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Polaris 280

Polaris 280

2.7 from 11 reviews

Useless! Replaced with suction cleaner

Just tangles itself up constantly, sprays water everywhere. Pretty much useless. Replaced with a suction cleaner that works like a dream!
Save yourself the hassle and don’t opt for a Polaris

Purchased in September 2016.

Pile of junk

This pile of crap always gets stuck on the steps and sprays water all over the place. Don't waste your money on this trash. The parts are really expensive to replace and you constantly have to replace them. To top it off, the damn thing doesn't clean the pool worth a crap.

Date PurchasedMay 2017

Crap Wheel Fell Off After Three Weeks. Manufacturer support a joke!

Wheel Fell off after light use. Poor response from Zodiac. One would hope a manufacturer would stand by their product but this is not the case. From the manufacturer - Zodiac- to reseller to amazon this is not the way to do business. Bottom line -Poor product - Please look elsewhere for a quality product. I wish I could give this product a good review based upon the old model but the new model is NOT GOOD!

Date PurchasedMay 2018
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Okay so after the manufacturer suggested I drive two hours for a fix on a brand new vacuum they ultimately decided to send me a new Polaris 280. This was four days ago. Ill try to update when I get the new unit

Love my 280

Like a number of reviewers i love my 280. I bought 2nd hand and it has worked very well for 7 years. only minor things have had to be done to it such as replacing the bag. My pool is big at 90,000 litres (11.5 more x 5 mrs) and this is the best cleaner i have ever had. I trialled a robotic cleaner for a week 3 months but even the pool technician who lent the robot, said he recommended i stick with the polaris.

it doesn't clean my steps but no cleaner has and a simple brushing down allows the 280 to suck up the rubbish off the floor.

I am now about to replace the 280 as it is quite worn and the centre drive wheel has broken. I was considering a 3900S but reviews don't look good so will probably stick to the tried and tested 280 which i know works very very well.

December 3rd 2017 Update: Update on my 280 replacement

Just an update on my earlier post in November 2017.

I purchased a new Polaris 280 to replace my very old and very well 280 which I previously bought 2nd hand. I considered a robotic cleaner and trialled 1 for a week, but found with my pool which is big, the Polaris did a much better job.

rather than just throw a new 280 cleaner in the pool I found and watched the Zodiac install YouTube video for the 280 on the zodiac website.

This video explained very easily how to setup the cleaner and not only does it clean well, it doesn’t climb the walls continually and spray salt water everywhere like the other older cleaner did. I have only had the new 280 for 3 weeks but I am very happy with cleaner, the way it cleans and picks leaves and debris. My pool is quite big being 11.5 metres long x 5 metres wide with an estimated 90,000 litres (I only add this to give an idea of scale). Polaris should never replace this cleaner!!

I have no relationship with Polaris whatsoever and never had. I live in Sydney Australia and with 2 little grand daughters, my pool is in constant demand over summer. Keeping it clean at all times is my priority and the 280 does this very well.

I hope people may find this useful. If not then that is OK also.

Date PurchasedJun 2010

Polaris Monopoly!!

I am done paying top dollar for a piece of crap pool cleaner, over $500 to pay for this piece of junk that never untangles, gets stuck in corners, falls apart and frankly you pay more for a dealer to tell you the bearings are not in good condition. WHAT, I just bought your piece of crap equipment! If I don't get better customer service from your crap dealers "LESLIE POOLS" Another crap over priced piece of crap company. I am reporting the dealer to BBB and Polaris as big as you think you are can expect the same, this is absolute crap, either back your equipment or get something that works.

Don't get confused .......

Whenever you read a review (of anything) you get a mixture of reviews from really good to plain awful. You are left wondering, do these people have reasonable expectations of the product? Is the writer a stooge from the company who owns the product or a rival? ..... well I'm neither (you will just have to trust me on that). Now, the Polaris 280 is a good product overall. It has great suction, mine rarely gets tangled and it cleans well. It would be fair to say it doesn't love stairs but few if any do - this is no biggy, you occasionally just brush the stairs if there is debris but I do this very seldomly. You will always have to do this with any cleaner if you have corners that approach 90 degrees no matter what brand pool cleaner you use. Don't get confused with the reviews - the Polaris 280 aint perfect but it is very good. Some people will always prefer a Ford to a Holden (or vice versa) when common sense tells you there can only be very little different in this age of component based assembly. The problem is they write reviews that confuse the rest of us !

