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I purchased 5 SIM cards to be used for a trip to Europe for $120. They arrived on 6/20. None of them worked; when i put them into my phones, they all caused the phones to say No SIM card installed. It took several days to hear back from tech support and they could not resolve the problem. Since I was leaving on my trip a few days later, I did not have the time to try and get them to work and/or get replacements from them given their lack of responsiveness. I also did not trust the company or the cards assuming they did end up working, so I asked for a refund. I have been trying ever since to get a refund.

The company WILL NOT HONOR THEIR WARRANTY. They are refusing to give me a refund, even though it was requested within their stated 14 day window. Their warranty also is for 6 months against defective product, and they refuse to refund me based on that either. They keep telling me it is unlikely that none of the cards work, even though I tried troubleshooting them with their tech support before I went on my trip. They keep saying I need to use an unlocked phone, but that is exactly what I use; they will not admit to a faulty product. The form to submit a refund request on their website does not work - it tells me that the case number is invalid, even though it is the same one they are using in their email correspondence. They tell me I should use their live chat so they can troubleshoot, but there is no way to access the live chat on their website, and they won't tell me how to access it.

This is a HORRIBLE COMPANY that thinks very little of their customers. They do not honor their warranty and do not stand behind their product. I am now out $120 thanks to them. I ended up purchasing my sim cards from OneSIM and they worked fine (with excellent customer service). If I could leave 0 stars I would. Trust the bad reviews - the good ones are from people who may have been compensated.

Purchased in June 2019 for $120.00.

Value for Money
Customer Service
Rates and Fees
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Hello, We are sorry for any inconvenience caused. We already informed you that WorldSIM works with “Unlocked” handsets only. You must have an unlocked phone which takes any SIM card. Even though your phone was network locked we did provide a full refund. We tried our best to resolve the issue in every possible way for you yet this is very unfortunate to receive such a review. We believe this is just a review by competitor promoting their business. Regards, WorldSIM Support

Customer Service

Very friendly customer service always and very fast at solving problems. Well done to a awesome company. Also love the fact that their chat is available at most times and they are quick to answer.

Purchased in August 2019 for $28.00.

Value for Money
Customer Service
Rates and Fees

Learn from my lesson - AVOID

My first stop was Qatar (which shows proudly on their website giving their cost saving) the card never worked, turns out they don't have coverage in Qatar but "are working on it". Then on to South Africa. At the end of the first day I got an SMS to say my $25 credit was used up. I checked the billing report, I was being charged $1 per MB of data. They say their preferred partner is MTN and give a cost of £0.13 per MB - however you cannot register on the MTN network using their SIM and it defaults to Vodafone at $1/MB. Lastly it says incoming calls are free - my wife paid £3.65 for a 7 minute call to my "free" number.

This is a total con. Save yourself the mindnumbing hassle and the expense and just by a local SIM card
when you land...….it is what I will do from now on. LEARN FROM MY MISTAKES

Purchased in June 2019 for $25.00.

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Hello Taken In, Thanks for reaching out to us and providing us the opportunity to improve our service. We would also like to offer our sincerest apologies for the inconvenience we might have caused during your travel on the account of our services. We would like to clarify the following points as per your review : 1. Yes, our technical team is still working to fix the network issues in Qutar. 2. Your statement about not being able to register on the "MTN" network is really difficult to process as all our other customers are using the same network. 3. The reason your wife had to pay the extravagant amount might be due to you selecting the "non-recommended" network. Kindly share your WorldSIM Number with us at customerservice@worldsim.com (mentioning the Ticket Number in the SUBJECT LINE). We will forward your case to the technical team for investigation. Best, WorldSIM Support

Scammed by WorldSIM

I purchased a Huawei E5788 4G/5G Touchscreen Mobile WiFi & Powerbank. On dispatching the item WorldSIM indicated the value as £20 when the true value was in fact £329.99. Prior to purchase, I wanted an ETA as I needed this for work while traveling. I was promised it would be 2 days. I was skeptical so added some time and worked on 14 days for delivery. Because of false information on the waybill, the package was flagged by my country's customs and to cut a very long story short...... 1. I waited 2 1/2 months to receive the product. 2. I eventually paid a fine of £115,23 on top of import taxes and VAT. 3. I have been flagged by my local revenue service as a person of interest for trying to evade paying taxes.

