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2 1/2 weeks!

So far its been 2 1/2 weeks on half dose of Xenical. (under doctors orders) I have not had the urgency or accidents as others have described and I put this down to my dosage. I have lost just under 3kgs. Would be better if the other alternative Alli (60mg) was available in Australia also as having to split capsules is not fun! Would recommend trying half dosage if full dosage irritates.

Purchased in March 2019.

Additional Physical Activities None
User IntentWeight Loss

Experience on Xenical

I started taking Xenical (Orlistat) almost a week ago. Im 5.3 and currently weigh 162lbs. I gained about 30 pounds after 3 and a half years of using Mirena IUD thats why I started taking Orlistat because no weight loss regimen was working, it seemed as if my metabolism had been shut. I eat about 1200 calories everyday, I workout 3 days a week and I get around 6000 or more steps a day. So for the first 3 days I had no oily side effects but on the fourth day that's when it really kicked in for me. So far I haven't really lost any weight if anything I've gained about 2 pounds but I'm not sure if that's because I've been working out and my body's retaining more water, I also have my monthly visitor so not quiet sure yet. But I will keep you all updated after 2 weeks.

The weight loss effect is quite significant.

I now weigh 190 pounds and I am 175cm tall. I usually work in the office, I don't exercise well, and I often eat fast food. It is about 11 kilograms less. The side effect is that the stool is uncontrolled and can come at any time. It must be put on the toilet immediately. When it is on, it will be sprayed with oil. The toilet needs long-term cleaning. The weight loss effect is quite significant.

I gained 7 kgs

I am taking xenical 120mg three times a day, now already from one month i am taking it, but unfortunately i gained 7kg .. i am very worried and sad it didn't worked for me, i lose money as well as i gained 7.4 kg weight..

Tablet that works

I'm a user of xenical for the last 5 years on and off, first time i used it with fat blaster shakes,for 3 months straight I lost 15kgs,, I'm using it again after i had a tummy tuck in 2017, i must say its better than any other weight loss tablet, for short time use only, I've used in the past..
I have controlled my quality and quantity of food and only exercise I do is walking and 2 fitness classes, a week , i have been on it again for 3.5 months now and have lost 8.5kgs,, its not a miracle tablet especially as you get older, you have too persevere with it ,and not give up so quickly, the first 2 weeks i gained 2kgs your body needs too get use too change the rest is hard work with strict eating habits only then you will reach your goal weight, yes i have had the orange oily stools at times so badly that im housebound for days lol but that's the side effects when you eat what you shouldn't be
I say too new users give it a go for at least a month you will see a change, it's probably not for everyone, but i just love it, plus keep up with the fluids, water is really important

It does exactly what it’s supposed to

This medication is great for keeping you from eating oily fatty foods as the leaky butt side effect is a major turn off! In conjunction with exercise you can definitely lose weight.

Excuse the pooo...

I have used Xenical for 2 months and it was a great way to discipline myself on eating healthy! Just expect slippery when you cheat and binge on burgers! Lol

Great weight loss

I have tried many weight loss products, and this is the only one that l have lost weight with. There was no weight change in the first two weeks, as in the instructions they say it. As l only take two or one table a day, depending on what l eat in that day. It sure does clean you out. Have lost one kilo in three weeks and l am happy with that, as l only need to loss 5 kilos. Which l have been trying to loss for two years now.
I am confident that with this product I will.

Definitely rid my body of oil/fat from foods!

I've been taking xenical for approx 1 month & swear by it. I don't have it every day or with every meal as I am on portion control & not a lot of my meals contain fat. For those that do, xenical has definitely helped me reduce the intake! I agree you have to go to the toilet, but better out than in I say. I didn't experience the random leakage however I did experience oily gas. I learnt quickly how to manage that part of it & I have had no other problems (I would go to the bathroom to pass gas... just in case). Might be a little too much information but I loved the fact you can literally see all of the oil & fat in the toilet. I have tried duramine 30mg for 2 months but I built up a tolerance & it stopped having any effect. Xenical is a lot easier on my body & I am continuing to have great results.


Wouldn't bother with this again, since there are better and cheaper products on the market now... I paid $98.10 for this item and seen no difference from a few months taking it. If you are going to try this please be close to the bathroom at all time...

Xenical was amazing!

Hi, what I experienced with Xenical (Orlistat) was amazing. You know those before-after pictures in the magazines? Well, that’s what happened to me. I lost 23kg (50 pounds)! Before that, I was trying hundreds of diets and pills, but I had no success. I want to say thanks to the girl for the advice she gave in her review. She gave a code "getmyxen" and she said 'Just Google it' to get Xenical whenever you wanted. Xenical is that good because it stops some fat from the food to be absorbed in the body. So you’re not hungry, but still losing weight. It’s good to take multivitamin that contains vitamins D, E, K, and beta-carotene once a day, 2 hours before xenical. Now that I’m slim again, I will never go back on the weight that I had. Xenical made me really happy, and I recommend it to everyone. However, some people experience side effects, and the best thing is to ask your doctor is it safe for you to use it. I find it really makes you think about the foods you choose to eat because you don't want any nasty side effects. Hope this helps!..


