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Yokohama BluEarth AE01

Yokohama BluEarth AE01

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No complaints, 40,000 km

Got 40,000 km on front wheels on Toyota Corolla Fielder 4wd station wagon which seems reasonable, cant understand why some others are reporting lower mileage on these. Have replaced with ES32 version which seems quieter than the older model was . No issues with performance in wet or anything else.

CarToyota Corolla Fielder 4wd

4 Years @40000km and counting

I fine them dependable in wet condition very quiet on the road. I have 195/65/R15 on a Toyota Wish. I'm a none aggressive driver, I have the front rotated with the back just lately. I still fine the tires passing warrant of fitness (min. 5mm) it is still in 6mm.

Car2004 Toyota Wish

Good in the wet, comfortable

These tyres are excellent in the wet. I have 175/65 r14 on a nissan micra. They are also very quiet and comfortable over bumps.
I make sure the car steering is properly aligned and they wear well although faster than expected. This was similar to the rate of wear to Bridgestone re002 which were basically impossible to lose traction with in the wet - there is commonly a trade off between wear and traction.
Great tyres and would buy again.

CarNissan micra

low noise and nice ride BUT 20k kms and nearly worn out on a VZ acclaim wagon

quiet, very low road noise
nice ride, smooth and firm and responsive on the road
handle great all conditions, wet or dry
durability very poor 20k kms and need replacing. I normally get 50-6.k kms out of a set of tires. I rotate them them every 8-10k kms. The wear is even on all the tires, but they do not last .

CarVZ acclaim wagon

Best tyre I have ever come across

I found the tyres to handle well in wet weather and dry weather. Gives good economy comparatively very low road noise compared to the Dunlops I had before.90% of my driving is above 100kmph on motorways. Now 2 years after fitting the Blueearth AE01 tyres I have just topped the 80,000km (50,000mile) mark and the tread is down to the wear indicator level.I fill nitrogen to the manufacturers recommended tyre pressue. The nitrogen I beleive keeps the pressure uniform for longer than normal air. I do tyre rotations every 10,000kms with wheel alignments and all put together I squeezed out 80,000kms.

Car2005 Mazda Demio Sport

20k and worn out.

I have had 2 previous sets of Yokohama tyres that lasted 40 - 50k so I purchased Yokohama’s again. These BluEarth AE01’s must be a soft compound as I am an older driver and not hard on tyres but still wore them out in 20k.These tyres drive fine but wear way too fast for the average driver. I won’t be purchasing Yokohama’s again after this experience.

CarFord Falcon

Similar experience- only 2 years/20k

The tyres have been fitted to a 2005 4 cylinder Camry automatic. The tyres drive nicely, are fairly quiet, and there are no behavioural issues.

But - despite routine 6 month front- rear rotations and rebalancings, these 2 year old tyres have only done 20,000 km of not terribly demanding suburban use, are evenly worn and almost at the tread wear indicators - ie completely shot and will need replacing in the next month or so.

Previous experience with this car includes 4 years/ 45k from a set of Michelin XM2 - and I will likely go back to Michelin at next replacement soon - XM2 or Primacy 3 ST.

Car2005 Camry 2.4 litre

They wear out very quickly - only 20000 on the front tyres.

While these tyres grip well, and seem to provide good fuel economy, they simply don't last. Whatever compound Yokohama is using, it degrades very rapidly. I got barely 2 years/20K out of the front tyres, and they're almost bald. Not good at all for a tyre at this price-point.

I wouldn't purchase again. There are much better options out there.

CarFord Fiesta

Nice replacement & priced well.

Just replaced the Yokohama Advans on my Corolla after 61 K (still 4-6 mm left) with these 4 for the price of 3 at Pakenham Tyres and More. They are quieter, grip is good in wet and unmade roads. Can't comment on fuel efficiency. Andrew did a great job (tyres/valves/balancing) - done while waiting & he indicated a similar mileage on these. Yokohama seem a good product to run with and the pricing was good.

Car2013 Toyota Corolla Ascent sports.

Claims seem to be true

I have had these tyres for about a year. The claims about better fuel efficiency seem to be true, my car's (Mitsubishi Lancer 2010) fuel use is noticeably lower, particularly on highways and freeways (6L/100km vs 6.5L/100km). I have not noticed any excessive wear on them. Quite happy with my purchase and for helping the environment.

CarMitsubishi Lancer 2010

Long life, quiet

I find these tyres pretty good. Swapping them regularly and getting even wear on all 4 tyres.
I did 20k km already and barely worn, hoping for another 20k at least.
Compared to my previous tyres, Yokohama are very quiet and offer good grip in wet conditions.
Not much impact on economy but that's fine. Would definitely buy them again.

