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Woolworths Mobile (Global Roaming SIM)

Woolworths Mobile (Global Roaming SIM)

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Worked without issue in USA

I bought the data-only version of this product. The 'Global Roaming Data Pack' from https://www.woolworthsglobalroaming.com/. I activated it and purchased a $60 data pack the night before I flew out and then It worked flawlessly for me over 10 days in Austin, Texas, USA. The data speeds were very good and the connection was reliable - I streamed music and video, made clear video and voice calls, and used Uber/Lyft apps etc all without issue.

I would recommend to others and would use it again myself without hesitation.

A note on purchasing: You can buy them online, but I left it a bit late and had to get one from a store. I tried 2 stores with no stock before the 3rd came through. So don't count on getting one at your local store, It seems like they're popular.

Purchased at Woolworths Physical store for $12.00.

A bit quirky, but perfectly OK.

Have successfully used the WGR sim in Turkey, Greece, Serbia, Montenegro, Croatia, Italy, Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovakia, Poland, Austria, France, Spain and United Kingdom. ALWAYS had a network (except in a few remote locations).
Lost some credit once after 365 days but hey, read the conditions, that's what happens. (Would be nice if they sent a reminder just before expiry though.)
Support always very responsive.
Would reccomend.

Purchased for $2.00.

They stole my credit

BEWARE! The credit on my SIM disappeared and I learned after emailing the “support” that it was wiped due to my last credit top-up being over 365 days ago, This is outrageous theft - it’s not their business how often I use my phone. The credit is my money until used for legitimate purpose. When I complained I received repetitive email replies simply restating their policy with false words of respect for customers. Their policy and behaviour is outrageous and government regulation is obviously required to stop this theft of customers‘ money.

Global Sim doesn't work in Germany

Absolutely terrible. Did not work. Wasn't able to get internet data connection. No support team got back time within their 24hour stipulated period. I will be demanding a refund when returning to Australia as the service paid for was not delivered.

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We're sorry to heard that Ness, a private message is on its way to you so we can look into this further. Thanks for letting us know.

No issues!! Worked great

I bought two sims to take to Europe for my husband and I. The sims worked great! We never had any issues. Always had service and the rates were great!! Sims were a life saver when we needed data to find our way around ! Couldn’t fault these sims. My husband also went on another holiday to China recently and the sim worked great there too! thanks Woolworths. We love it

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HI Sam, thanks for the review. We are so glad you had a great experience and sounds like the holiday was amazing!

Worst SIM ever

I have no positive things to say for this card. I travelled to Costa Rica, Panama, Colombia and Chile. I never managed to make one call in any of these places. My only successful call was in Australia to test the card before I left. Woolworths charged me $11 for one megabyte per SMS in Panama (made as my plane was delayed in transit) - the equivalent cost for Optus was $1 (approx.). I sent the same SMS to 10 friends - Woolworths charged me 90 times @ $0.34 each time. their explanation was that the SMS was longer than 160 characters so it was broken up into separate messages. There was no warning to tell you the exorbitant charge for SMS in some countries and not warning that the SMS was over long.

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HI Dick, we're sorry to hear about that, We have sent you a private message so we can look into this further.

No issues and easy to use

Just returned from a trip to South Korea, Czech Republic and Austria. Used the SIMs successfully on 2 phones without issues in all countries to make and receive calls. For the EU I purchased 3G data bundles which were perfect for my needs (3 weeks).

Lack principles

Changed number which was inconvenient having to contact all friends/family overseas with new number. Also deactivated account and took credit. Very frustrating group to communicate with, care factor zero about taking credit.

What a terrible product

I tried to buy a $40 bundle but received a message which said: 'transaction failed'. I put money in my Skpe account instead. The balance of my account was still $3.65 so I decided that I would use the 'phone in an emergency, for texting etc. Two days after the 'failed transaction' I received an email to say WGR had processed the transaction manually. Unbeknownst to me, the texts I was sending were coming from the $40 bundle (which actually cost $41.20) I didn't know I had. I didn't know I should be checking for it because I thought 'transaction failed' meant just that. If you are going to process a transaction manually two days later, you should ask if it is still wanted or needed. That little exercise cost me $41.20 and I am not happy. I will never use this company again.

We are sorry to hear that Toni and we'd like to investigate this further. We've sent you a private message and are looking forward to hearing back from you. Thanks.I have no idea where you have sent this private message as I have received nothing from you. The sim I purchased was only for overseas use and besides, I will never use it again, if you want to contact me, please use my email address.

Worked fine for me.

