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Winrun R330

Winrun R330

4.1 from 24 reviews

Can’t balance

Do not buy these tyres, bought a new set of these, got balanced several times but car continued to shake, went to different Tyre place to balance and was shown how “out of round” these tyres were when on balance machine. Replaced tyres with a different brand and car drove perfectly, winrun are cheap don’t waste your money.

CarCommodore 20”

Great budget tyres, excellent grip for the price

Considering I only paid $70 a tyre for 215-45-18 at tyroola on special, you can't find a better under the $100 mark. These tyres hold up great in dry conditions and good in wet conditions, they make a little noise but that's easily fixed with the stereo running in the background, I do feel little vibration from them but i doubt others will notice it. I'm not sure how long these will last as Ive only had them on the car for around 2 months, overall if you on a budget looking to get by these are an excellent choice

CarMazda SP25

Great tyres with good value, 5 star

I bought 2 winrun runflat tyres for my bmw x3 2015, 3 months ago. To be honest, in the beginning i just wanted to try it and see how this chinese brand can proof to have a good review. But then i end up rolling it until this review is made.
In term of handling, I cant differentiate with my previous michellin tyres. They are so good in wet and dry condition.
The only difference i can tell is they feel abit hard on the road if you drive into uneven road condition.(run flat tyre)
But overall im satisfied + i can save more money in my pockets for somethingelse. They cost only half of the michellin tyres.
Will see how long this tyres go, my last michellin tyre last to 50000km.
Size 245/45/19

CarBmw 2015

Absolutely terrible, even at this price point.

These are the loudest tyres I have ever had on a vehicle. At 100km, the hum that resonates through the vehicle is unbearable. I have had half the front of the car pulled apart to find the noise until I put these tyres on a friends car to test and instantly found the problem. At low speeds, the feedback through the steering wheel is about as strong as a massage chair and the noise turns heads. I would not buy these ever again, not even for a paddock basher. They are cheap, but not cheap enough for the abysmal performance. I can’t even sell these on to get rid of them, and the local Tyre fitter doesn’t want them as used tyres, that’s how bad they are.

Car2010 Holden SV6 Ute

Very happy

After reading the many positive reviews i bought 4 235x45x17 plus alignment at a great price from Elite tyres. Tyres are quiet, handle well wet and dry road. As my car is a utility its great not losing traction in the rear now in wet. Its only been a month or so but very happy so far, as good as kuhmos i normally prefer. Great value tyre.

CarBf falcon utility

Great tyre at a great price

Fitted 4 of these tyres (205/45R16 87W) to my 1998 Mazda MX5. Early days but very pleased. Smooth ride and good grip. Performance tyre with good wear quality. Had 205/50R16 on before which are to far removed from OEM tyres in terms of rolling diameter. These tyres seem a lot better suited to the vehicle performance wise given the vehicle has non standard size 16" wheels.

Car1998 NB Mazda MX5 MK2

Cheap price, good quality.

I have been changed this brand of tyres for 11-month. It works very well. I drive my car in different weathers. It works well on both dry and wet surfaces. Also, I drove to long distance sometimes, it still works well. Maybe the noise is the only drawback of this tyres.

Car2009 Saab 9-3

Great budget tyre

Purchased online as they were affordable and I just have basic driving needs for my car, couldn't justify the price of anything else once compared. They do run quieter than old previous run-flats that came on the car from a dealership and tread is great. For the price can't see a negative for daily driving

CarBMW 320i

First expression value for money.

265/35 19 square BMW e39 540i lowered with sports Eibach suspension, KONI FSD's, full urethane bushings (90A). I won't write about durance on a set of 4 tires that cost AU$600 fitted/balanced/with wheel alignment. You can't get anything for better price than that and if these last +10k anything after that is just bonus for this price.

The previous old tires were Michelin Super Sports that cost $650 each at the time. So what are the differences? First it is very hard to compare an end of life tires to new tires. The size compared of course is the same but physical size of the Winrun is smaller and not as wide as the Michelin. Not really a big issue but for the full picture needs a mention. The biggest difference I noticed is the steering. Winrun the steering is very light and from previous little under steer with the old Michelin tire the steering now has little over steer with Winrun. Back to that later.

Grip level on takeoff I would say it is 90% compared but that to be honest is a best guess comparing to an old tire that already has lost it best performance making the two old and new pretty even now. Just note we are comparing tires that cost less than 1/4 of the old Michelin tires. So I would say Winrun is better than expected for the price.

Cornering and steering for normal spirited driving with stock suspension I would say gives more comfort. They are responsive and quiet. BUT!! My car has sports suspension and here is the biggest difference you feel compared to a true performance tire. The sidewall of the Winrun tire is thinner making it only about 80-85% of the cornering performance compared to the Michelin. Even for the old tire. The flex of the tires sidewall makes the steering lighter but on high speed you are not getting the benefit of the sports suspension making the car almost feel like stock car under heavy load. Here the tire performs about what I expected for the price.

