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Xiaomi Mi Robot 2

Xiaomi Mi Robot 2

4.8 from 37 reviews

Great product.. Works like a charm

Have been using it for 7 months now. Works great. Had very minor issue once with the sensor. Once it was turned off and back on, everything is fine. Using it twice a week till date. App is also great. Haven't used the mop function yet. Battery charge last for ~120 sq mtr on a single charge. only drawback I have noticed is, it doesn't clean/reach the square edges that well. But still save a massive amount of time and a very stable product.

Date PurchasedApr 2018

It's better at vacuuming than I am, and far more reliable.

I haven't had the Xiaomi Raborock Mi Robot Vacuum 2nd Gen for very long, but so far I absolutely love it.
I have carpets in most rooms, with two thick pile rugs taking up a large portion of the lounge room, laminate flooring in the kitchen, and tiles in the bathroom. My robot vac has no problem with cleaning any of them, and will go over cables without a problem (though I'd keep the ends of thinner ones off the floor while it's cleaning). It also isn't worried overly by my long hair. I've yet to have it become so entangled that the brush will no longer rotate, but I do use the provided cleaner to cut off the hairs whenever I notice them.
You can set use the Mi Home app to easily change the suction strength. Options are Quiet, Balanced, Turbo, Max, and Mop. I haven't used the mop function yet, so can't review on that. The Xiaomi Roborock also uses it's sensors to draw a map of your home, and keeps track of where it's been, which is amusing to watch at first.
Emptying the bin is simple, as is cleaning the filter. The Mi Home app even keeps track and tells you approximately how many hours of cleaning left before you'll need to replace or clean filters, brush or other parts.
Setting it up in the Mi Home app was very simple, and once I had set up the timer function, keeping my floors clean has become as simple as remembering to empty the bin when I come home from work.
As someone who hates vacuuming and doesn't do it nearly as often as I should, this roborock has quickly become an essential purchase and I couldn't be happier with it.

Date PurchasedJan 2019

Solved my life long struggle against relentless and pervasive dog hair

We've only had it a week but I'm blow away by how great the roborock is. It vacuums everyday and our house has never been cleaner. I've got two little kids and a shedding Pomeranian. It handles our cluttered, single story tile/timber floor house with four rugs more thoroughly than we have ever managed, even with a cleaner. It gets under our chairs so we don't have to put them up. It even seems to magically untangle itself of iphone cables, piles of clothing and bunched up rugs. I was worried about small toys but it just pushes them around. We start it when we go out so its mostly been unsupervised. It hasn't been stuck yet. Its great coming home to a clean house. Buy it. It's a game changer.

Date PurchasedNov 2018

Excellent product

Works perfectly as it should. I use this on vinyl flooring and has no issues cleaning whatever ends up on it. Very intelligent and excellent value. The vacuum is easy to operate and fairly simple to set up for someone who has half a brain when it comes to computers

Date PurchasedSep 2018

Does exactly what it's supposed to, plus more

You can now automate your vacuuming with the smart app, it scans your house and is able to vacuum wall to wall with almost perfect coverage. Works perfect for timber, tiles and is able to climb on my rug too, though it works better on hard surfaces. The mop feature is probably the only thing they can improve, kind of replicates a wet towel being dragged across the floor but doesn't quite do enough.

Date PurchasedSep 2018

Great for maintenance cleaning

Does a great job of picking up cat hair from wooden floor boards. I run it every other day. The dust bin does need emptying after each clean but shows how much it picks up. It maps out the house well and doesn’t bump very hard into objects it’s not sure of. Very happy with it given its price compared to other brands