Most Concerning
1. WorldSIM ignores all my attempts to contact them.
2. I keep receiving "copy and paste" messages with their terms and conditions.
3. Lodging a complaint on their site via a ticket is useless as I never receive any response.
4. Chatting with one of their agents on their site also proves useless as they promise to forward my message to the relevant "team". I suspect this "team" is a bin as I never hear anything again.

Purchased in June 2019.

Hello Bonita, Your grievance is genuine and we repeatedly apologize for the mental anguish you have suffered for not receiving your order on time but regretfully we have protocols to follow like any other company. As per our current records, the Order (ORD-745XXXX-X9RXXX) was already dispatched from our side with the tracking Id "4525431713" in a timely manner. As per tracking details, you need to contact the "DHL" mail services to get an update on your order. Please understand, we can not initiate a refund for an order which has already been dispatched from our side, until and unless we get the Order back. This is in accordance with our company's policy. We would humbly request you to contact the DHL authorities in your region to receive the package. If you then still want a refund, you would have to send the product back to us. Once we receive our product, we will initiate a refund request immediately. Always ready to serve, WorldSIM SupportAs with every conversation that I have tried to initiate you fail to OR refuse to understand the reasons for my dissatisfaction. This is NOT about waiting 2 1/2 months. this is about: 1. You lied on your declaration to my customs!!!!! 2. This cost me money!!! 3. This flagged me with my government as a tax evader. Why do I have to pay almost double for a product which is YOUR fault??? You keep blaming DHL. They did nothing wrong. You lied about the value of the product on the declaration. How is that DHL's fault? How is that my fault? At least man up and admit you messed up instead of trying to pass the buck all the time. An acknowledgment of guilt and apology from the beginning would have ended this at point 1. But your arrogance and patronizing attitude (as in this remark again) are what are making me adamant to get back the money you stole from me. No apologies (genuine or patronizing) will now be accepted.

Keep your money in your pocket.

Bought credit for WorldSim card and a World Data card earlier this year, specifically for when I travel on occasion between Portugal-Spain-UK.
Fine for a while. My phone is switched off 99% of the rest of the time. (I have another for local use)
Just noticed that my balance on the telephone account was reduced to 0.90c from approx. $20.
Contacted W/S and told my Data Roaming was switched on (Though the phone is not switched on)
Turned it off and yet more money deducted that same night! (0.70c now left)
This morning tried to access my account to find my Sim card has been 'suspended', cannot access account to 'Top-up' or worse still access details of my Data card for mobile Wifi which still has $20+balance.
Tried to contact them on email on suggested address which was returned as no longer in existence.
Telephoned the UK number and told the site closed down for maintenance.
Since tried their internal messaging service which failed to go through.
So, no contact at all now about my initial purchase of credit amounting to £50 of which I have had little legitimate use.

Hello Arjay, We are sorry for the inconvenience you have had to face regarding your balance being deducted unreasonably from your WorldSIM Number. According to your description, your phone was switched off most of the time so the chances of data usage are very low, however, it seems you forgot to turn off automatic updates for your phone and applications including your GPS services. These hidden factors lead to data usage and consequently, the balance is deducted from your SIM. Yes, technically, it is not possible at all to be charged for data when the phone is switched off. You must understand that the phone was turned on at least for a few minutes, if not for a longer period. You can also check your data usage in your phone itself. Kindly share your WorldSIM number, we will forward your case to our technical team to look at this matter from a fresh perspective. You can send your details at customerservice@worldsim.com (mentioning the Ticket Number in the SUBJECT LINE) Always ready to serve, WorldSIM SupportHave responded as advised, but no ticket number in the subject line and I find my sim card has been suspended yet again despite balances on both cards. What is going on!Hello Arjay, We have responded to your email. Please check logs shared by us and let us know in case of an issue. Best, WorldSIM Support

Defective WorldSIM Duet - Android & iPhone Dual SIM Adapter?

