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Wet Ones Antibacterial Hands & Face Wipes

Wet Ones Antibacterial Hands & Face Wipes

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Packaging needs improvement

I buy these wipes to keep in my bag (in a packet, not a container), and while the wipes themselves are fine, the packaging is a problem. The hard plastic lid that is stuck on to the top of the packet always falls off, and underneath there is a sticky piece of plastic that you peel back to access the wipes. But this piece of plastic often falls off too, and I always have to carry the wet ones packet inside a ziplock bag to stop them drying out. Long story short: make the adhesive stronger so that the hard plastic lid actually sticks to the packet.
Also, the perfume on the scented wipes is very overpowering and artificial smelling. I would change the scent to make it lighter and more natural.

take it everywhere

A definite must have! There's a million and one reasons why you should always have these wiped on your person at all times. I can't count how many times wet ones got me out of a sticky situation. Often quite literally! It smells very mild. Does not sting or burn unlike other moist towelettes I've used. Great to always have one in your car and office drawer.

about average

I have used them wet ones antibacterial wipes though I found the wet ones wipes for sensitive skin to be a superior product / I would highly recommend this product to anyone who has a normal skin type though


I bought the wet ones with the cylinder container. When I opened it. There was no wipes. So I tried to put the towel though the opening with my finger. My finger got stuck!! I couldn't take it out at all as it has sharp points in the opening. It was sooooo painful and my finger started to get really pale.

I ran back to the store and the cashiers tried to cut the plastic opening off. After many attempts by different people. It was finally cut off by a strong man. I almost lost my finger by it.

So, be careful with this product!!! Wet ones should look into the design of the opening!!!!

Poor deisgn with the opening of the container

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This exact thing happend to me on a recent vacation. Tried to push the wipe through and my finger got stuck. My finger got pinched so badly that it began to swell. Probably the most painful thing I have been through and very scary. If I had been alone I don't think I would have gotten it off. I started to panic and thought I could lose my finger. Terrible design.

a wipe that is reliable time after time

a great reliable product wipe that has been around for many years and comes in handy sized packing. i have a small packet in nappy bag and find they never dry out and are thick enough to wipe small hands that are very dirty and dont tear. no strong frangrance noted and you can be sure that any nasty bugs and germs are removed with their use. we use them prior to eating and have found them handy to have when going on picnics and taps arent near, also great to use on the dhas board of the car to remove dust. made by a reputable company,one i definately can trust
relaible, trustworthy company, great packing sizes including handy nappy bag size.


I have been using wet ones for years and it has always been the better product. I use it for everything, in the car when I am waiting in traffic I will clean the dash board with it, at work, I have it to clean my keyboard and computer and also telephone and table. At home I use it for my cats bottom, he has a urinary tract problem. It is a great product with many uses.
Gentle and soft, and the smell is not overpowering.
Not the cheapest brand in the market but it is worth paying that tad extra.


These range of products are great if your after cleansing/washing your hands without water! I have them in the car for emergencies etc. Do not use for your face, they aren't made for it! Just great for the hands. Make sure you seal the lid properly so they don't dry out! They are readily available and they are a great price
Great for sticky hands etc
None at this stage


These are very handy refresher towels or cleaning wipes when there is no water available. I keep a pack in my car permanently and have done so for years. Also carry a pack on me when travelling, as they are lightweight and small, so they can fit anywhere. Great for those loo trips in foreign places where you don't want to touch anything. In a dire emergency, can be used as toilet paper as well. But keep an eye on the freshness of the towels as they dry out quite quickly.
Great for cleaning hands when there is no water available. Better than the original Wet Ones as these kill bateria as well. Can still use them as refresher wipes on a hot day. Very handy when travelling - especially the smaller packs.
They dry out too quickly, even when the pack is sealed.


These are easy to carry around and very convenient to use. I used to have them in my car and use them whenever I need to clean my hands when I was out. I also used them to wipe clean the interior of the car too. Overall, a nice refreshing product, which I guess was the forerunner to the anti-bacterial liquid ones today.
This is a really good and easy way to clean your sticky fingers when you dont have access to running water.
These are expensive, and I dont know how non-toxic they are. You have to make sure you clip lock the container properly, otherwise they dry out and then cannot be used anymore.


A great product that has many uses, from wiping faces and hands of little ones, to killing germs before eating when out. They can also be used in the house for wiping up spills.
These are really great for everyone to use but especially mothers with small children. The fact they come in different size containers is very handy as you can keep the smaller packet in your handbag. Not only do they kill germs but are great for wiping up spills of all sorts.
They are sometimes hard to get started out of the big container and you can get fingers stuck in the slit.