Date PurchasedOct 2018

Not just a toy

The Chinese are now making products that are well built, intelligent and do the job they are designed to do.
I've been watching reviews on various robot vacuums for a few years and wasn't going to shell out the considerable money to buy something that was just a novelty. The Mi Robot 2 "Roborock" is so good it changed my wife's "why did you waste money on that"? into "wow.. how did we not have one of these sooner"?
It fits easily under the couch and on it's first full run around the house had to be emptied 4 times!
The sensors and systematic cleaning are faultless. It starts with a zone about 5m x 5m and runs the edges, then does an up and down pattern before moving onto the next zone. The included free app shows a map of the house and the completed cleaning pattern. The app can also be used to do a "zone clean" which you can pick an area to be cleaned or do a scheduled clean while you're at work. The app is a little clunky and you need wifi to use it in this way but if you don't want to use the app you can simply press the large button on the top of the vacuum and it will simply do a full house clean.
My house is a mixture of timber floors and rugs and it traverses this with ease. There are two x 2cm trip points in the house and the Roborock climbs these like they are not there. Bottom sensors mean it won't run over the stairs and it bumps into furniture with a feather-touch. When it hits a chair or table leg it will completely clean around the leg before moving on.
A virtual wall can be bought separately which consists of a magnetic strip with an adhesive back that can be placed across areas you don't want the Roborock to go. I have one across the back doorway as I don't want the vacuum doing my pavers outside if I've left the door open!
The unit itself is heavy and well built and each removable part slots into place with a very solid click. The dustbin filter is removable and washable and replacement parts are very reasonably priced. The battery life is incredible. It takes around 45 minutes to do a full house clean and uses less than 20% of the battery.
The only thing you have to do is make sure clothes are off the floor and all small cords (phone charger etc) are taken off the floor as the rotary brush can twirl these up and get caught. Normal power cords (extension leads etc) are fine as it will climb over these like they're not there.
I am so happy I waited and bought a robot vacuum that does the job and does it well. The biggest problem you'll have with this machine is choosing a name for it. :)

Finally I live in a household with a robot! Welcome to the future!

Date PurchasedSep 2018

LOVE this vacuum!

I absolutely hate cleaning the floors and we just got a malamute puppy so the shedding is going to get pretty crazy. It gets into a bunch of tight spaces that I didn't expect it to fit, like underneath our tv cabinet which used to be dust central. Since buying this vacuum I haven't used a regular one, I just occasionally use a broom to sweep stuff from behind doors into the vacuum's path.

It gets some hair stuck in the brush but that's to be expected. What helps a bunch is the little slicer/brush tool that is attached, it makes it really easy to remove anything caught in the brush. I really like being able to ask it to shout to you if you can't find it, haven't had to use that feature but thought it was a great addition. Also emptying the dustbin is quick and easy, I do it after every clean even if it isn't full just so I don't forget later on. It is also fairly quiet, much quieter than a regular vacuum. I work from home doing admin/reception so I'm constantly on the phone but nobody can hear the vacuum if I have it running while I'm working, even when it is right next to me.

The one thing I dislike is that the zoned cleanup tool only lets you draw squares/rectangles. I haven't used the mop yet as I have a diagonal join between the carpet and tiles in one room so I can't section the room off properly on the map without the mop either missing a corner of tiles or going to mop the carpet.

Also got the 3 year extended care warranty for $85 so I'm not worried if I do have an issue with it later on. All up I paid $639.94 which included the vacuum, warranty, express shipping and freight protection. Definitely worth it if I never have to vacuum my house again.

Date PurchasedAug 2018

Most used household appliances I've ever got!

It's perfect for our 2 beds unit with the bamboo floor. The mop attachment is very useful too as we don't have a big place (60m2), the water compartment doesn't need to get refilled at all. If you own a bigger place, one fill of water might not be enough to mop the whole place.

Date PurchasedApr 2018

Worth Every Penny - Highly Recommend

Cleans the floor so well that we haven't had to get a normal vacuum on the floor - only need our other vacuum for the couch and car now. The mopping mode leaves the floor shiny too, to worth using that regularly.

The timer function very handy to schedule cleans, and the app is very easy to use.

The robot has been able to get out of tangled cords well. It also avoids obstacles like kids toys, so not the end of the world if I forget to pick up something before a clean. Only thing it has gotten trapped on is a shirt left lying flat in a kids room that got under the wheels - if the shirt is raised and crumpled, it's even avoided that.

It's easy to empty and clean, and hair hasn't tangled into it yet (a constant issue with othet models). Highly recommended for everyone - it's worth every penny.