I bought two sims during the two for one deal as my sister and I were going on a cruise in Europe (Italy, Greece and Croatia) in July. My sister had a little trouble setting hers up initially but mine worked fine. We didn't have any issues with connection either for calls or data except for the one day we were at sea and too far from land to get a signal which is understandable. The recent change of number isn't a problem for me as only my family had it anyway but I can imagine if you've just set up a whole bunch of travel arrangements with that number it would be a right pain.

Based on my experience I would use it again.

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Hi Kath, thanks for sharing your experience with us. The cruise sounds absolutely amazing!

Unconscionable behaviour tantamount to theft

All credit on my SIM ($300+) was wiped due to last credit top up being more than 365 days ago, stated reason being that there had been 'No new top up' in that time. Obviously customers will not be topping up their card when there is no requirement to do so.

I even made sure I used the SIM to maintain a log of activity to show that it was active. This is an absurd and deceitful policy.

Only discovered this after Woolworths recently changed my number (extremely inconvenient)

This on the back of them ruining a US holiday a couple of years after I could not use my card there.

I will use these examples of their service when dissuading people from purchasing a Woolworths international SIM card.

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HI Robert, we apologise for the events you have outlined. A PM has been sent to you so that we can look into this further. Thanks.

I wouldn't recommend this product

I bought this to use in NZ and then hopefully in Europe. I had service for about a day or so in NZ but then the sim couldn't seem to lock onto the local NZ networks. The network would show up for a few seconds but would then disappear. I tried removing and replacing sim card and switching phone on and off and the same thing kept happening. I could only use my data when I had access to free wifi. I didn't have any phone services.
I could only contact Woolworths global roaming via their website. I would get one email response overnight, each day. With one suggestion / question per email. On two days it was the same question.... so by then I had left NZ.
I never got the sim to work again.
So overall I feel it was a complete waste of money and I will NOT be heading to Europe with this sim because I have NO idea if it works.
I will be finding a different provider

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HI we are so sorry to hear that your experience was not what we aim to provide our customers. We've sent you a PM so we can investigate this matter further.

The worst service ever

They just told me they are changing my number for no reason, with no compensation for the inconvenience. I now have to update everyone I know all over the world. Thanks Woolworths you muppets.

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HI Belly, recent upgrades have been undertaken to improve performance and number availabiltiy which has been successful so we are so sorry to hear that your experience has fallen short of this and we apologise that you have also had delays in having this matter looked into. A PM has been sent to you so we can look into this matter further. Thanks for letting us know.

Worst and expensive

As a frequent traveler this has to be the worst sim I’ve ever used. Expensive and very limited coverage. It left me stranded when I had to call a taxi. It became a nightmare!!!!!!

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HI, we're sorry to hear that it didn't work as it should have. We've sent you a private message so we can look into this further.

OK for phone - Frustrating for mobile data

The phone was OK when calling other mobiles both in the UK and Romania. But in each case I could not access the web via either google or Firefox. In each case I got a "timed out" message. It would not work either on my Android or my wife's Windows phone.
The paradox was that with data on, even though the Browsers wouldn't work, I could set the Hotspot on my phone and access the web via my Laptop! The Woolworth's Support Team did all they could but were of no ultimate help, claiming that the issue was with my.
I've given up now and are using a local SIM card.

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Thanks for your feedback Graham, I've sent you a PM to see what else can be done to resolve this with you.

Appalling service from Ireland support centre

The service at Woolworths Global Roaming is appalling. They recently gave me a new sim card and number as they were changing all the customer phone numbers. I could not receive all my SMS messages sent to me, the messages sent by the bank to confirm a transaction I received after 20 minutes. (pity the bank only gives you 10 minutes to put the code in) When I sent an SMS to a friend, he received the message but he did not know who it came from as it said <NULL>. The level 2 support said the phones were the problem (one was an iPhone the other a Samsung) There support centre is in Ireland and your first point of call is to a level 1 person who can give you no better support than a receptionist. They have to escalate it to a level 2 person who may then contact you after 30 hours. If the problem still exists you then re-ring level 1 support and start the process over again. Don’t wast your money.

Hi recent upgrades have been understaken to improve performance and number availabiltiy which has been successful so we are so sorry to hear that your experience has fallen short of this and we apologise that you have also had delays in having this matter looked into. A PM has been sent to you so we can look into this matter further. Thanks for letting us know.If you think your upgrades have been successful then your are deliarious. If it takes over 20 minutes to receive an SMS from a bank then your quality control people have not done their job. I spent over 20 years in software testing and I would not allow a "go live" in this situation. Your reasoning that no one else has this problem is " pie in the sky". Have a look at all the negative reviews about your service.

