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Coles Complete Balance

Coles Complete Balance

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Made my dog very sick.

Within a couple of hours my dog started vomiting. Now his poo has turned green and slimy. He has no energy. What the hell is this food made out of?

Purchased in August 2019 at Coles Supermarkets.

Value for Money
Pet's Life StageAdult
Side Effects Yes

Loved by....

This dog food is loved...but not by my dogs (who leave it). It’s the big black ants who swarm over it who love it.

Horrible food

This dog food is terrible we feed it to our dogs and within 3hrs our staffy who ate a whole howl of it has been vomiting for about 12 hrs now and our Maltese won't touch it they've never been sick after eating dog food before our poor staffy can't keep anything down now even after changing her to Pal

Made my dog very sick

My Shih Tzu Maltese started on this last Monday. Over the weekend she was vomiting constantly, so we took her to the vets who gave her an anti-nausea injection and some chicken + rice dog food for her to eat.

She has been on the chicken and rice for 4 days now and no vomitting.

Today we started mixing the chicken and rice with the Coles kibble, and she again has been vomiting excessively.

We've thrown out this cheap crap and put her back on MyDog.

The only positive out of this is taking her to the vet we found a cyst in her nipple during the check up and can now treat her for it.

Waste of money

Mixed it with some really good dog food to get more out of it. My dogs don't want to eat it. And they usually clean there bowls in first 5 mins. might have to through it out. A waste of 70 dollars. 2 coles brand bags and 1 good one. I think coles should start refunding people and take this crap of the shelves.

BAD food

I recently bought a puppy and the owner (breeder) fed her this food. If it was me I would have never touched it. Coles complete balance dog food is filled with grains & animal parts that humans don't eat. Poor puppy's stools were soft and stinks so bad. The food clearly didn't go too well in her stomach. So I had to think quick and did my research on other puppy food so I can switch for her. Don't waste your money on this food because long term there will be health issues with your poor dog. More money wasted going to the vet. Will not recommend!

Don't subject your poor dog to this...

I like to mix up different foods for variety for my dog, she loves food and will eat anything, but won't go near this. Not a problem I thought, I'll mix it with some water and put it out for the wild birds (Currawongs etc) to eat - nope, won't go near it like they do other dog biscuit brands. Okay, there are foxes over the back fence who are sure to eat this (can't let it go to waste) - nope still no takers. If a hungry fox still won't eat it I question if there is anything in the product that even remotely resembles food! I feel sorry for the poor dogs who have no choice but to eat this product day in day out - Coles should be ashamed of it.

It's inedible

Stay Away!

Woke up Monday 15/7 to find my Kelpie/Border Collie lethargic and passing more blood than urine. In fact it was all over my games room floor. Took him to the vet only to be told that he has Bladder Stones. When I asked why he had them I was told that it was due to an inadequate diet. I have fed him only Coles Complete Balance Dog biscuits and Coles Complete Care dog roll. So THANK YOU Coles! Tomorrow my vet will be giving me a bill totaling about 1000 dollars due to the product being of low nutritional value which in contradictory to the packaging claim. My poor dog was in so much pain. He could barely pee as there was a bladder stone lodged in his urethra, two in his bladder and a large amount if crystals waiting to form more. COLES ARE YOU WILLING TO PAY MY DOGS VET BILL? HAPPY TO SEND IT TO YOU FOR CONFIRMATION. I CERTAINLY DON'T HAVE THE MONEY

Inadequate nutritional value

Suprise Find

I have always bought Coles dog food in the 8kg bag to feed 2 dogs. This week found little white catapillars crawling up the walls inside our house, couldn't work out where they were coming from but looked into the bag of dog food and it was full of small moths!!
Cheap, dogs like it.
Moth, hopefully a one off.


The most important element when taking into account which brands to feed your pet is nutritional content. While 'Coles Complete Balance' is priced extremely attractively and can be bought in mass quantities, meaning only one pet food shop per week or per fortnight, it sadly falls far short of the mark in the nutritional stakes. I was appalled, upon dropping a biscuit in the sink to return and find it had disintegrated completely with the appearance of (I cannot say for certain that it was, of course!) cardboard within it. Not good. Dog loved it, but then he loves eating cockraches too.
Cheap. Can be bought in bulk.
Poor nutritional value.


A cheap pet food, my dogs hate it. And it looks as if its made of cardboard. Not a quality food, and personally i would prefer to spend extra and have the peace of mind that my pets are getting all the nutritional requirements they need. Wouldnt recomend it.
Affordable compared to other brands.
Everything else.


Probably our best buy when it comes to dog food - he likes it, it is easy for him to handle, and becuase it is a dry food - it ig good to travel with. He prefers it to some more expensive foods.
The price. The 'smart buy' brands are cheaper still, but this one is a complete dog food, and it usually cheaper than the name brands. The small pieces are great for our dog - as he is missing a few teeth, but still needs something with a bit of crunch
Not much at all really - the dog likes it - no reason to complain about this food


To me, all dog foods look the same as long as my two dogs will consume them. The coles brand of dried dog food are no exception, and although they're cheaper than other brands, I don't really see much of a difference in texture and my dogs gobble them up just as fast. They come in a couple of different flavours too, so it's nice to give your pets some variation. I find if you mix it a bit with water it works best, removes any dry quality about the little bits.
Cheap price, readilly avalible, dogs seemed to like it
Nothing, to be honest.


My dog enjoys this food. It is well priced and always in stock at my local supermarket. However I was suprised with the adult range, in that the actual size of the biscuts is quite small. I have a cattle dog, so I prefer biscuts that are larger in size as it is better for their teeth. Given that the packaging says the food is for adult dogs, I did expect larger biscuts like many other brands.
Well priced and my dog seems to enjoy eating it.
There are not many flavour available, so it means I have to keep switching brands to give my dog something different.


I use this prodcut to add to my dogs diet. I find the pieces are reasonably sized but are probably more sutied to smaller dogs. It helped to remove the plaque from my dogs teeth. I add this prodcut to fresh meat, vegetables, rice and pasta. I use this to add bulk to the meal. it also softens well with hot water if required.
Excellent value for money, good sizes available especially for a large dog who uses a lot of food. Hard wearing packaging does not rip and tear.
Poor nutritional value, I would never use this as the sole form of food.

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I used to give my two dogs this product a couple of times a week. The last two rolls given to my dogs caused extremely diarrhoea and vomiting which resulted in two emergency calls to the vet. Vet advice is never give this product to your pets!


My dog did not like it at all.To finish the bag we had to mix it with other foods such as a little beef mince. My dog refuses to eat it and there is nothing we can do about it. Admittedly, she is a fussy eater but some cheap ones are OK.
Inexpensive, complete nutrition
my dog did not like it


Our dogs tend to be fussy at times and when we get this we have to mix it through their wet food to 'disguise' it.
Is cheap without being nasty. Ingredients are listed as you would expect from the front...BEEF and RICE
Not quite as palatable as Purina, but is much cheaper

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