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Coles Baby Wipes

Coles Baby Wipes

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great stuff


I think their great, better then woollies cheap brand wipes. And the scented ones are lovely they actually smell like an essential oil. Great product for a cheap price, very nice.

Purchased in July 2019 at Coles.

Terrible quality - bring back little explorer wipes


Ive used the thick ones and normal unfragranced and am very disappointed with the quality.

They are not moist enough and they do not separate well or easily when pulling out of packet.

Purchased in July 2019.

Nathan G.

Nathan G.Greater Melbourne (Metropolitan), VIC

Dissatisfied Dad


So hard to mop up a messy bumb! I pretty much just move poo from point A to point B on baby's bumb with these wipes. Bring back the old coles wipes!

Purchased in July 2019 for $2.00.


CoopsSouth East Queensland, QLD

  • 11 reviews

Cheap but ok


Good price and does the job ok. Seems like I need to use more wipes than other brands though, so I wonder if it actually saves me money or not.

Purchased in February 2019 at Coles for $10.00.



  • 4 reviews



I find the wipes extremely dry and hard to use. There is no wetness to clean the skin properly nor to wipe hands and face etc. Since they changed from Comfy Bots, the standard has really dropped. I probably wont be buying these anymore and going with a different product.


CancanSydney, NSW

  • 13 reviews

Omg..might aswell use tissues


It's a shame but I found them really dry & I really had to drag them over the ahhhh 'stuff' to get the 'stuff' off the babies butt. My husband used them as tissues. I don't know what's wrong with them but they just don't wipe stuff off as well as home brand woolies wipes or Huggies. They're dry or something. No good. Go woolies wipes $2



  • 2 reviews

Never buy without reading ingredients list


when i buy something labelled "natural" i do not expect to see a plethora of carcinogenic substances soaked into the wipes ..i will never buy again Gaia brand...phenoxyethanol is either skin irritant or carcinogenic or both...so are the following : alkyl dimethy lbenzylammonium chloride didecyl dimonium chloride...and the list goes on...very disappointing seeing how we are poisoned on all fronts!!!


MarnarzChirnside park

No Good!


I use them as make up wipes and used this brand for the first time, unscented Coles wipes, broke out in a horrible rash (red, bumpy & itchy) was horrible. If it's not safe on my face, doubt it would be on a baby's bum! I have written in to Coles to let them know but they don't seem to care and think I am lying! Sent in photos and everything..

No longer having plastic top lid!!!


Bought a box today, just to find out that no more top lid and so much more difficult to use. So disappointed by this unannounced change. After many years of using Coles baby wipe with my 2 babies, this is going to be my last box I buy until they bring back the top lids.

Tish D

Tish DSydney

  • 2 reviews

No good without the lid!


I buy these by the box full - no more. Why have we gone back years with the sticky peel tab?? Useless! There are other brands I'll buy instead - and I'll return the 2 boxes I just bought.

By the way - how about telling us about the change before we lug them all the way home!



Absolutely crap


I used to buy these, bit i am thinking about changing, because you won't learn to stop changing it, the fragrance free wipes now have a sent and gives my child rashes because sent is a sting. The packet its now crap, with out the lid bit, now it is just a sticky peel dirt and fluff and dust gets on the sticky bit and it doesnt stick for long, also having the sticky bit riped the whole packet of wipes for just trying to get out 1 wipe i feel you are downgrading your product. If you want buyers, stop downgrading your stuff and expecting people to pay the same price.


rokdaisyNSW, 2460

  • 8 reviews

Coles 80 Pack Thick Fragrance Free Baby Wipes

1 comment


KDubVic, 3146

  • 19 reviews
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These are terrible


We tried these after being avid Huggies users - they are just so much cheaper than Huggies - but there's a reason! They dry out quickly and are really flimsy, I've put a finger through them a few times (not good!) and it takes so many more wipes to get the job done- meaning there's no point in them being cheaper!!
Everything else - poor quality - you get what you pay for


Try Coles Thick Baby Wipes - they are great (really thick, like Huggies wipes)


Yes, KDub, try the ones I use and commented on. Coles THICK Fragrance-Free Baby Wipes in the green and white soft pack for only $3. Excellent product!


flame.gisaWA, 6030

  • 28 reviews

Not my favourite, but they do the job


Keep stocking up


Our newborn's skin did not react well with other brands (e.g. Huggies). We tried a few but these were the ones we were happiest with.
Cheap, convenient packaging, nice subtle scent, durable yet not too thick



  • 19 reviews
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The first time I bought these wipes they were good and didnt give my bub a rash which was fantastic because they all gave her a rash, I though wow I finally found something. But the next time i bought these they were different, they were even wetter at the bottom of the pack, they gave my daughter a rash almost straight away! They smelt stronger. A quality Product should be the exact quality every time!!! These are poorly made and in need of better q.a. checks!!!
Don't waste your money
eays to find, cheap
inconsistant quality, too wet at the bottom as well, gave my bub a rash



  • 23 reviews



I'm not so sure they are great for sensitive skin. They are ok. I find them great value. With two in nappies this is important. We also use them as family wipes. They don't have a baby smell to them so the 10 and 14 year olds we also have don't mind wiping footy mud, sticky food fingers etc with them.
inexpensive, thick, strong and available in bulk (Cheaper still.)
Our Son has sensitive skin and we are find these wipes not as good as the sensitive as they claim, our Daughter is also developing some redness at times.
Not very enviromentally friendly.



  • 4 reviews



I really like these wipes and most often they are the a very competitive price.
I usually just cut the pack open and fill up my huggies wipe dispenser for easy use.
You should bey the multi pack to get good value
a good smelling wipe that does a good job for a good price.
They are much thicker than some of the other cheap wipes.
at times if the 'better' brands are on special they are cheaper than the



  • 21 reviews



We origianlly started to use Huggies and then tried the Coles ones based on a recommendation from a friend, we have since gone back to Huggies. I feel you get what you pay for and Huggies are the slightly better product and a slightly higher price.
Good cheap product that you can buy in bulk to help keep the costs down. I have only tried the senstive skin ones and they are pleasant smelling. Quite a moist and thick wipe but not as thick as the huggies.
My son developed a bit of a redness once we started using these wipes, not sure if it was a coincidence or a reaction from the wipes, but we have stopped using them.



  • 168 reviews



These are a relatively cheap baby wipe to use and you can buy them in bulk packs of about three, making them more affordable. My only gripe with these baby wipes is that they can have a strong smell about them and that can be a bit off putting as I much prefer to use wipes with no scent as it is less chemicals going on delicate skin. These are good to use for general wiping, but they are not my favourite baby wipe to use.
Do the job well enough, nice and moist.
I do not like the smell of these wipes. No other cons.

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