Ticket: CAS-224327-G9Q4P0
Received adapter in the mail within the stated delivery period. Was really looking forward until i tried to set it up. Despite calling help desk and after multiple follow up emails (no reply until i threaten to bring this matter via this feedback), i am still stuck with what seems like a defective product, unable to receive or make calls. There are many alternative products but i chose WorldSim because I thought I could rely on a BRAND but I have mistaken. On hindsight, i should have chosen a cheaper alternative. Personal opinion is to avoid this product - there is obvious reason why it is on offer! I requested for a refund and it was silence since...

Purchased in July 2019 for $49.99.

Hello D Liew, Please accept our sincerest apologies for the inconvenience you have been facing from some time. We are really pooling all our resources to look into the depth of the matter. We will get back to you as soon as we have something concrete to share with you. Kindly grant us some more time to investigate it. Always there to assist customers, WorldSIM SupportI don’t think it is unreasonable to request for a refund if not resolved by end of this month (July 2019). It is the only way to make up for the lost of confidence in your product.WorldSIM, you did not even try to contact me despite “really pooling all our resources to look into the depth of the matter.” I seek a full refund from a defective product sold.

Bad service

The shipping process took about 3 weeks.
When I arrived in Canada, the network wasn't available and it was told me the problem would be fixed in 12/24 hours.
The next day, Sunday, no service again. In the chat they told me the service would probably be able by Monday, so another 24 hours late. I complained that I wouldn't buy again from them and ask for my money back and they didn't even bother to answer. Bad client service.

After writing the review, they sent me an e-mail and I was refunded. But I had to write first a negative review before they answer me properly.

Purchased in June 2019 for $25.00.

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Hello Carlos, Please accept our sincerest apologies for the SIM Card not working properly. Kindly forward us the Order Id/Ticket Number to customerservice@worldsim.com (Mentioning the ticket number in the SUBJECT LINE). We will at once look into your refund eligibility and process your request. Thank you for bearing with us. We deeply appreciate your patience. Hope you reach out to us very soon, WorldSIM Support

Quality Service at a resonable Price

WORLLDSIM service has been outstanding as I travel the world. It provides all the connectivity one could use at reasonable prices. It is much more economical than a monthly subscription if you are not a heavy cellular user. Well worth the price to use during your travels.

Customer support by Chat or e mail is extremely fast. Ken

Purchased in September 2017.

Frustrating Customer Support

I received the following error message after purchasing a bundle;

"Your order has been placed, But we are sorry there is an error processing your order. If you do not receive order confirmation email within 24 Hours.
Please contact our Customer Service team and mentioned your this reference number:200083296
We will process your order. Thank You!"

In almost 48hrs there has been no response to emails besides auto response. The bundle I purchased has not been activated. Chat gave no concrete feedback.

Needed this service for a 4-day trip and not getting a resolution in three days is pretty frustrating.

Purchased in June 2019.

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Hello Olu, Please accept our sincerest apologies. Due to unseen circumstances our "WorldSIM Server" had been down for 3-5 days. We were not able to confirm the Order details due to technical handicap. According to our server Order # ORD-7458684-M8S1Z5 (reference# 200083296) has been processed and you just need to activate the bundle by login into your account. If you wish, we can also add this credit against the order# ORD-7458684-M8S1Z5 to your SIM for future usage. Once again we would like to tender an unconditional apology. Please reach out to us in case of any further issues, WorldSIM Support

Fake side

This is fake side .. don’t apply any SIM REQUEST.. word of cheating company. Beware from this fraud and fake company.. they will take your money in account.. please be careful

Purchased in June 2019 at 12 Volt Direct Online store for $20.00.

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Hello Ranjeet B., We offer unconditional apologies if you are unhappy with our services. Kindly elaborate more details about the SIM card purchased from us and we can look into the issue and come up with a favourable that might please you. You can send details to customerservice@worldsim.com (mentioning the ticket number as the SUBJECT LINE) We hope you will give us another chance to properly address your issue, WorldSIM Support

Don't Waste Your Time and Certainly Not your Money with World Sim

It took me posting a really disappointing review on Google for them to reply after four days from when I purchased an international sim card online. No confirmation, no messages, I was left clueless about the transaction. Thank fully I paid through Paypal so could see they've taken my payment. 3 calls later, plus a useless 'chat', nothing!! I paid extra for tracked postage and have no idea whether the purchase has even been processed by them let alone if it has been sent. So I posted a review on Google to hopefully warn others to not waste their time with this complete JOKE of a company and that's when a tawdry email from World sim arrived in my inbox. But...don't be surprise... nothing has come off the email which simply said a follow up email would be sent about my order?? What?? I'm fighting for a refund now. I can't be bothered to continue wasting a penny on this company.