In spite of negative reviews mine experience turned out great

I was very hesitant in buying this SIM because of the numerous bad reviews. So much so I bought a backup travelsim from Australia Post. I must say this SIM performed better than the travelsim.

I bought two SIMs at $29 special and topped up one with 3GB of Europe data for $50. Please be aware that when you purchased the data pack, you must go to the data pack purchase section. I made the mistake of topping up the balance thinking that I can then use my balance to purchase data packs. The customer service at Woolworth were very prompt and helpful when I called them up. They refunded me the $50 I paid for the balance so that I can purchase the data pack using the right option. However. each time I made a transaction with my credit card I was charged $1,50 for a foreign transaction. I was not happy with that. I thought I was dealing with Woolworths but in fact I was dealing with Cubic Telecoms based in Ireland.

As for the speed I mostly have HSDPA which was fast enough for me (faster than 3G slower than 4G).

FYI. Montenegro is not covered by Europe data pack. I was on a cruise ship half the time and my SIM card worked whenever I am near land (even islands).

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Thanks for sharing! We're glad you've experienced how good our Global Roaming service can be. As shown on our website, Woolworths Global Roaming is powered by Cubic Telecom, but we are always here to help. Thanks again for sharing, the holiday sounds incredible.

Terrible - poor phone service in some countries - SIM de-activated and credit removed with no notif

Purchased 2 cards for an overseas trips few years back. Mine generally worked OK, my wife's was very spasmodic with no service on many occasions.

What was not made clear on their web site is that the account is deactivated and CREDIT REMOVED if no top is made within a 12 month period.

We are just about to head overseas again and I now find both Sims have been de-activated and credit gone even thought they were topped up in June last year and used in September in Singapore. This is not the first time this has happened. I was told by customer service that time that I need to use the Sim at some point within the 12 month period (not that the card needed topping even though their was sufficient credit on it at the time).

I've now binned the Sims and will purchase local ones where required.

These Sims are like a gift card that expires - a total ripoff.

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HI Peter, we are sorry to hear that it didn't work as it should have. We've sent you a private message so we can look into this further.

SIMs Do Not Work! Don't Waste Your Time and Money.

Bought two sims that did not work even after trying to work it with the Support Team at Woolworths Mobile. Tried in various devices but no network, neither automatically nor manually. I was told that they could not see any activity from my side. How can they see any activity when there is no network connection? Told them this but they remained adamant that I wasn't trying to connect. Tried everything in their help section which the Support Team repeated. They refunded me and cancelled the sims. Have since bought Australia Post Travelsims and they work perfectly!

We are sorry to hear about the issues you have experienced Nitesh. I've sent you a private message so we can investigate this further.Too late to do anything about it now as the sims have been cancelled and discarded. All other sims worked (and still does) just fine in my usual devices. Too late to do any more investigation.

they don’t work

Worked in Australia but when in USA couldn’t get a signal.Contacted them and they said need to replace the sims. Bit late don’t buy I’m in the process of refund haven't got yet.

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We're sorry about the inconvenience you've had Brad. I've sent you a private message to look into this further. Thanks.

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Questions & Answers

my kids ate try g to ring is via the local number I purchased but they are having trouble is there a trick theyre in Australia
1 answer
Hi Paul, The SIM I had from Woolworths had a UK number (prefix +44) which means that you have to put in the full international number to ring (unless you are actually in the UK ringing another UK number). After ringing you would then get an SMS which you would have to respond to before the call would go through.

How to connect the global SIM card I purchased?
2 answers
Hey Jos, Please follow the below link for information how to setup your SIM. http://www.woolworthsglobalroaming.com.au/Info/Custom/SimSetup.aspx Alternatively please feel free to get in touch with our customer care team via phone or email: 24/7 Customer Support Calling from within Australia: Toll Free – 1800768359 from your land line Email - Supportteam@roamsupport.com Cheers, AlexGood luck Jos, even if you get the Woolworths SIM to connect in Australia you'll be lucky to get it to connect in many other places you travel! I ended up buying a JT Travel international roaming card which worked everywhere the Woolworths didn't, and was a lot easier to use! Having two 4G devices with 2 SIMs one in each was very telling of the better card.

I'm going to Germany. I would love to know the receptions.... Someone used it in Germany?
1 answer
Hi Shino, Although we didn't travel to Germany we were close by in Switzerland. We had no problem using our phone everywhere we went so I imagine you should have no difficulty using yours in Germany. Have a nice journey. Regards Ron.

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