient-wise
bit pricy, bit too sweet

I could eat a whole tub!

After having my baby i became somewhat dairy intolerant, i bought weis pineapple and Tahitian lime sorbet this afternoon and i can't stop eating it! Lovely and smooth and not rock hard like most sorbet, so it's easy to serve. Heavenly taste and not sickly sweet at all, very refreshing i'm addicted now =P.
Taste, texture, dairy free, gluten free


These are a good option away from the typical ice creams you see in the stores. They are dairy free and full of fruit. They are a sorbet, so for someone like me who isn't too used to the taste, you have to get used to their consistency. They are a good option to try once and decide for yourself if you are looking for something different.
I tried these when I was looking for something different and not so rich in calories. They are light tasting and that is something to get used to.
I tried these once and didnt buy them again. I think I expected them to be like ice cream, whereas they are dairy free and more fruit based and the texture is definitely not creamy (I dont think they are supposed to be). They are good on a sunny summer's afternoon, but somehow I didn't really enjoy them because they are too light and light tasting.

Questions & Answers

Why can I no longer buy this product in coles and where can I get it?
2 answers
You'll have to ask them that. Try Woolworths.I'm not to sure, however when I bought it last it was in a different section to the other flavours, so maybe discontinued. I hope not.

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