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Accommodating team!

I've got panic over my expired SIM card and most of my important people I've known knows that number. And which i haven't been travel for so long. There global SIM card provide 24/7 customer service help by Ethan. Ethan helped my to ease the tension. Even though the process he eager to guided and advise... Thank you to Ethan & Cathy, Keep up the good work team!!

Purchased .

Sim Not Sent . No refund given

I ordered a South African simcard . It failed to arrive. When contacted I was told their system had failed and that it was impossible to send a new one in time for my holiday. I requested a refund and was told that Customer Services would contact me. Complete farce from a company that is either incompetent or worse. DO NOT use this outfit as you will lose your money and suffer massive inconvenience (I had to find a local company in SA (actually provided a SIM card at half the cost with twice the data)

Purchased for $41.50.

Hi Nigel, We are extremely sorry for the terrible service from our end. Our servers were indeed down for 48 hours and it was not possible for our customer service representatives to authenticate the order. Kindly share your Order Id with us and we will immediately refund your amount if you are eligible. You can send details at customerservice@worldsim.com. Hoping to hear from you soon, WorldSIM SupportORD-7447517-T9T3H0 Thank YouHi Nigel, We appreciate your sharing of the order ID and reaching out us. Your request has already been forwarded to the Accounting department. We humbly request you to be patient and grant us more time. We will contact you shortly. Thank you for your patient, WorldSIM Support

Sold me a SIM that wouldn't work and refusing to refund

I purchased a TP Link mobile wifi device and upon their recommendations, purchased a data bundle SIM card to go with the device. This was to be used in Indonesia. The SIM card has a 7 day and 250MB data validity from the time of activation. I couldn't activate it on-line so called them on 14/01/2019 to get it activated. They couldn't activate the bundle and lodged a case. They then emailed me to say the problem has been resolved and the SIM bundle was activated for the 18/01/2019 (the day I was arriving overseas). On the 18/01/2019 I inserted the SIM card to the device and it wouldn't connect to the local network. I used my mobile phone to chat with WorldSim customer service. The person got me to try all sorts of things, including using another mobile phone to connect to the local network. It still didn't work. By then I had spent too much money on mobile data chatting to WorldSim and nothing was working. I decided to cut my losses short and accept that it wasn't working and address it when I arrived back in Australia. I am now back in Australia and have been communicating for over a week with WorldSim and they just keep making up excuses. They want me to try the SIM card again on the device....well, I am now in Australia and the data allowance is now gone as it only had a 7 days validity from the 18/01/2019. They told me the device was not set up correctly but I used the device with another SIM card and it worked (without having the configure anything). They then said the matter was closed on the 14/01/2019, which was the chat I had with WorldSim to get the SIM card activated prior to me leaving the country. They just kept going around in circles and I had to keep explaining myself to them. The last communication was on 05/02/2019 and they wouldn't refund but would credit my SIM card with $37.50. They claim the bundle credit will remain for life but I have to recharge the SIM card at least once a year to keep the number valid. I am not planning to travel overseas so this is not going to be of any use. They are also blaming me for not using the SIM correctly - like how? I put it in the device it was bought it for upon THEIR recommendations AND I also followed their instructions using my phone. Avoid them like the measles!

Purchased for $37.50.

Dear, We pulled up your problem sheet and found that indeed you had run into troubles while using our products. We had repeatedly tried to solve your issue through email and chat support. What you have failed to mention here is the actions we had requested you to perform to work with our mobile WiFi and our data SIM Card. As per our records indicate, we had assisted you in the best of our capacity. Here are some excerpts: 1. On the 18th January, I inserted the SIM on the device (the SIM card was purchased for the TP Link 4G LTE device I bought from you and the SIM card was purchased upon your recommendations). It didn't work. When you tried, it was not connected to any network. The SIM must be connected to the network to use data. On the chat our representative had asked you to insert the SIM card in any unlocked phone but you said that you will try later. The chat was disconnected by you. Your last reply was "I have to go now. I will just try again later. If I knew it wouldn’t work with the TP link, I wouldn’t have bought it. Thanks anyway". After that we didn't get any request from you. 2. By then I had already spend close to $50 on costs and lost time chatting to you and none of your instructions could get the SIM card to work. The device itself was definitely set up correctly as when I inserted a different SIM card, it worked and I ended up using the device with no issue, so the device set up is NOT the problem. Yes, you are correct. The device was set up correctly but the SIM card was not registered on the network. The SIM must registered on the network to use services. 3. Obviously, it was never activated because I was unable to use it on the 18th January. So you had sold me a faulty SIM card, promised me that it was activated for the 18th January, and when I got overseas, I wasn't able to use that SIM card. There is no need to send me instructions on how to set it up on the device because the SIM card is no longer valid as it was only valid for 7 days (supposedly from the 18th January) so I cannot use it. The credits I had purchased is now gone unused. Hence, I am seeking a refund for the full costs. (GBP25) The SIM card is not faulty. If it is faulty, we will provide you a new SIM card without any charge. It's our responsibility. But before that, you need to follow the instruction. Here, we would like to bring it to your kind attention that, we do not have any monthly charges and contract so you can use this SIM in future as well. We have added $37.50 to your SIM. As you can see, our instructions were not followed properly. Kindly, suggest a method we can help you in any other way. We promise you will have a amicable solution after you contact us. Hoping to hear from you in earnest, WorldSIM SupportI am still waiting for my refund and not a credit to the SIM card that I have no intention of using domestically in Australia as I am no longer overseas! You need to refund back to my Paypal account and stop making up excuses! I have even requested for payment back from you through Paypal and it has been ignored.Dear Customer, Kindly refer to our earlier communication dated 22 February 2019 in which we had asked you to contact the PayPal Customer Support regarding the refund. We are ready for the refund but need your help with PayPal to return the money. The email ID support@worldsim.com is a no-reply email. Please use "customerservice@worldsim.com". Always there to assist you, WorldSIM Support

