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Enviroswim ES3

Latest review: After seeing the ES3 on display at the Adelaide Pool and Spa Show, talking to the local distributor and reading existing reviews on this site, I took the plunge and installed my ES3 in May 2018. I

Onga Hammerhead

Latest review: Really quiet. Our previous barracuda could be heard in some of our bedrooms and always at poolside. The hammerhead is silent unless some leaves get caught in the pressure adjusting intake in the

Zodiac VX55 4WD

Latest review: Never owned a pool before and sought the best way to maintain with minimal effort.the vx55 fits that bill.added the finer filter and unit does an excellent job keeping the pool clean.does a far

Pentair Rebel

Latest review: Ran well for the first 12 months then started spining on the spot. Rang manufacturer who claimed to of never heard of the issue. Went back to Pool and Spa Warehouse who explained it happens often

Zodiac CX20

Latest review: My cx20 has only done 300 hours and has died. I called zodiac and they suggested my two local pool shops (neither of whom sell zodiac pool cleaners or know anything about them) are my local

Zodiac VX50 4WD

Latest review: After constantly battling with a hose cleaner which persistently missed corners etc. I moved to the vx50 and I love it! Lovely and clean every time and collects a lot of dust too. To not have a hose

Zodiac G2

Latest review: 2 years old and replaced at least 10 diaphragms in that period , local dealer told us it always happens , design fault and they are not doing anything to rectify it ...great way to ruin your name

The PoolCleaner 2 Wheel

Latest review: Most people complaining about the cleaner coming up out of the pool have obviously not read the instructions. If it is going too fast and coming out of the water you need to turn the dial on the

Maytronics Dolphin M500

Latest review: Bought the M5 in December 2014 (paid over $2k). Was working brilliantly and very happy with how it cleaned the pool. Then - In the first year the tread came off a number of times and had to go back

Zodiac MX6

Latest review: Ok for bottom cleaning but I have had to use my old aqua buddy to keep the walls clean in My pebblecrete pool. Also gets caught up in corners. Mx8 with reverse would have been a better buy. Now I

Zodiac FloPro e3 Pool Pump

Latest review: Had the Flo pro e3 for three years worked efficiently had some major problems all of a sudden initial contact with distributor and Zodiac was a bit noncommittal but possibly my impatience was the

Hy-Clor Poseidon MK2 Automatic

Latest review: I have had my hy chlor mark 2 for about two years. I did write a review shortly after I purchased it and it was very positive. I failed to acknowledge the great response from the help area of the

Maytronics Dolphin M400

Latest review: Was a gift, cleans ok, spends too much time up walls, has now punctured liner. Power supply failed, and had to be replaced. Does not like curved surfaces, stairs, etc. The edges (front and rear)

Zodiac MX8

Latest review: I've used it now for two weeks and my pool has never looked cleaner. Doesn't miss any areas like previous suction cleaners and cleans around the top perimeter also. Two minor issues, it beached

Zodiac AX10 Activ

Latest review: Had bought the unit for my pool, it started having issues after 10 months, returned for repair three times, same issue, drive gear failure. Zodiac then looked at it and said that it had been exposed

Zodiac TX35

Latest review: I've owned the TX35 for just over a year now. I was immediately impressed with how well this unit cleaned my 14m pebblecrete lap pool - I trialled more expensive (and MUCH LARGER) cleaners that

Zodiac TRi Series Salt Chlorine Generator

Latest review: The Product malfunctioned after approximately 10 days of minimal use. I called zodiac and asked for replacement product as the chlorinator was obviously faulty. My request was refused and i was

Maytronics Dolphin Swash

Latest review: I loved my CL Swash - did a great job but after just 4 years the DC side failed and the local repairer says it is too expensive to repair and buy a new one! I am also totally confused about model

Zodiac T3 Suction

Latest review: The diaphragm on this product is very cheap for a part that sells for $50 and it fails constantly, either through tearing or getting so loose that the suction stops working properly. To their credit

Onga Pool Shark

Latest review: Purchased an in-ground fiberglass pool and was recommend Onga. The leader hose ripped on day 5. Tapped up and waited for the replacement. During this time it went from average speed to slow coach.

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