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Enviroswim ES3

Latest review: To be upfront I don't own one of these units; my review is based only on customer experience with their sales team. Their lack of responsiveness didn't fill me with confidence so I've looked

Onga Hammerhead

Latest review: Really quiet. Our previous barracuda could be heard in some of our bedrooms and always at poolside. The hammerhead is silent unless some leaves get caught in the pressure adjusting intake in the

Zodiac VX55 4WD

Latest review: Was perfect at picking up the leaf litter. It then just stopped operating . Error 10 was the message. Worst part is dealing with Zodiac. Very Ordinary customer service. Constantly ringing to

Zodiac VX50 4WD

Latest review: Had a VX40 and worked brilliantly for 3 years then suddenly stopped. Long story short Zodiac in Wetherill Park Sydney were of no help. Customer service was nothing short of disgusting. Their care

Zodiac CX20

Latest review: Bought on 31st March 2016 and developed a fault well outside the warranty period. After discussion with the NZ Zodiac Manager the problem was resolved to our total satisfaction. Couldn't have asked

Pentair Rebel

Latest review: You can still see the ads on YouTube saying it works on tiled pool. The fact that they released a "tile tyre" means it won't work on tiled pools. I bought the new tiled tyres. Useless after 2

Maytronics Dolphin M400

Latest review: Have only had my dolphin m400 for 1 year. This year our pool was losing water, pool leak specialist found 2 holes where wall and pool floor meet both same size. He asked me what I use to vacuum, I

Maytronics Dolphin S200

Latest review: I bought S200 brand new ten months ago. It didn't work and it was still under warranty. I took it back to the dealer and they fixed it for me. The reason was their poor quality o ring was broken

Maytronics Dolphin M500

Latest review: Did a lot of research and invested in the Dolphin M500 by Maytronics, Wow!! it is amazing we moved into our new home and the pool hadn't been cleaned for a while, we had it in the pool for the day

Zodiac G2

Latest review: Where can i buy a New G2 barracuda on goldcoast best ever pool cleaner lasted 8 years with a few parts added over that time. would like to get

The PoolCleaner 2 Wheel

Latest review: First - the one positive - when it is actually up and running, it cleans debris quite quickly. The problem with it is, it only runs for about an hour before it malfunctions and stops circulating.

Zodiac MX6

Latest review: Ok for bottom cleaning but I have had to use my old aqua buddy to keep the walls clean in My pebblecrete pool. Also gets caught up in corners. Mx8 with reverse would have been a better buy. Now I

Zodiac FloPro e3 Pool Pump

Latest review: "Control Board is blown up, not worth repairing" is the verdict from repairer. (they don't sell pumps, only fix them, so an honest appraisal), They said most variable pumps don't

Hy-Clor Poseidon MK2 Automatic

Latest review: I have had my hy chlor mark 2 for about two years. I did write a review shortly after I purchased it and it was very positive. I failed to acknowledge the great response from the help area of the

Zodiac AX10 Activ

Latest review: Rubber tracks come off all the time, now doesn't climb walls. Avoid...still working through warranty claim. Overall a risky proposition. Body also is scratched up loads in a short period. Doubt it

Maytronics Dolphin S 300i

Latest review: Have owned the pool cleaner for 7 months now and hasn't missed a beat, pool is surrounded by trees so lots of leaf litter and dust, so far so good, easy to use compared to setting up a suction

Zodiac TX35

Latest review: The cleaner and cable are unobtrusive, easy to put in and out of the pool, and store. We have low levels of leaf load however being a white fibreglass pool, debris and dirt shows up. The unit can

Zodiac MX8

Latest review: We have had this now for maybe about 4-5 years ( i don't recall exactly when we bought it) it is the best cleaner we have had so far. The pool is the cleanest it has been for years. Occasional sticks

Maytronics Dolphin Swash

Latest review: Has just died after 4+ years. Not impressed. Multimeter tested the output side of the transformer. Still getting 29v at the outlet and also at the end of the cable. Therefore the motor has died. This

Zodiac TRi Series Salt Chlorine Generator

Latest review: Hi, My Ei 25 low salt light is ON and I have the following observation: - Salt level is ok, 4500 ppm - Chlorine bubble is in the cell chamber - Chlorine level in the pool is very high, I have to

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