This is a bogus company with fraud agents

I bought a Rs. 1999 WorldSIM UK card from an agent [name removed], Delhi India. [names removed] promised me that it will work in UK. The SIM card never worked. I had so much difficulty because of this. I wrote to WorldSIM all I got from them was a lip service. DO NOT BUY FROM WORLDSIM INDIA. All agent in India are fraud scum

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Hello Sanjeev, We have taken a note of your issue and initiated a request for a refund. Kindly share your Order ID and the screenshot of your payment. We will at once proceed with the request. We once again sincerely apologize for the inconvenience you have had to face. Have a great day! WorldSIM Support

Pathetic customer service- no one responds to email

Dont buy this ever, their customer service is terrible, sales reps like [name removed] would mislead you and sell this product every now and then you wont be able to make or receive calls, data wont work and Sales & customer service wont respond to your calls and emails. [name removed]

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Dear Gaurav, Your feedback here does not explain your issue at all. If you have any kind of complain about our service, we will always heartily welcome your suggestion as this will improve our services and assist us in learning about our drawbacks. Here you have hurled accusations at us without explaining the nature of the problem. Kindly contact us at customerservice@worldsim.com. We will happily solve your issue. Hoping to hear from you very soon, WorldSIM Support

Nancy was helpful

Nancy! was very helpful today, if all discussed is actioned I will be happy, moderately hoping, did have issues last time.

Online help with top-up service

Great online help with my top-up by DANIEL who suggested the best available offer for the day! I was not sure which is the right product for keeping my service number active until DANIEL from online chat offer to help & gave me the advice to use the best top-up for 12 months service activation.

They let me top up an expired SIM

So I topped up my SIM, which I hadn't used for 18 months or so. There was a note above the top-up to check that the number on the back of the SIM began with ... a string of numbers ... mine did, so it was OK. I topped it up with $30 - no problem.

Then a few hours later I get an email telling me my SIM was expired and I'd have to buy a new one. Ok they are free but I had to add another $30 of credit to get the new card, and they said that once I had the new SIM they would add the first $30 – giving me a total of $60 (which is more than I need for a 4-week trip).

OK I got a 50% discount off the second lot of credit – but shipping was $6 ($6 to mail a SIM card?????) for 3-5day delivery – so $21 in all extra.

Why couldn't they tell me that the SIM was expired BEFORE I topped it up for goodness sake ....

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Hello Will, We are really sorry that you had to put in extra top-up for your already expired SIM card. We would like to help you to minimize the loss by providing you something extra as a goodwill gesture from our end. Kindly share your details at customerservice@worldsim.com We would also like to ask you whether you had topped up your SIM card after talking with our customer service representatives or you did it on your own. Our customer care representatives strictly follow the slandered procedure of checking any SIM card before adding credit to it. We sincerely await your response to make this right. Best Regards, WorldSIM Support

Worldsim is good

They have great customer care online who will be ready to solve all problem with you online. Great bonus too. I will be happy to tell more people about your website. This is done by Nancy

Awesome customer service

Nancy from Worldsim was incredibly quick to respond to my query to buy a data bundle for the first time. She even gave me a discount and did it all for me. Also gave me info on how to activate the bundle once I arrive at my destination. Very nice, I will be using worldsim for all my upcoming travels.

Way Too Much Tinkering Needed to Get Internet

Phone service is okay but internet service is AWFUL AWFUL AWFUL. I had to reset the sim card and restart my phone every time I changed location even in the same city. Internet service is particularly bad if wi-fi is on. I would NEVER use this sim card again when traveling to Europe.