Wet driving I had rain and drove normally. The feel was planted and good. Of course the final verdict can only be on extreme like heavy emergency braking or trying to avoid an accident. I have a good confidence these do pretty good.

Final verdict

You get lot of tire for the price you pay. These have good grip and comfort level and will match many of the more expensive tires for everyday driving. Spirited driving on mountain road is not a problem for Winrun. But if you have sports suspension and you are looking something for a track day then these are not for you.

Excellent tire for the price/value. You will need to spend lot more money to have a noticeable difference on performance.

CarBMW e39 540i (lowered with sports suspension, 265/35 19 square)

Good Grip in Dry and Wet

My previous tires were Bridgestone Turanza and can honestly say these tires are no different apart from being Noisier. $115 compared to over 200 for Turanza I can put up with the extra noise and to be honest I don't notice the noise anymore. When testing in the Wet I stopped on the brakes and it didn't even engage the antilock.
(removed a star for the noise factor)

CarHolden VY series 2 Calais Supercharged

Excellent product

I also was sceptical about buying these tyres for my Mercedes ML 350 CDI because it's a big heavy vehicle and I had been paying around $500 per tyre and getting only 10,000 - 15,000 Klms wear. However took the plunge and so far, cannot fault them. Only just put them on so not sure what the wear will be like, but have driven around 5000 Klms in dry and some horrendous wet weather on the NSW Far North Coast and I am very impressed. I think we have been conditioned over the years the more expensive the tyre the better. This is not the case, it's just a matter of doing your research. I purchased four tyres for less than the purchase of two previous tyres I had been using. I know what some of you are thinking right now, but all I can say is try them yourself.

CarMercedes ML 350 CDI.

Quiet, grips well and fantastic value

These tires are for a people mover (minivan), so as you can imagine the vehicle is not driven like a race car, the vehicle is used mainly for the daily urban grind and road trips. The tires are only 2 months old so I cannot comment on the durability at this stage. However these tires are surprisingly good, they are quiet and grip really well. They seem to be of a softer compound which maybe the reason for the quiet ride and good grip. My experience with soft compound tires regardless of brand are that they simply wear quicker.

Car2006 Toyota Estima 3.5L AWD

Unbeatable value!

I don't drive my car much and so wanted something that would do the job well and not break the bank. I ordered a set of these tyres for my Astra from Tyroola online, and was shocked at just how low the cost was.

While I am no car snob, I can't tell any real difference between these and my previous tyres.

if you're looking for the new tyres at the cheapest cost these should be in your list to check out.

CarAstra 2003

Good price

Bought these tyres thru Tyroola and I am glad I made the decision to buy these tyres. At first I was skeptical to buy this brand as I did not know much about this tyre brand. Tyres are good on wet and I noticed that there isn't any road noise.

CarBmw f20

Noisy above 80 but cheap to buy

These tyres make a horrible sound at 80kph and beyond. The sound resonates through the steering column, it’s like a flapping sound.
The noise started the moment these Tyres were fitted and to be 100% certain it is the Tyres I swapped wheels and Tyres from a mates identical car and the noise is gone.
Cheap enough to buy and use in the city but horrific on a long run.

CarMercedes GL

Excellent, Quiet, Long Lasting

Replaced my Pirellis.
Winrun were quieter and longer lasting. Were even better in wet QLD weather than the Pirelli.
No difference in any other road condition.
Freeway and local roads use mainly with occasional forest roads in Glass House Mountains for camping on long weekends and never had an issue.
Lowered the PSI for beach running and never had an issue - as long as you know the limits of a road use tyre in thos conditions.

Car2014 Volvo XC90

Good tyres

Good tyres for the price, my 2005 commodore seems to handle really well on them, they seem very sturdy and they have a lot of grip. The tyres are good looking design, they seem to have heaps of thread on them. I don't know what else to say, they are good for the price. I might have to drive on them a bit longer before I really know how they wear.

Carholden commodore

Very good for budget tyres

The performance of the car is good. I have had a few slips when ABS went on. It was on wet. I would pay attention on the wet road. Overall is good set. I have bought these tyres after reading multiple reviews on internet. The balance of the front wheels is questionable, however it could be not tyres but the garage didn't balanced them well.

CarMercedes c250

Cheap, acceptable tyres

Our tyres needed replacing on our Ford Territory and we were looking for an inexpensive tyre as it is our second car and we don't do much driving in it. These tyres have been perfect so far. We have not encountered any issues with traction or performance after 10,000kms. I'm not sure how long they will last, but for the price, you can't complain.

CarFord Territory 2010

Cheap, Reliable Tyre

It is cheap and relatively durable. However, I always hearing sound when it is wet. The performance is a bit slow. This might be because of I just use one of Win Run tyre. Probably will change if i change to all four. You get what you pay for it.

CarMazda 323 Astina SP20

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