Date PurchasedOct 2018

Xiaomi RoboRock S50 - Yes it is really really good! I am super happy. 100%

I have finally bought a robot vac after sneezing constantly. I read all the reviews and decided to get the Xiaomi S50 (the version that also mops floors). I cannot be happier. Just to let you know, we have slate floors, big rugs, 5 fireplaces and 3 shedding dogs. I used to go over the floors with a professional vac twice per day to keep it all at bay. Still dust everywhere. Now, I can vac whist I am at work and over the past 2 weeks the dust levels in the house have come down considerably. Its because this vac navigates really well and doesn't miss any spots and operates with more consistency than I can. When I get home from work, it looks like a professional cleaner has been in for the day. This unit is priced very well and you can get spare parts easily and cheaply. The Mi app is really good too. I can control it all from my iPhone if I want an extra clean, however I have programmed a regular cleanup during the day so it all just happens. I get a message on the app when the clean has been completed. I can see the battery levels. My house is rather large and this vac does it easily on % of the battery capacity. I am really happy with my choice.

Date PurchasedSep 2018
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Update! I am still super, super, happy with this product. It has been a few months now since I bought it. It was really tested between Christmas and New Year when I hosted 15 people in my house each day for festive celebrations. I did not get out the big vac out once. The Roborock did it all, and boy, did it pull up some Christmas foot traffic off the floor. It did not fail me and it even navigated through all the feet and movement going in and out of the house. I love this product!!

Super Easy

Love our Xiaomi Roborock! We set it to a scheduled and just let it go. Every second day at 8am it just starts and cleans the house. Nothing better than coming home to a freshly vacuumed house.
We empty the bin every 2 days and give it a clean every month or so.

Only issue is that with our unit being all carpet it stops around once or twice each time and says to clean the main brush. Not sure why.

Date PurchasedDec 2017


Carpet and vinyl it found $5 for me once like it was bringing me a gift. Wouldn't link to my phone properly so I contacted the seller. They replied please be patient well contact tech support, never did get back to me.
So I kept it and got a refund. So I have no control over it.
I wonder where it finds so much dust and fluff sometimes.
Precision made a little dirt under the bin and it doesn't pick up well, clean that and its fine again.
Comes with spare filter can be used with or without rotating brush. Quiet & efficient better than 3 other brands ive tried which would either go crazy after 3 months or wouldn't pick up properly all returned within 3 months

Date PurchasedJun 2018

starsGlad I got it for so many reasons

I have had this amazing vacuum for quite some time now. It did an amazing job in the house we were in. We had stone tiles and thick carpet. It manuevered it's way without issue. Then we moved to a house with the majority of the floor covered in thick shag carpet. It would stop every couple of feet with the dreaded error if the main brush needing cleaning. Xiaomi help support was not useful at all. I found someone's fix of the same problem with a neato vacuum. He added "magic sliders" to the bottom. I did the same and it now works as good if not better than it used to. I can't prove it, however I think it actually picks up more dirt now.

Date PurchasedSep 2016

My husband loves it

Combined hard flooring, carpet, large rugs and shag rug (which we have cordoned off, as it doesn't handle the 3-4cm length of the rug at all). It can't be a negative however, just an adjustment. This little powerhouse does a mean job of vacuuming, and I can't believe the quality of it's handiwork. Thought it would never meet my husband's standards, but it's a brilliant purchase, worth every cent.

Date PurchasedSep 2018

Great product

I use this on tiles floors daily a we have 2 feline fur kids and a messy partner , it collects the hair with no issues and the mopping component work great , would recommend it to busy life style people ,
The phone app is simple to set up and the zone cleaning is great

Date PurchasedSep 2018

Good choice and happy chappy!

Wooden floors in kitchen, main lounge and connecting corridors with dining table and chairs, lounge suite and table, side tables etc. Robot finds its way around nicely. Cleans our pet hairs up very well!! Was mesmerising to watch it do its stuff 1st time but now we have it set to do a run every 24 hours at midnight. Low noise, but dont run it when you're watching tv! Has been stuck a couple of times on persian carpet under the lounge table but otherwise no problems. Its been reliable since buying it 4 weeks ago, and expect this to continue. Wife likes the phone information. Encourages us to keep wires etc off the floor so side benefit the house is tidier as well! Very happy chappy with this purchase! Bought it online at Tech Century for $502.

Date PurchasedAug 2018

Buy it now!

With this many positive reviews you sort of have to give it a try.