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Hi Emkchgo, Please accept our apologies for the inconvenience you may have faced.We thank you for sharing your valuable feedback. We are happy that you were able to make and receive calls seamlessly. However, it makes us really sad hearing about the bad mobile internet experience you have had to face.We at WorldSIM always try our best to provide seamless connectivity. Generally, this issue arises on the account of Handset not configured properly. We request you to kindly share your WorldSIM number/Ticket ID with us so that we can start investigating this issue from the bottom. It will also help our other valuable customers in the near future. You can send your details at customerservice@worldsim.com Waiting for your response in earnest. Thank you, WorldSIM Support.

SIM card didn't work! Customer service horrible!

I purchased an Australia SIM card and was sent a wireless router by mistake. Upon arriving in Australia I tried to activate my SIM card with no luck. Using a friends phone I spent an incredibly frustrating 1 hour on the phone with WorldSIM customer service. Their technicians could not help me with my problem, didn't understand the iPhone 7, and would not transfer me to a supervisor who could assist me. I just requested a refund and spent another frustrating half hour trying to understand their customer representative. I would advise you not to do business with WorldSIM and buy a SIM card at the airport of your destination country

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Hello Rob, We are really sorry to hear about your harrowing experience. The SIM Card which was sent to you by mistake has a high probably of only working with the wireless router. To be precise it should only work as a Data SIM Card.These sims are specially designed to work only with routers and can not be use for calling purposes. In short, the SIM Card you received may or may not work with Phones/iPhones. We humbly request you to share your Order Id along with the Ticket number/WorldSIM number with us so that we can check and assist you on priority basis.You can send the details at customerservice@worldsim.com. Waiting for your reply in earnest. Best Regards, WorldSIM Support

My first WorldSIM - great experience!

I have just purchased my first WorldSIM card and the product is exactly what I am looking for. A real must for any world traveler. Daniel from customer support has been extremely helpful and supportive. A great experience!

Online Support - Super

On line support during the purchase process is great. Quick and helpful. I haven't received SIM yet, but this is a good start indeed and I'm sure that they will support further, if needed

SCAM company which gives you only half the amount you order

I ordered the bundle with 1GB when travelling to US. First issue I faces was that I couldn't get internet working on my phone. So I had to spend around 40min in the airport where was the free wi-fi to consult with support in chat so they could enable the data for me and I could start using it.

After using around 500MB the internet stopped working. I had to find wi-fi and contact support (because I couldn't call the support) and they told me that my bundle is over. Ok, I thought maybe it's some mistake, so I ordered another bundle (had to pay more for it somehow, as initial price isn't available when you top-up). And again, after another ~500MB the internet was shut down. Support told me again, that I've used whole 1GB. They told me that's because they count sessions in 1MB increment. I don't how does this work. But buying 500MB from my phone provider for the same price got me the same results, as my provide counts data correctly and if I buy 500MB, I can use 500MB, not the half.

AVOID this scam company if you can. Buying any pre-paid card in US would be cheaper for me in any way, but I didn't know how crappy this company is. Next time I'll use my provider's internet or will look for pre-paid cards in the destination country AND WILL NEVER USE THIS SCAM COMPANY!!!

Hello, We are looking into the issue at the back-end to find the reasons for this overcharge. Kindly provide us your Order ID/ Ticket Number immediately so that we can rectify this issue at our end. We await your valuable response at customerservice@worldsim.com. Many Thanks, WorldSIM SupportAlready provided all the details last week. Still no reply from you.Hello, We are still unable to find your complaint within our data base. Kindly share your Order Id along with this review link so we can understand the context of this issue. Sorry for troubling you again. WorldSIM Support.

A total rip-off - Cost me $70

I had $70 credit on my phone. Over the course of a weekend when I was away and left the phone at home alone, it was reduced to $7. Mobile data was switched off on my phone and I was in my villa which has wi-fi but the WorldSIM was sending itself messages (#02*, I think) that were eating through my data for no reason at all. I contacted customer service who said "I can see you are using mobile data" and when I said that I wasn't and asked for an explanation of the random messages and usage that appeared on my screen, they stopped replying. I am now $70 out of pocket for no reason with no way of getting the money back and getting no answers. I screams of a scam to me.

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Hello Tristan, WorldSIM stands on principles of truth and trust. We have always deployed transparency in all our dealings with our customers. To promote this we have provided our customers their own access to their data/call usage. We humbly request you to login to your account and see the complete expenditure details of your data. You can also check your Smartphone data usage history to see how the data was used. Please feel free to contact us if you are still unsatisfied with our services. You can send your queries to customerservice@worldsim.com Awaiting your reply in earnest. Best, WorldSIM Support

No refunds !!!

