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Marg Reid

We had our kitchen installed by Yeomanns & Haskell 18 months ago and found their service and quality of product to be of a very high standard. They couldn’t do enough to help us during the planning process and installation. We are very sorry to hear of your current situation. You installed a kitchen for my parents 30 years ago.

Poor quality

It is sad that you have closed the doors, what is sadder is your attitude towards your customers. What about all your customers that scrimped and saved their money to get a new kitchen only to have inferior work done. My kitchen doors all started to come apart at the bottom within 6 months of installation . Ok so you replaced 4 doors which I was told I had to pay $150 CASH to get them. What about the other 3 doors and Pantry door. I am told the problem was caused by water. I said what about the doors that are under cooktop and the inside of the pantry how can that be caused by water. The answer I got was I don't know I don't live here. I said maybe they weren't made correctly and was told no that isn't the problem. So what is the problem, I certainly don't flood my kitchen when I wash the floors, in fact my doors sit about 6 inches off the floor. Thanks for ruining what should have been and exciting time with a new kitchen which I scrimped and saved for. I regret the day I got Yeoman & Haskell to do my kitchen.

Quomodo ceciderunt fortes

It is with a sense of profound personal loss that I hear of the closure of Y & H after all these years.

This firm was one of the most reliable, innovative and professional providers of built in kitchen I have ever had dealings with. Gentlemen, I am truly sorry to hear of the closure.

Reading some of the later reviews indicates you have been beset with insurmountable obstructions to your usual professional performance and brilliant customer service.

Please accept my condolences. Wishing you well for the future,

Respectfully Loma Silsbury Customer of old.
{NB, in the past I have purchased 3 kitchen makeovers from Y& H – all outstanding creations, as quoted, on time and in a tradesman like manner. Nil illegitimi carborundum. You were the best of the best.}

1/2 a KITCHEN and Y & H closes doors

I have an incomplete but fully paid for kitchen 5 weeks after starting with no idea when it will be finished. The cupboards and drawers are in but no bench top, no water, no gas and no appliances installed. Tradies( not theirs) phoned me Thursday saying Y and H had closed, but I have heard nothing from the company themselves. I have tried ringing but get their closed for Christmas message. Poor. Waiting for a response.

They cheated our contract and won’t repay our deposit. Zero stars

We signed a contract with Y and H, 3 weeks ago for a kitchen install. They pulled out claiming financial difficulties and won’t refund our deposit. We have no kitchen!

Horrible customer service

Incredibly rude to customers. My grandmother had set out to redo her kitchen and has been to many companies trying to find one that she would fall in love with. After coming in and talking to staff and being promised a call back to proceed further with the process, she never received a call and decided to call them and was met only with rudeness and treatment not fit for a customer. On their website they state they have friendly staff and personalised service yet told my grandmother that they "no longer do kitchens" and that she should "go somewhere else" in a horrific tone. A successful company does not treat their customers like animals.

Good Kitchen but bad communication and customer service

My wife and I decided to upgrade our kitchen as the old vinyl wrap was peeling. After checking a few companies and prices, we decided on Yeoman and Haskells to build and install our new kitchen.

We had a specific idea on what we wanted and relayed this information to the salesperson. After several trips to decide on colours and changes, to the plan we were finally ready to go ahead. I wished I had read the reviews before we agreed to go ahead. I agree completely with others about the quality of the service and communication. The Salesperson rarely returned our calls and when we questioned issues his standard response was ‘Most people will do it this way’.

Not only do you have to ask all the questions you do know, you also need to ask the questions that you don’t know. The salesman will tell you he told you things that he didn’t and fails to tell you about things that he should. We had kick panels supplied in the wrong colour and end panels in two different colours because said salesman did not listen to us when we told him what we wanted. His measurements also varied from the initial kitchen meaning that the cupboards and bases sat on top of the tiles instead of the recess. I questioned him on how we are supposed to stop moisture from being absorbed by the MDF if we have a spill. His response was ‘most people will mop it up’ Obviously, that would happen but moisture will still seep in the gaps. Eventually we had the bases sealed, but the response was….’most people wouldn’t bother with that’

Do not assume that the agreed price is the final price. Once you find out that you were not informed of some variations, the price will change, and if you are not aware of some hidden costs, they may be added to the final price as well.

