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White Magic Microfibre Spin Mop

White Magic Microfibre Spin Mop

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Love this

Fantastic and worth the extra money after using a much cheaper one. White vinegar and hot water is all I need and it’s so easy to use. No slipping on really wet tiles.

so good

the microfiber mop is so good I really like it
it dries the floor quickly you can sring the mop out on the spinner on the bucket
I highly recommend it

Good as a present for anyoneIt is fantastic great for Christmas presentsGreat for christmas present

Luv Luv Luv the spin mop

i bought 1 of these (White Magic) then after using I went back and got 3 more for my family, who also love them. I think there the best thing since sliced bread and rave to my friends about it. I had to buy and extra one for hubby from Spotlight which was cheaper than Howard Storage, for the boat. Mine is a spin mop push style no foot pump. Sue

I wouldn’t buy anything else

This mop is very light and easy to use. No squeezing necessary. The only down side was that it left some white bits on the floor after washing the floor the first few times but this seems to be reducing with further use.
A friend who used this mop suggested she preferred a rectangular shape rather than round. I am not sure if that would / could spin.
It is easy to wash in the machine and comes out lovely and clean.

Make sure it's a white magis spin mop

I have read a lot of these reviews and by some of the comments it's clear people are not comparing the same mop as there are a lot of copies on the market

What did I do before!,

This mop is perfect. No pressure on my back when wringing it out and the floor is dry in minutes. Best one I have ever used. Even my husband can use it,

Much easier than the old mop with the ringer bucket

With Laminate flooring I can't use a wet mop. This mop is ideal because you can spin the excess water out before putting it on the floor. The spinner works really easily. I am pretty happy with it, although I prefer a straight mop rather than a round one personally as I like to put some strength into hard to shift marks and you can't do that with a round mop.

Not worth the money

The spin mop worked fine at first, then after a few uses it started to jam at the bottom when spinning the handle. It made the mop completely useless! White Magic seriously needs to review the manufacturing. Not recommending this mop to anyone, it's just a gimmick.

Yes I am so very happy with my mop.

I find it very easy to use and it goes under the furniture and chairs. The mop is very easy to attach to the handle and take off. Keep up producing these great products. Thank you.

Best mop on the market!

I clean homes professionally and use my clients' mops to save me travelling with a carload of stuff. When I first used the White Magic spin mop I wasn't immediately won over but have now bought my own White Magic Spin Mop as it makes mopping floors a breeze. The extra width of the mop head means it covers more surface area and speeds up the clean and the hand spin mop means you can regulate how much water is left in the mop. There's no wet hands, back strain and a lot less effort. The floors are left beautifully clean and I still have energy left to do the rest of the cleaning.

The best mop ever

I bought the mop from Howards Storage Mt Gravatt. I love my mop so much I recommend it to everyone I know. My son suffers from asthma so we recently remove all the old carpet to timber flooring. The mop is just perfect for our timber floor. It's also very easy to use, even my son can use it. The quality of this mop is also very good, money well spent. White Magic Mopis the best!

Makes mopping a breeze !

The quality of the mop head is as advertised. The mop I used is the hand spin model and the ability to adjust the moisture left in the mop head is a bonus. I would recommend this product.

Mop heads not as Advertised

We Purchased the complete set White Magic Microfibre Spin Mop with five spare mop heads, the fibres on mop heads not as advertised, and about half the length of advertised picture... check it out, I have contacted Globel shop and they say not so, I think it's False Advertising.

Excellent quality and very easy to use.

After reading several of the negative reviews regarding this mop I am convinced people must be confused between the White Magic spin mop and the Hurricane spin mop. The white magic mop is purple, not blue and is sturdy, does not come undone and lays completely flat when being used under furniture etc. Mine was purchased from Howard's and I chose to buy the bucket with the push down in bucket spinner. Works brilliantly and is so easy to use. I have arthritis in my hands and I love how effortless it is to use as well as being able to stand the mop up on it's own if I need to. Highly recommended.

Not worth the time or money.

I have just used the spin mop for the first time. These are the problems I found in using this product.
When spinning the mop the handle would unscrew; so I would have to screw the handle in several times. The blue plastic ring on top of the mop head will not allow you to wash under benches and would scratch the floor, also, the plastic ring does not allow you to get into tight spaces next the the fridge or stove etc. So I had to get my old mop to reach into these tight spaces. The mop itself is already starting to fall apart - and I've only used it the once! Instead of a water level marker indented into the plastic, it is a sticker stating water level. Well, that is off after first use. I would like my money back please.
Quilpie. Qld.

Great mop but....

The mop itself is good but the handle is very cheaply made. I see it bend when i put a bit of pressure on it which is disappointing. The bucket is a bit too big for normal households but it's easy to use. The dusting mop will come in handy but it's a pity it doesn't have its own handle. I would recommend it to anyone who has laminate flooring.

Spin mop replacement head

I purchased the spin mop months ago and was very happy with it, except I was not happy with the troly that you can buy, it does not wheel along at all. Other than that very happy until I purchased new mop heads. Not as good quality as original mop head a lot smaller and not nice and fluffy and when you ring it out it is tiny compared to original. Still does the job but very disappointing.

Panache split bucket mop

Bad product an even worse retail experience from the store in jesmond, never again!!!!!. A simple enquiry re a handle extension met with the remark , it's not a Danoz direct product, when advised we didn't think it was "fit for purpose" he pretty much told us to go.

Fully committed!

Well, finally, my steam mop has been donated to a deserving friend, as my White Magic, Microfibre Spin Mop is all that's needed to keep the floors clean. With a new..stray..and as yet, nameless kitten stirring up dust and leaving tiny, grotty footprints everywhere, not to mention the new lease on life experienced by the two, elderly, resident cats, the Spin Mop is really getting a work out! Using only hot water, with a little vinegar added, it's efficient and quick, leaving the floors clean and non sticky! All that remains to be seen, is whether the pedal can take the daily battering. Yes, pre-kitten, the floors were mopped every second day.. sigh. Love my White Magic Spin Mop!


If people are rating a spin mop a 5 , they don't clean probably. As a Comercial clean this mop is Crap. I clean alit of floors every day. And so far. Hands and knees are the go. This mop like a lot of string mops,hold the dirt and spreads it from room to room.

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Questions & Answers

How to remove mop head to wash or replace?
2 answers
Put your foot on the mop stringy part then pull the handle away in opposite direction. It should click off. Don’t put mop head in washing machine. I put mine in sink with hot water white vinegar and dishwashing detergent. Leave for few hours or overnight. Then rinse and drape over clothes line til dry. To put back on handle, tilt handle onto mop head then push handle on other side and lightly use foot to press all way round. Hope that helps.Just pull it off

Hi I need just another handle because mine broke how do I get one or order one?
2 answers
I think you can go online and order a new one.https://www.aussiehealthproducts.com.au/white-magic-spin-mop-handle-foot-hand-press-1-5m.php?utm_source=googleshopping&utm_medium=googleproducts&utm_campaign=googleproductslist&gclid=Cj0KCQjwy9LVBRDOARIsAGqoVnsJyHx1_mP0mgJWXsI74lB0jKPQ4IQnTFoD2ueGHizsO5VwVUjUDgsaArQpEALw_wcB

Where can I buy a White Magic spin mop on the sunshine coast ? I bought one a couple of years ago but cannot find them now
3 answers
They are on special for $59 at Mitre 10 from 8 -19 February 2017. Hope this helps.Thank you Do they have them at Mitre 10 Kunda Park ?eBay just put in white magic mop


White Magic Microfibre Spin Mop
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