Purchased in June 2019.

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Hello Ann L., Please accept our sincerest apologies for the inconvenience. Kindly share your Order Id. we will hasten your refund request from our end if applicable. You can share it at customerservice@worldsim.com (mentioning the Order ID/Ticket number in the SUBJECT LINE). Waiting to hear from you soon, WorldSIM Support

Pointless!! Just stick to your own country's service.

Short story: This company works on a complete farce.

Long story: Switched to this before undertaking a year trip away (South East Asia, New Zealand, South America). Hadn't heard of the service before so really thought I would get the most of it while travelling extensively.
The prices of the bundles are high but thought may be worth it. Although I should have realised early on that this wasn't going to work out when I paid extra for next day delivery and it hadn't arrived until 1 fortnight later. With very little customer care support.

The data they charge you daily is at the most expensive rates. I topped up my sim twice, maybe three times after receiving it 2 weeks before leaving country of origin (Ireland). Was still left with no credit. Thought, It will get better once I move away, but oh how this has not been the case.

Have not been able to receive any texts or phonecalls whatsoever - even free messages to sign on to public WiFi which my boyfriend has been able to get seamlessly using an Irish network company and 0 credit. Want to top up online and the prices of bundles have doubled. Have contacted the company in their annoying chatbox that nags you about discounts and they have just ended the conversation flatly with no response each time.

Not what is advertised, Recommend to avoid at all costs!

Purchased in February 2019 for $27.00.

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Hello Jenny C., That's really terrible to hear. Please allow us to offer the most sincerest of apologies. 9 out of 10 next day deliveries of WorldSim always reach on time. Yours must have had a really big issue to arrive so late. We will at once look into this matter. Regarding our Bundles being expensive, that is really difficult to accept on our part because we offer up to 95% reduction in international roaming prices. Did you choose the correct SIM Card followed by the right bundle to go along with it? Please send us the details and we will at once look into the case of high rates. About the prices of our bundles being double, WorldSIM has never increased their rates suddenly, not once ever. We offer the lowest rates possible in the international roaming scene. Kindly send us a screenshot comparing the sudden rise in rates & we will deal with the preposterous rates in an urgent manner. You will really help us if you can send your Ticket number/Mobile number at customerservice@worldsim.com (mentioning the ticket number as the SUBJECT line) We are ready to provide you with any reimbursement if applicable. We promise you won't be disappointed. Thanks, WorldSIM Support

World SIM Dual Bluetooth Adapter. False Advertising. Web Page says it Supports SMS, support says it does not.Audio Prob.

I bought the World SIM so that I could send and receive SMS and make calls using my US SIM while traveling Europe. Phone is a Galaxy S8. SMS does not work. Chatted WorldSIM and they say SMS is not supported (contradicting their own web page).

Also, when I tried making calls using the adapter, I could hear the person I was calling, but they could not hear me.

Can't call. Can't text. Only function seems to be as a caller ID for the SIM in the adapter. Does not work as advertised and not worth the money spent.

Purchased in May 2019.

Hello Traveller108, From our first inference, it seems either you have not properly set up the WorldSIM Dual SIM Adapter or the hardware might be not working properly. Kindly contact us at customerservice@worldsim.com (mentioning the ticket number as the SUBJECT LINE). Please be rest assured, we will needful and you will not be disapointed with the final results.Customer satisfaction has always been the first priority at WorldSIM. Hopefully, we will hear your response soon, WorldSIM SupportI spent quite a long time on a chat with your support representative. All of the information above is based on comments made by from your support representative. They did not say anything about a setup issue. Also, I have now found that that the keypad on the app does not work once the call is connected (so the service cannot be used for an automated system where you have to enter numbers). It has been three days since your support team generated a support ticket based on our chat (the ticket was entered on 27 May). I received the initial email indicating that a support ticket has been entered for these issues. However, I have not received any updates since then so I assume the problems have not been fixed.

