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Whiskas Oh So...

Whiskas Oh So...

Fishy and Meaty Sachets
3.5 from 27 reviews

cat ate the lot in record time

The feed does not contain any grains or cheap fillers though has a lot of gravy. The chunks are processed from mainly offal. The terribly fussy cat loves it though and demolishes the lot.

Purrfect for my fussy Oriental

Coco has gotten fussier with age and I had almost given up hope of finding cat food he really enjoys. We have only been with this brand for two weeks but so far he is loving it - fave thus far is mixed Poultry sachets (other than salmon or chicken from my plate!).

March 12th 2019 Update: Not so meaty lately....

Have noticed less and less "meaty" pieces in this product over the past couple of months. My cat not so keen any more. He does like the gravy part though!

Purchased in February 2019 at Woolworths Physical store for $10.00.


Whiskas oh so meaty sachets are Fantastic. .. there is nothing worse than fussy pussy cats. . But with oh so meaty my Beautiful cat is always happy love cats

My cat does not like this.

My cat refuses to eat this food, even though he has always eaten Whiskas cat food until now. There must be something about the smell because he won't even taste it :(

The only cat food he eats!

My cat is very fussy and LOVES all of the Oh, So Fishy, meat and poultry packs... The only food he seems to eat other than human tuna (which I've heard is not great for cats too much, so these packs have been a life saver)!! Great portion size, too, so no waste.

This is my cats food of choice

Basically this is my cats everyday food because it's one she'll eat without complaint - and that means it scores 10/10. It's got good fish content, moist but not sloppy consistency, recognisable chunks of fish and relatively good quality at a reasonable price.


I don't buy it on principle, even if I could give the others to my friends for their cats. I rebel against this sort of selling that takes away consumer choice.
Sachets okay, but HATE the box of 12 forcing us to buy what THEY want us to.
Really annoyed at this kind of marketing that forces us buy what they want us to. My cat loves only ONE of the three and I can't buy it separately. She likes her food fresh, so I can't buy a can of it either. Why does it have to be boxed and allow the consumer CHOICE.

I will never trust Whiskas cans again.

There are no use-by dates on the Whiskas cans and no way for the customer to know how old the can is.

I bought a heap of Whiskas cans on sale at Coles for 69c a can. My cats loved them. Then after a few weeks I could smell a stench coming from my cupboards. I searched my cupboards for the smell and pulled out a Whiskas can that had gone rotten, it was seeping out runny stinky cat food from the bottom of the can. It was putrid. I thew the can out thinking it was a one off.

Then after a few days the smell coming from my cupboards got worse. I pulled out all 50 cans and found 6 cans seeping out rotten cat food from the bottom of the cans. The smell was unbearable. I took all the Whiskas cans plus two of the rotten cans back to Coles to get a refund. Coles accused me of storing the cans inappropriately and then the manager gave me a lecture on how he was not happy about giving me a refund.

My cupboards still reek of rotten Whiskas cat food. I will never trust Whiskas can food again.
Very Cheap
There are no use by dates on the Whiskas cans and no way for the customer to know how old the can is.


I only fed this to my cats once when I accidentally did not look at the ingredients. It is NOT so good although my cats liked it. "Meat and by-products" (unspecified meat) as the first ingredient means that you don't know what meat actually goes in there and by-products also include diseased meats, organs and whatever humans can't eat. In other words, gross bits.
I don't recommend this UNLESS you are extremely short on cash because these are heaps more cheaper than pouches with Coles selling them at around $1.30 each 400g can while the pouches costs (on special now) 69c per 100g pouch.
There are more variety than the sachets (casserole etc.), cats happy about it
Too much of what I consider as bad ingredients


A premium food that is difficult and messy to handle. Overpriced and overpackaged. I only purchased it once. Then I found a better alternative as a treat for my cats.
Cats like the contents.
The sachets are the worst possible idea!. Especially as they are much bigger than needed by the small quantity inside. It is almost impossible to get the contents out without getting it on your hands. YUCK! And they are such small serves that the amount left behind in the sachet is significant.


They are very convenient and ensure a set portion can be fed to the cat at each meal. The flavours really appeal to my cat. He eats every bit of it.
My cat loves these pouches of food, he eats them twice a day
Maybe if some of the flavours in the cans could be available in the pouches


My cat is quite fussy so she gets sick of the same flavour so the variety offered by Whiskas is great for her and helps me to avoid her not eating her food.
My cat enjoys the variety of flavours. Easily purchased at your local supermarket. Reguarly on sale.
Can't think of anything.


My cats two love this food, and compared to some of the other stuff they have it looks a lot more appealing, however because it has chunks of real meat in there it makes it smell a little more.

My cats love it. They have a tag team thing going on though. One licks off the gravy and juices then the other one comes in and finishes off the meat chunks. Weird I know but it keeps both of them very happy.
The cats gobble it up very quickly. Easy to use sachet leave no mess behind.
It really smells terrible.


Very convient way to feed your pet cat. Space saver in your pantry as they come in a box that occupies less room that canned cat food.
Whiskas Oh So ... Fishy/Meaty is a wonderful way to feed your feline friend at dinner. There are a few differnt flavours. This Rip open Pouches are excellent. Whiskas Oh So ... Fishy/Meaty come in a excellent little box and save a huge amount of room in your pantry. Most cats will love the array of different fish and meat within these small pouches. They dont smell strongly of fish and your cat will enjoy eating every last ounce of this delicious food.


We got a couple of pouches as Whiskas' free sample. Gave half a pouch of Oh So Fishy to my cat, he finished it, jumped on the kitchen bench, tore the pouch open and helped himself to the rest before we knew it!

I would say my cat didn't like the Oh So Meaty variety as much. The meat pieces look too chunky/chewy, my cat would lick off all the gravy from the packet, then eat a few meat pieces every hour or so. Will definitely buy Oh So Fishy again :) my cat grew up on Whiskas and he's very healthy and active.
Good brand, great value, my cat loves it
Not too strong smell


While I tend not to give my older cat these cans too often, whenever I do she has really enjoyed eating them. There are quite a few different varieties as well and the cans will last for several feedings. They are an affordable wet cat food if you are keeping to a budget and are cheaper than buying individual portions. Just a bit messier.
I like that these cans come in a wide variety of flavours so your cat will never get bored with it. The cans come in a couple of different sizes too so they will last over several feedings.


These little pockets of wet cat food come in a range of flavours and are pretty easy to serve up. I like that they do not have as strong a smell as many other wet cat food that you can buy from the supermarket. The sachets are a good size and provide enough for one meal for my cat. They are pretty affordable and regularly on special at the main supermarkets.
Easy to dish out, not too strong smelling, and they come in a variety of different flavours. Quite an affordable food to feed your cat as they cost less than a dollar each.


Do not feed this to your cat. Causes more harm than good due to lack of quality ingredients. Solely made up of byproducts - feed real meat instead.

This is very low quality good. Lacks any nutrition for cats. Mostly jelly and meat by-products.


these satchlets are a great way to monitor how much you are feeding your cat. They come in a range of flavours, however these are very basic. My cat gets bored with these flavours after a few days, but they are a great option if you are on a budget or in a hurry when its feeding time.
easy to serve
lack of variety


These are inexpensive and look like the quality is not too bad as far as wet catfood goes. They come in a variety of flavours and can often be found on special.
This product comes in a nice sized package that can be used as a complete meal for my cat. The flavour smells quite strong and my cat has always eaten it. The packets are pretty inexpensive and you can also buy them in boxes which are handy and should last for the week.
Sometimes it is a bit hit and miss whether my cat will actually eat all of the packet but usually does.

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