I was wanting to lose weight but this product honestly turned me off using anything for weight loss. When you go you need to go. I use daily this for about a week and couldn't leave the house if I had consumed it. If your looking to use it takenmy advise and stay home coz letting out some gas could mean a poop oops

Worked well with healthy diet and exercise

I have been taking these now for six months. I wasn't very overweight to start with. I started at 70kg and my aim was to get back to my pre baby weight of 60kg. I exercise four days per week and eat very healthy though probably too much.
First month I lost 1.5 kg without changing diet. Had quite a lot of toilet trips which were messy (as I'm a stay at home mum and work 1 day per week, this didn't bother me, but couldn't have managed this if I was working every day). The weight loss seemed to slow down until I begun eating a little less and in total after 6 months I've lost kilos. I think it is particularly good for losing stomach fat which I've always had a problem with.
The down side - the last month I've had daily diarrhoea, sometimes with pain but mostly without pain. I'm putting it down to my system responding differently to the product over time, and I am concerned I am losing vitamins and minerals as I am flushing out my waste so often. I am more tired than normal. Also I have regular strong headaches which are getting worse by the day. I am going to stop taking them today and see if these problems stop. I'll have a break and go back on them in a couple of months if I haven't lost the last bit of
Overall they have done a good job though not without side effects.

Had to stop taking the tablets

After reading all the reviews I was excited to try this product, unfortunately I seem to be one of those people that it doesn't sit right with. It constipated me and I was getting bad headaches, I've stopped now and the headaches have stopped and my bowel seems to be working again. Might be fine for others, just not for me.

Definitely worth it for 1-2 months kick start

Purchased this to help kick start some weight loss (won't bore you with my life story).
Yes, had some orange oil and extra wind. Sometimes you don't know if the oil is going to come out. So I found best way to keep mind at ease. 1) wear a panty liner 2) wear dark undies 3) stay home or close to for first 3/4 days upon taking tablets until ou understand how they work for you!
If you want to eat like a fat pig don't take these tablets as you'll pay for it in the toilet and see how disgusting fat is!
But if you want to have a helping hand to a diet/exercise lifestyle change then go for it.
I've lost about 4kg in a couple of weeks.
I will continue for 2months.
It's easy to take as you just take it with your drink at your meal. Or just before you leave the restaurant and go home.
It also tricks you into eating well as you don't want the toilet effects

I think it's working well for me.

I started at 72kgs (160 lb), but after 6 DAYS of taking this pill, I lost 4kgs (9 lb)!!! I am so happy about the progress and I hope this will continue. I am planning take this for about 6 months so I can get back to my normal weight of 50kgs - that was my normal weight before I gave birth. Hopefully, this amazing weight loss would continue. I am trying to avoid oily foods and I have been eating more green leafy vegetables. You may or may not already know How to get it cheaper and easy. If you don’t, the easiest thing to do (me and my mom did it) is just search in Google for the keyword "GETMYXEN"!

Worst, most expensive, overrated medication!

The only reason this even has 1 star is because i had to choose something. This stuff is awful! If you are thinking of trying it, i urge you to dispute it with your doctor! Its expensive, not on pbs and completely useless. If your aim is to be running to the bathroom and sometimes not even making it or reupholstering your car seats because you had no idea an explosion was immanent... this product is for you! If not, stay away!

This is great. You have to have a brain though.

Great for weight loss. If you eat half decently...only half this will work. I lost 6kg. That being said you will leak things from your but on occasion. However weight loss is worth it.

Xenical is good but expensive

I was using xenical and had quite good results too. After that one of my friend suggests me to go with generic xenical from http://www.pharmaexpressrx.com/ and i found it equally effective as it has same active ingredient Orlistat.

I find this pill very good

I've currently been on this medication for only 2 weeks and I have already lost a stone with no side effects due to sticking to a low fat diet but this hasn't stopped me from eating my naughty treats I just now make a homemade healthier version, which if I'm honest I enjoy more there are a lot of healthy options of food out there to trick your mind into thinking something naughty.

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can you take if have high cholesterol and gallbladder removed
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Question from anyone’s experience - I have only started taking these a few days ago, my meals are not particularly high in fats (about 8-15g per meal - less at brekky). So far I have not experienced the leaky/sprint to the bathroom side effects. I do get to have 1 cheat day a week on my meal plan. If on this cheat day I don’t take the pills, and eat something very high in fat, how likely is it that I will experience the bad side effects?
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Try it. I would still take xenical.

Is it compulsory to take three square meals a day because of xenical. Is the recommendation not to only take xenical when you are eating a high-in-fat diet? In that case if i reduce my meal to once a day with a xenical capsule will i still be good to lose some weight?
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