The tradesman in general were very good, and considering most were contracting to Y&H, it is understandable that they need to protect their name. The handyman was also good as was the office lady who was more than helpful. In the end we got the kitchen WE wanted but it was not without a great deal of stress and frustration. The quality is good but the experience detracts a lot from the end result.
Word of advice for anyone wanting a new kitchen. Do not pay the entire amount before the kitchen is completed. Keep part of the payment until everything is done correctly.

Would I use Y&H again…… probably not.
Would I recommend Y&H to others? Not until something is done about the poor communication and customer service by a certain individual.

Quality of Kitchen 4/5
Quality of Installation 4/5
Quality of customer service and communication 0/5

Also agree with the first review about the stack of reviews all submitted on the same day. These should be disregarded as it is obviously rigged.

Great kitchen from Y and H but very poor after service

In 2014 we had a kitchen designed and installed by Y and H . Everything went very smoothly and we were very happy with the installation . A couple of months ago a strip of LED lighting which was installed by a Y&H contractor failed . I emailed [name removed] in early December 2017 to see if this was still covered by their warranty..but received no reply . Since then I have emailed 4 times ,, again with no reply . In spite of the good Quality of the kitchen installation I would have difficulty in recommending Y&H to my friends because of their very poor after service.
Tony Graves
Willunga January 2018

I just love my new kitchen

I would like to thank Y&H Anton Prisilla,all staff and tradies for their integrity and excellent work they have done with my new beautiful kitchen. Nothing was to much trouble, if there was a problem it was quickly sorted out.
I would recommend Yeomans & Haskell to all my friends, and family

Live my Y&H kitchen

Y&H designed and installed my dream kitchen in January last year. The assistance and help resulted in a beautiful kitchen, which is a pleasure to be in every day.

Extremely satisfied, exceptional quality and fantastic service.

I recently used Yeomans & Haskell for all the joinery in my new house: Kitchen, Dining, Butler's Pantry, Laundry, Bathrooms, Robes and even my bed & bedside tables. I am blown away by the quality of the finished products, and the attention to detail throughout the design process was out of this world. It was a massive job and went off without a hitch. All trades were coordinated without my builder having to lift a finger. Any minor issues were addressed and resolved with a minimum of fuss. I can say without reservation the quality of their work is the showpiece of my home, and for the price I got an absolute bargain. If you want a showroom quality job, they are the people to see.

Ask all the questions

We chose Y&H over other quotes (prices were close) as they would adjust the pantry size to our request, where others suggested our requested size would not be possible.
Our new kitchen, install and cabinetry, has some good points, but also some bad. (I wont go into major detail)
We felt misled when we did not receive all the relevant and important information to make a "well informed decision", and we obviously did not ask all the right "stupid questions". Also read the contract before signing, because even though you asked the question, it doesn't mean the answer is given with 100% of the information you require.
During the install (Dec 2016) areas of flooring was damaged and a lot of mess (sawdust) was left behind for me to clean up.
After the install it took some time to get someone back on site to make adjustments to doors and drawers.
Some panels needing replacing, including a door, then the fun started, and continues
The replaced door is still not right, protruding when closed.
Damage was also done to our floating floor when a cupboard panel was replaced. Y&H have refused the quote to have the panel replaced.
Still have some issues and waiting on Y&H to get back to me, but they are not responding to my emails
Will wait and see what happens
After no response from Y&H, I contacted Consumer Affairs. After their intervention some outstanding issues were resolved. But after my experience, I would not recommend them - unless you are aware completely of what is not included in their quote.
AGAIN - ask every question you can think of, even if it does seem silly at the time.

Exemplary customer service

Yeomans & Haskell completed our difficult kitchen renovation project with wonderful care and skill, but kept us under budget. Their 3D computer images of the initial design saved us from a poor layout, and we found Bob and Mark only too happy to work with us in making improvements over several iterations. In fact, we made a final change the day before installation, yet our new cabinets were cut, assembled, and delivered on-site within hours of discussing it--just incredible! These people have their own factory, and very little is too difficult for them on a full-custom kitchen. Despite our room not being square or level, Y&H's clever design allowed a perfect fit in just half a day. They have a great team of experienced tradespeople in support, many of whom brought 30 or 40 years experience to the job. We also appreciated little things, like having two rounds of rubbish removal and being able to pay by credit card. The end result exceeded our expectations, and has really transformed our house.