I purchased ours on Amazon Prime (AU) and it arrived in 4 days!!!
Nicely packaged and they included a universal power point adapter because it shipped with a Chinese plug which I thought was a nice touch. I was a bit worried about It speaking Chinese and chinese instructions etc. but that wasn’t the case. The user manua is complete English and when I turned it on I spoke English straight out of the box.

- excellent solid floor function (we have no carpet)
- quiet (there are multiple setting, balanced is effective and quiet for a vacuum)
- great navigation
- great app
- basically no setup required and easy to use (mine came preinstalled with English language)
- excellent battery life

- like all of these you need the right house (mostly hard floor and open plan)
- not great with cords (you need to sort of “roboproof” your house first but then it’s set and forget).

This little guy is awesome and well worth the money. We have only had it for a couple of days but have already been impressed. The first time we used it the floors looked clean but we were excited and just wanted to see it go. It did the whole house 82m2 in 83min and the dust bin was full. On the balance setting is surprisingly quiet.

We have 2 French bulldogs who shed a fair bit but their fur is short and the same colour as the floor so it’s very hard to see.

Last night we came home to a bit of a disaster with the dogs after they had gotten into something we had foolishly left a bit too low and there was basically sawdust everywhere. I set the Roborock to zone clean x2 and it did an awesome job.

Date PurchasedAug 2018

Customer Service

I have been trying for the last week to contact someone in the Australian customer service office 1800870821 leaving that many messages with NO RESULTS. I have tried to use the website in chat but still can't get any results as it is a automatic reply. My cleaner keeps telling me to clean the main bushes 3 times though a cleaning cycle. I have seen many reviews with people having the same issues. Which is annoying as I got this to make it fast and easy way to clean my floors. It would be faster for me to just get my upright out and do it myself.I perched it from Kogan and they do not have a phone number for customer service.It all done by email which I may add have not replied to my emails either NOT HAPPY

Date PurchasedSep 2018

So far very happy with how it performs

Recently purchase the Mi Robot 2 and have to say it does it a pretty good job. It struggles to pick up some pet hair from plush carpets but on tiles it really does a good job.

We bought it to tidy the house between visits from our cleaner. Today it got itself stuck when it tried getting over a small ledge. I received the notification on my phone that it was stuck and I will have to move it when I get home.

All in all it does the job and it seems good value for money.

Some more power for the wheel motor would be the only thing I think they could improve on, which might help it not get stuck on things.

Date PurchasedAug 2018

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Questions & Answers

Hi. We have a two storey house with a split level downstairs (effectively 3 levels). Can the vac remember 3 different floors? Will it sense when it comes to the edge of a stair? Thanks!
1 answer

Hi All I am interested in purchasing this robot vacuum after reading all the 4-5star reviews but have a couple of questions. 1. Does it run on Apple/Android App? 2. I am concerned about some comments made regarding the app asking to access files, photos, contacts etc on your phone. Has anyone else had this issue with the "Australian" version of this product? Thanks Jan
2 answers
1. You use Mi Home app to control it. It is available on both ios & android. Use Singapore Server to access all features. If you have a Xiaomi Gateway and need to use China Mainland, you won't be able to access vacuum and will have to switch servers to access features. Timer still works in this case, so you can set the vacuum up with Singapore server, put it on a timer to run, and switch back to China server to use Gateway. 2. You can refuse access for anything you don't think necessary. Pretty sure most permissions aren't necessary, but I can't remember what I was asked for. If you don't need to access it while away from home, you should be able block it's access to internet using your modem/router.Thanks Kate, this is a great help. I am in Australia and being a Chinese made product, the comments about accessing files was what confused me about the product. I have been looking at the "2nd Gen Australian Version" of the product so I'm sure it's been configured for Australian use. Thanks again!

Can anyone advise which online retailer they purchased their Xiaomi from? Did you you have any issues with delivery or service? And would you recommend or use them again?
1 answer
I've been burnt before (Android Enjoyed/Camerasky) so I opted for pickup from GEARBITE on ebay https://www.ebay.com.au/usr/gearbite to make sure they really had Australian stock. That's Gearbite not Gearbest! I went to their warehouse in Melbourne's east and saw their workshop repairing various xiaomi goods. I'd use them again and would trust them to reliably ship. I was there when Australia post filled their entire van - they are moving a lot of stock. A friend recently got his xiaomi roborock from them in a couple days.


Mi Robot 2
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