time to change back to Jetvac

My Polaris 280 has never cleaned my pool as good as the Jetvac I had before. Now after several years its wearing out. Over the years the wheels have snapped over a few times, they are held on by plastic screws?, the hose get tangled frequently but the main thing is that it just doesn't clean the whole pool. The Jetvac did a far better job. Both brands are expensive for parts and need maintenance but at least the Jetvac did its job well. My pool is concrete with lots of gum tree leaves so I need a pool cleaner that works.

Polaris 280

Love my 280. All those that have issues should invest in a pool professional to reinstall. This machine has a brilliant reputation and the previous reviews did not do it justice. It irks me that people are exposed to negative information from people who have no idea what they are talking about. When installed correctly with a pressure pump it is King. Beats everything hands down. Get one
Nothing stops it except kids toys


-Cleans well except cannot clean the step areas.
-You need to be a handy man or handy woman to replace and fix small problems, if not too expensive too maintain.
Cleans well except cannot clean the step areas.
-Needs to replace bag filler almost every year and it is expensive (about $75.00)
-Needs to replace the tires every one and half to two years (about $30x2tires)
-Needs to replace the tail's scrubber every year (about $7.00 each)
-After 6 years, I want to replace it, but too expensive.
-You need to be a handy man or handy woman to replace and fix small problems, if not too expensive too maintain.

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I am looking to buy a Polaris pool cleaner but after these I decide to buy another brand.

Cleans well when not tangled and wheels stay on

We've had this pool cleaner for 2 yrs. The wheel has snapped off 3 times. I just got this replaced from my local shop for $65, - the guy from Zodiac cheerfully announced it was out of warranty by 6 weeks from the last replacement. When I first got the Polaris I was impressed by how efficient it was sweeping the pool floor. Then it broke down about 3 mths after this and it has been a problem ever since. The cord tangles constantly which stops it from moving. The bag tore after 6 months and I replaced this at a cost of $95. I've since bought a heavier mesh bag $65 which is great for the leaves but doesn't pick up the finer particles, so I switch the bags every few days. It also goes up the side of our pool and sprays water everywhere. Our glass fence is permanently covered in salt water stains from this cleaner.

Tangles, wheel breaks, filter bag doesn't last, sprays water everywhere

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The hose tangling indicated it is installed incorrectly. The cleaner should just reach the furtherest point in the pool. Also there should be a swivel in the hose at the depth of the pool.


We have a Polaris 280 running around the bottom of our pool and it is a fantastic cleaner. The sweeping tail scrubs the floor and walls while it vaccums the pool. It is amazing how well it cleans the bottom of the pool. The collection bag is easy to remove and empty. It does take a bit of time to get the direction and speed right but you should have no problems if it is installed by a qualified Zodiac installer.
Does a great job

Questions & Answers

My Polaris pool cleaner hose keep breaking can this be solved?
1 answer
If you mean the hose is splitting, your pool hose may have degraded due to excessive UV exposure. Always remember If you take the hose out of the pool be sure to put it in a shaded area (pool box etc). Unfortunately you may have no option at this stage but to replace the hose if this is the case. If you mean the hose is coming apart at the plastic fittings, you might just ned to replace a few of the fittings as they have possible loosened with time..... look at eBay for this, they're pretty cheap.

Mine keeps getting stuck in the corner (stairs) and it seems to be running a lot slower than it used to, any hints?
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Alan, I'm no expert, I seem to recall that there is a procedure to check the pressure is correct and also the length of the hose needs to be just right. I had trouble with my Polaris 280 also and ended up buying a Jet Vac and it seems to work much better in my pool. The polaris used to miss leaves in the corners whereas the Jet vac cleans the entire pool and much quicker.Hi Alan. Check the inline stariner. Also make sure the hose length is cut according to Polaris recommendations. Check configuration of the hose and its weights too. This is crucial. Make sure Polaris boost pump is coming on at the same time as the main pool pump. Water wheel jets may have small blockage as well. Michael


Polaris 280
Price (RRP)849
Release dateMar 2008

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