Love their work

We have just finished having our kitchen/laundry done by Yeomans & Haskell after shopping around initially. Love the result and the difference is amazing. Like any big project there were a few minor challenges along the way, however these have been understandable and are now resolved. Given that there were several versions of the design produced to accommodate some changes in our needs and lots of new ideas on my part, it was nice that they were accepted without any fuss or angst. (They sure are patient people to deal with!) All in all we were overjoyed with the end result and with what we got.

We found that they were happy to advise us and guide us and be flexible to ensure that we were thrilled with the job. As they say in their advertising - 'funny name, great kitchens'. Best of all their pricing was extremely competitive and anything we have needed post-installation has been dealt with brilliantly. (We have experienced other things from tradesmen once the $ have been transferred so that's been a pleasant surprise.) Minor issues are always going to crop us and any of these have been fixed without question which is also a nice change. No hesitation in recommending them.

Excellent service, great designs

Yeomans and Haskell made our new kitchen in 2011. Nothing was too much trouble for the team and they made us feel in control of the project every step of the way. It was measured to perfection and the installation was extremely well organised. We were given exactly what was promised with excellent service. I wouldn't go anywhere else!

the right choice

Yeomans & Haskell made this process easy, some great advise and design to suit the home. I had no problems at all and am very pleased with the result. If you want peace of mind and long term quality on your investment these guys are the right choice.

We love it

We were recommended Yeomans & Haskell for our full kitchen reno from a friend of a friend. We still shopped around, but these guys were the best by far. The whole proccess from start to finish was seamless. We absolutely love it. 6 stars!!

Best kitchen, great quality

After moving house about 4 years ago we had the daggy builder standard kitchen that was drab grey ripped out and replaced by a Yoemans & Haskell kitchen. Top quality and service from day 1. From the initial quote and measure to intalling it was superb. Totally recommend using this company.

Execeptional quality and service

We have had the pleasure of building our dream home and to help us achieve our dream home we used yeomans and haskells kitchens, they took the time to sit down with us and tick every box to complete our dream home including kitchen, bathrooms, office fit out,laundry, children's bedroom storage solutions and our walk in robe. We are so very happy with the end result and are very proud of the work which was produced. It's lovely when visitors comment on the quality of products and we never hesitate to let everyone know who we used. We were lucky enough our kitchen was featured in SA life magazine, as a promotional aid for latest kitchen innovations.Thanks again for helping make our dream home come a reality

My Dream Kitchen

When we built our home in 2014 we decided to go with our own choice for the kitchen. We approached Yeomans and Haskell due to their outstanding reputation, quality products and designs. We are now so glad we chose them.

Our kitchen is the star of our home. Each and every visitor has commented on the kitchen. Be it the large seamless stone island and bench, the expansive pantry (the envy of many) and the silent smooth close doors and drawers.

The whole process was a dream. Designing our kitchen, bathroom vanities, laundry, linen cupboards and robes was easy with Steven and Bob's knowledge and computer imaging. The install process was effortless. Every trades person was prompt, efficient and high quality. The final product exceeded all of my expectations and encapsulated everything I had hoped for. I would not hesitate to recommend Yeomans and Haskells to anyone needing a quality kitchen or cabinetry.

Their customer service and kitchen quality is second to none. Using Yeomans and Haskell was the best decision we made.

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I had my kitchen put in Nov my pantry door doesn’t sit properly, 3 pple to visit and nobody knew how to fix it, still not fixed.not happy..who now holds the warranty?
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I am profoundly sorry you have become embroiled in the winding up of a Company which provided such outstanding service to the public for so many years. Over the past 40 years, I have commissioned several kitchens from Yeoman and Haskell’s, all of which were constructed with impeccable attention to detail, in a tradesman-like manner and – very important to the average housewife, with great care to leave the premises spotlessly dust free and the new installations polished and pristine. So sad to see the company brought to this impasse. May I suggest you contact the official “Receiver” appointed for the purpose of winding up the Company. They are responsible for not only winding up the Company but also for allocating funds with regard to Warranties and so forth. Mean time, be sure to document everything. Date and time of contacts and if this was personal or via telephone, email and so forth. Where personal visits are involved, take note of their ID and, where applicable, the registration number of the vehicle too. Wishing you well with your endeavours, Grandmama

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