I would recommend this product for all parents. Keeping a packet in the car or your handbag is a quick and effective way of ensuring clean hands and face at all times. They have a fresh scent and I have experienced no problems on using them on people with sensitive skin. The thick towel is handy in cleaning up even the stickiest of food.
I keep a packet handy at all times to clean my daughters hands and face after she has been eating, they are especially good during travel for those little meals and snacks consumed on long trips. Cost effective. Nice thick moist towel.
Nil cons for this product.


I use this to clean up heavy germs and for baby skin from time to time, and I find it to be quite effective. I rather like the aroma as well, and I always feel like it's done a good job of cleaning the specific area it's been applied to. I'd recommend it.
Effective clean. Works well on sensitive skin and baby skin.
The packet tends to dry up very quickly even when the bottle is securely shut. This seems to happen with most products of this nature, though, so I wouldn't call this a serious con.


I find that it is better to buy the bigger tub as I always seem to manage to dry out the small packs. I leave a tub of these at work so when I want to have something to eat to can wipe my hands over. Also use them to wipe over my keyboard and phone. I would rather use the alcohol hand gel you can buy because it works out cheaper and it is less packaging, but I have eczema on the palms of my hands and these are a bit gentler. They are fantastic for wiping over toys. We are with the local toy library and I always use these to wipe the toy before my kids play with them.
Easy to use tub. Very handy when you have children. Nice to know that they are killing the germs and cleaning at the same time.
Not sure why they need to be more expensive than baby wipes. I do feel a bit guilty with the amount of packaging that they come in for a small amount of product.


These are great not just for bub, but they have many uses, I have some in the loo and they are handy especially for people with little children. I can say they dont dry out easily so thats a plus, and they have a nice fresh smell to them. I can say you wont have dry skin for using them infact they soften the skin after use wipe your hands and your skin is so soft. I can say i use them even in the kitchen they are great for when your cooking and your hands touch something, one wipe and your all clean again. Buy them from the supermarket and you wont be sorry. Many uses Ten out of Ten.
Love these even have a pkt in the loo.


they are a great wipe that is thick and has so many uses, i keep them in the car they are fabulous for sticky fingers and to remove makeup before the gym
these wipes are extremely versatile and have so many uses. I keep them in the car for sticky fingers and i also use them to get makeup off my skin before the gym. they are quite gentle on skin. the wipes stay moist for a long time, they never dry out and the packs are easily sealed. nice and thick wipes, nice and fresh fragrance. They are a great brand
only complaint is they are quite expensive and they arent suited for sensitive skin.


great price easy to use and a good size making it handy to take out on small day trips ect
Verry easy to use and a good price


this is a very good product, very convenient. it has small packing and can be put in handbag. it is good for travelling. sometime when it is hard to find restroom, i use it to clean my hands. it cleans very well and with nice scent.
it is convenient and good for travelling.
nothing i can think of.


My husband and I use these all these wipes all the time, with a pack always in the car, in my handbag and also one in our camera bag. Fantastic when travelling, especially overseas as it's not always easy to find a bathroom to wash your hands in when out and about, or if you do happen to find one, it may not be all that hygenic to use either! We also find them great for after eating when we don't have any napkins or towels on hand, wiping down tables, chairs, etc in public areas before using them, and for cleaning up messes in the car on road trips.
Easy to use and so convenient, great for travelling!
None, I love them!


Wet One Anti-bacterial Hands & Face Wipes are a handy product for when you are out and about with your kids. I like o use them to wipe my kids hands and face clean before eating when hand washing facilities are unavailable. I also like to wipe down the ares around the child seat in shopping trolleys before putting my youngest son in the seat and even give the high chairs a wipe over before use when eating out.
Wet Ones have been around for years and are a tried and trusted name. The addition of anti-bacterial qualities just makes them all the better.
Not as thick as some other wipes.


I like this product a lot as it is equivalent to washing your hand and face without using water and soap. As we could be sometimes in situations where there is no water or anything available and the wet ones do the task. I like to use them a lot as they can be easily used by adults and kids alike and do not have any fragrance or side affects and do not even tear off easily or stick to your face because of them being wet. They are not costly either :)
Good product for kids and adults alike.
Nothing really

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Questions & Answers

where can I buy wet ones in a barrel ie the red barrel? = much easier for disabled hands
2 answers
Not sure where can the barrel ones are even manufactured as I sometimes buy the wet ones for sensitive skin these days or baby wipes / you could try asking Woolworths or coles supermarkets, another option is to try a cleaning shop if you likei have tried both and pharmacies and reject shop etc

Where can I buy the advertised Wet Ones in Sydney?
1 answer
Not sure you could try a chemist or Woolworths supermarkets / I used to buy mine from Coles supermarket in corrimal and the last time I went to coles they were still selling and sometimes some petrol stations sell them they usually cost more money @ probably close to double the price of the supermarkets. I also seen them in towradgi gold cross chemist nsw.


Wet Ones Antibacterial Hands & Face Wipes
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