I purchased a Huawei mobile wifi E5787, for trip to Ireland. Before I purchased it I asked numerous questions and gave wonderful review for their customer support. I know longer the great without review. To set up for the device was extremely complicated. I brought the device to three separate IT stores in Ireland and none of the IT personnel could decipher for the email worlds sim kept sending me. I have been trying since October 19 to get a refund for the device because it is never been used and I am getting a total runaround. I would stay clear of WORLD SIM. Patricia USA

Funny had to jump through hoops to even write a review. I would just like a refund if someone could please tell me how to get a refund.Hello Wolgnah, Kindly share your Order ID/ Ticket Number to our email customerservice@worldsim.com. We also hope you have properly configured the APN Settings for the device. Many Thanks, WorldSIM Support

ZTE MF65 Mobile WIFI Hot Spot - An excellent product

Very good service from WorldSIM when I purchased the unit, by following the set up instructions on the WoldSIM web page faq section it was very straight forward to get working.

This company is infuriating and an complete joke.

Bought this sim for my travels across SE Asia, after reading reviews they SEEMED to be a viable option. BOY was I wrong!

My first issue with the company was that my partner also bought this sim and they sent her a faulty sim, which arrived LATE! The late arrival meant that the sim arrived a day before we were meant to travel, and didn’t even work!!!

The agent who was “helping” was not listening to her, and kept repeating the same useless advice back to her. Despite them giving us a faulty sim, they were reluctant to give her a refund, which was a three day battle! Not the best start to our travels or first impressions of the company.

When topping up I am always shown a message that worldsim need to authorise the payment. Which again is extremely annoying. Despite them receiving the £X it somehow always takes them hours to actually top up my phone?

When dealing with agents about these issues some are helpful but some are damn right rude. For example the live chat was constantly notifying me of messages from an agent, pestering me for them to sell me something. Yet when I came to them with a problem they were slow at responding and again not helpful. When I expressed my frustration that my payment had gone through but my phone was not topped up, the response I got was “alright I’ll do it now”.

It’s unfair that worldwidesim take my money straight away and I have to chase them to top up my phone when this should be an easy process.

The biggest frustration I had was last night when I again TRIED to top up my phone, I was greeted with a 1015 error message stating that the owner of this website worldwidesim.com is blocking you from using their website.

When I asked the live agent why, they advised I used another server, when I did the same message came up. I informed them of this and they said that they were not blocking me. When I reminded them of the message saying that the owner of the website was blocking me, he just repeated the same unhelpful untrue.

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Hello Hannah, After reading your detailed review, we agree that you really had to face a lot of troubles on our account. We humbly apologize and realize it is too late to give you an immediate solution. We request you to please share your Order ID with us so that we can look into your case. Here we would also like to clarify that due to security reason our system doesn't an automated top-up until all the parameters provided by a customer is cross verified with the SIM details registered with us. This is done for the security purpose of our customers. In your case, it seems there was an information mismatch and thus it took a long time for a top up to occur in a timely manner. Can you also share the Order ID for the sim card purchased by your partner? We will genuinely look into the refund claims made by your partner. You can send both the Order ID details to customerservice@worldsim.com. We beg you to give us another chance to right our wrongs. Awaiting your reply in earnest. Many Thanks, WorldSIM Support

Very helpful support team

Jonathan was very helpful and gave me much of his time explaining about their services and he helped me all the way to place the order and was there till I was satisfied.

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Hi Dear, I'm looking for a Multi-Operator Sim Card for my smart Watch "Kospet Hope 4G-LTE", Compatible Network Frequency : GSM: 850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900MHz WCDMA: 850 / 1900 / 2100MHz, TD-SCDMA: B34 / 39 FDD-LTE: B1 / 2 / 3 / 5 / 7 / 8 / 12 / 17 / 20, TDD-LTE: B38 / 39 / 40 / 41. My phone Samsung S9 Plus is locked by my Vodafone provider So I plan to use my smart Watch occasionally as phone during my travels in France, Spain, Thailand, (Canada This summer) etc. I'm living in Ireland, does it works in theses countries? Does this Sim Card comes with a new phone number? Call ID? That will really help me to have a second phone number... Advanced Thanks for your help. Best regards. Alex.
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Why I can’t paired the WorldSIM with iPhone X?
1 answer
Hello Umesh, The failure of pairing your WorldSIM with the iPhone X could be due to numerous reasons. Kindly join us on our 24/7 LIVE CHAT on our website www.worldsim.com. Sending your Ticket Number along with the World SIM number to our email id customerservice@worldsim.com will also speed up this process. Hope you have a great day ahead! WorldSIM Support Team

I have the worldsim but don't know how to set it up and use it. Any help?
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Hello Bhindu, Weren't you assisted after failing to use our SIM Card from our customer care? Kindly join us on our 24/7 LIVE CHAT on our website www.worldsim.com. Sending your Ticket Number along with the World SIM number to our email id customerservice@worldsim.com will also hasten your resolution. Hope you have a great day ahead! WorldSIM Support Team

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