CarCamry 2008, 215/60R16

Good quality tyres nothing amazing

Bought these to replace my stock yokohamas for my Mitsubishi Lancer. Seen fine, good grip on wet and hard. Definitely quieter than the old ones but not as quiet as some reviewers led me to believe. Time will tell how long these hold up, so far they're going good with not much signs of wear.

Car2011 Mitsubishi Lancer

Well under performed than expected

Since it was Bob Jane T-Marts Preston recommended tyres I was expecting to last at least 50k kms, as my original car tyres lasted 75k and this Yokohama tyres lasted 5 months with 27k kms.
Very disappointing result. My tyres warranty from Bob Jane T-Marts Preston talks rubbish. They blame my driving style and wheel alignment. I'm the same driver who drove 75k using the original tyre on my car.

CarVolksWagen Tiguan TGI Turbo MY-2010


This tyre has improve the performance of my care.
It has increase the stability on the road in all type of conditions
In additional, my care average has been changed dramatically.
Great tyre with great grip and performance on the road.
They are durable tyres.
you can feel the difference between ordinary and this tyres.

Carkia cerato 2013

Long life. Good in wet conditions.

One does not buy tyres often. These replaced the Yokohama A Drives which I previously had on my Toyota Avalon. I was really happy with the A Drives so I was disappointed when they were no longer available.

Bob Jane said the Blue Earth has a slightly softer compound so that would not last as long but would grip better. I cannot confirm this from my experience.

I find the Yokohama Blue Earth to be great value for money, excellent road holding, great tyres in the wet and long lasting. I do not plan to deviate from Yokohama in the future.

CarToyota Avalon 2002

Best between price and quality

We are on to our second set of Yokohama BluEarth AE01. We don't buy new cars or change cars every couple of years hence we have bought plenty of tires over time. Goodyear, Dunlop, Pirelli, Bridgestone, Michelin and Yokohama.

Would have loved to stay with Pirelli, felt most grippy when we had them. Dunlop was the worst of the lot. We now run Michelin (came with the car) and Yokohama BluEarth we bought. While it doesn't have as good a grip as we had with Pirelli P6, the Pirellis were pretty soft so they won't last long. Yokohama has great brake feel and nice grip. They are also quiet and lasts. Last set almost lasted 6 years. Naturally, we went back to buy another set. Hopefully, things hasn't changed that much in terms of quality. We had the new set for two years now. Still very happy. :)

CarHonda Accord

Good replacement for the OEM tyres

Fitted these to our Toyota Corolla, as it was an extra $25 per Tyre to get the Yokohama OEM tyres. They are very quiet, and the handling in wet conditions is excellent. I run them at 35 psi, rather than 32. Will swap over all tyres when the back tyres finally wear through - 5 years and 60k so far is reasonable mileage on the OEM Yokohama's.


Better economy

Back tyres are over a year old and front are new. The tyres are slightly bigger in diameter and we have noticed that the speedo is reading correctly and economy has improved out of sight. So far they have been durable and the noise in the car has reduced. The price was excellent so we think that they are worth getting again.

CarHonda Accord 2006

Just perfect

I got Yokohama tyres because there were the original tyres of my old car but i really didnt think they were amazing. Really good purchase. There are durable and resistant. I really felt the difference of performance in my car when they were installed. My car (and myself) loves it.

CarHonda Integra 1990

very comfortable on road

Hi There. I have a Hyundai Accent 2013. it has original Kumho tyer for more than 3 years and around 40000 km. but after some punchers I ve decided to change them all with Yokohama. it was on sale, get 3 and 1 free. it is really comfortable and get noise from the road. but I do not think it is fuel efficient. but I am happy with them.

CarHyundai accent 2013

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Questions & Answers

what is the 205/55/16 tyre milege?
1 answer
The mileage capable to be squeezed out of a tyre depends on many aspects. The tyre needs to be of a reputed brand to begin with. The main things are, consistently maintaining manufacturer recommended air pressure, regular tyre rotations , wheel balancing and alignments (10000kms) even with all that being followed negative driving habits such as loaded vehicle, fast cornering, regular hard braking will reduce the mileage significantly. So there is no definitive answer to your question.

What is the tread depth for a new tire?
1 answer
supposed to be ~ 8mm but depends on tyres (off-road/passenger/commercial etc) and manufacturers specs. Have a look at the Aust Design Rules too for other information.

What is a good quiet tyre in yokohama for an ix35 hyundai?
2 answers
Try the Bluearth AE50s, they're a high quality tyre for medium-large size passenger vehicles. Great grip in the wet, quiet on most surfaces and they offer great fuel savings. They're about 20% cheaper than the equivalent tyre from Bridgestone, continental or Michelin which is a big plus.I cant answer this as Im not familiar with the car.Sorry

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