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Marika K.

Marika K.asked

I have mixed up more Baythroid than I can use up today. Can it be stored in a sealed container and used in a couple of weeks?

How do I dispose of it safely if it can’t be put down drains and sewers?

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I was looking for a can of the Yates Baythroid you know in the round tin with a red cap- couldn't find it - if you have changed your packaging what does the new one look like? thanks

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Shin L.

Shin L.asked

Hi, can Yates Baythroid be used at vegie garden bed? Victor

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is this product effective against existing mealy bugs on cacti and succulents?

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Michael G

Michael Gasked

Feedback on using this product on mites?

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Wyong Creek, NSW, early February 2019. I visit the acreage weekly; first week, green and
luscious (kikuyu mainly and a bit of couch). Next week, brown, brown, brown. Army worms detected.
My question is this.....I propose to use Baythroid this year, but when do I put it on. I am not
talking “afternoon”, but when, one week before I anticipate their arrival, two weeks?
Or, when I see them actually marching?
( I suspect a doozie this year, as there have been the little grey moths in their thousands)
Cheers and thanks,

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what is the withholding period for poultry as our chickens graze on our lawn.

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Will it treat mole crickets

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Best product for grasshopper control. Over the last few days we have had a large - very large hatching of
grasshoppers. What do you suggest for control?

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Is this product effective on Mealy bug, I have a large succulent garden and am looking for a product to control the little white pests

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Natalie L.

Natalie L.asked

Can I use Baythroid in my vegie patch or fruit trees? I am targeting earwigs.

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What mix ratio should I use on my Lilly Pilly to remove Paropsides Calypso Beetle? Thanks

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Bill C

Bill Casked

What is the application rate against calypso beetle per litre please?

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Do I use an adjuvant with this product..?

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Trevor H.

Trevor H.asked

Due to the controversy over the product Confidor, I'm looking for an alternative to treat the problem I have of Psyllids on my 'Bush Christmas' trees. Any suggestions please?

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Hi i bought this product under advise to try and help get rid of either grasshoppers or earwigs eating my lemon and lime tree at night. How often can i spray the leaves with it? Only used it once so far

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Yates R.Yates

Hello Cathy,

Unfortunately Yates Baythroid is not registered for use on citrus trees.

Please note the Baythroid product listed on Product Review is one that is no longer being manufactured. We have released a new version Yates Baythroid Advanced Insect Killer for Gardens - See link here - https://pilot.yates.com.au/product/garden-pest-control/yates-baythroid-advanced-insect-killer-for-gardens.

We recommend Yates Natures Way Citrus and Ornamental can be used to treat earwigs on fruit and citrus trees. Please feel free to contact us at www.yates.com.au and our team are more than happy to assist with correct recommendations for your plants.

Thank you


thank you but i did end up getting the baythroid advanced it on the trees and so far it has worked. I think it was grasshoppers not earwigs. the trees are fine the product has not damaged the trees. I also used it on my veggie garden to get rid of aphids which has also worked. Is it safe to continue to use and how often should I respray.



I have applied to my lawn strictly as per instructions. Do I need to re spray / re apply within a set period of time to break the breeding cycle?

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Lindsay T.

Lindsay T.asked

is yates baythroid ok to pour into a pot to control ants in the soil of the pot

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Michael H.

Michael H.asked

Is Bunnings still selling Baythroid?

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Taryn W.

Taryn W.asked

Why can’t I use baythroid advanced if it rains? Is it just a case of wasting my time?

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It needs to get into the soil but not too far, rain washes too far and hence it misses the target zone of the pests

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