Support is rude and worthless

Well I ordered a simcard Sunday. And till today Friday I still haven’t received a confirmation email (after talking with 3 different staff members on different days, I will add the last conversation with ohh so lovely Matt, who apparently thinks I’m his friend from school the way he addresses to a client having a issue) And even after his promises.... guess what, I’m still waiting probably they couldn’t find the send button.

Purchased in May 2019.

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Hello Cheryl, It is indeed surprising that you didn't receive a confirmation email regarding the placement of your Order# ORD-745XXX2-D5K5G0 since last week. Our servers send it the moment an order is placed on our website. Can you be a little bit patient and check your spam/Junk folder for the same? We will do the same from our end. If you have still not received the email from our server,kindly reach out to us and we will be more than happy to send order placement confirmation email once again. You can contact us at customerservice@worldsim.com keeping the ticket number/order number in the SUBJECT LINE. On a side note: As per our records indicate your order is already been delivered on 24th May-19. Waiting for your reply in earnest, WorldSIM Support

Not fully functional in Korea, buggy the whole trip

I recently took a 2 week business trip to Pyeongtaek, South Korea and Melbourne, Australia.

While in Korea, I could send and receive text messages. I could also receive phone calls. However, I could not make calls. I would get a busy signal immediately every time I dialed. I tried to resolve the issue with a chat session on the worldsim.com website. They couldn't resolve the issue and referred it to their technical support. No one contacted me afterward.

In Australia all functionality worked if it got a good connection. However, on a couple occasions the phone indicated a connection, but nothing worked.

Throughout the trip my phone would indicate "SIM card is not readable" and other SIM card errors. Sometimes the phone would still work. Other times it didn't.

All in all a very frustrating experience. I will not be using this product again.

Purchased in April 2019 for $34.50.

Hello Mark, It is indeed distressing about the terrible experience you have had with our product. It seems your Mobile might not be detecting the SIM card due to a technical issue possibly arising in the Handset. Can you kindly send the details of the handset you were using in Korea along with the ticket/Mobile number to customerservice@worldsim.com (Keeping the ticket number as the SUBJECT LINE) We would also like to bring to your attention that several Handsets don't work in accordance with the latest SIM technology of Korea. Thanks for your patience, WorldSIM SupportI tried working with customer service on several occasions during my trip with no results. At one point I was even told my issue would be sent to technical support, but no one contacted me. My international trip is over and I don't expect another for several months or more. So, I don't really see the point of me spending any more time on this. FYI, I was using a Verizon Motorola Droid Turbo (XT1254) that is up to date on Android patches. It worked perfectly with an etisalat SIM I purchased in the UAE in January 2019. So, I don't think it's the phone.

WorldSim USA/CAN/MEX only 2G in Las Vegas... Stupid!

I travelled around in USA and Mexico for 2 weeks.
No 4G/LTE at all. But mostly of the time a good 3G or H+.
And I understand that on the road between 2 cities or towns coverage is bad.

But when I visited Las Vegas (not a small city) coveraged was also 2G.
Inside a building and also outside.

Chatting (via WIFI) with WorldSim, they said to change the SIM to position one in my Dual phone.
No effect.

After leaving Las Vegas, on the road to L.A. coverage became better with H+, both, Sim1 as well as Sim2.
So, no difference between Sim1 and Sim2, but a bad service in and around Las Vegas.

This mentioned above and the lot of preparation before (wrong sims were send, and many chats to be sure it should work when I arrive in the USA), makes me to give only 2 stars....

Purchased in March 2019.

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Hello Gert V., Please accept our sincerest apologies for the inconvenience you have had to face in Las Vegas. We will reach our regional telecom operators to upgrade the SIM connectivity in the city. Please be rest assured that the SIM services will be upgraded as per your feedback. We are deeply humbled for an honest review of our products and promise you we will keep on improving it for the sake of honest customers like you. We hope you keep using our products in near future, WorldSIM Support

Worst company ever!

