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Yoplait formé

Yoplait formé

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Best product on the market for weight loss

I'm allowed 900 calories a day on my live saving diet and yoplait zero is great in every aspect.
Low fat and Low calories but still very tasty.
Thank you Yoplait.

1kg of no fat no sugar yoplait french vanilla

disgusting bought one opened it and saw 1kg of watery curdled mess took it back had it replaced same watery mess will be taking it back for a refund....

Poor mango

Your mango is the poorest available...
Check out Aldi's recipe.
Your tuff tasteless little bricks is bloody awful..
Never again...

Gave me hives!

Decided to try this in an effort to be healthy. The overuse of disgusting sweetener in it not only made it taste foul, but also gave me hives. We ended up throwing out most of the six-pack that was purchased.

Did i buy instant pudding

Texture, taste, consistency, artificial sweetners, Rice starch, halal gelatine, and all the other questionable ingredients

Homemade yogurt is
milk, culture and natural fruits for flavours and or honey.... all the good stuff for good health.

Maybe .....yoplait forme is leading more to an instant pudding rather than a cultured yoghurt...

Why do we yoghurt eaters buy yoghurt... to eat real yoghurt!!

Not a happy customer.

Chemical sweeteners

Yoplait Zero has no fat* and no added sugar, with the goodness of milk. Zero reasons to turn down a second bowl! *contains less than 0.15% fat BUT artificial sweeteners, which leave a bad taste in your mouth I returned mine to Woolworth's for a refund. 950 Acesulphame and others. We need to read all the labels these days.

Give it a miss-sacrifices taste for calories.

Not creamy, can taste artificial sweetener, which is disgusting. Presumably Yoplait is sacrificing taste to lower calories; a bit pointless. Couldn't get pass second spoonful. Definitely give this one a miss.

Bring back yoplait forme! Zero is disgusting.

For years I've enjoyed yoplait forme, I always have three tubs stocked in my fridge.
I purchased the Yoplait Zero because the option for the one I enjoyed was no longer available, replaced with something so gross. Coats your throat with this powdery medicine like bitterness.
Couldn't keep forcing myself to take a fourth spoonful, my family stared at me in shock wondering why I'd feed them such an awful thing.
Went straight to the rubbish.

Bring back the old yoplait for me no fat no sugar. And dispose all yoplait zero immediately.

Sickeningly sweet and runny

I just bought my last tub (1kg) of the yoplait forme vanilla no fat no added sugar! You feel like you need a ladle instead of a table spoon to get this out of the tub and then it's so sickeningly sweet - I might just throw it in the bin no matter what. There are enough yogurt brands out there, to put up with this.

What have you done to Strawberry Forme?

Have sweeteners been changed in this or is it the halal gelatine? Used to love this yoghurt but not buying it again. I'm assuming Yoplait have done something different and changed ingredients as it wasn't readily available for a while. Certainly doesn't taste of classic strawberry at present.


No taste and tried twice and both times family had bad throat due to this and later realized it contains animal gelatin not for vegetarians

yoplait review

I was eating my yoplait real fruit classic (strawberry flavour) and there was no answer to the joke... I'm feeling really let down :(

New Packaging

Been loving Forme yogurt for some time now but picked up a 6 pack in my shopping last week and it almost fell apart in my hands. Still I persevered, big mistake as by the time I got home to put it in my fridge one had already broken open and leaked through all my other cold goods in my shopping. Lord help me if I had kids they would never be able to hold onto such flimsy packaging. Might as well make it a drink and put it in a bottle it is so runny now. I also will not be buying it again any time soon. Shame on you....

all the flavours were reasonably good & nice consistency but Lately wow who is in charge of quality

Forme has been the most frequent yoghurt variety in our fridge for a year or more but recently it seems that some one who obviously doesn't eat yoghurt & obviously doesn't ever try to open the tub with the new pathetic white so soft lid that you wear it before you eat it because it seems like it has been melted onto the tub And it is now impossible to read the use by date printed so small on the red textured print. And sometimes so tasteless & fruitless that its a rubbish. I suggest you change the label to "no fat and no added sugar AND NO TASTE.
Very disappointing........sack the fool that thinks any of these tricks is acceptable. Wont be buying another tub soon.

Can't open

I bought a tub of Yoplait forme. We never got to taste it as it was impossible to open.
My 6 ft. Strong husband couldn't pull the tab off the lid ...we tried with scissors & pliers with no success.
So it is now sitting happily in the bin!

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Can't open either

Regular consumer of Large Tub

I do like the taste of this yoghurt, I generally buy strawberry and mango flavours. I don't agree they are too sweet but I do agree that sometimes there can be less fruit than other times. Having said that, the product is on special frequently for a great price, so I put up with the irregularity in fruit because I like the price and the overall taste... no funny aftertaste is mainly what I look for.


I agree with the previous complainer ,and where is the fruit ? as shown on the tub.I bought Blueberry
maybe 3 berrys I found in a 1 kg tub.

Gone to water

I am a regular user of Yoplait Form yogurt, as it tastes low sweetness. Last week, I was disappointed to find my tub was watery. I now need to scoop twice as much yogurt for the same need. Does anyone have the same experience...if so, I am switching brands!

SO horribly sweet

Bought 2 big tubs Strawberry yesterday. Brekky this morning - barley cereal, Forme yoghurt and banana.
How disappointing. Runny and a VERY artificial sweetener type flavor,
I checked the label wondering why on earth it was so sickly sweet and runny. Don't know the codes but will not bother to buy again.

fabulous forme greek 150gm

Lowest sugar flavoured greek Forme.. 3 flavours all great. Unable to buy at any supermarket
Please can someone tell me where I can still purchase this.
It is very low in sugar and excellent taste.
I love it and want to continue enjoying my choice of yoghurt.
Vanilla / Strawberry & Rasberry Full of Fruit flavour to die for.
Tried the rest Forme Greek 150gm is the Best !!!
Flavour/Taste/ nice size 150gm
unable to find it on the shelves Coles or Woolworths Why !!! I want it back

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How healthy is yoplait forme zero / is it cholestrol free
No answers

Can you buy just the passion fruit forme yogurt without having to buy it in the 6 pack. I just Love it.
2 answers
I do, every Monday lunchtime ... from Woolworths! CheersYes, they are available in 'twos' from Coles and Woolies, and sometimes, Aldi

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