I would give a 0 star if possible. I have had a Worldsim card for over a month. It was open the day I received it. I was told it would be just fine. The card was then activated by WorldSim, but NEVER worked for me. They only wanted me to keep trying different phones. I had a phone that was approved for the country I was traveling to. They couldn't understand that I was ONLY traveling with a basic phone. I then had to leave and my family continued to try to resolve the issue. The company refused to refund the unused balance as their return policy states. They took hours and hours of time with "Try this....." which never worked. We even offered to not worry about the cost of the card. This company is worthless.

Purchased in March 2019 for $30.00.

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Hi Eric, As per our previous conversation, you were using basic Alcatel phone (Model number, despite our request was not confirmed by you). There are many Alcatel phones available in the market, please follow the link to check : https://www.alcatelmobile.com/products/smartphones.html?category=ALL&&p=1&series=163 Due to the technology restrictions, we need a confirmation whether the issue is arising because of the phone or the SIM card. In your case, our server shows that the SIM card was connected to the network in USA at 20/04/2019 22:49:28. It implies that the SIM card is indeed working as it should. We again humbly request you to try the SIM in any other compatible handset and share the feedback. Waiting to hear from you soon, WorldSIM Support.

Thanks Sam

Sam was very helpful. He guided me and informed me about all the questions I had. Very professional help! thank you sam for your help and the discount code. Cheers!!

Purchased in April 2019 for $8.78.


Bought the SIM in 2018 (already then a problem, limited use from it). April 2019 added a data bundle and talktime top-up. Activated this telephonically (previously a problem, thus did everything I could to smooth use) prior to leaving my home country. Made one call (thus 10 British Pounds), could not use the data (another 13.51 British Pounds). When contacting WorldSIM, I was told the data was for the wrong country (could not use it in Germany). The choice was made on the web (see screenshot), due to the fact that "can be used in the following countries" mentioned). I challenge WordSim to put this review on their website.

Purchased in April 2019 for $32.00.

Hi Peter, Please accept our sincerest apologies for the confusion. The "VOICE+DATA" bundles are not valid for additional countries. We are assuming that you have purchased "VOICE+DATA not the DATA ONLY BUNDLE. If the following case is not true, kindly provide us your Mobile number/Ticket Number to us at customerservice@worldsim.com. We will look immediately into the issue. Waiting for your reply in the earnest. WorldSIM SupportMy number is: +44 XXXX5909. It does not state that on your website! Nobody in their right mind would do it, knowing they will be in one of the countries mentioned. It should be MUCH clearer stated on the web.Hi peter, A humble request: never share complete details of your phone number in public forums. You should use partial numbers, for example : 44xxxx5909 for future correspondence or complaints. We had earlier requested you to share details via email at customerservice@worldsim.Com for a quick action. Not properly communicating your issue increases the resolution time from our end as we are not informed about your issues quickly. We have cross checked your number and found the following: You had activated, "Uk only bundle" on 08-apr-19 00:00 utc. As per our website if you had purchased data only bundle then it would have worked in germany but you chose the 1gb voice+data plan with 0 minutes valid for 15 days. However, the data only bundle which is valid throughout europe costs £10 and gives only 500 mb data for 7 days. Since, you did it unknowingly. We can easily add credit to your sim card for this unused bundle if you so desire. Hope this will ease your troubles. Kindly write your review befitting our services. Hoping to hear from you soon, Worldsim support

Very disappointed

I bought a 4G data bundle to use in France and it never worked properly. The connection was 3G and not 4G as promised, very slow and very unstable. Worldsim's customer support and tech support were completely unhelpful. After two days of struggling with the card, I finally reached tech support only to be sold that the data bundle was used up. Requests for a refund of my time and trouble were refused. I would not do business with the company again.

Purchased in March 2019.

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Hi John, We apologies for the terrible user experience you have had to face on your travels. WorldSIM provides a satisfactory internet speed despite the handset not displaying the 4G symbol. Kindly share the Ticket Number with us at customerservice@worldsim.com.' We promise we will look into your matter on an immediate basis. Best regards, WorldSIM Support

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